Are You A Woman With Mommy Issues? Check Out These 11 Mommy Issue Signs

mother and daughter not talking mommy issues in women

You’ve undoubtedly heard of women with “daddy issues” — but what about “mommy issues?”

Fathers aren’t the only parents with the power to negatively impact a female’s life.

Thanks to dear-ole Mom, many ladies are saddled with personality quirks and behavioral tics. 

Unfortunately, mommy issues in women can be difficult to pinpoint, yet they cause considerable emotional and mental damage.

So today, we’re unpacking it all. 

What are mommy issues?

What are the signs?

What are the solutions?

Let’s get to it.

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Dating A Mature Man? 17 Signs He’s Falling In Love With You

signs an older man is falling in love with you

We all love to be in love. 

But if there is an age difference between a man and a woman, there can be a few issues. 

And when that gap is ten years or more, phrases like spring-autumnal, gold digger, or even father-figure often are used to describe the relationship. 

Social objections aside, loving an older man can result in a satisfying, supportive, and lifelong partnership. 

But how to tell when an older man is attracted to you? 

The signs may differ from standard dating norms when seeing an older man. 

At least, in the beginning, the relationship may not follow traditional rules, and it is probably more difficult to tell if he is attracted to you.

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Are Your Texts Boring And Uninspired? 21 Ways To Avoid Being A Dry Texter

young gilr texting happily how to not be a dry texter

Did you know that over 6 billion texts are sent daily in the United States? 

What are we all saying to one another, and how do we find something interesting to say when we’re texting so often

Some people hate texting, finding it difficult to measure someone’s responses without the visual cues of being together physically. 

Other people find it provides valuable time and space to think about what to say. 

No matter your opinion, you have probably been in painfully boring text conversations before. 

To help liven up your messages, let’s look at the elements of a great text exchange and how to be a better texter.

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Remember How Much You Deserve With These 11 Moving Self-Love Poems

woman in the mirror happy poems about self-love

Arguably, self-love is the mother of all personal development goals. 

Without it, humans tend to be miserable shells of themselves who plod through life in a fog of depression and displeasure.

It’s a remarkably unsatisfying way to live.

But when supported by self-love, we can care for ourselves and others, spread joy and compassion, and live up to our full potential.

Poems about loving yourself are an excellent reminder of how deserving you are of your own love. 

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It’s Not Selfish To Focus On Yourself: 13 Essential Ways You Should Put Yourself First

woman in smiling how to focus on yourself

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” 

It’s a popular metaphor that means you must take care of yourself before you can care for others. 

And it’s true – if you’re not feeling your best, you won’t be able to do your best work.

As much as you may need to put yourself first, it’s more complicated than you think. 

Is it selfish or wrong to focus on yourself? 

Society often suggests it is, but more often than not, you do yourself and those around you a favor by prioritizing your needs before those of others.

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Did Someone Betray You? 67 Betrayed And Broken Trust Quotes For Validation And Support

woman sad after argument with partner betrayed broken trust quotes

Betrayal is a part of life.

We all go through it at least once, and it stings like a swarm.

And though it feels like being run over by a stampede of buffalo, experiencing betrayal is an integral part of living — because all human emotions help us grow and become better people.

So today, we’re looking at betrayal of trust quotes. 

If you’re going through a challenging time because of someone else’s duplicity or disloyalty, we hope you find our list of broken trust quotes soothing.

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11 Most Effective Exercises For Letting Go Of Resentment

resentment exercises

The memory of what they did still hurts. “How could they?” You doubt you’ll ever get over it.

After all, how do you let go of resentment in a marriage — or between family members?

Or against someone you once called a friend? And will the relationship ever truly recover? 

Letting go of resentment is difficult because the hurt at the root of it goes deep.

But it’s not impossible to let it go and even make the bond stronger than it was before. 

The 11 exercises in this post will get you there in less time than you might think. 

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Learn To Pick Your Battles: 11 Ways To Let Things Go In Love And Life

woman feeling free how to let things go in a relationship

In both love and life, we learn to pick our battles. 

We learn what is worth fighting for and what we can let go. 

It is a valuable lesson that can help us maintain healthy relationships and lives. 

If we always fight for every little thing, we will quickly become drained and resentful.

Let’s discuss 11 ways to let things go to create a happier life for yourself.

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