Should You Meditate While Lying Down? Here’s The Scoop

can you meditate lying down

If you take nothing else from this post, trust that it's 100% okay to meditate while lying down.

And if that's the only way you feel calm enough to meditate, you're far better off lying down than giving up on meditation entirely. 

True, it has its downsides.

But, for many of us, so does the lotus position (even the half-lotus).

And while sitting up is generally the most popular position for meditation, it's not the only one with both short-term and long-term benefits

Read on to see why. 

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Wondering How Cheaters Feel About Themselves? Here Are Your Answers

how do cheaters feel about themselves

Is cheater's remorse a real thing?

And how do you know whether someone who cheated on you sincerely regrets it and won't do it again? 

Do cheaters feel guilty?

And is there a difference between how men feel after cheating and how women feel?

Is the regret only about getting caught? 

You probably don't want to hear it's not that simple.

You just want answers.

So, what are some reliable psychological facts about cheating

And once you know what a cheater is feeling, what next?

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Are You And Your Lover A Sexual Match? Take The Sexual Compatibility Test

sexual compatibility test

When it comes to lasting relationships, there’s more to “making it work” than being spiritually, mentally, or emotionally compatible with each other. 

Being physically compatible matters, too. 

Yes, having shared beliefs and values can help you feel more connected.

But overlooking the importance of sexual compatibility has consequences that eventually catch up. 

So what are some compatibility questions you can ask yourself (and your partner)?

And what if you could take a sexual compatibility quiz to get clarity on your relationship?

Better now than later.

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Worried You’re A Poor Communicator? 11 Signs You Need To Step It Up

poor communicator

Self-reflection plays a role in problem-solving.

An examination of your thoughts and behavior could reveal whether or not you're contributing to your problems. 

In the case of communication difficulties, you may wonder why your conversations fail to produce the desired results. 

You may feel unheard or misunderstood.

Perhaps arguments start when you had no intention of causing conflict

If bad communication is sabotaging your life, then identifying your mistakes will help you adopt better communication strategies.

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Do You Care Too Much? 13 Ways To Stop Caring So Much And Start Living

how to stop caring

Could caring too much choke off your ability to feel at ease in life? Yes, it can. 

Although it's essential to care about yourself, others, your goals, and the state of the world, you can only care so much until your emotions knot you up like a tangled fishing line. 

The solution is not to give up on caring about anything but to learn when to stop caring.

Many things are outside of your control. No matter how much you care, you cannot overcome that chaotic truth. 

To enjoy life more and stress less, you need to avoid binding your emotions to things that you can't influence or just don't matter.

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11 Heartbreaking Reasons Empaths Are Attracted To Narcissists

empaths and nacissists

When you read about empaths and narcissists, they’re mostly treated as complete opposites.

But it’s not as simple as that. 

Considering how many empaths end up in relationships with narcissists, it’s worth looking into why this happens.

And essential to that understanding is answering the question, “Can an empath be a narcissist?” 

Or, to put it another way, is it possible for a narcissist to feel empathy?

The answer might surprise you.

Or it might echo a feeling you’ve had for some time now. 

It’s time to get some answers.

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Still In Love With A Married Man? 9 Ways To Finally Get Over Him

how to get over a married man

It’s not an enviable position to be in.

Here you are, thinking, “How do I stop loving a married man?”

You know this thing between you can lead to nothing but pain. 

But letting go of someone you’re in love with is not as easy as saying, “It’s over,” and immediately forgetting what you felt. 

You’re not a robot. You can’t delete your feelings — even when they hurt.

You still want him so badly that the ache is making it hard to focus on anything else. 

So, what can you do?

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11 Not-So-Nice Things That Happen When Introverts Don’t Get Alone Time

what happens when introverts don't get alone time

If you’re an introvert, you know you’re not just “one of those people who like being alone.”  

If you feel overstimulated and can’t get away for some time alone,  bad things happen.  

And if you’re not an introvert — but you’re close to someone who is — you might not understand why.

If being around people energizes rather than drains you, it’s tempting to think introverts are just being “extra.”

They’re not. 

So, what could happen if they don’t get the alone time they need? 

Just remember — you asked. 

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