50 Best Friend Tag Questions And How to Play

Stumped for something to do with your best friend?

Playing best friend tag is a fun way to show your BFF what you know — and what you don’t know yet.

It could spark an exchange of personal stories and challenge you both to share more about what makes each of you the way you are.

After all, best friends are those who stick by you even (or maybe especially) when they learn how different you are from what they expected.

A best friend should be a haven for you — someone you can trust, even if you don’t know everything about each other.

Asking questions is part of learning, anyway.

When you make those questions into a game, though, it feels less like prying or fishing for gift ideas.

So, what will you learn about your best friend that you don’t know now?

How to Play the Best Friend Tag Game

To play the game, you’ll need plenty of best friend questions, which you’ll see below.

You can toss a coin or play rock-paper-scissors to determine who gets to ask the first question.

You can either take turns asking questions, or you can decide to “tag” your best friend when he or she answers incorrectly, giving you the opportunity to score points until you answer incorrectly.

If you answer a question correctly, you earn a point. If you answer incorrectly, you lose a point.

two women sitting in swings laughing best friend tag

Keep going until one of you reaches the goal, whether that’s 25 net points or more.

If you both use all the 50 questions in this article, you can score a possible 50 points if you answer all of them correctly.

You can also use a notebook to keep track of the things you learn about your best friend while playing this game (as well as your scores) — and to write down new question ideas.

As you play the best friend tag, take advantage of the opportunity to correct any misunderstandings and to fill in the knowledge gaps.

At the risk of sounding like a worried parent, please resist the temptation to turn this into a drinking game. With 50 questions, that would get dangerous very quickly.

This game is about good, clean, sober fun with your BFF.

Besides, you’ll want to remember what you learn about each other.

Instead of taking a shot, you could tell your bestie something they don’t know about you every time you answer a question incorrectly.

It doesn’t have to be top secret; trivial details are fine.

Then, when one of you wins, you can both celebrate by enjoying a treat together.

50 Best Friend Tag Questions List

  1. What is my full name?
  2. What is my favorite color (or name one of my top three)?
  3. What is (or would be) my favorite animal for a pet?
  4. What is my favorite ice cream flavor?
  5. What am I allergic to (if anything)?
  6. What is my favorite treat when I’m sick?
  7. What is my favorite season?
  8. What social media channel do I use the most (if I use any)?
  9. Name one of my favorite superheroes.
  10. What do I like on my pizza (or what would ruin it for me)?
  11. What is my favorite flower (or my favorite animal)?
  12. What do I do to relax?
  13. Name something I am passionate about?
  14. What books have I read recently?
  15. What movies have I seen recently?
  16. Given a choice, would I rather live in the far north or in the tropics?
  17. Am I a morning person or a night owl?
  18. When it’s bedtime, do I wear pajamas, regular clothes, or less than that?
  19. What’s my favorite personal tech?
  20. What is my favorite car (if I have one)?
  21. Name a favorite TV series of mine (if I have any).
  22. Name an actor/actress I would happily meet for coffee/tea and a real conversation.
  23. What is one food (or drink) I could not live without?
  24. Name a favorite game of mine.
  25. What is my favorite dessert — or one of them?
  26. Given a choice between traveling overseas by airline or by cruise ship, which would I choose?
  27. What is my least favorite housekeeping chore (or what would I happily pay someone else to do for me, if I could)?
  28. What do I like to drink in the morning to make me feel more awake?
  29. Have I ever participated in an organized protest?
  30. Name a place where I’ve worked in the past five years.
  31. Name someone on whom I had a crush sometime between puberty and now.
  32. Am I close to any of my grandparents?
  33. Do I have a favorite perfume/cologne?
  34. What is my favorite meal of the day?
  35. What do I do for fun when I’m alone?
  36. Name a movie I’ve seen at least three times.
  37. Do I use four-letter words as stress relief? If not, what do I do to let off steam?
  38. Name a favorite clothing item of mine – and when did you first notice it?
  39. Am I an introvert, an extrovert, or an ambivert?
  40. Have I ever been hospitalized (other than when I was born)?
  41. What is the craziest thing I've ever done?
  42. Have I ever gotten in trouble at school?
  43. Name a favorite band/music artist of mine.
  44. What are my parents’ first names?
  45. Name a food that I avoid as much as possible.
  46. What state was I born in?
  47. What is my shoe size?
  48. Have I ever been fired?
  49. Name a hobby that I have now.
  50. What makes me really angry?
two women sitting at ocean talking best friend tag

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What was your score after playing best friend tag?

Keep in mind that if you earn a low score on this game the first time around, it doesn’t mean you’re not a good friend — or that you don’t deserve to be called the best friend. This game is not a test. It’s also not a competition.

That said, victory dances are totally allowed.

Look at this game as a fun way to spend time together and learn more about each other — as much as to let your best friend know you’ve been paying attention. Chances are, you have been paying attention to the things that matter most to your BFF.

Otherwise, why would you be playing a game called “best friend tag”?

Final Thoughts

If you’ve enjoyed this article and have found value in it, would you please pass it on to entertain and serve others who want to know their besties even better than they do now?

And may your thoughtfulness and curiosity influence everything else you do today.