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Barrie Davenport is the founder of the top-ranked self-improvement site, Live Bold and Bloom, established in 2010. She’s the author of hundreds of personal development articles and has been a featured thought leader in Good Housekeeping, Huffington Post, MariaShriver.com, and many more sites.

Barrie is a certified life coach, self-improvement course creator, and bestselling author of multiple books on relationship skills, emotional abuse, self-confidence, mindfulness, and more. Two of her books have been Wall Street Journal bestsellers.

Barrie was formerly a public relations executive and consultant in New York and Atlanta.

Some of her books include:

Barrie is the creator and teacher of the following self-improvement courses:

A Note from Barrie

I’m all about self-improvement with feet — self-improvement that involves daily action rather than just reading, navel-gazing, and hoping.

Through my personal experiences and my work as a coach and teacher, I’ve learned that with making positive change, some methods work and some don’t.

If you are looking for things that work, you’ve come to the right place.

Like me, you want strategies with real-world application, not fluff or unproven ideas that sound nice but leave you empty-handed. At Live Bold and Bloom, and in my books and courses, you’ll find scientifically-supported, proven techniques for real, quantifiable change.

All of us have challenges and difficulties we face. We have goals and dreams we want to accomplish. As a life-long truth seeker, I’m always looking for the best ways to manage challenges, minimize suffering, and find joy and fulfillment in life.

I’m still a work-in-progress myself, but I’m happy to use my “life experiments” as a resource for sharing ideas with you.

Who will benefit?

I’ve designed Live Bold and Bloom to benefit you if you want to:

Some Personal Background

If you want to know a little more about me, here’s the Cliff Notes summary. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, went to Furman University in Greenville, S.C. with a major in English and minor in Philosophy. I spent over 20 years as a public relations professional in Atlanta and New York.

I had a PR consultancy for a while in Atlanta, then stopped to raise kids, then started it again, then stopped to become a personal coach and start my online business (best decision EVER).

I have three young adult kids still in the Atlanta area, but I moved to Asheville, North Carolina, in 2016 with my business partner and husband, Ron. Together we also run several other online sites and businesses.

When I’m not writing, teaching, or reading, I like to hang with family and friends, hike in the North Carolina mountains, bike, travel, read, knit, and eat great food.

21 thoughts on “About Barrie Davenport”

    • Hi Ron,
      Please email me at mybloomlife at gmail dot com and we can discuss what you have in mind. 🙂

  1. I’m 63, working full-time at a job I mostly enjoy, happily married for 37 years, 8 parrots, 4 cats, no kids, writing poetry, operating model trains, a philatelist. I’ve read much on personal development – in books and online. I have found much of what I’ve read is common sense if one really puts their mind to figuring out how to help themselves. I truly believe much of what passes for personal development is purely merchandising and advertising in disguise. If I truly wanted to help someone become a better person, why would I charge them for it? Helping someone is something done for free, out of the goodness of your heart.

  2. My dear Barrie,
    I’ve been meaning to write to you for quite a while now. My name is Olga and I’m a 50-year-old woman born and raised in Madrid, Spain, from where I’m writing to you.
    I just wanted to tell you how fortunate I feel to have discovered you a few months ago more or less by chance in the unforseeable maze of the Internet.
    Barrie, ever since I read your first blog I realized you are a wonderful human being and felt an instantaneous affinity with you. Not only does your very articulate writing exude intelligence and depth of thought, but, what’s more important, your sensitivity and loving nature are fully evident in every single article you so delicately create for all your readers.
    You never fail to reach my heart and I’m often at a loss for words when I discover in your writings a perfect description of my own feelings. You’re going to laugh at this, but I’ve even chosen one of your paragraphs to be read at my funeral as it so sublimely sums up my life philosophy! (In case you are curious, I’m attaching your words here: “The awareness of the certainty of death, the lack of physical evidence of an afterlife, the reality of human suffering, the contradictions and hypocrisies of world religions, the randomness of life events, these all conspire to pull the rug from under us and shake our faith in human superiority and divine intelligence. I have been thinking about these things for most of my adult life. I am a seeker. I have had faith and it has been shaken. I have sought truths, only to learn that my truth wasn’t The Truth. I now admit I know nothing, but I cannot give up on seeking. I no longer seek for The Answer. I seek for the pleasure of seeking. I have learned to embrace mystery, anmbiguity, uncertainty. I accept that if may be, it may not be. I can be happy with that. In fact, I think I like it”).
    I relate with your struggles as a mother, with your questions about the meaning and purpose of life on this planet, with your deep interest in other people’s feelings and beliefs, with the difficulty of accepting the passing of time and its inevitable physical and emotional repercussions, with your daily effort to improve personally and at the same time contribute to the betterment and well-being of those around you.
    And as regards that, Barrie, rest assured you are reaching far beyond your immediate scope. I’m only one out of thousands of your readers all over the world who are strengthened by your words and encouraged to become a better person than the preceding day. You can peacefully go to sleep every day with the comforting assurance you have made a positive impact on many people. You deserve to bask in that feeling.
    It’s highly unlikely we’ll ever meet face to face, especially if our physical death turns out to be, after all the endless debate, the end of everything. But at least I hope you’re aware that our gratefulness and warm affection keep flowing to you daily as we read your thoughtful, compassionate and timely reminders, which I’ll continue to look forward to and cherish every day.
    May you have a very, very happy rest of your life.
    (I’m sorry I took so much of your time. I didn’t mean to. But I’d been holding these feelings for so long… that it all came bursting out. Ha, ha!).
    Lots of love from OLGA.

