145 Mind-Blowing Questions To Bend Your Brain

Once we accept that we don’t have all the answers, life becomes an exciting adventure of asking questions.

Curiosity allows us to open our minds to new worlds and adopt ideas that we couldn't have conceived on our own.

For every question we have an answer to, there are thousands we don’t.

Some are profound, while others can be quite silly.

Either way, asking questions can be a great way to get to know someone, liven up a party, or lead you down a path to greater wisdom.

To help you on that journey, we’ve found over a hundred mind-boggling questions to ask yourself or someone else. 

What Are Some Good Unanswerable Questions? 

There’s no such thing as a stupid question, but some will get you thinking more than others. An answered question provides a destination, while unanswerable ones lead you on a new journey.

The most difficult questions come from challenging the assumptions we cling to.

Here's what makes for an excellent mind-blowing question:

So what makes a question unanswerable, and what’s the purpose of asking them? 

Even those confusing questions to ask yourself can lead to more clarity.

A mind-blowing question challenges the asker and the receiver, opening the room to a broader discussion.


145 Mind Blowing Questions 

You may want to sit down because these questions might knock you back. If you’re looking for questions to make you wonder, we’ve found 145 of them.

You may not know the answer to any of them, but the result of mulling over these questions might be the answer you are looking for. 

Mind-Blowing Questions about Life

The very nature of our existence is confusing and uncertain. There is so much about our lives, our humanity, and our purpose that we have yet to understand.

These are just a few of the millions of questions surrounding this little thing known as life. 

1. Why do we exist?

2. Why do we dream?

3. What is the meaning of life?

4. Why are we always unsatisfied? 

5. Where do we go after we die?

6. At what age do we stop being young? At what age do we start being old?

7. Where does our self-esteem come from?

8. How do you know that you’re not artificial intelligence in a simulation?

9. What do you want to be remembered for after you die?

10. Is suffering necessary to existence?

11. Is there more than one way to experience consciousness? 

12. Is it ever too late?

13. If you wrote an autobiography, how would you divide your life into chapters?

14. If you didn’t know how old you were, how old would you be?

15. Is free will imagined?

16. Are we the only life form in the universe? If not, why haven’t we made contact yet?

17. Why do we remember things as happier than they were?

18. If you get fulfillment from wasting time, is it actually wasted?

19. Why do we crave routine?

20. Why do we crave chaos?

21. Why do we love being in love

22. Could someone live their life without ever telling a lie?

23. What could unite all human beings?

24. What is freedom? Is it doing what you want or having the option to?

25. Why are humans so drawn to power?

26. What is the best way to be happy?

27. What is it about death that we are afraid of? 

28. Is it better to know very few people really well or know a ton of people only a little bit?

29. If you knew your destiny, would you try and change it?

30. Do you take from society more than you give back?

31/ Will humanity ever exist without religion?

32. Should life only have one meaning?

33. Why do we need to know the meaning of life?

34. Should there be a limit on what humans can do?

35. How important is having fun in living a good life?

Funny Mind-Blowing Questions

So much of our world is nonsensical. Sometimes it's better not to try and understand it but just throw your head back and laugh. Life is silly, and so are these questions! If you’re ever bored at a party, ask your friends a few of these funny questions that make you think.

36. If everything is possible, could it be possible for something to be impossible?

37. If you fail on purpose, have you actually succeeded?

38. Does repeatedly pushing the elevator button make it show up quicker?

39. Why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?

40. Why do we call it a hamburger if it’s made from a cow?

41. If we are quizzical about quizzes, what are we about tests?

42. Can a hearse drive in the carpool lane?

43. What was the first person to milk a cow trying to do? Why was their next step to drink it?

44. Why don’t eyebrows count as facial hair?

45. We know the speed of light, but what’s the speed of darkness?

46. Why do we always “call it a day” at night time?

47. In the word ‘science,’ is the s or the c silent?

48. Did sand get its name because it’s in the middle of the sea and the land?

49. On an airplane, which armrest is yours, and which one is your neighbor’s?

50. If something is both new and improved, what was it improving on?

51. f a zombie is bitten by a vampire, does the vampire become a zombie or vice versa?

Mind-Blowing Questions that Cannot Be Answered

While some of the previous questions might take a degree in physics or a few hours to work out, they do have answers. Want to up the stakes? We challenge you to find the answer to these mind-boggling questions: 

52. What defines art?

53. How was DNA created?

54. Where is the universe? With the multiverse theory, there could be more than one, so where is ours?

55. Why do cats purr? 

56. If past lives are real, do we ever experience memories from them?

57. Why does it take more genes to make a tomato than it takes to make a human being?

58. If time travel was possible, do you think it would become a weapon or a tool?

59. If antimatter is created when we create matter, where does it go?

60. Is it easier to love or to hate? 

61.Do our accomplishments matter in the long term?

