People Love These 160 Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend

You've been dating for a while, and things are moving along nicely.

He has met your friends, you've met his, and things are exclusive.

So what's next?

It's time for some nicknames!

Some couples happen upon them naturally, but others need a little help.

So today, we're breaking down 160 cute names to call your boyfriend.

Hopefully, by the end of this post, we'll have answered the question: What nicknames can I call my boyfriend?

What Names Do Guys Like to Be Called?

Picking the nickname for your boyfriend takes some thought. Just because you like it doesn't mean it's the ideal choice. To avoid making a nickname misstep, weigh a few considerations.

  • Ethnic and Racial Slurs: The last thing you want to do is pick a pet name that is ethnically or racially insensitive. Do some online searching to ensure you're not making a faux pas.
  • Insecurities: Is your boyfriend short? Is he sensitive about it? Or perhaps he has a lisp? Whatever his insecurity, it's best to avoid a nickname that calls attention to it.
  • Embarrassment Factor: Embarrassing nicknames aren’t the way to go. His friends will focus on it, which gets old quickly.
  • Too Sexual: Although most people are less hung up on sexual taboos these days, it's still a bit uncouth to use overtly intimate nicknames in public.
  • Recycling: Try not to use a nickname you’ve used for an ex — especially if your current beau knows him.

160 Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

We've reviewed what not to do when coming up with a nickname for your boyfriend. Now, let's dive into some options!

Pet Names for Boyfriend

We thought we’d play on the pet name idea by offering some literal “pet” names. Our collection focuses on animals that might fit your guy’s personality.

1. Astro: If your guy loves dogs and technology, Astro is a great nickname.

2. Beached Whale: Is your man retired and unapologetically lazy?

3. Bonobo: Bonobos have red butts and are famously fond of sex.

4. Boo Bear: Boo is slang for boyfriend; hence, boo bear is boyfriend bear.

5. Buffalo Bill: A good name for a Wild West fan

6. Chicken Butt: Remember the childhood rhyme? If your man is silly, this is a fun one.

7. Chipmunk: This one fits for a guy who is tiny and spry.

8. Cool Cat: A super label for a hip man.

9. Cowboy: Is your guy living the rodeo life?

10. Dog: Perfect for couples with open relationships, and your guy is notoriously frisky.

couple holding hands cute names to call your boyfriend

11. Eager Beaver: Beavers mate for life and are industrious.

12. Eagle Scout: Is your man squeaky clean?

13. Honey Bee: Does your dude’s name start with a B?

14. Honey Bunny: It’s a fitting choice for a sweet dude.

15. Hungry Hippo: It’s a great name for someone who likes to eat.

16. Lone Wolf: Is your guy the strong and silent type?

17. Love Bug: A classic boyfriend nickname for an affectionate guy.

18. Lovebird: It’s a classic nickname for a classic guy.

19. Minx: This one fits for a man who likes mischief.

20. Monkey Lover: If your man is a cute ball of energy, this works well. But stay far away from this choice if your boyfriend is a BIPOC!

