221 Creative And Fun Ways To Say I Love You

There are thousands of songs dedicated to these three little words. There are millions of poems, books, and movies written about them.

Every minute of every day, all over the world, one phrase is exchanged in whispers, through tears, and shouted from mountain tops.

You know the one.

You said it when you got off the phone with your mom, or your kids, or your best friend.

You said it when you felt those tingly feelings in a new relationship.

We say it so much, we’ve created thousands of other ways to say “I love you.”

We've put together a list of 221 different I love you expressions to reignite the spark with some creative expressions. 

221 Different Ways to Say I Love You

No matter the words, the best way to say I love you is from the heart. For that reason, there is no limit on how to communicate your love for someone.

From doing the dishes or getting down on one knee, it’s all about the love in your heart. Of all the ways to say I love you, we've gathered a few to inspire you to express your feelings in a new way.

Whether you’re in the heat of romance or want to make your lover laugh, check out these 201 best ways to express your love.

Romantic Ways to Say I Love You

You make my heart sing.

I’m crazy for you. I’m crazy about you, and I’d be crazy to ever let you go.

You are the love of my life.

You set my world on fire. 

Je t’adore.

You’ve got me head over heels. 

I will love you forever — to the moon and back. 

Every single day I fall more and more in love with you. 

You are the light of my life.

I will be there for you in the best and the worst of times.

You can always count on me, no matter what.

You are the most beautiful person on the planet. Scratch that, you are the most beautiful person in the universe.

There are no words to describe how you make me feel.

I simply adore you.

I would be lost without you. 

Only you have the key to my heart. 

We are meant to be. 

You are my forever. 

You are my person. 

My heart yearns for you. 

I find you intoxicating. 

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

You are my soulmate. 

I thank God every day that I meant you.

Do you know how precious you are?

I choose you today. I’d choose you tomorrow. I will choose you every day.

It makes me so happy to see you happy. 

On a rainy day, it’s you who sends the clouds away. You are my sunshine. 

You are darling.

I’m so completely turned on by you.

With you at my side, I feel like I’ve won the lottery. 

What a treasure you are. 

I’m constantly mesmerized by you.

You are bewitching. 

I’m totally devoted to you. 

You make me feel things that I’ve never felt before.

How did I get so lucky to find you?

Being in love with you makes me feel like nothing is impossible.

I’ve been under your spell since I first saw you. 

Being with you feels like paradise. 

You are home to me.

No matter where I go, I will always come back to you. 

You bring meaning to my life. 

If you were on the other side of the world, I'd walk there to reach you if I had to. 

Every day is an adventure with you. 

It has always been you, my love. 

I am the best version of myself when I am with you. 

You give me strength. 

I’m all yours. 

I can’t get you out of my head.

You are my missing puzzle piece.

I’d risk my life for a forever with you. 

I want to hold your hand and never let go.

I smile just thinking about you. 

I think of you every minute we are apart. 

How was I alive before I was living with you?

Your love has set me free.

I give the whole of my heart to you. 

I thought I could only dream of someone like you. 

I have fallen for you. 

Will you marry me? 

Funny Ways to Say I Love You

I feel all bubbly inside. You’re soda-lightful. 

Aloe you vera much.

My feelings for you are like a burp — I just can’t hold it in! 

You make me feel all warm inside. Or maybe it’s all the coffee I had this morning. 

I’ve got a bad problem with procrastination. I love you more today than I did yesterday. 

If you love a certain food, you eat it up. If you love a flower, you cut it off. You love me right? Should I be scared?

If you put together chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers, you’d know how much I love you: a little s’more every day.

I can’t eat in the morning, cause I’m too busy thinking of you. I don’t eat in the evening, because I’m too busy thinking of you. I can't sleep at night, because I’m so hungry! 

truck with sign, ways to say I love you

God, you’re sexy. Oops, that wasn’t meant for God! 

I shave my legs for you. 

I love you more than I love tacos. 

Thank you for saving me from being a crazy cat lady.

I would say that I love you with my whole heart, but I love you with my belly. It’s bigger.

Would you mind lending me a kiss? I swear I’ll return it!

Are you a track star? Because you’ve been running circles in my head. 

You give me faith in men. I'm definitely a believer!

Type n-3^07-! into a calculator, and turn it upside down.

I’d give up Animal Crossing for you.

I am lovesick. Will you be my doctor?

You’re a weirdo. And I love it. 

Either you give me butterflies in my stomach, or I ate a bad burrito! 

We should grow old and miserable together. 

I’ll prove my love to you with Starbucks. See? I love you a latte. 

You can have the last cookie — as long as you split it with me.

Help! I’ve fallen for you, and I can’t get up!

There could be other fish in the sea, but I think you’re my sole mate.

You are the ‘Oh, nothing’ when someone asks what I’m thinking about. 

I knew it was love when I had spinach in my teeth and you weren't grossed out.

I had to download Google Maps because I was lost before I found you. 

I love you because you can love me even when I’m hangry. 

You are the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about before bed. I think of you a couple of other times a day too. 

I need you more than I need coffee, but swear you won’t make me prove it.

You are my favorite person to annoy.

You keep hanging around in my head. Maybe we should spend some koala-ty time together!

Maybe I’m crazy about you, or maybe I’m simply crazy!

Even if we both became zombies, I’d still ‘chews’ you.

I need you like I need chapstick: on my lips. 

