105 Of The Most Romantic And Passionate Love Words For Him

Never overlook the smallest gestures. A sweet text sent during a difficult day or a handwritten note tucked under his pillow can be as thoughtful as any sweeping romantic gesture.

You don’t have to drop your paycheck on a fancy dinner to show the man in your life how much you love him.

Brightening his day and bringing the two of you closer can be achieved with a slip of paper, a pen, and some inspiration.

To help you out, we’ve curated a list of 105 words of love for him, whoever he may be.

Once you’ve found the perfect message, try one of these ideas for delivering it:

  • Write it on a sticky note and place it on the coffee maker or the bathroom mirror.
  • Set a silent alarm on his phone for a random time in the day, with a loving message from you.
  • Send a text when he’s at work or even when he’s right next to you in bed.
  • Record a voice memo, so he can hear your voice wherever he goes. 

105 Love Words for Him

Writing loving words for him, whether he’s your boyfriend or spouse, can sometimes prove challenging.

Maybe he’s the soppy romantic, and you hold your feelings closer to the vest. A small but meaningful message can take the pressure off.

Perhaps you’re continually doing kind things for him, and you’ve run out of ideas.

For both romantics and realists alike, we’ve put together a helpful list to get you started. 

Sweet Love Words for Him

I feel so safe and peaceful in your arms. You’ve made me the happiest woman on Earth. 

I'm so lucky to have a man as handsome as you. 

You aren’t just my sun. You’re my moon, stars, and the whole galaxy. 

I wasn’t a romantic until I met you. Get ready for mushy love texts all the time, my love! 

I can’t believe that I get to spend my life with my best friend

Do you know how sexy you are when you brush your teeth? 

I smile knowing that every day we choose each other.

I think about you as soon as I wake up. You are my last thought as I fall into bed. 

I didn’t think it was possible to love someone this much. 

Every hard moment is made better knowing that I’m coming home to you.

The sound of your laugh gives me goosebumps. The feeling of your hand in mine makes time standstill.

Loving you is the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

The corners of my lips find their way into a smile at every thought of you. 

My heart is soaring as I write this. I love you.

There are a billion ways to say I love you. I will spend my life crossing off every single one. 

Whenever I feel far away, you bring me home. 

We will always take care of each other. I’ll always be there. I love you

I could spend my whole day tracing the arcs and curves of your face. 

Watching you grow and succeed makes me so happy, knowing we’re growing together. 

Calling you a dream come true feels like an understatement.

I may get lost in the depths of your eyes, but I am home in your arms. 

You have made my life immeasurably happier. I am a better person because of you. 

I’m counting down the minutes until I can kiss you again. 

Just in case you weren’t aware, I’m mad about you. 

I can’t seem to concentrate on anything right now. You should know, it’s all your fault. 

I was trying not to be corny, but I can’t help it — I’m just so in love with you! 

Going to work today was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I wish I was back in bed with you. 

How are you cute, sexy, and handsome all at the same time? 

Do you know what I love more than being your girlfriend? You! 

Huh. So this is what true love feels like. I never truly knew before you.

Falling in love has never been easy for me, but I trust you with every fiber of my heart. 

I’m so excited to get to know you. I’ve never felt so amazing.

Wishing we were slow dancing together — just to the sounds of our hearts beating. 

You know what I’m thinking without having said a word. You just get me. 

The stars must be aligned because I think you’re my destiny. 

Love Words for Him from the Heart

If I planted a tree for each thing I love about you, we’d be surrounded by a forest.

You’ve loved me in a way I never dreamed possible.

You have the sharpest mind, the kindest heart, and the warmest arms to fall into. 

Every atom in my body feels like it's on fire when we’re together.

In every poem, around each corner, and in every song I hear — I find you, breathing life into my heart. 

As long as I have your love, I feel like nothing is impossible. 

My pull towards you is stronger than the moon’s pull to the Earth. 

Growing together into the best versions of ourselves makes me happier than you can possibly imagine. 

I fell in love with you in a single glance. My life feels like a fairytale.

I’ve never experienced love as real as what we share. Thank you for being you and for loving me. 

My favorite song is the sound of your voice.

There is no man as kind, loving, and sweet as you are. How are you so incredible?

Whenever I’m weathering a storm, I seek you for shelter. I feel safe and loved with you.

I don’t say this often enough, but you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I will choose you every day. 

You and I together are about as close to perfection as you can get. 

I’m so grateful for everything you do for me. You sweet soul, I love you.

