33 Time-Tested Ways To Find The Key To Happiness

Woman blowing dandelion, key to happiness

What is the key to happiness?

Not just fleetingly happy but deeply content with your life?

Have you figured out how to maintain that contentment so that it’s the undercurrent that runs through all of the ups and downs of daily life?

Finding the key to happiness isn’t about finding external things, events, or relationships that boost you up.

It isn’t about attaining more money or power.

Real happiness, the kind that brings you a sense of inner peace and well-being in spite of outer circumstances requires new mindsets and habits.

If you’d like to open the door to that kind of sustained happiness, you may be using the wrong keys.

Here are some ideas for developing a foundation of happiness and success in your life.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside! 61 Fun Things To Do When The Weather Outside Is Frightful

woman playing outside in winter fun things to do when its cold outside

You can’t continue doing all of your regular outdoor activities when the temperature drops. 

Freezing weather, snow, and drizzling rain can change all of your plans.

Whether you prefer to spend time outside in the snow or snuggle up indoors under a blanket, you need a fun list of things to do on a cold day. 

Being prepared for cold weather with plenty of entertaining activities will make you, your friends, and your family happy regardless of the temperature outside.

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If You Love Your Sis, You’ll Adore These 52 Matching Sister Tattoo Ideas

Are you and your sister thinking about getting inked together and searching for inspiration?

If so, you’ve landed in the right place — because today, we’re looking at 52 sister tattoo ideas.

Our goal was to curate a list that included a little something for everyone.

We’ve got options for folks who prefer unique, small, and meaningful sister tattoos and others for females who prefer a bigger, bolder, more straightforward approach.

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People Love These 67 Fun And Productive Rainy Day Things To Do

playing in the rain things to do when it rains

Rain is a lot of things: romantic, moody, cozy.

But it also has the power to ruin a day outside — if you let it.

Because, in truth, rainy days are pregnant with potential.

So today, we’re unpacking 67 rainy day activities for adults.

We hope you find the list helpful, so bookmark it, and come back the next time you think about what to do on a rainy day. 

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It’s Soooo Hot Outside! 51 Fun And Refreshing Things To Do On A Scorcher

woman swimming things to do on a hot day

Summer does not necessarily mean perfect weather.

Sometimes it’s sweltering outside, but a record-smashing heat wave doesn’t have to limit your recreational activities. 

There are plenty of fun things to do when it’s hot outside.

Some are inside, which is appropriate if the heat index is dangerous. 

When the heat is more inviting, you can let your skin soak up the sun and breathe fresh air while having a good time.

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Hey 20-Something Women, Here Are 41 Of The Best Hobbies Just For You

girl painting hobbies for women in their 20s

Hobbies are a great way to make new friends and socialize when you’re a 20-something woman. 

There are so many different hobbies you can participate in with friends, whether you enjoy these activities separately or as a group.

Sometimes it’s hard to meet new people, and participating in a hobby can connect you with like-minded friends

Maybe you’re looking to find hobbies for moms in their 20s that fit in between work and picking up the kids from school.

Married or single, everyone needs a recreational activity to reduce their stress and help them relax during their downtime.

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21 Of The Best Things To Collect

One of the most popular hobbies by far is collecting items — either because you enjoy them or because they have market value that’s likely to increase over time. 

You probably know someone with an impressive collection of comic books, vinyl records, or vintage something or other.

And if you’re not looking at those collections and thinking, “But why?” you might be interested in one of the collecting hobbies listed below. 

Once you’ve decided what to collect, you’ll find plenty of places to look for it. 

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