17 Top Reasons Why Intuitive Empaths Have A Gift

Do you ever feel like you have a heightened sense of understanding and emotion for other people's feelings?

Maybe you feel like you are really good at reading people or you simply have an inclination toward being empathic.

If so, you might be an intuitive empath.

Being an intuitive empath means you have a high sensory perception and can be impacted by other people’s energies.

You have an innate ability to perceive those around you.

But, being an empath is more than just being an especially sensitive person, and it isn't limited to simply feeling and expressing emotions.

What Does It Mean to Be an Intuitive?

When someone is intuitive, they possess insight into someone or a situation without using cognitive abilities.

They have a feeling of understanding or knowing something without using rational thought that's typically involved in this knowledge.

It is often said that empaths are naturally intuitive, and while this is true for some empaths, it is not true for all. But, if someone is intuitive, it doesn't necessarily mean that they have a lot of empathy.

Some believe the words are interchangeable, but the two abilities are actually quite different.

Empathy is one's concern with things other than oneself — the external world. It is the ability to sense the feelings and energy of other people and one's surroundings.

However, intuition is the internal feeling one has to evaluate and understand a situation. While it still involves absorbing the outside world, the final component is very internal.

When empathy and intuition come together, a very unique ability is born, and those who hold this trait have a special gift.

What Does It Mean to Be an Empath?

The empath is one who can feel the pain of other people as their own.

They can also feel the joy that other people feel. Because of this ability, a real empath often likes to help people and make those around them happy.

Empaths are great listeners who never ignore people and refuse to be fake or put on a facade.

These traits might apply to many good people. Still, a true empath is very sensitive and helps other people to the point of exhaustion. They are sensitive not only to people's emotions but also to external factors in the environment, such as light, noise, and motion.

mom and child outside, intuitive empath

Intuitive Empath Traits

Now that you understand both of these characteristics, you might wonder, “What is an intuitive empath?”

There are many traits that intuitives and empaths share. For example, one sign they share is a strong dislike for seeing other people suffer. This dislike is why many intuitives and empaths often avoid watching the news or sad movies.

After feeling strong negative emotions, intuitive empaths are then likely to feel physical symptoms in addition to their emotional despair, such as a headache and fatigue.

Intuitive empaths have a tendency to remain attached to people who are in need, even if it is not in their own best interest.

This person may be a stranger, but it could be a partner, putting intuitive empaths at risk for being in toxic relationships.

Some of these intuitive empath traits may sound negative, but being an intuitive empath is a gift in many ways.

17 Reasons Why Intuitive Empaths Have A Gift

1. They surround themselves with positive things.

When an intuitive empath sees something bad, they instinctively turn away so they don't feel the negativity. Because of this, they try to surround themselves with only positive things.

This leads to empaths having positive friends who are aiming to live a happy and satisfying life.

Happiness is contagious, so one of the most effective ways to find happiness is to surround yourself with those who can create their own happiness and share it with others.

2. They typically have meaningful careers.

Intuitive empaths can often be found working as mentors, life coaches, and teachers. Because of their compassion for nature, they often either do volunteer work for the environment or take a job in environmental activism.

Due to their acute senses, intuitive empaths love to spend countless hours going through nature and enjoying the songs of birds, the sounds of the ocean, and the smell of flowers.

Meaningful jobs should be a key focus for this personality in choosing a career path. Finding fulfilling work is a way to lead a happy life.

3. They bring other people together.

Intuitive empaths find it deeply uncomfortable to watch other people be mean or hostile towards each other.

Due to their peaceful and easy-going nature, they often act as intermediaries to bring harmony between others who are at odds.

They have a gift of being peacemakers and reducing the stress of other people by decreasing any resentment that is being held.

4. They don't rush into making decisions.

They seek a deep authenticity before making decisions. Intuitive empaths find it bothersome to settle with a solution if they feel it may have been influenced in any way.

Because they like to stay true to themselves, they will take the necessary time to come to informed decisions.

This authenticity is a gift because having the ability to resist making last-minute decisions helps them avoid regrets in the long run.

5. They can experience the emotions of their loved ones, even if they are not with that person.

When an empath intuitive is in a close relationship with someone, it's common that they experience sudden surges of emotion or pain about them. Only later do they learn that their loved one was feeling the same emotions or pain at the same time.

Often, intuitive empaths describe this feeling as being “blindsided” by emotions when they are not expecting them.

