What’s With A Narcissist And Kissing? Do They Even Enjoy It?

do narcissists enjoy kissing

If you’re dating a narcissist—or being wooed by one—the weirdness around kissing isn’t always apparent.

Sometimes, they’re all in.

Other times, they keep you at arm’s length and seem barely able to tolerate any lip contact. 

So, do narcissists like to kiss or not?

What’s with the hot-and-cold business?

And what do narcissists want sexually, apart from hearing how great they are in bed?

The answers will probably hurt.

They’ll also set you free. 

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27 Toxic Mother Quotes That Show How Mom Can Mess You Up

toxic mother quotes

If you spend any holidays with a toxic mother, Hallmark moments are not the norm.  

But, contrary to what others may be telling you, you don’t have to sacrifice your mental health to accommodate someone’s toxicity just because “she’s still your mother.”

While a collection of toxic mom quotes might not give you the warm fuzzies, we’re hoping they’ll remind you of your right to protect yourself—even from family. 

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13 Subtle Ways To Make The Narcissist In Your Life Miserable

how to make a narcissist miserable

What are the most effective ways to make a narcissist miserable without putting your own well-being at risk? 

After all, when a narcissist feels defeated, their first line of defense is to punish you

Your misery is their gain if they can get you to back down and give them what they want.

On the other hand, what you want isn’t so much their misery as your freedom from it. 

We support that. 

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Trouble Sleeping? 29 Things To Do When You Can’t Sleep And Are Bored

what to do when you can't sleep and are bored

You’re in bed, trying to settle in and fall asleep, but your mind won’t cooperate.

Wakeful minutes turn to hours. 

And you’re no closer to slipping into oblivion.

So, what are some fun things to do when you can’t sleep?

Or are you allowed to have fun when you should be unconscious?

And what if the fun keeps you up even longer?

Thing is, a little bit of fun could be just what you need.

Are You Bored and Can’t Sleep?

It’s frustrating. You want to know what to do when you’re bored at night in bed. And if you live in an apartment or share a house with others, you don’t want to wake anyone who is sleeping.

More than that, though, you want this to be something worthwhile—something that makes this time of sleeplessness count for something. 

In the list below, you’ll mostly find activities you can do quietly.

Depending on your situation, you can do some quietly or with the volume turned up. All are worth doing.

And we’ve done our best to minimize those that make it even harder to get any sleep.

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87 Disrespectful People Quotes That Reveal Their Rudeness

disrespectful people quotes

How do you deal with disrespect from other people?

Is it something you work hard to prevent?

Or do you see it as something we all face and simply refuse to be bothered by it? 

After all, why waste energy trying to prevent something inevitable? 

Whatever your personal philosophy, the disrespect quotes in this post show various perceptions of and responses to disrespectful behavior

Some will resonate more than others. 

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37 Quotes About Disrespectful Daughters And How To Respond To Them

disrespectful daughter quotes

How did it come to this? 

You’re doing actual research (albeit informal) on daughters who disrespect their mothers, wondering if there’s something you can do to change your relationship for the better. 

Before you blame yourself for everything going on in your daughter’s world or for the apparent change in her attitude toward you, we invite you to look through the collection of rude daughter quotes further down. 

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11 Critical Things You Must Do Before Divorcing A Narcissist

divorcing a narcissist

Even without children, divorcing a narcissistic husband or wife is anything but simple, amicable, and low-stress. 

Add children, and the narcissist has another powerful weapon at their disposal.

And you can count on them to make the divorce and its aftermath as painful as possible—for you. 

So, what can you do to protect yourself (and any children you have) and get the best possible outcome? 

How to Divorce a Narcissist 

As veterans of this nightmare can tell you, the only thing harder than being married to a narcissist is divorcing one.

The narcissist will do everything in their power to win. And part of that win is making sure you deeply and eternally regret divorcing them. 

That said, before we dive into a more detailed list of actions to take, let’s outline the primary strategies for divorcing a narcissist

  • Gather your posse (i.e., your support network)
  • Get a divorce lawyer —because mediation and narcissists don’t mix;
  • Get clear on what you want and what it will cost you to go after it; 
  • Save and document everything (receipts, recorded conversations, etc.);
  • Give yourself something to look forward to that’s well worth the fight. 

Make a detailed plan for navigating all the stages of divorcing a narcissist. The list further down will be one of your best resources for this. Your lawyer will be another. 

Take advantage of all the help you can find. You can bet the narcissist will do the same.

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You’re Not Interested In Dating This Person: 7 Ways To Kindly Let Them Know

how to tell someone you’re not interested

Here you are looking for tips on how to tell someone you’re not interested after a few dates—or shortly after meeting them.

Because you’re just not feeling it. 

Yet you don’t want to hurt this person.

It’s not that you don’t think anyone could be happy dating them.

In fact, you want them to find a happy relationship with someone.  

The sooner you set them free, the better for you both. 

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