31 Signs Your Husband Isn’t In Love With You

Signs Your Husband Isn’t In Love With You

When your husband doesn’t love you, you can feel it every time you’re in the same room together.

You see it in the way he looks at you (when he actually does). 

And it hurts every time — especially if you still love him.

How did it come to this? When did he stop caring? Why did he stop?

And how do you figure out what to do when your husband doesn’t want you anymore? 

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99 Essential Things To Love About Yourself

things to like about yourself

When was the last time you took inventory of all the things to like about yourself?

If you’ve never done that, now’s the time to try.

Or why else would you be here? 

After all, real humility is impossible without self-love.

You can appreciate all there is to love about you without being arrogant or blind to your weaknesses

So, what are positive things about yourself?

And how long a list can you make?

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Can You Recognize A Manipulative Person? 11 Characteristics You Must Know

characteristics of a manipulative person

Manipulative people have an uncanny way of making us believe they are charming, supportive, and kind — until they aren’t. 

Recognizing the traits of a manipulator can be challenging when you first meet one.

Although you’ve likely experienced manipulative friends or family, it can take a while before you realize what’s behind the charm. 

You know things are starting to feel weird, but you just can’t put your finger on it — until you get caught up in the web of subtle deceit, mind games, and control.

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11 Characteristics Of A Bitter Person That Leave A Bad Taste In Your Mouth

woman sitting on sofa Bitter Person

What makes bitter people the way they are?

You’ve run out of ideas on how to help someone in your life see things in a more positive light.

The more you try, the more signs of bitterness you pick up in their words and behavior.

You recognize the negativity at the root of everything they say and do.

And it’s exhausting.

Where does it all come from?

And what can you do about it?

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11 Top Traits And Characteristics Of A Naturally Curious Person

characteristics of a curious person

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s a quality that can make you feel alive and engaged in life.

Curious people feel compelled to find answers, understand more profound meanings, and learn as much as possible about people and the world around them.

And while curiosity can make life more interesting, there are a few caveats to consider.

That’s why we’ve created this list of 11 characteristics of a curious person.  

Read on to see if anyone comes to mind. 

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13 Not So Subtle Traits Of A Jealous-Mother-In-Law

traits of a jealous mother in law

Was it something you said—or did—or didn’t do? (It’s usually that last thing). 

You can’t help noticing that your mother-in-law acts like she is married to your husband—as if she doesn’t trust you to be a good wife to him. 

And if that weren’t frustrating enough, your husband isn’t willing to talk to his mother about it.

He’d rather you didn’t say anything, either. 

After all, what harm can a little mother-in-law jealousy do? 

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9 Surprising Characteristics Of A Private Person

characteristics of a private person

What’s it like being a private person?

If you identify as one, you might be inclined to weigh in on this.

Or you might just keep your thoughts to yourself and see if any part of this post makes sense. 

We’ve identified nine surprising (or, at the very least, interesting) traits shared by private people everywhere. 

If you’re a private person (or you know someone who is), we think you may recognize yourself in some of these behaviors and choices.

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21 Disrespectful Husband Quotes To Reinforce What You Should Never Tolerate

disrespectful husband quotes

The disrespectful spouse quotes in this post are a call to action.

No woman should feel obligated to stay with a guy because he hasn’t physically abused her (yet). 

If you’re not married to him, you can say, “Stop disrespecting your wife!” though you might not expect much to change.

He may not even see his behavior that way.  Or he may not care. 

But why is he like this? 

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