Friday Night With Nothing To Do? 39 Fun Activities To Make You Say TGIF

friends hanging out things to do on a Friday night

Friday night rarely lives up to its reputation as a night of wild parties or hitting the clubs. 

Especially as you get older, those types of activities lose their appeal. 

That leaves you with time on your hands if you don’t plan ahead.

If you don’t want to spend another Friday night binging a mediocre TV series, consider one of the following Friday night activities that do far more than just take up time.

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If You Tend To Be Manipulative, Here Are 11 Ways To Stop This Destructive Behavior

girls arguing how to stop being manipulative

Manipulation is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but it’s hard to define.

People often use manipulative behavior with the intent to gain power or control over others.

If you tend to ask yourself, “Am I manipulative?” you probably are.

Sometimes it’s accidental, and other times you’re fully aware of it.

The better question is, “Why am I manipulative?” 

You may need to get people to agree with your opinions or do things your way.

Manipulative people often get away with their behavior because they are good at making people feel sorry for them or make their victims feel bad about themselves.

The manipulator uses guilt trips to make others believe that they are responsible for the manipulator’s problems.

They may also play on your sympathy by talking about how hard their life is or how much they have been through to get you to do things for them.

Clearly, manipulative behavior can disrupt close relationships and negatively impact your mental health.

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59 Treat Her Right Quotes to Reinforce How a Man Should Treat a Woman

man being sweet to his girl treat her right quotes

Hey guys, if someone were to ask your wife, girlfriend, sister, or mom if you treat them with respect, would they hear a resounding, “Absolutely!” or a quiet, “Sometimes?” 

If no one ever taught you how to treat a woman and show her respect, you may be lacking in the healthy relationship department.

If so, you’ll do yourself and all the women in your orbit a favor by learning gracious and appreciative behaviors.

Knowing how to respect a woman can make the difference between a successful, happy relationship and one fraught with discord and pain. 

As you read through the list of emotional treat her right quotes below, look for some nuggets of insight to reveal where you may need to buff up your skills relating to women.

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Who Are The Guys That Get Distant After Sex And 19 Reasons They Suddenly Pull Back

man and woman fight after sex why do guys distance themselves after intimacy

Sometimes, a one-night stand is precisely what the doctor ordered.

Other times, though, you fall for a guy after being intimate — and he disappears into the wind.

You thought it was a great night, but he bolted, and you haven’t heard from him since.

So now you’re wondering: Why do guys act weird after hooking up?

To help you make sense of the situation, today, we’re exploring possible reasons why he is distant after intimacy.

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Do Men Feel Emotionally Bonded After Intimacy? 15 Clues Your Guy Is Attached After Sex

man and woman about to kiss do men get emotionally attached after having sex

Do guys catch feelings after hooking up?

What about intimacy?

Do guys get attached after sex?

Ultimately, the answer depends on the person.

Some are highly sensitive; others are dogs only out for one thing.

But generally speaking, yes, men are just as capable of becoming attached sexually as women are.

So today, we’re exploring the chemistry of attraction, in addition to 15 clues that a man with whom you sleep has caught feelings.

Let’s dive in.

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Ready To Say Those 3 Little Words? 57 Unique And Memorable Ways To Convey Your Feelings

how to tell someone you love them

You’ve been seeing each other for a while, and it’s happened.

You’re in love!

Shouting it from a rooftop may feel like a good idea.

But first, your partner — the object of your affection — deserves to know.

Telling someone you love them is a big step that takes a bit of preparation.

It’ll become a special memory on which you can look back if done right.

So today, we’re breaking down how to deploy the perfect first “I love you.”

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Do Guys Look At You From Head To Toe? 7 Likely Reasons He Scans Your Body

man checking out someone what does it mean when a guy scans your body?

Some women find it flattering; others deem it inappropriate and creepy. So today, we’re unpacking the highs and lows of a guy checking you out.

What does it mean when a guy scans you from top to bottom?

Is it always a sign that he’s sexually aroused?

Or could there be other reasons?

Is it always rude?

Or are there perfectly innocent explanations for a body scan?

Let’s dive in.

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How Many Dates Should You Have Before Having Sex? All Your Burning Questions Answered

couple hugging how many dates before sex

It’s a question as old as dating itself: When should you sleep with someone you’re seeing?

Truth be told, there’s no universal answer to: “How many dates before going to his place?” The only barometer you need to follow is you.

You’re in the driver’s seat.

But you should think it through.

So today, we’re exploring the question from all angles.

Hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll better be able to wrap your head around the issue and do what’s comfortable for you.

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