51 Empathy Quotes

You want to better understand empathy and how to apply it in your life.

And one of the best ways to do this is to read quotes about empathy from those who understand it better than you do. 

Maybe they’ve learned to make the most of their ability to empathize with others.

Or maybe they’ve learned to empathize without feeling perpetually overwhelmed. 

A single empathy quote can provide just the insight you need at this moment.

We hope you find more than one of these in this list of 51 quotes.

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31 Must-Know Signs You Will Never Get Married

You have your reasons not to get married right now — if ever.

And it’s not as though you need to be married to be whole or happy. 

Maybe you’re at the point where you can say it out loud: “I don’t want to get married.”

But the question remains at the back of your mind: “Will I change my mind and get married?” 

After all, plenty of married people you know seem happy (or happy-ish).

But all you see are the reasons why you shouldn’t get married. 

And some of those are bound to be in the list below. 

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199 Fun Things To Do On Your Birthday

The big day comes, along with the big question: “What should I do for my birthday?” 

You remember (at least vaguely) what you did for last year’s birthday.

This time, you’d like to try something different — maybe shake things up a little.

Why else would you be here ready to look through a list of fun and unique things to do?

After all, you’re a fun and unique person. Your birthday should celebrate that. 

We’re happy to help. 

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75 Weird And Random Things To Say To Entertain Your Friends

75 weird things to say

You like being the one who’s always thinking of funny random things to say.

Getting your friends and family to crack up at what comes out of your mouth is a highlight of each day. 

Sometimes, though, you need a little help thinking of weird things to say to people. 

So, what are some weird questions to ask?

Or what off-the-wall comments will get them laughing even after a rough day

Enjoy the list below. Save the ones that make you smile. 

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Best 9 Convertible Backpack Purses

Raise your hand if the inside of your closet looks like a window shop of an Italian store with a fine selection of purses, handbags, totes, and backpacks.

What if you didn’t have to purchase a new bag for every event that pops out?

What if there was a way to use your casual backpack as a stylish purse?

Impossible? Not quite.

Delve deeper into the wonderful world of convertible bags where we introduce you to the best convertible backpack purses suitable for just about any occasion.

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The Only List You’ll Need Of 311 Likes And Dislikes

If you’re looking for something to talk about, few things are as useful as knowing the other person’s random likes and dislikes — particularly those you share with them. 

“So, I hear you have a special love for bees.” And you’re off and running.

This could be the start of a unique and lasting friendship

Even if you don’t know their particular leanings, though, the likes and dislikes list in this post will give you plenty of ideas.

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45 Of The Best Personality Quotes

Comparison-is it getting you down?

No one’s happy when they’re busy comparing themselves to others (or vice-versa).

And there’s no need to torture yourself that way. 

You have a personality all your own. And it’s worth getting to know. 

That’s why we curated a list of good personality quotes to inspire you to get better acquainted with yourself and other significant personalities in your life

The best personality quotes to keep handy are the ones that speak directly to you. 

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7 Of The Best Card Games For Couples

With the growing number of couples card games out there, how do you know which ones to try first?

You know exactly how much spice you’re looking for, which is a good start.

And maybe you want a game that will make you both laugh a lot.

When it comes to fun card games for couples, though, it’s good to know what other couples have to say about the most popular options out there. 

After all, your partner and your relationship deserve the best. 

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