Want To Know How To Make A Narcissist Miserable? Try These 11 Tactics

how to make a narcissist miserable

If you’ve been in a relationship with one, you know it’s not exactly hard to trigger a narcissist to lash out. 

So, our goal here isn’t to show you how to piss off a narcissist for no reason other than revenge but to highlight the actions that trigger their worst behavior

You have a right to live your own life as you see fit.

And if doing so will make a narcissist miserable, that’s not on you. 

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35 Heart Melting Love Messages For Your Husband To Make Him Smile

love messages for husband

You’re looking at this post and thinking, “Finally! Some good ideas for a loving you message for my husband!”

You’ve looked through more greeting cards than you can count, and they just don’t quite say what you want to tell him.

Look up “romantic words for husband” and it leads you on yet another chase.

You’re not looking for gushy sentiments so much as phrases that put your feelings into words.

Good thing you’re here.

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35 Things To Talk About With A Guy To Keep The Conversation Going

things to talk about with a guy

Your mind goes blank every time you try thinking of things to talk about with a guy — and one guy in particular. 

You don’t want to rely on stereotypical “guy talk” go-to’s.

But you’re not sure exactly what will hold his attention and get a real conversation going.

Good thing the list in this post gives you plenty of ideas on what to talk about with a guy whose company and conversation you enjoy. 

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Yep, Your Husband Is Controlling: 13 Signs To Prove It

signs of controlling husband

Your inner voice is raging: “My husband controls everything in my life! When did I surrender my autonomy?” 

You know it’s not normal.

Not every wife you know is in a situation like yours.

Their husbands don’t demand access to their phones, their social media, their finances, or even their thoughts.

Where does it end?

And what can you do to get your life back and possibly even have a chance at a happy marriage?

Controlling husbands aren’t all the same.

But they do have some behaviors in common

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Are Your Expectations Of Others Ruining Your Relationships? 11 Ways To Let Go And Be Accepting

letting go of expectations

It’s not that your standards are too high (though they might be).

What we’re trying to avoid here is the heartache, frustration, and misery that come from unrealistic expectations in relationships. 

No one can meet all your expectations, even if you make them clear to the people in your life.

The problems usually come, though, with expectations you assume are universal. 

When those unspoken expectations are imposed (consciously or not) on real people with independent wills, disappointment is inevitable. 

So, what can you do instead?

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Is Your Wife Controlling? 7 Signs She Is And How To Address It

signs of controlling wife

It’s official: Your wife is a control freak.

She needs to control everything — and she becomes near impossible to live with when she can’t. 

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help your controlling wife address the fears behind her behavior.

She needs you to love and accept her as she is while also helping her become the person she wants to be. 

If you’re both willing to do the work, there’s reason to hope for better days ahead. 

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Seduce Your Wife With These 15 Romantic Gestures

how to seduce your wife with romance

Part of growing up is learning to be considerate of others without expecting a reward. 

If you want to know how to woo your wife and renew her interest in sexy couple time, the key is treating her with love and respect.

And that means not seducing your wife because you’re having trouble sleeping — or because you’re feeling insecure

If you’re asking, “How can I get my wife in the mood for love?” you’re asking the wrong question. 

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67 Of The Best Christmas Icebreaker Questions For The Holidays

Christmas icebreaker questions

Plan a memorable holiday party this year by supplying your guests with Christmas icebreakers.

These are questions designed to jumpstart conversations.

They help people in group settings get past any nervousness or uncertainty that they might be feeling. 

Holiday icebreakers save people from boring chitchat about the weather.

Just print out some pages of Christmas questions to ask and pass them out.

Your guests will soon have plenty to talk about.

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