13 Gracious Ways to Respond to a Compliment Without Sounding Icky + Examples

woman in yellow talking to a guy how to respond to a compliment

Isn’t it strange how hard it is to respond to a compliment?

We squirm and deflect and awkwardly shuffle our feet in the face of such overt niceness.

Social anxiety, burnout, and social media facades can cripple our self-esteem, so we don’t know how to genuinely accept a compliment. 

Despite all the research showing positive feedback can keep employees (and all of us) more motivated and help our mental health, our brain still has this nagging habit of shutting down when we are given positive reinforcement. 

For just a few moments, let’s quiet our inner critics and learn how to reply to compliments with poise and confidence.

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75 Fun But Confusing Questions To Ask To Break The Ice

man and woman drinking with friends most confusing questions to ask

Question games and activities are everywhere.

You’ve likely asked or answered dozens of get-to-know-you types of questions. 

But if you’re looking for something new and unexpected to break the ice, why not try some nonsensical, confusing questions they won’t see coming?

They can enliven a conversation and help people think differently, whether at a party or just chatting with friends or family.

Questions that don’t make sense can prompt us to think outside the box, open us to new possibilities, and challenge our beliefs. 

They can be confounding, thought-provoking, and inspiring – but more than anything else, they will generate conversations that make us laugh and think.

So if you want to explore life’s unanswerable brain-stumpers and mind-benders, we have you covered with some confusing questions to ask to get the conversation rolling.

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I Like Being Alone: 15 Reasons You Like Your Own Company Best

15 Reasons I Like Being Alone

Is it healthy to enjoy being alone? 

No matter how many friends you’ve made or how well you get along with family, you’re just one of those people who prefer to be alone. 

And you feel perfectly healthy.

You’re content.

But were you always this way?

And if not, what reasons for your solitary nature come to mind?

We found 15 reasons you like being alone that are worth considering. 

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Practice Forgiving Yourself With These 35 Forgiveness Affirmations

woman wearing sunglasses hugging herself forgiveness affirmations

We’ve all done things we regret. 

We’ve hurt people, made mistakes, and not been the best version of ourselves. 

But forgiveness is an important part of learning from our experiences and growing as individuals. 

Forgiving yourself for your past actions can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

Forgiveness affirmations will help you move beyond guilt and shame by cultivating compassion and understanding for yourself – something everyone deserves. 

So take a few moments to read through these forgiveness affirmations and practice forgiving yourself as often as possible.

 You’ll find it easier to take responsibility for your mistakes and become the best version of yourself when you practice these releasing affirmations.

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35 Powerful Symbols Of Strength And Courage In Women

woman rock climbing woman symbols of strength and courage

Women have long been seen as the weaker sex. 

However, countless brave and powerful women have proven this wrong throughout history.

From civil rights activists to competitive athletes, these brave and determined women have inspired us all with their resilience and courage in times of adversity.

For example, women like Joan of Arc’s battle cry and Rosa Parks remind us how far women have come and how much more work is yet to be done.

So join us as we look back through history at powerful symbols of strength and courage in women.

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Want To Become A Strong Sigma Male? 15 Steps To Up Your Game

man smiling at the camera How to be a Sigma Male

You want to be more of a sigma personality, but you’re not sure how. 

First, good for you for wanting to adopt some of the positive traits of this unique and confident type of guy. 

A sigma male stands out from the crowd and lives life on his own terms. 

His high confidence, charisma, and independence enable him to live according to his values and beliefs. 

He has found a way out of the alpha-beta cycle and has achieved a level of personal freedom that allows him to do the things he wants in life.

If this sounds like something you want to achieve, you’ll need to learn how to become a sigma male by acting and thinking like one. 

By practicing these sigma tips and deepening these lifestyle habits, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goal as a stronger sigma male.

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Need A Hug? 9 Benefits Of Hugging And How Many Hugs We Need Daily

two people hugging each other how many hugs we need each day

Have you ever noticed how good it feels when a friend gives you a hug? 

Whether you’re sad, happy, or just need a break from the world, a hug is like an instantaneous mood lifter.

A single embrace can fill us with so much love, comfort, and warmth that no words can ever do justice.

Not only is it a meaningful gesture of compassion and support, but it also offers many health benefits. 

Many scientific studies have shown that hugs stimulate the release of oxytocin, a hormone responsible for positive emotions like affection and trust, while reducing stress levels and improving overall well-being.

So how many hugs do we need a day? And what are the benefits of hugging the people we love? 

Let’s take a look at how hugging can improve your mental, physical and emotional health.

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11 Strategies To Help You Stop Being So Sensitive

Your sensitivity is an essential part of who you are.

It’s what makes it so easy for you to empathize with others.

But sometimes, that sensitivity can make life a lot harder than it has to be. 

You know what we mean. It seems you can’t get through a single social interaction without feeling stung by someone’s ill-chosen words.

Maybe they meant to hurt you, or perhaps they didn’t.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what they intended. 

You want to know when you started taking things so personally.

And you’re ready to learn how to stop being so sensitive all the time. It’s exhausting! 

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