22 Of The Best Apps For Couples in 2023

Can an app bring you and your significant other closer together?

It could. At the very least, it can help keep you on the same page.

It might even improve the way you communicate with each other.

Some can even rekindle the romance between you while encouraging more supportive habits and a healthier approach to conflicts.

But what are the best apps for couples?

And which couples apps are the best fit for your relationship?

Why Partners Apps Are Good for Your Relationship

Just having an app that you both use collaboratively can draw you closer together, especially if that same app relates to an interest you both share.

Even better if it strengthens your connection and helps you understand each other better. 

Talk to each other about which couples app you’d like to try first. Before you choose, make sure you agree on the benefits you both want: 

  • Improved organization and productivity
  • Better couples communication and a stronger emotional bond
  • Help with addressing questions one or both of you are avoiding
  • More romantic and enjoyable time with your spouse or partner on date nights

Along with these benefits, though, comes a risk: less face-to-face time without it, having deep, meaningful conversations on what is bothering you in the moment. 

The apps in this post are meant to help improve communication, not replace it.

Fun App Games for Couples

Use one or more of these apps to have fun while getting to know each other better.

1. Couple Game: Relationship Quiz App

With this relationship quiz app, you'll get to know your significant other better than ever. With packs of addictive relationship games, this app is ideal for newlyweds as well as couples who've just started dating.

The games also provide a fun way to stay in touch for couples in long-distance relationships.

First, you answer some questions. Next, you wait for your S.O. to answer those same questions. And next, you guess each other's answers.

2. Dirty Games Truth or Dare App

With over 19,000 Dirty Truths and Dares, this game is a favorite for passionate couples and those looking to reignite the romance in their relationship.

The app has six categories, including Classic, Icebreaker, Flirt, Romantic, Foreplay, and Sex.

Choose the category that best fits the situation and see where it leads. There's a reason this is a top 100 lifestyle app in over 50 countries — with over 16 million satisfied users.

3. Happy Couple App

Couples who use this app answer five new questions every day, from six categories, and then they guess their partner's answers.

Daily tips help you strengthen your relationship, while personalized challenges and activities keep the communication going.

The questions can spark interesting conversations between you and your partner, and the games keep you entertained as you learn more about each other.

Calendar Apps for Couples

Link each other's calendars with one of these apps, so you can keep track of each other's plans, goals, and schedules.

4. Raft — Couple & Family Calendar

With its eye-friendly interface and intuitive layout, Raft makes it easy for you and your partner to sync your calendars and keep track of plans and commitments that concern you both.

The chat feature makes it easier to keep in touch while you're off doing things separately. And the app also makes it easy to add images and GIFs to anything you're planning.

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5. Cozi Family Organizer App

As a three-time Mom's Choice award winner, this app is ideal for families as well as couples who like to keep their calendars and schedules synced.

It even lets you share grocery lists, meal plans, and recipes, making it dead simple to plan and shop for the weekly menu or for short-notice events.

Another Cozi perk is its ease of use on either the mobile app or on your desktop.

6. Between — Private Couples App

Use this app to chat, sync your calendars, coordinate your schedules, and share photos and videos. Make it easy to track and celebrate anniversaries.

Use stickers and GIFs to enhance your private conversations and keep your favorite photos in shared albums.

The synced calendar feature lets you both make notes the other will see. And anything you save — photos, videos, or notes — will be saved to your account, even if you change phones.

Personal Finance Apps for Couples

Whether you choose to bank jointly or keep your finances separate, these apps help you keep each other in the loop with your respective spending and saving habits, as well as planning for the future.

7. Honeydue App

This personal finance app for couples easily tracks bills and bank balances. It also encourages dialogue about your goals and financial habits, individually and as a couple.

Set reminders to pay bills, set monthly spending limits, track and categorize expenditures, and use what you learn to create a budget you can both live with.

8. Venmo App

Venmo allows easy payments and transfers to keep your finances sorted. So, if you and your partner prefer to keep your expenses separate, you can easily transfer money to each other to cover expenses, pitch in for gifts, or make purchases at approved merchants.

Aside from money handling, Venmo also helps you connect with friends. And they also waive any fees for payments made using your Venmo balance, bank account, prepaid card, or debit card.

9. GoodBudget Budget Planner

This app's catchphrase is “Budget with a why,” giving away its emphasis on big-picture priorities rather than budgeting for its own sake.

Aside from making it easy to sync and share budgets, pay off debt, and save for big expenses, GoodBudget will walk you through creating a budget that works for you both.

You'll also learn how to track spending and make room for fun and for charitable giving.

Shared To-Do List Apps for Couples

When you and your partner want to keep each other in the loop with your to-do lists and daily schedule, use one of the following apps.

10. Wunderlist App / Microsoft ToDo

In May of 2020, Wunderlist — a well-known to-do list app that works well for couples — will fade out and pass the torch to Microsoft ToDo.

From the makers of Wunderlist, ToDo gives you all the features that millions of users have come to love about the parent app, including its “My Day” feature, which helps you focus on each day's top priorities.

11. Any.Do App

This award-winning app helps millions of people worldwide stay organized and get things done. Organize your tasks, lists, and reminders in one user-friendly app that keeps track of your progress.

