You Never Know What Someone Is Going Through: 13 Reasons To Always Be Kind

men talking, you never know what someone is going through

You don't know what others are going through when they are irritating, unpleasant, or short-tempered.  

It’s not about you. It almost never is, and that’s a good thing.

Negative interactions with others are unfortunately inevitable, but we do have power over how we respond to them.

Whether some guy cut you off in traffic or the waiter forgot your drink order, you never know what someone is going through until you walk in their shoes.

Before you shout obscenities from your car window or leave a bad tip, consider what they might have gone through today and the positive impact being caring towards them could make.

Here are a few examples of what they could be facing:

  • A family emergency, a bad breakup, car trouble, etc.
  • Depression or anxiety
  • They’ve just had a bad day

Before you're reactive with someone who may very well deserve your ire, consider an alternative that shows more compassion and empathy.

There are many good reasons for choosing benevolence over anger.

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8 Of The Best Dual Voltage Curling Irons

Dual Voltage Curling Iron FI

In a perfect world, your hair would look fantastic no matter what.

Your hair would never be ruffled by extreme heat, extreme cold, or other stresses to your tresses. But when you travel frequently, you don’t really have much time for a full-blown hair care routine.

All you can do is grab the best dual voltage curling iron you can find, and use it in a way that’ll transform your hair from flat to fab.

What is a dual voltage curling iron, and why do you need one?

You might be asking: “Wait, there are plenty of curling irons on the market. What’s so special about dual voltage curling irons?”

Well, the thing about international voltages is that they’re not the same across the board. Some countries have a standard voltage range of 110-120V, while others have 220-240V.

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15 Magnetic Personality Traits To Attract Others To You

friends laughing, magnetic personality traits

What does it mean to have charisma? And is that something you can cultivate in yourself?

You’ve asked these questions before, and you’re ready for answers. 

Because who wouldn’t like to know how to have a magnetic personality? 

Turns out, you can definitely build magnetic personality traits to attract more of the people you want in your life.

Keep reading to learn more about the qualities of magnetic personalities and how you can develop those in yourself. 

It won’t be long before you reap the benefits. 

With a magnetic personality, you can:

  • Easily expand your social circle and develop friendships.
  • Build your influence in your personal and professional endeavors.
  • More quickly rise to leadership positions.
  • Win the trust and loyalty of others.
  • More easily influence others to adopt your ideas.

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31 Thoughtful And Sweet Long Messages For Her

man on phone, long sweet messages for her

A thoughtful and romantic message from your significant other can turn a horrible day into an amazing one.

If you’ve ever received a surprise note or text from someone you love, then you know how powerful those words can be.

Whether you want to put a smile on her face or help her through a tough day, you may be wondering how to craft these romantic messages yourself.

To give you some ideas, we’ve crafted 31 examples of long sweet messages for your special lady. 

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11 Of The Best Ways To Put An End To An Emotional Affair

couple flirting, how to end an emotional affair

For someone in a committed relationship, an emotional affair is a worrisome symptom of something deeper.

An emotional affair often represents a lack of emotional contentment at home.

But emotional intimacy with a person outside of the relationship can erode and eventually destroy the marriage or partnership.

Realistically, ending an emotional affair offers the only way to avoid the turmoil and negativity that will inevitably overtake your marriage and potentially end it.

Just because an emotional affair does not have an active sexual component does not mean that it will never turn into full-blown sexual infidelity.

It often does, and that's why it's essential to understand why these emotional connections are so destructive.

Understanding Emotional Affairs

Emotional affairs span the gray area between platonic adult friendships and romantic physical relationships.

Disclosing secrets, seeking comfort, talking about life, joking around, and spending considerable time together — either in person or online — define emotional affairs.

Essentially, the sharing of thoughts and activities that you should be sharing with your spouse has shifted to another person.

These relationships are usually intense because they:

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11 Of The Best Things To Do When Your Life Sucks

sad woman, what to do when your life sucks

“Why do I suck at life?”

Yes, that question sounds harsh and negative. You probably don’t know why you’re feeling this way.

Or maybe you do, but you’ve stopped trying to explain it to anyone else. 

The last thing you want right now is to be told to “snap out of it.” It’s not that simple.

It’s hard to know what to do when life sucks, because your brain is in the thick of it, too. The good news?

Any of the 11 tips in this post can help you step out of that fog.

Look through them all before you choose one to focus on today.

Why Does My Life Suck? 

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29 Top Signs Of An Attractive, Confident, Kickass Woman

happy woman

The signs of a confident woman are hard to miss. You definitely know one when you see her — but do you see those signs in yourself?

When you walk into a room, do you feel confident like you own it?

Or do you tend to hide in the corner trying to fly under the radar or simply blend in with the crowd?

It can be hard to exude confidence as a woman, especially in our competitive, media-driven society that sends so many messages about who we are supposed to be and how we should look.

Fortunately, you can become a more confident woman by changing some of your mindsets and practicing the skills of confidence — skills that can be learned.

One thing that confident women have in common is the self-awareness to recognize their imperfections and even celebrate them.

They know their strengths, where they have room for improvement, and when to step back and let others take the lead.

You may be a confident woman in one area of your life, but signs of confidence in other areas.

So how do you become a self-confident woman in everything you do?

Let's look at the traits that confident women often share and how you can increase your confidence to embrace just how kickass and amazing you are.

Cocky vs. Confident

A cocky person, as the word implies, is like a cock or rooster strutting his stuff. Cockiness comes from insecurity and the need to show off and brag to feel more self-worth.

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71 Fun Things To Do At Home To Banish Boredom

woman painting, fun things to do at home

Are you stuck on auto-pilot?

Do you cook the same dinners each night and watch the same Netflix shows over and over?

Is it becoming kind of rote and boring?

If so, it's time for a change.

The same routine day in and day out can lead to boredom at best, or at worst, leave you worn out, drained and unfulfilled.

While certain aspects of a routine (like good hygiene and showing up to work on time) are important, there's no reason for your evenings and weekends to be uneventful and humdrum.

Trying new things can make you happier.

Even research bears this out, finding that novelty-seekers are generally healthier and more satisfied in life.

What do you have to lose? Take a break from the same old, same old and end boredom with this list of fun things to do at home

While splurging on new experiences and adventures can come with a daunting price tag, it doesn't have to.

There are many fun and affordable activities you can do without leaving the comfort of your own home.

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