Is There A Spiritual Meaning To Dreaming About The Same Person? 20 Possible Reasons

woman sleeping having dreams spiritual meaning of dreaming about the same person

Have you been dreaming about the same person night after night?

What does it mean?

Is it a good or bad omen?

In many instances, dreams are the last thing we ponder before falling asleep. Other times, they have spiritual meanings.

They’re a way for our subconscious and superconscious minds to penetrate our conscious realm. 

So grab a drink, get comfortable, and let’s do a deep dive into reoccurring dreams about the same person. 

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If You Tend To Ghost People, Think Again: 11 Things Ghosting Says About You

woman having problems with her phone what ghosting says about you

The word “ghosting” is everywhere lately.

But what is it?

Essentially, ghosting is a hurtful behavior that involves cutting off communication with someone without providing any warning or explanation as to why.

It generally refers to the dating world but goes deeper than that.

If you’ve ever stopped responding in a romantic or platonic relationship, left a restaurant or drive-thru line after ordering but before getting your food, or stopped showing up for a job or client, then you, dear friend, are a ghoster. 

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Want More Abundance In Your Life? Try These 57 Mantras For Abundance

man being at peace watching the sea mantras for abundance

Are you done struggling with money – or having a conflicted relationship with money? 

Maybe you long for the freedom to create a better life for yourself without having to worry constantly about finances. 

Or you simply want to be able to pay your bills on time and in full every month.

But how?

How do you bring prosperity into your life?

Financial matters can be stressful and intimidating, but they don’t have to be.

That’s where money mantras come in. 

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13 Reasons Blaming Your Mother for Everything Is Bad for Both of You

mother and daughter not in good terms daughters who blame their mothers for everything

Mothers carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, not to mention the heaping loads of guilt they feel for not being perfect. 

Adults who blame their parents have so many psychological aspects to focus on, from Attachment Theory to the unmet needs of an inner child.

Even basic acts of love, like fixing a daughter’s smudged lipstick, can elicit harsh responses. 

What is it going to take to stop blaming mom? 

Can we create a world where no mother ever wonders again, “Why does my daughter blame me for everything?”

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101 Meaningful Personal Mantra Examples To Guide Your Life

woman feeling positive personal mantra examples

Whether positive or negative, your thoughts are powerful and meaningful.

If you believe and tell yourself you can’t or shouldn’t, then you won’t.

Fortunately, the opposite is also true.

Great things happen if you believe and affirm that you’re capable and worthy.

As James Allen profoundly said, “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”

These examples of personal mantras can help you cultivate positivity and success in your life. 

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Don’t You Hate It When You Can’t Get Something Off Your Mind? 19 Ideas For Letting It Go

woman having problems how to get something off your mind

Have you ever had a repeated thought that will not stop? 

The process of continuously thinking about the same ideas is called rumination.

The best way to control rumination or negative thoughts is to distract your mind with other ideas or to find a way to resolve the problem. 

Just think – distraction or action. 

But it may not be as easy as it sounds.

If your circular thoughts prevent you from living life or going out, it’s time to take action. 

Whether you try counting or cooking, there are simple ways to help you get something off your mind.

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Do You Tend To Attract Narcissists In Your Life? 7 Reasons You Fall Into This Toxic Type Of Relationship

man angry at his girlfriend why do I attract narcissists?

You swear you’ll never do it again. 

Yet, no matter how hard you try, nothing but narcissists land in your romantic lap. 

So now you’re wondering: Why am I attracted to narcissists, and how do they find me?

Well, friend, you’ve landed in exactly the right place — because today, we’re talking about why you allow these people in your life and how to avoid narcissists in the future.

Let’s get into it.

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Understanding Spiritual Sexuality And 11 Ways To Practice It

couple about to kiss spiritual sexuality

Let’s chat about sex and spirituality — aka “conscious sexuality.” 

Traditionally, North American culture frames sexual intimacy as a dirty, shameful, politicized act — which is too bad.

Because sex between consenting adults is one of life’s more pleasurable things, not to mention elemental to our species’ existence.

Besides, sometimes, the best spiritual sex is with yourself.  

So pull up a chair if you’re interested in exploring sacred sexuality more.

No need to blush; you’re in safe, non-judgmental company. 

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