21. Mustafa: Is your guy the king of the jungle?

22. My Fish: Did you finally find your fish in the sea?

23. My Lion: A great option for the “Game of Thrones” crowd.

24. Pepe le Pew: This is a cute option for someone who is a little less polished than they think.

25. Pit Bull: If your guy is tenacious, try this nickname on for size.

26. Puppy: This works for cute guys.

27. Scooby-Doo: Is your man an amateur sleuth?

28. Silver Fox: It’s a traditional option for a mature lover.

29. Skunk: A fitting nickname for a smelly but loveable dude.

30. Snake: Does your beau walk the legal line?

31. Spider: A good nickname for a dude who is all arms and legs.

32. Stallion: A fitting appellation for a strong dude.

33. Starfish: This is a fun nickname for an aspiring celebrity.

34. Stud Muffin: Does hot-but-cute describe your boo?

35. Teddy Bear: This works great for a larger guy who is cuddly.

36. The Chameleon: Is your boyfriend a man of many faces?

37. The Thoroughbred: It’s a great name for a sophisticated cat.

38. Tiger: It’s a good option for a fierce dude.

39. Wile E. Coyote: This is for the guy who’s always getting into trouble.

40. Woody Woodpecker: This is a slyly naughty name for the guy who likes to…peck.

Unique Nicknames for Boyfriend

If pet ideas aren’t to your liking, and you don’t want to go with the typical “babe” or “sweetie,” these much-less-than-typical nicknames have your guy’s name all over them. Your goal is to learn to pronounce them!

41. Adonis: Is your guy a Greek god?

42. Amorzinho: Portuguese for “little love.”

43. Baba Ganoush: It’s a Mediterranean dish and a cute nickname for your man.

44. Bwana: East African word for “boss.”

couple sweet in the coffee shop cute names to call your boyfriend

45. Cariño: Spanish for “darling.”

46. Dusha Moya: Russian for “my soul.”

47. El Guapo: Spanish for “good-looking.”

48. Elskan Min: Icelandic for “my love.”

49. Eze: Nigerian word for “king.”

50. Fragolina: Italian for “my little strawberry.”

51. Habib Albi: Arabic for “love of my heart.”

52. Hanii: Japanese for “honey.”

53. Hjärtat: Swedish for “heart.”

54. Irog: Tagalog for “my one true love.”

55. Jaanu: Hindi for “my life.”

56. Joon: Farsi for “dear.”

57. Ke aloha: Hawaiian for “the love.”

58. Kicsim: Hungarian for “my little one.”

59. Knuddelbärchen: German for “cuddle bear.”

60. Liebling: German for “my favorite.”

61. Lyubov Moya: Russian for “my love.”

62. Manis: Indonesian for “sweetie.”

63. Mia Kara: Esperanto for “my dear.”

64. Min Skatt: Norwegian for “my treasure.”

65. Misio: Polish for “teddy bear.”

66. Mój Drogi: Polish for “my dear.”

67. Mon Ange: French for “my angel.”

68. Mon Chou: French for “my cabbage” — a term of endearment in France.

69. Motek: Hebrew for “sweetheart.”

70. Naekkeo: Korean for “my sweetheart.”

71. Nefesim: Turkish for “my breath.”

72. Querido: Portuguese for “dear.”

73. Silly Pig: In China, calling someone a “silly pig” is a term of endearment.

74. Snoepje: Dutch for “little candy.”

75. Solntsye: Russian for “sunshine.”

76. Sötis: Swedish for “sweetie.”

77. Taku Kairangi: Maori for “my finest greenstone.”

78. Tesoro: Italian for “treasure.”

79. Yndling: Danish for “my favorite.”

80. Zucchero: Italian for “sugar.”

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Flirty Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Cute, sassy, and sometimes silly, these notable boyfriend names ooze with fun and flirtatiousness that only you can provide. 

