Treat Yourself Kindly With These 31 Self-Care Affirmations

self-care affirmations

Most of us need reminders of how valuable it is to make time for self-care.

If you’re here, maybe you need those reminders daily – because someone or something else always needs your attention. 

Early on, the world trains us to put the urgent before the important.

And self-care is just not critical enough—until it is. 

If that sounds familiar, we’ve collected 31 self-care mantras to help you get back on track. 

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Wake Him Up Thinking Of You With These Good Morning Paragraphs For Him

good morning paragraphs for him

Every day is a fresh start — an opportunity to give life another go and try again.

As such, waking up to a loving and encouraging message from your significant other can be a significant boost and help you start the day on the right foot.

Not only is it lovely to receive them, but it’s also kind to send them.

But there’s a problem.

You don’t know what to text a guy in the morning to make him smile!

So today, we’re giving you a large sampling of paragraphs for him to wake up to.

After all, you want your man to start his day on a positive and affectionate note, right?

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35 Toxic Family Quotes To Remind You That Blood Isn’t Always Thicker Than Water

family having meal toxic family quotes

Welcome to our collection of 35 quotes about toxic family, each written by a soul with a unique insider’s perspective.

If you’re here, you can probably add to this list with insights of your own. 

If you’re looking specifically for leaving toxic family quotes because you’re ready to go after a life of your choosing — or you’ve done precisely that — we’re confident you’ll find some new favorites here.   

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Have Questions For Your Guy But Afraid To Ask Them? Here Are 27 Of The Most Common

questions girls are afraid to ask guys

You have some critical questions for this guy you’re getting serious with, but you’re uncomfortable asking them.

That’s pretty normal.

Asking some questions too soon might send him running for the hills.

Or at least you’re afraid it will.

You don’t want to suddenly lob a bunch of serious stuff at him all at once or at the wrong time.

Some of your questions are awkward or sensitive, and the timing has to be just so if you want him to feel safe answering them.

But good questions for guys are part of getting to know him and determining whether the relationship can continue based on mutual trust and honesty.

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Don’t Understand Why She Strayed? 13 Psychological Facts About A Cheating Woman You Should Know

psychological facts about cheating woman

Let’s first let go of the idea that all women who cheat are irredeemable, selfish monsters.

Generalizing is lazy thinking dressed up (often enough) as cleverness.

It’s not that simple. 

There’s more to cheating women and the reasons behind their infidelity than most people bother to understand.

You’re here because you want to. 

Let’s start with some simple facts about cheating and go from there. 

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75 Shifting Affirmations To Reach Your Desired Reality

shifting affirmations

The thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself form your perception of the world and your place in it.

Repetitive negative thoughts cultivate limiting beliefs and prevent you from living your best life.

Luckily, the opposite is also true.

You have the power to create whatever reality you desire.

If you’re dissatisfied or want something different or better for yourself and your life, know that you absolutely can achieve it–as long as you believe in it.

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Want To Love Your Body? Try These 59 Positive Body Image Affirmations

positive body image affirmations

Does a negative body image dominate your thoughts?

Is your self-esteem suffering as a result? 

Having a negative body image makes you vulnerable to mood disorders and eating disorders.

Disliking your body could even make relationships more difficult or motivate you to hurt yourself

These destructive mental habits plague many people, but you can turn them around with body-positive affirmations.

Repeating supportive statements about your body every day will help you escape the unhappiness of body negativity.

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Make Her Eyes Tear Up With These 37 Love Paragraphs For The Woman In Your Life

paragraphs for her to make her cry

On a search for some tender words for your woman that will bring tears to her eyes?


You’re in safe hands, and we get it; we grok what you’re going through.

You love the lady in your life and want to let her know!

But there’s a slight problem: you’re not exactly the second coming of Pablo Neruda!

Alas, that’s where we slide in and save the day with these romantic paragraphs for your girlfriend that may bring tears of joy to her beautiful eyes.

Copy them!

Tweak them and text them!

Make them your own!

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