    • My dear Olga,
      I don’t even know what to say . . . You have touched me beyond words. It is amazing to know that there are kindred spirits all over this huge planet. At one time, we might never have known about one another or been able to share and communicate. My work as a blogger has blessed me a thousand times over, and that blessing is especially clear when I hear from readers who let me know that my words have touched them in some way. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your taking the time to write this and let me know how we are connected — regardless of the many miles between us. By the way, I was in Spain two years ago and hope to return again. I haven’t been to Madrid. So if I visit one day, I hope you will let me take you to dinner! Thank you so much Olga. Lots of love to you too.

    • Thank you SO much for taking the time to write such a beautiful reply, Barrie!
      But, by all means, I’ll be the one taking you to dinner!
      With warm affection, OLGA.

    • Dear Olga,

      it is nice to see your words flowing like a stream. I think gratitude is the kind of things which is a must ingredient in our life if we want to make it comfortable. Many a times, I have seen people are so miser in appreciation that they even forget to thank the real contributors in life. I am happy to see your feelings flowing like an uncontrolled water in the form of river. I am sure Olga, we all human beings will get befitted from Barrie and your conversations. There are many small but beautiful things in life and one needs to appreciate these and have the sense of gratitude to make the life comfortable and happy.
      With good wishes from India,


    • From India! Wow! How very nice of you, Bhagwan, to have written those beautiful words. You look like a very kind man in your photo. I’m sure you are. May life be very kind to you.
      Please receive my appreciative greetings, OLGA.

  3. Hi Barrie! Thank you for visiting and liking “Solo” from my blog “Reflections.” … Your own blog really resonates with my life experience of the past several years, and as I plan to continue growing into my self and being authentic I’m going to subscribe. The writings of Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, and others have been guide posts to my growing self-awareness and I feel blessed to have been introduced to your work by virtue of your visit to my blog. I’m looking forward to more of your posts … Be well …

  4. How helpful of you Barrie to share such great info. I began blogging a few years ago but lost my mojo. A new business partner, a new business mentor and re-found mojo has me back on track.

    What fascinates me is the personal development that comes with blogging. ‘Having’ to have an opinion on a topic forces me to examine my values and beliefs.

    Now looking to spread my wings and guest post.

    Thank you again.

  5. Very inspirational site Barrie. I can personally identify with you on lots of levels. Certainly my two sons, now in their early twenties continue to teach me about fearlessness.

    We would love to talk to you about an interview for our site http://www.wiredforsuccess.tv – Mastering the 7 Areas of Life. You would fit into so many categories!

    warmest wishes

  6. Dear Barrie,

    I feel very fortunate to have found my way to your blogs and to your website. It still feels like a huge gift to me to have found you in the very moment when I was missing something in my life I could not put in words myself. But you did. Reading your blogs makes me feel like you are reading my mind. It’s magic. Truly.

    I was so excited to receive your email today announcing the launch of your new book, The 52-Week Life Passion Project! I purchased it today in digital pdf format and read the Introduction and the Section for Week 1. In the Introduction you sum it up perfectly how I feel right now. To be honest, I will have to force myself to only read one chapter a week (because I am so eager to read it all at once), but will follow your instructions and work on the weekly actions with the workbook. This way I will have the pleasure for a whole year to think about your wise statements and wonderful and encouraging thoughts in deep detail. What a wonderful gift for the next one year!

    Given that I am not a native English speaker I lack the proper words to express my deepest admiration and appreciation for your writings and for you as a person. You help people around the world to live a more conscious life and make them believe that there is a way to find the life passion. You make a huge positive impact on people’s lives.

    You are a gifted person and you are turning your natural talent to be able to write in such beautiful way into a gift for others.

    I would like to thank you for this and wish you all the best and lots of energy to keep on sharing such wonderful thoughts.

    Truly yours

    Orsolya from Hungary (37 years)

    • Orsolya,
      That is truly one of the most beautiful comments I’ve ever received. I am so touched and hope to live up to your praise and kind words. Sending much love and many blessings your way.

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