75 Of The Best Hobbies For Couples Who Want To Have Fun

Are you and your partner in a routine that's starting to feel a bit predictable?

Is the excitement of those early days together beginning to fade, and you want to try something new to add more fun back into your life?

Feeling bored doesn’t mean you love your partner any less.

It might just mean you need to add novelty to break the routine of everyday life, and engaging in hobbies for couples is a good way to start.

Starting a fun couples’ hobby together will give you something new to talk about and can strengthen your bond. You can get away from the stressors of life and experience carefree time together.

Take a look at these 75 hobbies for couples that you and your beloved might want to enjoy together.

Most Romantic Hobbies For Couples

Learn how to give each other a massage by watching YouTube videos or reading books from your local library or bookstore. 

You can even invest in a massage table. And while you’re learning the art of couples massage, take advantage of the chance to learn about essential oils that can enhance relaxation or boost your energy levels. 

For some, a massage from their intimate partner may be therapy enough. But if you want to explore other ways to heal each other, you can learn Reiki together.

Or if you’re looking for other ways to show your love by using your hands, why not learn sign language and practice signing to each other. 

If you’d rather use more of your body, learn to dance the Salsa together.

Or choose another favorite dance — the waltz, the tango, or the polka. If you also enjoy hosting dinner parties, you can surprise your guests by dancing for them after dinner. You might just inspire some of them to do the same. 

For couples who want to take advantage of the warm weather with outdoor hobbies, why not take walks on a local beach, collecting seashells as mementos? Or enjoy strolling through local parks.

You might even run across plants you can collect for food or medicinal purposes if you learn how to forage

If you want more water in your outdoor hobbies, try snorkeling together.

Or learn kayaking or canoeing, if you’d rather stay above the water’s surface. 

Romantic hobbies don’t have to be active, though. Just taking time out to meditate together can strengthen your relationship and make communication more fruitful. And if you’d like to be creative together, why not learn to draw or to paint?

Romance thrives when you have fun together. So, whatever hobby you choose to take on together — even if it’s learning to play hacky sack or prank-calling your kids — make sure you’re both enjoying it. 

More on that as you read on.

Fun Hobbies for Couples at Home

Who doesn’t love to have fun with the people closest to them? A fun hobby might have been what brought you together in the first place.

But even if it wasn’t, think of all the things you both enjoy doing, just for the fun of it. 

For starters, you could start a blog together and take turns writing posts for it. Or one of you could write the posts, and the other could focus on editing and marketing them.

Choose a niche that you both enjoy so that even if it doesn’t earn a passive income, you still want to keep it going. 

You could also read the same book together — either aloud or quietly — and discuss the book as you go or when you’ve both finished it.

You could even start a book club for couples and take turns hosting the meetings. Or, depending on the books you’re reading, you could learn home brewing, give canning a try, or learn how to invest your money.

And there are loads of books that teach you interior decorating and how to practice minimalism

You can also learn more about all of these by watching YouTube videos.

Speaking of which, you can learn how to play a musical instrument by watching video “classes” on YouTube.

And if you’re both practicing together, you’re both less likely to be annoyed when the other picks up the instrument to play a few notes. 

If you’d rather get out of the house, you can learn martial arts (like Taekwondo) by taking a local class together. Or grow a garden together in your own yard — or a container garden on your patio. 

You may know other couples or friends nearby who would enjoy taking turns hosting a game night. Make sure you have plenty of games your guests will enjoy. And don’t forget the snacks and drinks. 

At some point, if you take on a hobby that costs money, the added hobby of couponing will come in handy.

Not all coupons need to be clipped from newspaper inserts, though. Don’t forget the power of money-saving (or earning) apps like Groupon and Ibotta

When you have to stay indoors, nothing says you have to put fun on hold. Learn origami and use it to create gifts or decorations.

If you’d rather learn something together, try philosophy. Or you can learn geneology to fill out your family tree. 

Another option is to do jigsaw puzzles together. You can take turns choosing the puzzle, and when it’s finished, you can even keep it together as a puzzle wall-hanging

Or if you both have a competitive streak, learn how to play chess together.

You can start with a basic chess set for the home, but if this becomes a regular thing, you might want to invest in a set that travels well (so you can take it with you).

Classic Hobbies For Couples

Ballroom dancing is a fantastic hobby for couples who enjoy being active together and laughing together. Learning new dance moves will provide the occasion for both. 

And if you have a family event coming up that just happens to involve dancing, you’ll get a chance to show off what you’ve learned.

Just make sure you’ve got the right shoes for it.

And if you want to make stay-in date nights extra special, take a cooking class and learn how to make each other’s favorite cuisine — as well as some that will be new to you both.

You can also invest in some new cookware to practice. 

And if you make it a new habit to visit local farmers’ markets together, you’ll have plenty of fresh produce to cook with.

Add some wine tasting, and you’ll even know what to pair with each meal you cook. 

While you’re at it, learn how to cook international cuisine to broaden your repertoire, and you’ll never run out of exciting menu ideas for stay-at-home dinners and dinner parties.

You also might get the itch to travel together, so you can visit the countries where your favorite new meals originated.

And if travel is on your mind, it can only help to prepare by learning the language of the first country you’ll visit. 

Learning a new language is never a bad idea, anyway. Not only does it keep your mind sharp, but it can also lead you to learning more about new cultures and expressions.

And the more you learn, the more you’re likely to empathize with the native speakers of the language you’re learning. 

