Feeling Defeated? 9 Reasons Why and 17 Strategies to Reignite Your Motivation

woman raising arms celebrating feeling defeated

When life knocks you down with defeat after defeat, it can feel like you’ll never get back up. 

But giving in to those feelings of despair will only lead to more darkness and inaction. 

Even the most successful people have faced crushing setbacks on their journeys. 

The key is to dig deep within yourself to find the courage, resolve, and self-belief needed to bounce back. 

You have it in you to pick yourself up, shake off the disappointment, and keep charging forward. 

This, too, shall pass if you allow it.

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11 Things To Say To Someone When You Don’t Know What To Say

women talking at table what to say when you don't know what to say

It happens.

You’re face-to-face with someone, and you really do want to have a pleasant conversation with them (or maybe you’re eyeing the exit).

But you just can’t think of anything to say.

And as you see the expression on their face change from friendly and open to awkward and uncomfortable, you feel worse.

You don’t know what to talk about.

Yet you’ve faced more daunting challenges and triumphed.

Ready to have the same success with sticky social situations?

Read on.

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81 Positive Affirmations For Men

man thinking, positive affirmations for men

Over the years, you’ve come to appreciate the good you see in yourself.

But some days it’s harder to see the beauty through the fog of disappointment and self-doubt. 

That’s where positive affirmations for adults come in. 

Affirmations are positive statements you tell yourself every day to remind you of how far you’ve come, what you value most, and what you’re capable of achieving.

They can also help you create a mindset for future goals and success.

This post focuses on positive affirmations for men.

Because grown men also can forget that, being human, they’re just as likely to lose sight of what’s important. 

Give the world a chance, and it will beat you down with messages contrary to the ones on this list. 

Those negative messages can stick if you don’t proactively work to change them.

You deserve better. And you’re not alone. 

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16 Tell-Tale Signs of Unattractiveness & Empowering Steps to Enhance Your Appeal

woman emotional covering face Signs You Are Unattractive

Our culture is all about how you look and appear to others. 

You must be stunning, charming, and perfectly fit. 

You worry that you don’t measure up, and that’s a painful place to be.

The burden of feeling unattractive weighs heavily on your self-esteem and casts a shadow over your entire outlook on life.

Whether it’s your appearance or how you carry yourself, feeling unattractive makes you doubt your desirability in all areas of your life. 

It’s hard to face some harsh truths about how you look and behave, but by addressing them, you can make yourself more appealing and confident.

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17 Empowering Poems About Strong Women

women profile hair blowing Poems About Strong Women

Get ready to be inspired by the resilience and power that emanates from the poems ahead. 

We’ve curated a collection of verses that showcase the incredible spirit of strong women from all walks of life

These poems capture their unwavering determination, fearlessness, and relentless pursuit of their dreams as they conquer challenges and break boundaries. 

Allow these words to uplift and embolden you as they pay homage to the indomitable spirit of women who refuse to be held back.

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How To Love Yourself and Be Confident: 26 Ways To Cultivate Self-Worth

how to love yourself

Why is it that we have such a hard time loving ourselves?

Even when we know in our heads we are worthy and deserving of love, we don’t feel it in our hearts.

We don’t believe it when a loved one says, “You’re beautiful, smart, and capable.” Instead, we believe that little inner voice whispering, “You’re ugly, stupid, and unlovable.”

Do you think it’s crazy when you don’t love yourself?

I mean, really, it’s beyond absurd — it’s kind of warped.

We say negative things to ourselves we would never say to those around us, even those we don’t like.

We berate ourselves in ways we’d never consider berating anyone else. We hang on to our failures for years, sometimes for a lifetime, and replay them over and over.

It makes me sad to think about all the people in the world who don’t even like themselves, much less love themselves.

Maybe you are one of them. I hope not.

But the odds are that some of you reading this would like to trade yourself in for a better model.

Or at least trade in parts of yourself.

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16 Confidence Building Activities To Improve Your Life

Climber Confidence Building Activity

Ever feel like you’re caught in the shadows while others effortlessly soak up the spotlight?

Trust me, we’ve all been there.

There’s no question that people who exude self-confidence have many advantages in life.

Unfortunately, many people struggle with a lack of confidence from time to time.

But here’s the thing: confidence isn’t just for the lucky few — it can be learned, nurtured, and honed, just like any other skill.

But you can’t sit back and wait for confidence to come knocking at your door. You have to go after it and practice the skills that can change your outlook and beliefs about yourself.

Are you ready to start building your own confidence?

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Celebrate Your Body With These 29 Body Positive Quotes

woman in workout clothes sitting on floor body-positive quotes

We all want to feel great, right!?

We all want to wake up happy, confident, and eager to embrace the day.

Well, a massive part of the equation is feeling comfortable in your own body. 

Encouragingly, the #bodypositivity movement is going a long way in helping millions cherish theirs. 

So in support of everyone learning to love the skin they’re in, we’ve curated a list of inspirational body positive quotes to uplift, inspire, and encourage.

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