Alone on a Friday Night? 53 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Solo Time

woman taking a bubble bath alone on a Friday night

Spending a Friday night alone doesn’t have to mean boredom and Netflix. 

In fact, flying solo can be an awesome opportunity to indulge in some much-needed “me time”! 

Whether you want to dance around your apartment in your PJs, cook that complicated dish you’ve been afraid to try, or just zone out with a glass of wine and face mask, a night alone can be pretty sweet. 

This list of fun ideas will help you make the most of your solo Friday in a refreshing and rejuvenating way. 

Now go forth and have an amazing time with yourself!

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11 Reasons Your Ex Seemed to Forget You Instantly and Moved On

woman sitting on sofa talking to man My Ex Moved on Like I Was Nothing

Have you ever wondered how someone who once loved you more than anything could suddenly act like you never existed? 

It can be deeply confusing and painful when a former partner seems to move on rapidly after a breakup. 

One day they were telling you they love you, and the next, they act like you never mattered. 

It may leave you wondering if your relationship, and all the memories you shared, meant nothing to them in the end. 

When an ex appears able to instantly recover and embrace a new life without you, it can make you feel invisible and worthless. 

With time and perspective, you can gain insight into why some exes try to fast-forward through heartache while thoughtfully processing the loss is key to true healing.

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Significantly Improve Your Self-Esteem By Asking Yourself These 37 Self-Esteem Questions

woman smiling questions to ask about self-esteem

You’ve been beating yourself up for too long, and you don’t deserve it.

So it’s time to boost your self-esteem.

Besides, self-assured people perform better professionally and socially and are generally more comfortable in their own skin.

A sense of mental peace comes along with self-esteem — in addition to a handful of physical benefits.

How do you develop a sense of self-worth?

One way is by journaling and thinking about the topic.

To that end, let’s explore some open-ended questions about self-esteem and confidence.

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Understanding Spiritual Sexuality And 11 Ways To Practice It

couple about to kiss spiritual sexuality

Let’s chat about sex and spirituality — aka “conscious sexuality.” 

Traditionally, North American culture frames sexual intimacy as a dirty, shameful, politicized act — which is too bad.

Because sex between consenting adults is one of life’s more pleasurable things, not to mention elemental to our species’ existence.

Besides, sometimes, the best spiritual sex is with yourself.  

So pull up a chair if you’re interested in exploring sacred sexuality more.

No need to blush; you’re in safe, non-judgmental company. 

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Empathic Listening: 9 Strategies For Compassionate Communication

women talking, empathic listening

In our increasingly impatient and disconnected world, the art of listening seems all but lost.

Yet true connection springs from empathy, and empathy from understanding.

By cultivating empathic listening—that rare gift of presence we bestow on another when we listen with an open heart—we can transform even casual conversations.

This life-changing skill allows us to forge profound bonds of trust and compassion if only we slow down, focus, and hear each other more deeply.

How you listen to people can make all the difference to them and to you.

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31 Ways To Be More Feminine And Attractive

beautiful woman, how to be more feminine

Various reasons may motivate you to embrace your femininity.

Perhaps you work in a competitive environment and spend too much time in an aggressive state of mind.

Maybe you’ve noticed that your active lifestyle has let you slide into a masculine manner of dress.

This realization can leave you wanting to cultivate a more feminine look.

Starting a romantic relationship is another common reason that women choose to look more feminine.

They want to look attractive alongside their men.

It’s healthy to take an interest in your appearance, so let’s explore how to be more feminine and soft.

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151 Positive And Loving Words That Start With E To Describe Someone You Care About

woman writing positive words that start with e to describe a person

When you’re writing a nice message to someone, the perfect word can be elusive.

Forget the advice in English class about not using too many adjectives.

Go ahead and get as wordy as you want.

Your effort will shine through, especially if you’re trying to make an impact.

A dazzling word that describes a person perfectly will get you noticed and remembered.

People like to be recognized for their best qualities.

This list presents many character traits that start with E.

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