Cold nights in are made for movies and popcorn.

You can even make classic movie night a weekly thing — with your favorite snacks and drinks. 

When the weather’s good, and you want to enjoy it while you can, try learning golf.

Or if you’re both motivated to get fit, work out together at a local gym or invest in workout equipment to use at home. 

Speaking of home, if you have furniture in need of a makeover, you can make a couple’s hobby of that, too.

Learning how to refurbish furniture can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, since you’re using what you already have and making it “like new” again. And this can be a fun project for the two of you to tackle together.

While you’re working at this (or something else), why not take advantage of the opportunity to discover new music — either on disk or on YouTube or Spotify.

This alone could qualify as a hobby, but it goes along well with others, including exercise, reading, meditating, etc. 

And if you’re looking for hobbies that can play to your strengths, find a way to volunteer together — cooking, teaching, organizing, etc. 

You might, for example, volunteer to run errands for those who can’t drive. Or you could take a homebound neighbor out to visit an art museum or cultural event.

That way, not only do you get the opportunity to get out and enjoy those things together, but you also allow someone else to enjoy who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

And for those days when you just want to create things quietly together at home, using simple but well-made tools, learn calligraphy and use your new skill to write poetry and love letters to each other — or to create wall art using favorite quotes.

Inexpensive Hobbies for Couples

Hobbies don’t have to be expensive to be worth your time as a couple. Binge-watching new or favorite shows together may not be as productive as some of the hobbies mentioned so far, but there are times when you just need to unwind together. 

And laughter really can save lives — or at least make them better. 

If you’re parents or grandparents, spending time with your kids or grandkids can be a hobby of its own.

If the opportunity presents itself, you can involve them in other hobbies — like scavenger hunts with themed picnic lunches, or longer trips to go fishing or to explore local tourist attractions. 

Of course, you could also do any of these things as a couple. You could also learn a new sport together — like tennis, archery, or darts. Or if you’re looking for something more relaxing, start practicing yoga together. 

In either case, it can’t hurt to invest in some wearable tech that keeps track of your heart rate and the steps you take. Bonus points if it also tells time and alerts you when someone is calling. 

While your tech is tracking your fitness stats, why not try geocaching as a hobby.

Not only will you get plenty of exercise looking for the hidden container in each spot, but you also get to see more of the world. 

If you need to stay closer to home, start a couples meditation habit to ground yourself every day. You can also practice charades, so you can wipe the floor with the competition the next time you play with a group. 

And if that doesn’t satisfy your need to compete, make time for some healthy rivalry with Scrabble — or whatever game appeals to you both (Jenga, anyone?). You can even turn crossword puzzles (printed or digital) into a competition, if you’re so inclined. 

But if helping others sort things out holds more appeal to you both, consider making time each day for answering questions on Quora or on other social media channels. Focus on building a helpful presence on one or two channels. 

And if you have started a blog, don’t forget to link to it in your bio. 

Depending on your belief system, you can also help friends and family — and each other — by learning to read tarot or by learning how to serve as spiritual directors.

Or, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you might take more of an interest in learning how to cast runes

Both runestones and tarot cards help you develop a closer relationship with your intuition, so you can access your inner wisdom and draw from it to help yourself and others. 

That inner wisdom might just motivate you to do something you never considered doing before — like walking the Camino Inglés in Spain — or eating something with a foreign name that no one wants to translate for you (though they’re happy to watch while you eat it). 

Just make sure you have something nice to wash it down with. 

Retirement Hobbies for Couples

Digital photography is one of the most popular hobbies the world over. And it doesn’t have to be a solitary thing. 

Couples who enjoy photography together can make travel all the more rewarding, especially if you both also enjoy scrapbooking to create keepsake albums for family.

Another way to make travel more rewarding is to collect and sell antiques. The collecting part would happen during your travels, and much, if not all, the selling would happen from home, using an online shop or by selling through Amazon with their FBA program.

If you’d rather create something of your own to sell, why not write a book together — about your life, about your travels, or about life lessons worth sharing. 

You could also join a poetry group and use what you learn to write each other poetry. You might even collect the poems into a book to pass on to each of your family members. 

If you’re looking for a hobby that results in small objects you can give as gifts, try stonecarving. You could even carve your own chess pieces or animal tokens out of soapstone or other rocks at your disposal. 

And two pairs of hands make the time even more productive and entertaining. 

If you’re looking for a hobby that results in food, learn how to make bread. You can even share extra loaves with others. 

Another hobby that results in food? Beekeeping! Or, if you’d rather, you could raise chickens and share (or sell) the eggs. 

If the last paragraph makes you want to run away from home, have you ever wanted to train for a marathon together? 

Or if you’d rather walk than run, try urban exploration as a couple’s hobby. If you prefer the water, try surfing or boogie-boarding.

And save some of that energy for attending cultural events in your area or in the places you visit. 

Did you find some hobbies for couples that spark your interest?

Now that you’ve had a chance to look over 75 hobbies for couples, which of them interests you most? Which do you see yourself enjoying with your significant other? 

And are there any that took you by surprise — in a good way?

I hope your life is full of good surprises, whether you encounter them in couples classes or when you’re quietly working on something together at home. 

Good hobbies have a way of leading to others you can enjoy — alone or together. May your hobby time as a couple bring joy and peace to you both.

And may you inspire other couples to find hobbies they can enjoy together, too.

It can start with a simple gift you made yourself, or with a story. Be generous with both.

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