With beautiful themes and empowering features, this calendar/to-do app can help you both keep tabs on daily priorities and scheduled commitments. Access it on your mobile phones, your desktop, your tablet, and even your smartwatch.

12. Simply Us

This is an organizer app made with couples in mind. The shared calendar keeps you linked and synced to help you keep track of events, reminders, and essential lists (to-do, grocery, idea, wish, etc.).

Private text and photo messaging make it easy for you to touch base and update your plans for the day and beyond. Send and receive messages to keep in touch while you're apart.

Love Apps for Couples

Sometimes you just want a little help when it comes to improving communication and spicing up your relationship. The following apps have helped millions upgrade their love connections and could do the same for you.

13. Love Nudge App

Made especially for fans of the Five Love Languages books, this app helps you speak in each other's love language to draw you closer and strengthen your relationship.

First, you can take the quiz to learn your love language. Next, you'll connect with your partner and invite them to take the quiz and link your profiles.

Finally, you'll set goals and plan activities around your partner's love language. The app also allows you to “Send a Nudge” to suggest activities to your partner or to learn whether their love tank needs a refill.

14. Bliss App

Whatever your individual preferences, this virtual board game adapts to them, drawing from over 700 built-in actions (with additional ones available for purchase) and nearly 60 clothing options to level up your couple time. 

This app emphasizes romance and intimacy more than raw sexuality, though it is meant to be played in bed. Upload your favorite music or enjoy one of the built-in songs to set the mood, and enjoy the game. 

15. Kindu — Romantic Ideas App

Improve communication and intimacy with this flirty couples app. Once you create a fantasy account for yourself, you can invite your partner to join you.

Once your accounts are linked, choose from over 1000 ideas on how to spice up your relationship.

Nothing is taboo on Kindu, and both of you are encouraged to be honest and open with each other. You can even create your own ideas and slip them into your partner's “Daily Deck” to surprise them.

16. Gottman Card Decks App

The Gottman Institute has a reputation for challenging and strengthening relationships the world over.

Inspired by the popular card deck from their “Art and Science of Love” workshops, this app could lead to the most eye-opening conversations you and your partner have ever had.

Each of the 14 decks has offers helpful ideas, questions, and statements — over 1000 in total — to get you talking and spending more time together.

Shake your phone to see a random card, star your favorites, and easily tab between those and the whole deck.

17. Marco Polo — Stay in Touch

An ideal communication app for long distance relationships, this one blends social media, texting, and video chat to help you keep in touch with those who matter most to you. Group chat with your partner or send and receive video updates.

Unlike most social media apps, this one doesn't have “likes” or encourage comparisons. The goal is just to keep in touch and share thoughts and visuals to keep the lines of communication open.

Apps for Specifically For Married Couples

18. Lasting: Marriage Health App

A comprehensive married couples app should include everything a couple might need to improve communication and strengthen the relationship. Enter Lasting — the #1 marriage counseling app.

This one learns about your relationship before creating a guided counseling program just for you. 94% of users report noticeable benefits to their relationship from using the app.

19. Anatomy of Marriage App

This app focuses on bringing fun to your couple’s communication and to your intimate moments. It offers helpful communication tools and couples questions to deepen your understanding of each other. 

To spice up your love life, play a game (like “BattleStrip”). Or watch one of its fun, educational videos to learn more about the role of sex and intimacy in marriage. The goal is to help you both get the most enjoyment and enrichment from your time together.

20. Intimately Us App

Self-described as “the fun and sexy app for your marriage,” Intimately Us is full of games, activities, and resources to spice up your marriage. 

Unlike some intimacy apps, you’ll find nothing crass or raunchy here. The goal is to make intimacy more fun, satisfying, and connecting — and easier for both of you to talk about. 

If couple time has become predictable, awkward, or low-priority, get this app to make intimacy a vibrant, enjoyable, and high-priority part of your relationship

21. Spark Now App

Spark Now describes itself as the “ultimate tool” for couples looking to enhance every aspect of their married relationship — from intimacy to communication to productivity and personal growth. 

Set personalized goals for different categories, and the app will post it to both your calendars and send you both reminders. The overall goal? Get you both on the same page in as many ways as possible to draw you closer together.

[Sign up on their website to become a beta tester. The app will be available to both Android and Apple device users.]

22. Lovewick

In the market for a free relationship app? Check out Lovewick.

The digital card game helps couples go beyond “how was your day” by suggesting fun questions and activities you can do together.  

The app also has a scrapbooking feature that reminds you of important dates and commemorates relationship milestones, in addition to a journaling function that allows you to share your moods and feelings. And if that’s not enough, Lovewick also features a community-powered archive with hundreds of unique date ideas, romantic gestures, and trip ideas.

It’s available on iOS and Android and will spark deep and meaningful conversations between you and your honey, allowing you to build a stronger bond.

Final thoughts

How will you use these apps for couples?

Now that you've looked over the options, which of these apps for couples appeals to you the most?

The ultimate goal of all of them is to get you both on the same page and keep you there.

Whether your app interactions have to do with money, intimate activities, or what to do over the weekend is up to you. Odds are, if you see this as a long-term relationship, you'll want to include each other in all of these, as well as others.

Love changes everything in your life. And couples apps like the ones in this article help you make the most of the love you and your partner share.