Make Her Eyes Tear Up With These 37 Love Paragraphs For The Woman In Your Life

paragraphs for her to make her cry

On a search for some tender words for your woman that will bring tears to her eyes?


You’re in safe hands, and we get it; we grok what you’re going through.

You love the lady in your life and want to let her know!

But there’s a slight problem: you’re not exactly the second coming of Pablo Neruda!

Alas, that’s where we slide in and save the day with these romantic paragraphs for your girlfriend that may bring tears of joy to her beautiful eyes.

Copy them!

Tweak them and text them!

Make them your own!

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Is He Making Love To You Or Just Fooling Around? 21 Signs His Heart Is Truly In It

signs he is making love to you

Being intimate in a new relationship is both exciting and confusing.

What do his actions and words in the bedroom say about his feelings for you?

Whether you’ve gone on just a few dates or you’ve been together for a while now, you know that you’re into him, deeply.

But, is he into you? 

There is a big difference between sex and love.

Sex is physically satisfying and something our bodies are designed to do.

Making love is different – it is both sex and an intimate trust between the two of you.

It can be hard to tell whether you’re making love with a man or simply having sex.

On the one hand, you want to give the relationship time to flourish, but on the other, you want to know if it will work out, so you don’t become heartbroken. 

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Does It Seem Like He’s Fighting His Feelings For You? 19 Sure Signs He Probably Is

signs he is fighting his feelings for you

So there’s this guy.

Maybe you work with him — or he’s a friend of a friend.

Perhaps he’s a handsome stranger you met at the local coffee shop.

Whatever the case, you think there’s a mutual spark but aren’t sure because he never asks you out!

You’re wondering: What are the signs a guy is confused about his feelings for you?

Don’t worry, sister friend.

We’ve got your back, and today, we’re breaking down 19 signs he is denying his feelings about you.

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What Does Cheating Say About Someone? 17 Things You Need To Consider

what does cheating say about a person

Cheating is universally considered to be unethical, harmful behavior.

Relationships get damaged, and the cheated party experiences a loss of self-esteem

If they do not end the relationship but decide to try to mend it and continue, they still have difficulty with honesty, trust, and intimacy. 

But are cheaters insecure themselves?

It turns out there are many things the behavior of cheating can tell you about the person being unfaithful.

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23 Frustrating Signs That Your Husband Is Beyond Selfish

Signs of a selfish husband

If you live with a self-centered husband and are fed up with his behavior and lack of regard for others, this post is for you. 

When your husband is selfish and always puts his interests before yours, it shows in various ways.

And once you get some clarity on where his selfishness is leading your relationship, it’s time to consider your options. 

You don’t have to settle for a marriage with a selfish brat.

You deserve better.

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Just Started A New Romance? 21 Essential Questions To Ask Each Other

couple hugs on sofa questions to ask in new relationship

A new relationship can be really exciting and a bit intimidating as you begin to learn about each other.

It’s a risk to put yourself out there and get to know someone else intimately. 

That intimidating feeling of being with a new person often leaves you wondering, “What do I say?” or “Where should we start?” 

Having some go-to questions for a new relationship that prompt conversation can be a huge benefit and help you get to know each other on a much deeper level. 

What Are Some Good Questions to Ask in a New Relationship? 

Asking questions in a new relationship is a delicate dance.

You don’t want to be too intrusive right away and send them running, but you also want to get to know your new partner on a deeper level to invest in the relationship. 

Bringing up new relationship topics is best done subtly.

Try these tips when using our questions to ask when starting a relationship: 

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Get Closer With These 15 Relationship-Building Activities For Couples

couple hiking relationship building activities for couples

Healthy relationships aren’t necessarily hard — but they do take work.

After all, digging past the outer layer of another human being is emotional labor.

So today, in service of that work, we’re exploring relationship-building activities for couples.

What Activities Bring Couples Closer Together?

Though you don’t want to be too regimented when it comes to building a bond, there are plenty of trust-building activities for couples that can elevate a relationship to the next plateau.

The key is to do things that help peel away the onion layers, allowing you to see the authentic person underneath the facade. 

And scientifically speaking, picking activities that release feel-good hormones, like dopamine and endorphins, can bond people on a psychophysical level.

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81 Love Affirmations To Win The Affections Of That One Special Person

women looking at man love affirimations for a specific person

Are you exhausted watching all of your friends attract their forever partners while you sit on the sidelines?

Maybe you feel a pang of jealousy every time you see a happy couple together.

It’s discouraging to watch everyone else’s love life fall into place, especially if you are pining after someone who seems to be just out of your reach.

If you’re used to feeling negative about your love life, then it’s no wonder you haven’t attracted that one special person into your life yet.

After all, negativity attracts more negative energy.

That’s where positive love affirmations come in!

What Are Affirmations for Love?

Affirmations are phrases, mantras, or statements that you repeat to yourself often.

They work by becoming ingrained in your mind, helping you take control of your mindset and rewire your negative thought patterns.

Maybe you’re watching your peers all around you fall in love, and you feel disappointed you haven’t yet found your soulmate.

It can be disheartening when that special someone is nowhere to be found, which is where manifesting love affirmations come into play.

You can use the power of positive affirmations in your love life by staying persistent.

When you radiate positive energy and show the world that you are open to love, you’ll attract the right relationship with a person that’s just right for you.

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