67 Gratitude Affirmations To Rapidly Shift Your Mood

If you want to start each day feeling happy and grateful, you need your own personal collection of gratitude affirmations. 

Using affirmations for gratitude — in the morning and throughout the day — can transform your mindset for the better and help you attract more good things into your life. 

Sincere gratitude has a way of changing not only your life but the lives of those you influence with your words and actions. 

We’ve curated this list of 67 powerful affirmations to make gratitude so easy, it becomes second nature.

Use it to create your own list for daily use. 

Benefits of Gratitude Affirmations 

What can a list of appreciation affirmations do to change your life?

Consider the following documented benefits

  • Gratitude for the good already in your life makes other affirmations more powerful. 
  • Gratitude for your gifts can motivate you to make better use of them. 
  • Gratitude affirmations have been shown to reduce stress and improve your mood.
  • Gratitude affirmations can make you less likely to dismiss red flags related to your physical or emotional health — and more likely to take constructive action. 
  • Affirmations can also help improve cognitive performance. 
  • Gratitude in your daily affirmations can replace damaging self-talk

Given these benefits, I hope you’ll look through the following affirmations and find several that resonate with you. 

67 Mood-Enhancing Gratitude Affirmations 

To make it easier for you to find your favorite affirmations, we’ve divided our list into three groups. Choose based on how you prefer to express gratitude — or for what you’re most grateful.

The third group we’ve reserved for everyday use.  

Thank You Affirmations

1. Thank you, God/Universe, that I’m alive and able to do good today. 

2. Thank you, toothpaste and caffeine, for helping me wake up this morning

3. Thank you, water, for hydrating me and keeping me alive. 

4. Thank you, body, for doing everything you can to keep me going. 

5. Thank you, brain, for your creativity and openness to new ideas and perspectives. 

6. Thank you, dog/cat, for making sure I didn’t sleep in. Remind me to return the favor.

7. Thank you, sun, for the light and warmth you’re giving us today. 

8. Thank you, rain, for giving the earth the drink it needs today. 

9. Thank you, wind, for reminding me to take a moment and breathe. 

10. Thank you, trees, for your beauty, for the shade you offer, and the homes you provide for birds and other animals. 

11. Thank you, planet, for sustaining us for this long. May we do a better job of returning the favor. 

I Am Grateful Affirmations

12. I’m so grateful to be alive for another morning. Every breath I take is a gift.

13. I’m so grateful for the people in my life, and I believe we’re in each other’s lives for a reason. Every interaction matters.

14. I’m so grateful to know that I’m connected to every living thing in this universe and that not one of us is insignificant.

15. I’m so grateful for the gift of writing. Every time I write in my gratitude journal, I make an investment not only in my own well-being but in that of every person who interacts with me today.

16. I’m so grateful for all the natural beauty I’ll see today — and for every chance I get to savor it.

17. I’m grateful for good smells coming from the kitchen and for the way my first (and every) cup of coffee (or tea) warms me as it travels down to my stomach.

18. I’m grateful for music that helps me focus on my work.

19. I’m grateful for the vehicles and other modes of transportation we have for getting to where we need to go and back home safely.

20. I’m so grateful to get paid for work I love to do — and that I work for (and with) good people.

21. I’m grateful for what I’ve learned to do well that used to scare me.

22. I’m grateful that I’ve learned to swap out old, limiting beliefs for those that help me become the person I want to be.

23. I’m grateful for every dollar I can tithe to a charity or initiative that does work worth supporting.

24. I’m grateful for everything I can do that puts a smile on the face of one of my children (or on all their faces) or on the face of another child.

25. I’m grateful for every genuine smile I give or receive today.

26. I’m grateful for everything that anyone in my household does to make life a little easier for everyone else.

27. I’m grateful for the smell of freshly washed and dried laundry — and the warmth of it when I pull it from the dryer.

28. I’m grateful for the fresh flowers in my home, for their beauty and fragrance, and for the reminder of growth and renewal during the darker and colder months of the year.

29. I’m grateful for the people in my support network — family and friends — who help and challenge me to take daily action toward my goals and to act like the person I want to be.

30. I’m so grateful for the power of forgiveness and compassion in my life and in the lives of those close to me.

31. I’m so grateful that work doesn’t have to be a drudgery and that my happiness is up to me and no one else.

32. I’m grateful for this present moment and for my ability to consciously enjoy all the good in it.

33. I’m so grateful for curious and creative minds — my own and those of others to whom I’m connected in some way.

34. I’m grateful for my ability to summon the creative energy I need when I need it.

35. I’m grateful for everything I can see, hear, and feel from my workspace that makes me smile.

36. I’m grateful for the relationships formed over the years and for what I’ve learned from them.

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Daily Gratitude Affirmations

37. I won’t take all the good in my life for granted — or let it go to waste. 

38. I am blessed to have beautiful people in my family and among my friends. 

39. I find gratitude, joy, and peace in every day. 

40. I’m grateful to have a means of earning money to pay the bills and buy food and gas. 

41. With gratitude for my health and energy, I’m accomplishing my goals for today. 

42. The food I eat today will help me grow stronger and be as energetic as I need to be.

43. I can’t wait to get started on this day and to tackle my first goal. 

44. I choose to focus on the good things in my life and in this day. 

45. I start every morning with gratitude and all the energy I need. 

46. I am aware of my gifts and ready to put them to good use today. 

47. I’m grateful for every synchronicity and sign that my life has meaning beyond what I can see. 

How will you use these gratitude affirmations?

I’m glad you took the time to look through these gratitude affirmations. Here are some ideas on how to use your favorites: 

  • Write a weekly gratitude affirmation on a whiteboard to repeat every morning. 
  • Use a gratitude app to send yourself gratitude affirmations throughout the day. 
  • Create a poster with your top five/ten gratitude affirmations. 
  • Make it your goal to write thank you messages to people in your life. 

You’ll probably think of more. The important thing is to start with something you’ll find easy to do every day. 

May your new habit of gratitude attract more of what you want in your life.