17 Hard-To-Admit Signs a Married Man Is Using You

couple talking outdoors Signs a Married Man is Using You

Having an affair with a married man is isolating and painful, especially if you can’t talk to your friends and family about it because of embarrassment or shame. 

With all the judging and hurt around this topic, it’s like salt in a wound when a married man mistreats and uses you.

Let’s talk about the signs a man is using a woman and how to cope or cut the rope once and for all. 

Fortunately, the signs are pretty easy to read for those trapped in this cycle. 

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9 Ways To Reject Someone Nicely When You’re Just Not That Into Them  

man touching woman's shoulder how to reject someone nicely

It’s clear they have a crush on you. 

It’s also clear (to you anyway) that you don’t feel the same about them.

We’ve all been there: You meet someone new, and you think they’re great. 

They have a kind heart.

You enjoy their company, and they are generally pleasant to be around. 

But for whatever reason – maybe it’s the timing, or perhaps it’s just not a match – you decide a romance isn’t what you want.

The problem is how do you politely say ‘no thanks?’ 

Fortunately, there are kind ways to reject someone without leaving them sticking pins in your voodoo doll. 

Ready to learn more?

Read on!

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15 Excellent Communication Books Every Couple Should Read

sweet couple reading a book together communication books for couple

You love your partner more than anything, and you want a happy, healthy relationship.

But sometimes, it’s just hard for you to communicate without things dissolving into an argument. 

Couples, whether married or not, face many challenges when it comes to living together, but healthy communication should be front and center when resolving any challenges. 

However, it is notoriously one of the most difficult parts of a relationship, and every couple can use some insights and instruction on how to do it effectively. 

If you and your partner want to improve your communication, these 15 books have the expert answers to all of your questions. 

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21 Expert Tips for Reconnecting With Your Sweetie After a Relationship Break

couple hugging outdoors How To Reconnect After a Relationship Break

You love each other, and many aspects of the partnership are rock solid.

But the relationship crashed into some turbulence, so you took a break. 

Now the heat has turned down, and you’re reconsidering a reunion.

You want it to go well and are searching for a few tips.

Can a break rekindle a relationship?

And if so, what are some tips that will make it a success?

Pull up a screen and get comfortable because we’re breaking it all down below.

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11 Ways To Foster A 50/50 Relationship For More Fairness As A Couple

couple in kitchen cooking 50-50 relationship

Should an intimate relationship be 50/50? 

Many believe that for a healthy relationship, both partners should give and take in equal amounts. 

But that’s not always easy because life (and, therefore, relationships) are naturally uneven. 

Everyone has different needs and expectations, and the amount of effort one puts into a relationship can differ from what their partner might put in.

However, once we let go of perfection and focus on balance and fairness, we can get a lot closer to the 50/50 ideal. 

While we can’t expect our relationships to be perfectly equal all the time, we can try to ensure everyone is doing their fair share in a relationship.

We can achieve a better relationship balance by following a set of simple guidelines. 

These tips for fostering a 50/50 relationship will help you have more empathy, patience, and understanding. 

The best part?

You’ll get more of what you want out of the relationship while helping your partner to do the same.

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11 Relationship-Saving Ways To Respect Other People’s Boundaries

two women talking to each other happily How To Respect The Boundaries Of Others

Defining a divide that honors boundaries can be tricky, yet it is fundamental for forming strong and dignified relationships. 

Boundaries are the limits we set for ourselves and others to protect our mental well-being and are crucial for forming healthy relationships and lifestyles. 

They bring safety, connection, and understanding to your relationship with loved ones. 

At their core, boundaries are about respect – not only for our own needs but also for respecting the limits of those around us. 

Respecting boundaries is key to healthy relationships, and there are plenty of ways you can learn to honor others’ boundaries and have them honor yours.

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Is Your Handsome Guy Hard To Describe? 250+ Words To Capture His Essence

woman hugging man Words to Describe a Handsome Man

You’re looking for the perfect word to describe that handsome, sometimes indescribable man in your life. 

He’s pretty unique, after all, and you want to capture his essence with just the right adjectives.

Well, it’s your lucky day – we’ve compiled an extensive list of words that speak to the qualities of an attractive man. 

Whether you’re writing a love message to your husband or boyfriend, want to send him a sweet text, or just want words to speak about him, this extensive collection of words will help you express the allure of a handsome man in all its facets. 

So, let’s dive in and explore the world of enchanting descriptions!

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Wondering If An Aquarius Guy Is Interested In You? 21 Signs He Definitely Is

couple kissing at table Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You 

Ever catch yourself wondering if that Aquarius guy in your life is as interested in you as you are in him? 

Are his actions leaving you feeling confused, or do you simply wish for more than what he’s been giving you?

No more wondering, no more guessing – we’ve put together a list of signs to help you determine if the extremely unpredictable and independent Aquarius man is interested in you.

From checking out your social media accounts to going out of his way to be around your friends, this guy’s actions could hold secrets, telling you he truly desires a relationship with you.

Let’s get started and find out if your Aquarius crush is crushing on you!

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