I hope you have the best day. You deserve to spend every hour doing what you love.

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The best kind of morning is one I spend with you, doing absolutely nothing and feeling on top of the world. 

I hope this day feels like a gift to you. You are worthy of the best. 

No cup of coffee wakes me up more than the sound of your voice in my ear. 

You are my lighthouse beckoning me home to you. 

I fell in love with you the moment I heard you laugh. I’ve been falling every day since then. 

Saying ‘I love you’ isn’t out of habit. It’s the only way to come close to how I feel about you every minute. 

The sun shines to show you off. The moon glimmers to guide you. My heart beats to love you. 

I’m reminded of you wherever I go. You are always with me.

Maybe I wasn’t your first kiss, but I hope to be your very last everything.

Being in love with you makes reality feel like a dream. 

No matter how far away I am, I will always see you in my dreams.

You’re so handsome that sometimes it hurts. My heart aches for you even when you're near. But I forget every pang when our eyes meet. 

It takes some people their whole lives to find what we have right now.

Normally I have a hard time picking out my favorite anything, but you, my dear, are without a doubt my favorite everything. 

I miss listening to your heartbeat, with my head resting on your chest and your hand in mine. 

My favorite feeling is when I steal a glance at you, and you’re already staring at me with more love than I’ve ever felt.

You have always made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. 

It would take me a single minute to find a hundred things I love about you. 

Romantic Words for Him

Every time I catch myself smiling, I realize that I’m thinking only of you.

You are sweeter than any piece of chocolate and lovelier than the sunniest of days.

Even when I’m miles away, you have the ability to brighten my whole day. 

There is never enough time for all of the things I want to do with you, but I will always be content doing absolutely nothing as long as I’m with you.

I’ve been thinking about you a lot and wondering when I started. Then I realized, I never stopped since the moment we met. 

You are sexier than any man on a movie screen. 

Being with you is like a movie. You are my happy ending. 

I love knowing that we are pursuing our dreams side by side.

You have the most open heart. I’m so happy to occupy my little space there.

My love for you is otherworldly. Being with you feels like being on another planet, where nothing could go wrong. 

You have opened a vastness in my heart. My capacity for love grows every minute I’m with you. 

Take me from the world and whisk me away to paradise. For just this moment, only you and I matter.

You speak so tenderly to me. I love knowing you care about me so much. 

I was struggling to find my footing before you came into my life. Now, I stand firmly and planted through our love. 

Sometimes I find it hard to fall asleep. Every minute with you is so precious.

My bookshelf is filled with beautiful love stories, but ours is my favorite.

I fit into you like the last piece of a complicated, beautiful puzzle.

You bring me to new depths. I’m feeling things that I’ve never experienced before.

I can see myself more clearly by knowing you. You are my mirror.

You play in my head like my favorite song on repeat.

Sometimes I think every flap of a butterfly’s wing, every leaf dropping to the ground, and all the gods of love conspired for us to meet. 

Butterflies? A lion roars deep in my gut when you kiss me.  

Sometimes you may have to let go of my hand, but I’ll be okay because you’ll hold my heart for the rest of our lives.

The first time you touched me, I melted into you. We have been one ever since. 

You can live rent-free in my heart and in my head for as long as you desire. I will love you as long as you let me.

Aging isn’t scary when I know it’s you that I’ll grow old with.

If I could pick anyone in this world to love, it would still be you. It will always be you.  

Traces of you are left behind whenever you leave, like the sweet fragrance of a candle wafting through a room after being blown out.

I love walking into my room after I brush my teeth and seeing you scroll through your phone in my bed.

I could set the world aflame with the love I possess for you.

When my mind needs to rest, my thoughts drift into dreams of you.

Every moment is significant because every minute is a memory I make with you.

The most beautiful view in the world could be before me- the bluest ocean, the tallest mountains- and I would still be looking at you.

I could only love you in an infinite universe because my love for you is never-ending.

You came into my life knowing that you belong with me and you changed everything. Thank you. 

Make the most of these love words for him.

Love is a complicated, immeasurable thing. It feeds us, and in return, we find small ways to feed it back.

We never have a full assurance that our little investments will pay off, that the seeds we plant will blossom, blessing us with a harvest to keep us full during the cold months.

Yet, we persist, because the smallest moments of love keep us connected and in tune with one another. There is no gesture too small.

Let this list inspire your own beautiful words for him, a message of love as hearty as a warm meal.