62. Does knowing the future change its outcome?

63. How does a bicycle work?

65. Will it ever be possible for us to know everything?

64. Would immortality be the end of humanity?

66. What is the pattern that dictates prime numbers?

67. Are our memories correct? Can we ever perceive them correctly?

68. What color would you say a mirror is?

69. Where do our thoughts go when we lose track of them? 

70. Why do we put so much value on logic and reason when there is so much they can’t explain?

71. Why does the concept of time exist?

72. What existed before the Big Bang? Could we even conceive of that?

73. Why are there exceptions to every single rule?

74. Why do we find beautiful things beautiful? 

75. What does the inside of a black hole look like?

76. Is knowledge inherently valuable, or does it depend on how it can be used?

77. How much does our nature impact us compared to how we are nurtured?

78. If God exists, could he create a mountain that he could not move?

79. Why don’t we do things that we know we ought to do?

80. Are you awake or dreaming?

81. Is our reality confined to our own sense of perception?

82. Do animals have souls?

83. Can free will and fate exist at the same time?

84. Do good and evil exist outside of the human construction of them?

85. Beyond the meaning of life, why do we want to live?

86. If you can answer a question with “I don’t know,” then does it have an answer?

Mind-Blowing Questions that Make You Think

87. How do you know if what you perceive through your vision looks the same to other people?

88. Why is it ok to eat a cow but not a cat?

89. If consciousness ends at the moment of death, do you know you've died?

90. If the universe continues to expand, what does it expand into?

91. If we can eventually live to more than 150-years-old, would there be more suicides?

92. Since time is a human construct, does it really exist?

93. Why do bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people?

94. Is it generally harder to let go of a problem or to solve a problem?

95. What would happen if you never made any more plans and just let life happen to you?

96. If you were your own best friend, would you be kinder to yourself?

97. Does your pet think about you when you aren't around?

98. Why do we eat things that have a funky smell?

99. If you never knew what day it was again, what day would it feel like?

100. If the best is always yet to come, will we ever get the best?

101. If you one day reincarnate as another person, will you know it's you?

102. Since the best things in life are free, is there any reason to purchase stuff?

103. If you never learned to speak a language, how would your thoughts appear in your mind?

104. If God is all-knowing, why does he keep us in the dark so much?

105. If love is the answer, what is the question?

106. Can two people experience the exact same thing at the exact same moment?

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Crazy Mind-Blowing Questions

Whether you’re looking to challenge yourself or understand more about the world, asking yourself questions that make you wonder can help you exercise parts of your brain that often lay idle day-to-day. These crazy questions might do the trick: 

107. Is the answer to this question no?

108. How many photos are you in the background of?

109.Once we have been born, are we in the process of living or dying?

110. Is there something you are pretending not to know?

111. Are soulmates real?

112. If trends are the best things, then why do they keep changing?

113. How do we know that pain is a bad thing and pleasure is a good thing?

114. What’s more important: doing the right thing or doing things right?

115. If your brain is busy dreaming while you sleep, how does it get to rest? 

116. Is a brain transplant the same thing as a body transplant?

117. What defines who you are?

118. If the universe keeps getting bigger, what space is it taking over? 

119. Does a cyclops blink or wink?

120. What would happen if we could download our consciousness into computers?

121. If you call something ‘indescribable,' wouldn’t you be describing it?

122. If we’ve only explored five percent of the ocean, what else is down there? Would you want to know?

123. How many people have touched the cash in your wallet?

124. If growth comes from making mistakes, then why are we so afraid to make them?

If at some point you have replaced every part in your car, do you have the same car or a new one?

125. Do you need language to communicate? How would we express ourselves without it?

126. If you met God, would you believe it was him/her?

127. Where do our thoughts come from?

128. If you lost everything that you consider important right now, what would keep you going?

129. How would humanity react to proof of extraterrestrials?

130. How will Earth accommodate the growth of the human population?

131. If everything in the universe froze and completely stopped moving, would time keep going or stop as well?

132. Why does moving your head up and down mean yes, and side to side means no?

133. Why does music arouse emotion?

134. Can you be wise without being intelligent? Can you be intelligent without being wise?

135. Why do the same things that bring some peace bring others pain?

136. What would you do if you knew that you existed for a divine purpose?

137. If anything is possible, then how do you determine what’s worth trying?

138. Is it better to fail or to never attempt something in the first place?

139. Would it be worse to never forget or never remember?

140. How many places have you visited for the last time?

141. Will we ever hear about the perfect crime?

142. Can we experience things objectively?

143. Where does the future go after we live in it?

144. Do we have an ethical obligation to better ourselves?

145. Would you be able to tell if someone altered your memory?

Final Thoughts

How will you use these mind-blowing questions?

There are so many opportunities to ask questions. They are the primary way we get to know each other and the world at large.

Any great deed or discovery came from someone, somewhere, asking something they didn’t know the answer to.

When present knowledge fails us, we begin knocking down doors and venturing into parts unknown. This journey is exciting and terrifying but results in boundless wisdom.

Here are a few ways to make use of these questions: 

  • Use them to get to know your new love interest better. Their answers will reveal a lot in a short time.
  • Make a game out of them; whoever has the best answer wins. 
  • Start a journal and answer one question every day. 

These may be questions that mess with your mind, but sometimes upsetting the balance leads to growth and discovery. The questions we don’t have an answer to are often more exciting than the ones we do.