6. They like to stay focused.

While many people may believe that having the ability to multi-task is a strength, this is usually not the case because multitasking competes with high-quality work.

It divides one's attention, leading them to feel confused and scattered.

Intuitive empaths feel more comfortable and do more effective work when they perform tasks one at a time and in a certain order.

Focusing on one thing at a time and doing it with excellence can be an empath's source of personal energy leading to great success.

7. They have a knack for listening to other people's stories.

One distinctive characteristic of this population is that they offer a trustworthy and treasured sense of companionship with other people.

People gravitate to them and feel comfortable confiding with intuitive empaths about their personal struggles. Even strangers may approach an empath and open up to them about their problems.

Intuitive empaths know that other people feel relieved when they are done talking about their feelings.

And empaths feel this sense of relief themselves because they have helped someone who is having a hard time.

8. Intuitive empaths are quick to spot deceit.

People who are empathic can easily spot a lie.

They pick up on even subtle hints of deception, which makes them carefully choose those who they are close to. As a result, they know the people surrounding them are not deceitful people.

As an intuitive people, empaths know when someone is hiding something when they say they are “fine.” They know when these people are crying on the inside and putting up a false facade.

9. They pick up on non-verbal cues.

One of the greatest gifts that a highly intuitive empath has is the ability to read other people. This allows them to decide quickly if someone they meet will end up being a long-term friend or not.

In addition to reading non-verbal cues, emotionally intuitive people can pick up on even slight indications of others' physical needs and emotions.

Intuitive Empath

This ability allows them to pick up on the needs of those who cannot speak, like animals and babies.

10. They are able to see the big picture.

Having a sense of unity and connectedness allows empathic people to grasp the grand scheme of things. They recognize the interdependence of all organisms in the world.

Being able to see the big picture helps them feel meaning in what they do and work towards fulfilling goals.

11. They have great imaginations.

When intuitive empaths finds themselves stuck in a mundane daily routine, they tend to drift off — led by their keen imaginations.

If their surroundings don't provide any emotional stimulation,intuitive empaths can easily lose interest and dive into their own world of imagination and creativity.

Put them in jobs or surroundings conducive to creative thought, and the intuitive empath will thrive.

12. They are creative and artistic.

Empaths can convey a message in ways that other people can't. They can use their feelings to project their artistic and creative talents.

This ability is expressed in many forms, such as dancing, painting, writing poetry, or playing music.

Intuitive empaths have a special talent for creative pursuits, not only with art, but also in their experiences, lifestyle, and various conditions that arise that require unique problem-solving skills.

Because empaths think in a unique way, they can see certain things that other people can't conceptualize as easily. This thoughtful creativity and the ability to process information in a distinct way are notable gifts.

13. Intuitive empaths can see everyone's point of view.

One of the reasons that empaths are such good friends to other people is because they are willing to listen to and understand everyone's point of view.

This also makes them be able to be life-long learners as they cross paths with many different types of people.

14. They are natural healers.

Empaths look for opportunities to contribute to the healing of others, especially emotional and psychological healing.

They possess a healing “energy” or demeanor that helps those around them feel more at ease, supported, and understood.

15. They have a huge enthusiasm for life.

Because intuitive empaths feel everything with such strength, they are prone to feeling greater highs than other people.

Most intuitive empaths are enthusiastic about life, and they can experience joy with a greater intensity. This enthusiasm compels them to be more kind, caring, and compassionate towards other people.

16. They are comfortable being alone.

A lot of people who are not empathic feel uncomfortable being alone, but intuitive empaths crave time alone and need it to balance themselves and de-stress.

They value this time to recuperate and increase their self-awareness. The emotional toll of having so much sensitivity about others requires that they step back and care for themselves.

17. They contribute to other people's lives like no one else can.

Because intuitive empaths care so much about other people, they can touch the lives of those who feel they have no one to turn to.

They can make a huge difference in people's lives and leave a positive impact on those who are lonely, suffering, and unhappy.

Are you an empathic intuitive?

Being intuitively empathic may seem draining since you pick up on the feelings, burdens, and emotions of other people, but it is still a wonderful gift to possess.

It is important to learn how to protect yourself from negative energies and practice self-care to release negativity and restore equilibrium.

Empaths understand clearly that the problems in the world won't be solved by indifference or hate. Instead, intuitive empaths focus on love, compassion, and understanding.

It is important for empathic intuitive people to use their energy in a positive way for the world, even if it is through small, daily actions that lift up others.