Ambivert vs. Omnivert: 7 Key Differences In These Personalities

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What do you make of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) when you don’t identify as either an introvert or an extrovert — at least not all the time? 

Maybe you’ve taken the test at different times and have gotten different results.

Or perhaps you can relate to the descriptions of both the I-leading and E-leading neighbor types (e.g., INFJ and ENFJ). 

And you wonder, “Am I both? Or am I something in between?” 

That depends on whether you see yourself as a hybrid or as someone who’s the introvert version one day and the extrovert version the next. 

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15 Different Types Of Romantic Relationships You Should Know About

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How many different types of love relationships are there? Maybe you can think of a few, but are there really 15 distinct relationship types? 

As you’ll see in this post, every type of relationship has something that sets it apart from others. One of these should stand out as the best description of your own — or your most recent love relationship. 

While no human relationship is perfect, some are more problematic than others. And every type’s description has something worth keeping in mind. 

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23 Of The Best Love Poems For Your Husband

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Searching for the right words to tell your husband how you feel about him?

Saying “I love you” is easy enough, but it doesn’t celebrate all the things you love about him.

Those three words are still important. They just don’t pack the same punch.

And the last time you tried to sing to him, well . . . did his eye always twitch like that?

Good thing you can share any of the following love poems for your husband without breaking into song.

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11 Top Reasons People Talk Behind Your Back And What To Do About It

Reasons People Talk Behind Your Back FI

How do you know if people are talking about you behind your back?

And once you find out they are, what can you do about it? 

It’s one thing if they’re planning a surprise (one you’ll like).

It’s a very different thing if they’re saying things they know you wouldn’t like. Not cool. 

You want to know why they would do such a thing. 

What kind of person is friendly to your face but badmouths you behind your back? 

Let’s start with that question. 

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45 Of The Best Introvert Quotes You’ll Ever Read

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How often do you hear anyone talking about the virtues of introversion?

Not often, right?

Sure, there was that time someone remarked on how they didn’t know you had the courage to say what you did.

But now that you think of it, what impressed them was seeing you act more like an extravert. 

Where do they think all your great ideas come from? 

While they were out socializing, you were at home writing, reading, or maybe creating something while processing your day.

Your mind is a playground of ideas.

So, why not celebrate that with some heartwarming quotes about introversion?

And maybe use them as part of your next creative endeavor. 

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11 Best Ways to Stop Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back

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Loving someone who doesn’t love you is one of the most painful things you can experience.

Sure, you’ve read about unrequited love, but you don’t really feel it until you go through it. 

And when you’re in the middle of this, it doesn’t help to know you’re not alone.

For now, you just want to know how to forget someone who doesn’t love you.

Because it hurts, but that doesn’t stop you from looking for signs that maybe they do love you after all. 

What can you do to get past this and steer your life in a better direction?

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13 Leading Reasons Why Men Pull Away

He put so much into winning you over. But now that you’ve drawn him into your world, he’s backing away.

It’s weird, right? What other animal does this? 

If you had the time, you’d do some real research into that (maybe), but right now, all you want to know is why do guys pull away before they commit? 

When men pull away, they have reasons.

And one guy’s reasons can be different from another’s, as you’ll see below.

The signs he’s pulling away can also be different. 

Let’s start by getting clear on what those signs are. 

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7 Ways Your Choices Have Consequences

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How do bad decisions affect your life? Do you look back to a time before a particular decision and wish you could go back and choose differently?

While not all of your choices have negatively impacted your life, you sometimes wonder why a single ill-advised choice should hold so much power. 

Some choices affect more of your life than others.

But every time you face two very different options, your choice is likely to impact one area of your life more than others. 

How does that work? Read on to find out. 

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