81. Baby Cakes: You can’t go wrong with babycakes.

82. Babylicious: A play on bootylicious

83. Bebetom: This Turkish word for “my baby” is a keeper.

84. BFG: Big friendly giant

85. Big Mac: For the guy who is tasty and well endowed

86. Brave Heart: Is your guy straight from the Highlands?

87. Bubba: It’s just one of those words that comes out when you’re feeling affectionate.

88. Captain America: This one works for a military man.

89. Charmer in Chief: Is your man smooth?

90. Commando: This one works well for a confident guy.

91. Cuddle Monster: Forget the Cookie Monster; you’ve got a cuddle one!

92. Dearest: It’s traditional and kind.

93. Doodle Bug: For the artist in your life

94. Dream Boat: Is your guy an Aquaman?

95. Goober: Sometimes, a silly nickname is the most endearing.

96. Guardian Angel: A super name for a man who takes good care of you

97. Heart Breaker: Is he devastatingly handsome?

98. Hipster Hero: For a trendy guy

99. Honey Badger: This one is great for a guy who doesn’t quit.

100. Honeysuckle: The perfect nickname for a sweet guy

101. Hot Lips: Is your man a good kisser?

102. Hot Shot: Does your man flaunt his swagger?

103. Hot Stuff: For the hottie in your life

104. Indiana Jones: For the dude who digs adventures

105. Iron Man: Is your man wealthy and smart?

106. Jelly Belly: It’s a great choice for a man who jiggles.

107. Lil’ Cutie: This is a fun nickname for a guy who likes to spit rhymes.

108. Lover Boy: Keep it simple with this oldie but goodie.

109. Mack Daddy: A good nickname for a guy that all the girls want.

110. My Meatball: For a round guy with a hearty laugh

111. Mr. Big: Go ahead and steal this one from Carrie Bradshaw.

112. Mr. Genie: This is great for the guy who gets you everything you want.

113. Old Man: This one comes from biker culture.

114. PIC: Partner in crime

115. Prince Charming: Does your boo have it all?

116. Romeo: Is romance your man’s strength?

117. Snookums: This is one of those cute nicknames that rolls off the tongue.

118. Tough Guy: Use this one ironically for a guy who isn’t so tough.

119. Wonderboy: For the dude who likes superheroes.

120. Wookie: For a guy who’s big and hairy.

Sweet Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Is your guy tenderhearted and adorable? These delicious nicknames will make your Sugar even sweeter.

121. Buddha Belly: Does your man have a big belly?

122. Buttercup: Is your man gooey and sweet?

123. Care Bear: Is your boyfriend caring and cuddly?

124. Cheesecake: A great nickname for a cheesy guy.

125. Chocolate Drop: For a good-looking, darker-skinned man

126. Cupcake: For the sugary doughboy in your world

127. Cutie Pie: It’s an oldie but goodie.

128. Donut: Is your man round?

129. Dumpling: It’s a term of endearment in many languages.

130. Golden Nugget: Is your guy a good provider?

131. Gumdrop: For a sweet man who sticks around

132. Gummy Bear: Is your guy colorful and cuddly?

133. Juicy: For the guy who gets your juices flowing

134. Khal: This is for a guy who’s a strong leader.

135. Lamb Chop: This works well for a cute, small boyfriend.

136. Lollipop: The perfect name for a guy you like to lick.

137. Lucky: Remind him how lucky you are to have him.

138. Macho Man: For a guy’s guy

139. Magician: Perfect for a man who makes magic

140. Marshmallow: Great for a soft, smooshy type

141. McDreamy: It’s OK to steal TV boyfriend nicknames.

142. Merlin: For the magician in your life

143. Mister Bossy Pants: Everyone has faults — and maybe your man is bossy.

144. Mister Movie Star: Does your guy have star power?

145. Mookie: This is another one that doesn’t mean anything but sounds fun.

146. Moon Beam: For the guy who lights up your nights

147. Munchkin: Is he cute and kind?

148. Mustang: Is he fast and proud?

149. My Jewel: This works for a gem of a guy.

150. Nibbles: Great for a guy that smells and tastes yummy

151. Pop Tart: For a cheeky guy

152. Passion Fruit: For a sensual man

153. Pudding Pop: This works for a boyfriend who’s exceptionally good.

154. Raindrop: For a sensitive poet

155. Robin Hood: Is your guy valiant?

156. Saint: This one works for a guy who never puts a foot wrong.

157. Schmooky: It means nothing, but it sounds adorable.

158. Sexy: Just call him what he is!

159. Superman: For the guy who can do everything

160. Wizard: Is your boyfriend super smart?

We hope you found some possibilities in our list of boyfriend nicknames. As long as you both love it, that's all that matters!

Boyfriends need some cute loving too. Check these cute names to call your boyfriend out and see what you can call your guy to make him giggl