77 Soulmate Love Affirmations To Attract Your Kindred Spirit Partner

There’s something magical about the idea of finding your soulmate, someone who respects you, challenges you, and shares the same life goals as you. 

Someone who makes you feel alive, secure, and like you can be yourself.

Someone you always want to be around, who brings you balance, and who fights for your relationship. 

Finding that person, however, can feel impossible.

Fear not.

If you want to know how to attract your soulmate, affirmations can help. 

What Are Soulmate Affirmations? 

Having a negative mindset and low energy of fear and disappointment keeps you in a state of lack.

It prevents you from noticing the good things in life and can keep you from finding The One. 

You can use soulmate love affirmations to shift your focus and mindset to align your thoughts and feelings with what you want to attract into your life. 

There will always be ups and downs, and things won’t always go as you’d hoped or planned.

But you can choose what you think and feel and how you experience what goes on around you.

Positive, emotional declarations help you do that. 

77 Soulmate Love Affirmations To Attract Your Kindred Spirit Partner 

Are you ready to find your soulmate and a relationship full of love, honesty, and respect? Someone who gets you, believes in you, and supports you unconditionally?

Use these positive, emotional love affirmations to attract a soulmate

1. I am surrounded with love every day and in every way.

2. I believe I am a good person and deserving of love. 

3. I am open to true love and am alluring my soulmate. 

4. I radiate love and trust that my soulmate is on their way. 

5. I am so grateful that I am deeply connected to my soulmate. 

6. I feel safe to be loved. 

7. I open my heart and trust that true love will follow. 

8. I am now attracting my soulmate. 

9. I allow healthy, loving relationships to enter my life. 

10. I am deserving of love, passion, and affection. 

11. I am opening my heart to love and know it is on its way to me. 

12. I feel love, I see love, and I am love. 

13. I trust that my intuition will lead me to my soulmate. 

14. I am luring my soulmate with grace and ease. 

15. My heart is now open to giving and receiving love. 

16. I allow myself to attract healthy, loving relationships into my life naturally. 

17. I am always open to love.

18. I am attracting my true love into my life. 

19. I trust that my soulmate will find me. 

20. I am open to true love, and it is finding me now. 

21. I am making room for an amazing partner in my heart and life. 

22. I am lovable and good enough for true love as I am.

23. I allow the Universe to help me find my soulmate. 

24. I am worthy of the loving, passionate relationship I desire. 

25. I open the doors to love and trust it will find me. 

26. I accept my true love into my life right now. 

27. I am open and ready to receive my soulmate. 

28. I allow myself to attract my soulmate into my life. 

29. I am a magnet for love and finding my soulmate. 

30. I am surrounded by infinite love every day. 

31. I am attracted to love, and love is attracted to me. 

32. I am grateful for the love that is finding me right now.  

33. I am worthy of deep love with my soulmate. 

34. I am attractive and desirable and feel worthy of finding my soulmate. 

35. I easily and naturally attract true love. 

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36. I am grateful for all the love in my life. 

37. Love flows to me and through me at all times. 

38. I am open to giving and receiving soulmate love. 

39. I am my authentic self to attract my soulmate. 

40. I am destined for true love and trust that it’s on its way to me. 

41. I open my heart to love and believe I am worthy of it. 

42. I am confident that my soulmate is on their way. 

43. I release negative feelings and let go of my past mistakes.  

44. I am surrounded by love, and all is well. 

45. I am creating space in my heart for the soulmate entering my life. 

46. I attract and accept the love entering into my life. 

47. I am worthy and deserving of love and all the good things life has to offer. 

48. I trust that my soulmate is out there and on their way to me. 

49. I am strongly attracted to my soulmate and they to me. 

50. I trust my soulmate to enter my life effortlessly. 

51. I am worthy of love and happiness. 

52. I trust that the Universe wants fulfilling, lasting love for me. 

53. I am drawn to my soulmate’s positive, loving energy.

54. I choose love each and every day. 

55. I am cherished in my loving soulmate relationship

56. I am worthy of attracting my soulmate.

57. I am attracting a loving, honest, respectful relationship with my soulmate. 

58. I attract loving, fulfilling relationships easily and effortlessly. 

59. I am open to the unbreakable bond between my soulmate and me. 

60. I am captivating the perfect partner for me. 

61. I am now connected to the energy of love. 

62. I am happily giving and receiving love each day. 

63. I feel positive, loving energy growing within me every day. 

64. I am grateful for the loving, caring partner in my life. 

65. I am a magnet for positive, loving relationships.

66. I have the power to give and receive endless love. 

67. I am drawn to my soulmate, and they are to me. 

68. I release all that blocks me from finding my soulmate. 

69. I am fully compatible and perfectly aligned with my soulmate. 

70. I feel an undeniable connection to my true love. 

71. I am enchanting a lover who is my soulmate. 

72. I allow myself to be loved for who I really am. 

73. I am worthy of deep love and affection from my soulmate.

74. I allow my intuition to guide me to my soulmate. 

75. I allow myself to trust love. 

76. I release all past hurts and allow love into my life. 

77. I am emotionally and spiritually ready to find my soulmate.

How to Use These Soulmate Affirmations 

Affirmations can be potent. But the truth is, you don’t receive love simply because you believe you deserve it. 

Instead, you must work at being loving and evoking positive energy. Here are some tips for using affirmations for attracting love.

  • Visualize what it feels like to have found them. Think about what it feels like to be with them (love, joy, trust, compassion, happiness) and feel it in your body. 
  • Practice an attitude of gratitude for what you currently have. Being grateful creates the positive energy you need to stay aligned with the love that’s on its way.
  • Make it feel authentic. The affirmations you use should hold truth and feel good when saying them. If you feel resistance or doubt, rephrase them to make them work for you.
  • Maintain a positive mindset. Sure, you’ll have negative thoughts. Feel your feelings, but counter those thoughts by stating something positive. 
  • Repeat them over and over and over. The key is to stay consistent and intentional. Say them out loud, write them, and meditate on them once or twice every day.
  • Practice self-love and take care of yourself. Make loving choices for yourself and recognize your personal power and worthiness to receive the love you want.
  • Put yourself out there.  Repeating affirmations in your mind and then sitting back and waiting for your soulmate to come isn’t realistic. Do things to enjoy yourself and meet new people, and let the Universe do its work from there. 
  • Let go of any timelines. You can’t rush finding the love of your life. Believe they are on their way and release any idea of when it should happen.

When used properly, affirmations can help you attract the love of your life. Choose a few from the list above and use them as is or tweak them to make them more personal. Then pair them with our tips to attract your soulmate, your true love, The One

Soulmate Love Affirmations