67 Gratitude Affirmations To Rapidly Shift Your Mood

woman meditating, gratitude affirmations

If you want to start each day feeling happy and grateful, you need your own personal collection of gratitude affirmations. 

Using affirmations for gratitude — in the morning and throughout the day — can transform your mindset for the better and help you attract more good things into your life. 

Sincere gratitude has a way of changing not only your life but the lives of those you influence with your words and actions. 

We’ve curated this list of 67 powerful affirmations to make gratitude so easy, it becomes second nature.

Use it to create your own list for daily use. 

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Do You Like Yourself? 9 Traits Of High And Low Self-Esteem

confident woman, characteristics of high self-esteem

Can you tell just by looking at someone that they have the characteristics of high self-esteem?

Or can you recognize self-esteem issues a mile away?

Healthy self-esteem does have a way of making itself known to others, by tell-tale signs or in ways your intuition is more likely to pick up.

Maybe you notice something different in the way a friend carries herself or you feel a certain something when your eyes meet with a confident stranger.

According to related research, those who know how to have high self-esteem are in the minority.

Before we discuss what we can do about that, we need to understand what self-esteem is and why so many of us struggle with it.

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81 Positive Affirmations For Men

man thinking, positive affirmations for men

Over the years, you’ve come to appreciate the good you see in yourself.

But some days it’s harder to see the beauty through the fog of disappointment and self-doubt. 

That’s where positive affirmations for adults come in. 

Affirmations are positive statements you tell yourself every day to remind you of how far you’ve come, what you value most, and what you’re capable of achieving.

They can also help you create a mindset for future goals and success.

This post focuses on positive affirmations for men. Because grown men too can forget that, being human, they’re just as likely to lose sight of what’s important. 

Give the world a chance, and it will beat you down with messages contrary to the ones on this list. 

Those negative messages can stick if you don’t proactively work to change them.

You deserve better. And you’re not alone. 

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Feeling Insecure? Here’s A List Of 27 Common Insecurities And How To Overcome Them

woman feeling ugly list of insecurities

Sometimes, people talk about it like it’s a controllable, contagious disease. But insecurity is perfectly normal!

Everyone deals with it in one form or another at various points.

It comes and goes and affects us all differently.

So today, we’re doing a deep dive into the things people are insecure about.

What is the biggest insecurity for most of us?

Do men and women focus on different perceived faults?

Are there ways to overcome insecurities?

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Has Your Self-Worth Plummeted? Use These 165 Positive Affirmations For Confidence And Self-Esteem

self-confidence positive affirmations

What do you think about when you look in the mirror? 

Do you have pleasant thoughts and believe you are capable and worthy of love and success?

Or do you pick out everything that’s wrong with you and your life?

The things you think and tell yourself repeatedly become true for you and can significantly impact your mental health.

If your negative self-talk brings you down and makes you feel insecure, positive affirmations for confidence could help. 

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15 Easy Options To Not Feel Lonely All The Time

how to not feel lonely

Do you feel lonely all the time ? If so, you’re not the only one.

According to the Health Resources & Services Administration, two in five Americans report that they feel their social relationships are not meaningful.

One in five say they frequently feel lonely or socially isolated. Loneliness sucks!

People facing life challenges like death or divorce, and those with serious illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, mental illness or cancer are more likely to feel chronic loneliness.

There’s good reason to be concerned about loneliness.

Feeling lonely can greatly increase the risks of developing a variety of mental and emotional conditions. These include:

  • Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, mood disorders and cognitive decline.
  • Physical health problems like higher rates cardiovascular impairment, chronic pain, and fatigue.

Wondering why you feel so alone? In this post discover how to not feel lonely and turn things around so that you are not alone anymore.

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25 Things To Remember When Low Self-Esteem Kicks Your Butt

25 Things To Remember

There was a time in my life when I didn’t believe in myself. Having grown up in your average dysfunctional family, I found myself in the role of peacekeeper and people pleaser from a young age.

I believed if I was compliant and accommodating, I could keep everyone happy and prevent the wackadoodle behavior going on around me.

On a deeper level, I was afraid of being emotionally abandoned. When my efforts didn’t work, I tried harder.

Needless to say, over time I trained myself to stuff down my own feelings for fear I’d rock the boat further.

In certain areas of my life, this pattern continued into young adulthood. During confrontational situations, I either backed down quickly or avoided engaging altogether.

Although I was “rewarded” for being a pleaser, eventually my self-esteem began to waiver.

I had false beliefs that I wasn’t good enough if I didn’t comply to the wants and needs of others.

This mindset was unsustainable and soul crushing.

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Do You Lack Social Skills? 20 Basics You Need To Master

Social Skills

One of my earliest memories is one when I was about five years old, having Sunday lunch with my sister and mother.

We were all dressed up for church, and afterward, my mom had taken us to a “white tablecloth” restaurant.

She was teaching us how to cut meat, holding the fork and knife properly, switching hands with the fork after cutting, and placing the knife on the side of the plate — a rather complicated series of movements for a child.

There must have been some other etiquette lessons thrown in at the time, because during the lunch, a woman eating at the restaurant approached my mom and said, “Your children are so well-mannered. You must be proud of them.”

I vividly remember my mom’s expression of pleasure and pride.

Our polite behavior made an impression, and the lunch left an indelible impression on me. People like politeness.

Having good manners and social skills feels good and makes others respond positively.

I was fortunate to have parents who placed a high value on social skills and manners.

Of course, I was raised in the South — so good manners were reinforced simply by nature of being Southern. Even as a grown woman, I still find myself saying, “Yes ma’am” or “Yes sir” to people a few years my senior. Old habits die hard.

But it doesn’t matter where you grew up or how you were raised in relation to social graces. Having good social skills will give you an advantage in your personal and professional life.

Even if you never had any training or role models, it’s never too late to learn new habits and manners.

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