Are You A Sigma Female Personality? 27 Impressive Qualities Of This Unique Woman

She's got an electric personality but relishes her “alone time”; she's incredibly warm-hearted but not afraid to speak her open mind; and when the going gets rough, she's right by your side.  

She's a “sigma female,” one of the rarest of all personality types. 

Before you object, we understand that applying primate dominance hierarchy standards to humans isn't scientific.

After all, homo sapiens have evolved.

But learning about personality types is fun and sometimes provides insight into yourself and others.  

What Is A Sigma Female? 

Social and personality hierarchies come from ethology — the study of animal behavior.

Truth be told, most ethologists caution people about applying dominance frameworks to the human condition, which is objectively more complex than other mammalian communities.

But there is wisdom in the pursuit — because humans do have reverence for pecking orders. (Whether they're culturally implanted or instinctual is another discussion for another day.) 

Discussions about social dominance typically involve alphas, betas, gammas, omegas, deltas, and sigmas.

Today, we're tackling the latter — specifically, women in said group.

So what are sigma women like? Typically, they:

  • Don't mind going against the pack
  • Enjoy copious amounts of alone time
  • Don't fish for validation from other people
  • Couldn't care less about “etiquette” norms (they're not completely indifferent, but they're also not losing their minds over trivial things)

Ultimately, sigma females operate outside mainstream analysis and don't fit neatly into an established archetype.

They're neither leaders nor followers, but nobody could accuse them of not knowing themselves.  

27 Impressive Qualities of the Sigma Female Personality 

What are the standard sigma female personality traits?

a cat-mom being lovey with her cat sigma female personality

In a nutshell, sigmas are a lot like alphas without all the neediness and competition. 

1. She's Independent

Independence is as vital as air to sigma females. They very much prefer to do their own thing in their own way.

Often, sigma females don't last long in traditional office environments — because authority and hierarchical frameworks are about as appealing to them as sour milk.

And her independence transcends oppressive boardrooms. Sigma women typically have no problems going out to eat by themselves, grabbing a drink by themselves, or catching a movie solo.

(Sigma Logic: “You can't talk during movies, so why go with someone else?”)  

2. She's Ride-or-Die With Friends and Family

Sigma women are more focused on quality over quantity when it comes to friendships. They don't need a large group of friends to feel loved, safe, and secure. Instead, they value deep connections. 

They're careful about who they let into their “circle of trust,” but once you make the cut, you'll never have a more loyal buddy than a sigma. 

But beware: The second she discovers you're talking about her behind her back, she'll cleave you from her life without a second thought. 

3. She's Not Trendy (But May Be Stylish)

What's coming down the runway this season? If you want an accurate answer, don't ask a sigma gal (unless fashion is her thing). 

Most women with this personality type aren't hung up on the latest fashions. They like what they like and wear it — whether from Chanel's latest collection or Walmart's couture line…circa 1987. 

Don't bother trying to shame her about her look; the intended barbs will bounce right off and not even register.

That doesn't mean sigma women aren't stylish. Many are. But they probably don't even know it.

4. She's a Bit Mysterious

Is she tough to read? Unpredictable? 

If so, she very well may be a sigma, as they're often shrouded in a cloak of mystery. Not in a creepy way. Sigmas are rarely off-putting, but they may not put themselves out there, making them more enigmatic. 

5. She's Smart But Not Eager To Lead

One of the most significant differences between sigma and alpha women is their desire to lead. The latter craves it, but the former usually doesn't.

Sigmas often end up in leadership positions because of their talent and dedication, but once in command, they tend to run loose ships. 

A sigma-headed department is one where everyone gets to shine, and hierarchical protocols are a mere suggestion. Instead, they tend to captain collaborative teams. 

6. She Can Be Intimidating

With her rebellious spirit and forthrightness, sigmas can appear intimidating. But once you get to know them, you'll realize they're the furthest thing from domineering. 

Instead, sigma women are passionate about ideas and encourage people to question the status quo.

Many people find this approach uncomfortable and may even resent it. After all, some folks don't like when their views and values are put up for inspection.

7. She's Outspoken

Of all the female personality types, sigmas may be the most outspoken. She says what she means and means what she says — and is unapologetic about it.

She's proud of her views but is usually willing to reconsider when presented with credible new information.

Sigma females don't crumble in the face of power, and they don't mind standing alone.

