What Is Your True Color Personality? Take The Test To Find Out

true color personality test

What’s your true colors personality

Or, to back up a bit, which of the four colors in the true colors test — blue, green, gold, and orange — do you gravitate to most? 

If you can acknowledge that one of those colors draws you in more quickly than the others, there’s a reason for that.

You’re about to find out why.

What will the true color personality test tell you about yourself

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If You’re An INFJ, Here Are 51 Famous People Who Share Your Personality Type

infj famous people

Have you ever taken the Meyers-Briggs Type Index?

If so and you’re an INFJ personality, you’ll be happy to know that you’re in good company. 

Some of the most talented and intelligent people in the world are this unique personality type.

The Meyers-Briggs test reveals four types of strengths for 16 possible personality types.

Each personality type takes up a certain percentage of the population, but some personality types are more common than others.

The INFJ personality (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging) is found in just one to three percent of the population, making you and your fellow INFJs an exclusive group.

If you’re an INFJ personality or know someone who is, you’ll be fascinated to learn about some well-known people who share your rare type.

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23 Icy Traits Of A Cold-Hearted Person

cold-hearted person

Either you know someone whose behavior strikes you as cold, or you’ve become aware that people around you see you as a cold person. 

Maybe you’ve even asked yourself, “Why am I so cold-hearted?” or “Why am I numb when I should feel something?”

Whatever past trauma you may still be processing, you wonder if you’re missing something about yourself.

While some may be content to dismiss you as cold, you want to believe there’s more to you than that. 

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The Definitive List Of 85 Personality Strengths And Weaknesses

man sitting at desk personality strengths and weaknesses

Believable characters in novels have flaws as well as strengths, whatever their roles in the story. 

You know this as a person and a reader, but it’s no good recognizing that if you don’t see your own character strengths and weaknesses.

Of course, most of us have a much easier time knowing our strengths than identifying our weaknesses. 

Strengths are great and help you achieve.

But those very human weaknesses have a part to play in your life, too.

Understanding how both contribute to your identity is a valuable part of emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

We rounded up the best for our list of strengths and weaknesses, along with some helpful examples.

See which qualities jump out as you read. 

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Want To Stop Being So Cynical? 13 Proven Steps

cynical woman, how to stop being cynical

Cynics fundamentally distrust other people and social institutions.

Psychologists define cynicism as the inclination to view people as motivated solely by self-interest.

As a result, the inability to see good in others undermines a cynic’s ability to flourish.

Cynics often recognize this personality trait in themselves.

Whenever you evaluate a situation, your cynical nature rises up immediately.

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What You Need To Know About The Delta Male Personality And 9 Traits Of This Guy

delta male

Just when most people think they have the personality types figured out, it turns out that there’s a delta male. 

That’s right, there are actually six male personality types: alpha, beta, omega, gamma, sigma, and delta.

This personality typing system came from studies of animal hierarchies, and psychologists applied it to humans.

For those of you who are familiar with any of the other personality types, you might have mistaken yourself for something else. 

The delta male personality is quite different from the alpha and even the beta type.

Knowing the delta male traits can help you determine if you are one.

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Is Your Guy An Alpha Male? 15 Ways An Alpha Male Acts In A Relationship

alpha males in relationships

When you hear the term “alpha male,” you probably think of a womanizing bad boy, a ruthless jerk, or a smooth-talking player.

You might picture someone egotistical or misogynistic.

But while there is some underlying truth to these alpha male characteristics, such overgeneralizations give alpha males a lousy reputation.

There’s a lot more to this complex man.

The alpha male personality is unique, and those who fall into that category can be difficult to figure out.

But that’s true of any personality type.

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Beware Of The INTJ Death Stare: 9 Meanings Behind The INTJ Stare

intj death stare

Intelligent, discerning, logical, and innovative – these are all words that describe the INTJ personality type.

The word “intense” also comes to mind.

INTJ anger can definitely be that.

But the trademark stare on their face when they’re quietly simmering can be just as intimidating.

So, how do you know if what you’re seeing is an “INTJ death glare” or something more innocuous?

And in the latter case, what can it mean? 

Read on to find out. 

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