Out of all the pains in my butt, you’re my favorite.

Being normal is insanely overrated. I’d rather be crazy for you. 

You are the only reason I wake up in the morning. That, and I really need to pee. 

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Cute Ways to Say I Love You

We’re partners in crime. 

I called you just to hear your voice. 

You’re my sweetheart. 

You complete me.

You give me the fuzzies.

I made you breakfast. 

You’re the center of my world. Gravity seems to pull me towards you. 

You’re the best thing since sliced bread. No, you're just the best.

You are my lightning bug — you make a dark night brighter. 

Will you stay with me tonight? 

I’d like to hold you in my arms forever. 

I appreciate all there is about you. 

If this were a dream, I would never want to wake up.

You’re the jelly to my peanut butter. 

You make me forget everything bad in the world.

You’re a rockstar, and I'm your groupie.

You’re safe with me.

Did you know that just the thought of you makes me smile?

Spending a sleepless night with you is a dream. Spending a sleepless night without you is a nightmare. 

You’ve made me so happy, I want to sing in the rain.

You are number one in my heart.

I could be right here with you forever. 

A whole day feels like an hour when I am with you. 

Thinking of you every moment, every day. 

You’re my cuddle bug.

You have made my life a fairytale. 

Thank you for just being who you are. I love all your parts and pieces, inside and out.

When I close my eyes, it is you I see in my dreams. How lucky am I to open my eyes and see you there beside me?

It would take a million years for me to feel like I have given you enough love. 

You will always be enough — even though I still want more of you. 

I want to spend the whole day just you and me.

There should be a song about us.

Just popping in to say I miss you

I used to have to try to be happy. When I’m with you, I don’t have to try. I just am. 

Your hair looks so pretty like that. The rest of you does too!

You have the best smile. 

Let’s stay like this forever.

I love that we can be goofy together. 

I’d climb the world’s tallest mountain if you were at the top of it. 

No beautiful view compares to how I see you.

I’m smitten with you.

This just feels right. 

I have a crush on you.

My heart skips a beat when you walk into the room.

You are my sunshine.

The only thing on my schedule is you.

I want to share everything with you. 

You’re my lighthouse. In rough waters, you guide me home.

Nothing has ever been easier than loving you. 

You make me my best self. 

Creative Ways to Say I Love You

Show them a song that makes you think of them.

Say it in a different language: Je t’aime. Jeg elsker deg. Te quiero te amo. Ich liebe dich.

Write it in chalk on a sidewalk.

Give them a handmade gift. 

Say it with a fireworks display. 

Go on a romantic vacation together.

Carve your names into a tree.

Put it in a fortune cookie.

Give them a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Say it in binary code: 01001001001000000110110001101111011101100110010100100000011110010110111101110101

Take a hike together, and shout it from a mountain top.

Write a love letter

Turn your romance into a movie script. 

Do their laundry. 

Bring him or her breakfast in bed. 

Share your favorite book or movie with them.

Go on an adventure.

Hold them in your arms as you both fall asleep.

Trace “I love you” on their hand with your finger.

Create a scavenger hunt with a sweet surprise or message at the end. 

Throw them a party just to celebrate your love.

Take them stargazing.

Document your time together and turn it into a little movie.

Write down a hundred reasons why you love them and put them in a jar. 

Put a key on a necklace chain and give him or her the key to your heart. 

Give a book of poetry, or write one yourself.

Make them coffee in the morning. 

Play hooky and spend the whole day together.

Take their friends out to dinner.

Craft a collage of all of your favorite memories. 

Get your portrait taken together.

Put your picture inside of a locket. 

Take them to see their favorite music artist in concert. 

Take a dance class together. 

Share a fantasy with them.

Hide love letters around the house.

Make a mix tape of love songs. 

Buy a star and name it after them.

Send them a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Serenade them with a song you wrote yourself.

Frame a map of the city where you met with a heart over the exact location.

Make a cute book of coupons redeemable for things like “one free back rub” or “your movie pick tonight.” No expiration date, of course.

Make a list of your favorite inside jokes.

Illustrate a comic book where they are the hero. 

Commission a drawing of you two from an artist. 

Take their car to the car wash.

Build a fort and have a romantic picnic in your living room.

Turn off your phone for a whole day. 

Sneak a love message into their work bag. 

Finally read that book they recommended to you. 

Romantic and Cute Ways to Say I Love You Over Text

I am thinking those 3 little words…

Pitter patter, pitter patter. Do you what that is?

Could it be…love?

I much more than like you.

I've got you under my skin…

I feel one half of myself without you here.

You are like home to me.

I want you so much it hurts.

You have bewitched me, body and soul. (From the movie Pride and Prejudice)

So this is what love feels like…

I simply and completely adore you.

You and me. Together. Forever.

To me, you are perfect. (From the movie Love Actually)

I cherish you.

Please…be mine.

I am wild about you.

My heart burns for you.

My feelings are so deep; I'm drowning in them.

I can hardly breathe for wanting you.

Let me give you the fairy tale.

Have you found a new way to say I love you?

Telling someone you love them is a huge milestone for every relationship. Making that leap can be amazing and even scary.

You may wish that someone could just tell you when and how to say I love you to make things easier. No matter how you say it, if it comes from the heart, your message will be heard.

As they say, love is a many-splendored thing. These I love you phrases are just the beginning.