8. She Prioritizes Kindness Over Status

Sigma ladies aren't superficial. They don't covet what other people have, and they'd much rather be connected with a kind person with few material assets than a wildly “successful” magpie. 

Everyone thinks they prioritize kindness over status, but in truth, few do. However, it's a common trait among sigma women.

officemates working together sigma female personality

They genuinely want others to feel fabulous about themselves and are always encouraging. 

9. She Takes Risks

To borrow a turn of phrase from Robert Frost, sigma women take the road less traveled and can be reckless in the extreme. They're not afraid to leave “safe” situations — whether a relationship or job. 

And these strong-minded women don't whine when their risks don't transform into rewards. They pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and head back to the drawing board.

10. She’s Not Judgmental

If you want to experience what non-judgment looks like in action, befriend a sigma female. They have an exceptional ability to let people be who they are without a critical take.

Moreover, they're careful about judging people they don't know, instinctively feeling that doing so only leads to bad karma. Plus, they understand that we never know somebody else's story completely. 

Sigma females live by the rule that life is complex, shit happens, and we all make mistakes.

That doesn't mean they don't have strong opinions. Sigmas most certainly do. But they're not the type to make assumptions about others or judge them unfairly.

11. She’s Not a Pushover

Try bullying a sigma. She'll either “murder you with words” or scoff and walk away like you were an irritating sidewalk preacher. 

A sigma woman will always stand up for herself, even when it may be dangerous. Furthermore, insults don't work well on her. They're like water off a duck's back.

12. She's Full of Charisma But Introverted

A unique aspect of the sigma personality is that it's both charismatic and introverted. 

Some people can't wrap their heads around the apparent contradiction.

If you fall into that category, think of it as a person who attracts all eyes when they enter a room — not necessarily because they're breathtaking, but because they have magnetic and easy energy. 

While alphas would relish the attention, sigmas are indifferent to it; many even detest it. Resultantly, some sigmas prefer to spend time at home to avoid the eyes of others.

13. She Has Strong Personal Standards

In professional situations, sigmas are super at collaborating and compromising. But when it comes to their personal lives, sigmas don't make many concessions that rub against their views and values

A sigma woman works hard at getting to know herself, and once she's cracked the code, there's no turning back.

14. She's Not a Social Media Person

Don't expect to find sigmas blowing up social media. The idea is about enticing as attending her 30-year high school reunion. 

Truth be told, they find social media tedious, shallow, and a waste of time. Sure, she may have accounts, but a sigma rarely posts, and when she does, it's usually about a social issue or an event announcement. 

Sigma ladies aren't spending time tracking down people from decades ago, and she's certainly not trying to impress people she knew before she left high school. 

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15. She Avoids Drama

If you want to repel a sigma woman, create drama. They'll bolt in the opposite direction.

When conflict rears its ugly head, sigma women prefer to deal with it head-on rather than let them linger and generate drama.

She also finds he-said, she-said discussions more boring than a Victor Hugo novel. 

Refreshingly, sigma women are always the first to admit when they're wrong. In their eyes, taking responsibility is better than letting something get out of control.

16. She's Assertive

Sigmas don't do coy well. As mentioned, they're extremely straightforward, which can translate as assertive. Since they avoid mind games like the plague and have zero patience for the small-talk waltz, sigmas get straight to the point. 

17. She's Into Self-Development

Sigmas are in serious competition — with themselves, never others. These extraordinary ladies love self-development work and bettering themselves. 

The dedication can be so singular and personal that they don't share their dreams and goals with other people to avoid getting caught up in someone else's competitive clutches. 

18. She Has a Sense of Humor

Not only do most sigma females have a developed sense of humor, but they're easily able to chuckle at themselves. 

Additionally, they don't tell mean-spirited jokes and enjoy intelligent, satirical sensibilities. 

two friends discussing something sigma female personality

19. She's Compassionate

Compassion is the sigma woman's calling card. She's done the work and understands how to extend compassion to herself and others. 

Furthermore, sigma females have considered insight, enabling them to sense when people need an extra dose of understanding.

20. She Challenges Authority

Professionally speaking, women with sigma personalities tend to operate outside hierarchical frameworks. They tolerate authority, but just barely, and would rather work for themselves than for someone else if given a choice.

They also guard against authoritative situations in their personal lives. Trying to use status to sway a sigma will get you nowhere quickly. 

21. She Sees Everything as a Potential Lesson

A sigma woman sees nearly everything as a potential lesson. When things go south, they make lemons out of lemonade. 

And the habit does them well, as sigmas' commitment to learning and growth makes them smart, practical, soulful people.

22. She Isn't Jealous

Everybody has desires. It's part of the human condition.

But the difference between sigmas and other personality types is that sigmas rarely let their “wants” gnarl into jealousy and bitterness. 

Sigmas don't grow frustrated or resentful when acquaintances and friends attain assets and reach goals before them. Instead, they're inspired by others' success.

Sigma ladies also have a deep admiration for beautiful things, but they aren't distraught if they can't have them.

On a relationship note, the last person who will be nagging you about hanging out with your friends is a sigma. But if you start to neglect her, don't be surprised when she dumps you. 

23. She's Flexible

Change can be challenging for humans, but less so for sigmas. Sure, they may experience bumps, but they have a notable ability to shift gears when required. 

They're also easygoing when it comes to plans. Sigmas understand that life has a habit of getting in the way, and they don't sweat it.

24. She's Pretty Deep

Do you know a woman whose nose is always buried in a book or screen? Does she love talking about philosophy and other big-concept ideas?

If so, you probably have a sigma on your hands. 

She spends a lot of time thinking about things and, as such, is pretty deep. If you want to have an interesting conversation about the meaning of life, book a date with your sigma friend. 

25. She Has High Emotional Intelligence

Not only are sigmas blessed in the academic intelligence department, but they usually have high emotional intelligence as well. They're super at reading people and are highly empathetic. 

Since they've done the work and are intimately familiar with all their nooks and crannies — good and bad — sigmas tend to give other people the benefit of the doubt and work to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Sigmas are engaged, active listeners who will always make time for someone who needs a shoulder to cry on or a kindred soul to vent with. 

26. She's Honest (Sometimes Brutally)

Do sigmas tell little white lies like the rest of us? Yes. But that's as far as their prevarication bends. In fact, most are exceptionally honest — brutally so. If you want to hear the truth, ask a sigma. 

But people in this personality grouping need to be careful with their honesty; sometimes, they could stand to tone it down.

Not everything needs to be brought up and dissected. There is such a thing as letting sleeping dogs lie. 

27. She Despises Gossip (And Its Pollinators)

Malicious gossip is toxic, and sigma females stay far away from it and those who spread it. 

Women in this personality cluster employ the “Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?” code of conduct.

Even if the gossip is accurate, they still refrain, knowing that life is a beast, things aren't always what they appear, and judgment is a one-way ticket to bad karma. 

If a conflict arises between you and a sigma, they'll approach you directly about working it out instead of talking crap behind your back or rumor-mongering.

Similarities Between the Sigma Female and Sigma Male Personalities

In the quietly powerful realms of personality, Sigma females shares some key traits with her sigma male counterpart.

Both highly value their independence and do not feel a strong need to belong to a group. Sigmas have a rebellious streak and dislike following social norms just for the sake of conformity. They march to the beat of their own drums.

Additionally, sigma females and males tend to be introspective, imaginative and inclined to think outside the box. They often have interests and hobbies that set them apart from the crowd.

While they enjoy alone time, sigmas can thrive in social settings when they want to. They prefer more authentic, meaningful connections over casual acquaintances.

Things to Pay Attention to As a Sigma Woman 

Sigma women are exceptional. But as with every personality type, they have their fault lines. Notably, sigma females need to watch out for the following:

  • Ostracization: Since sigmas march to their own drummer, they may fall way outside of acceptable norms and exist on the fringe of their communities. (But truth be told, most don't care.)
  • Recklessness: An unchecked, ungrounded sigma may dive into a reckless streak — head-first.
  • Reclusiveness: Sigmas are champion turtles. They can duck and tuck for a long time, which friends and family may find irritating. Can seem standoffish because of alone time a lot
  • Depression: Sigmas are highly intuitive and compassionate. As such, the state of the world often bums them out and can drag them into a deep depression.
  • Stubborn: Too much of a good thing isn't great. In the sigma world, that may translate into stubbornness. At times, they can dig in and refuse to budge.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned earlier, social-hierarchical categories provide a fun framework for determining a person's motivations and personality type.

But try not to take it too seriously — because, in reality, we all adopt different personas and behaviors every day.

In fact, you may be an omega at work and a sigma otherwise. 

Most importantly, enjoy the life you have. Dig deep and learn as much about yourself as possible. It'll make your time on this spinning rock more meaningful.