105 Fun And Daring Truth Or Drink Questions For Couples

When you plan imbibe in a cocktail or a bottle of wine with your honey, wouldn’t you like to do something more creative than watching tv or playing card games?

No, we’re not referring to that kind of fun (though it’s always an option)!

Use the cocktail hour to enjoy some couples drinking game questions.

It’s a unique way to have fun together and talk about deep and sexy subjects.

They're interesting and exciting, especially because you're in the company of your boyfriend (or girlfriend). 

These drinking game questions for couples can show you a side of adult games you never knew existed.

But remember to watch how much you drink if you're driving home, and make sure you have a ride home if you get too tipsy.

How Do You Play Truth or Drink Questions for Adults?

The rules for truth or drink questions for adults are pretty simple to play:

Decide on your drinks of choice and get them ready. 

Take a few minutes to write down the questions you want to ask.

One person asks the other a question.

They can answer honestly, or they have to take a sip of their drink.

Then you change it up and become the person answering or drinking.

If you don’t like making up your own questions or you want a bit more structure, you can always get the Truth or Drink board game for two or more players. Make it a party if you want!

105 Truth or Drink Questions for Couples

Sometimes you will want to go with only the best, other times you will want to be daring depending on your mood. These truth or drink couples questions are divided into different categories so you can choose specific topics for playing.

Best Truth or Drink Questions

You need the best all-around questions when you want to have a lot of fun without being risque. Here are some examples of the top truth or drink questions for adults.

1. What do you think about couples getting matching tattoos?

2. What have been or what are your biggest dating insecurities?

3. What are your pet peeves?

4. When was the last time you cried, and why?

5. Do you imagine what your future children will be like and what will their names will be?

6. Do you ever think about what kind of parent you want to be?

7. Have you thought of your future spouse yet?

8. Who is your favorite person in the whole world, and why?

9. What qualities do you love about me the most, and why?

10. What attracted you to me at the beginning of our relationship, and why?

11. Do you think our relationship gets into a rut, and if so, why?

12. Do you lose any friends when you're in a relationship?

13. What will you do in an apocalyptic, end-of-the-world situation?

14. If we had children, what do you think they'll be like?

15. What is something I've done that surprised you?

16. What is one thing that you really love about yourself that you think is attractive?

17. What is one thing about yourself that you wish you could change?

18. Do you ever regret anything in your life?

19. If you could go back in time, would you change anything, and if so, what would it be?

20. When was the last time you felt the happiest, and what made it so great?

21. What do you fear the most about yourself?

Truth or Drink Questions for Boyfriend (or Girlfriend)

Playing truth or drink has its own unique vibe when playing with your partner. These couples drinking game questions are specifically for your boyfriend (or girlfriend).

22. What things could I do to improve our sex life instantly?

23. If we could go anywhere in the world together, right now, where would you want us to go, and why?

24. What are your biggest fears about the future of our relationship?

25. What is one of the best memories you've had with me, and why is it so meaningful to you?

26. What would you want to do first if we could trade bodies for a day or night?

27. If we only had a limited amount of time left before one or both of us died, what would you like to do to spend our last moments together?

28. What do you think I should do to improve myself for my own benefit?

29. What do you think I could do to improve myself for our relationship?

30. What is something you would like to do together that we haven't been able to do?

31. Do you think about our future together, and if so, what do you imagine it will be like?

32. If you could describe our relationship with one word, what would it be and why?

33. If you could describe me with one word, what would it be and why?

34. What are the little things you notice I do that make you feel special, and why?

35. Are there any ways I've been neglecting you as a partner, and if so, what are they, and how could I make it up to you?

36. Do you think there are things we could do to make our relationship better, and if so, what are they?

37. If you had to choose between rescuing your parents or me, who would you choose?

38. Do you like double dating? Why or why not?

39. What do you think about couples having joint social media accounts?

40. Are there ever circumstances where you think it's okay to go through your partner's cell phone or other belongings?

41. What are things that are instant dealbreakers for you in our relationship?

42. What comes first, family, friends, or our relationship?

Juicy Truth or Drink Questions

If you're in the mood for personal subjects, you're in luck. These truth or drink questions for adults will get you two talking about deep things you've probably never mentioned to anyone before.

43. When did you first fall in love?

44. Who did you have your first kiss with?

45. How old were you when you first had sex?

46. When was the first time you cried?

47. Who was someone that made you cry the most, and why?

48. What was your worst breakup?

49. What is something about you that you think is embarrassing?

50. Have you ever told a white lie? If so, what was one example?

51. Do you think telling “little white lies” is okay?

52. Do you think if a couple stops having sex, the relationship is dead?

53. How important is sex to you in a relationship?

54. Have you ever had friends who were jealous of your relationship?

55. What are some things you don't like about me, and why?

56. How long did it take for you to fall in love with me?

57. What is something silly about me that you thought was hot?

58. What’s one thing that you think I could do better in our relationship to make things more intimate, passionate, and fun?

59. If there was one thing you could say to me right now that you’ve been keeping from me, what would it be?

60. Who was the one that got away?

61. Did you have to choose between me and someone else?

62. Who would you get rid of if you had to choose between me and a pet?

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Truth or Drink Questions Rated R

When you're in the privacy of home, and it's just you adults, you can freely talk to each other about sex. Here are some interesting truth or drink couples questions that will get you to talk about life's spicier side.

63. What do you prefer to be in bed, dominant or submissive?

64. What is your favorite sex position, and why?

65. What is something you would like to try in bed with me that you've never done before?

66. What is something you would like to do in bed with me that you've done with other partners?

67. What kind of kisses do you like the most?

68. What kind of sex do you prefer?

69. How many sex partners have you had?

70. What do you think is the sexiest thing about me?

71. What body part of mine do you like the most?

72. Do you like cuddling after sex?

73. Do you like cuddling as we fall asleep?

74. How many times in a week do you think about having sex with me?

75. What's the naughtiest thought you've ever had about me?

76. Did you imagine us having sex when we first started dating and if so, when?

77. What is something I do in bed that you think is sexy?

78. How would you describe my libido in a few words?

79. Have you ever had sexual dreams about me?

80. What body part of the opposite sex do you like the most?

81. What's the weirdest thing in bed you've ever done?

82. Who was the weirdest sex partner you've ever had, and what did they do?

83. How would you rate me in bed on a scale from one to ten?

Sexual Truth or Drink Questions

There's a lot you can find out about your partner sexually with drinking game questions for couples. These questions will make it fun for the both of you:

84. Who did you first have sex with?

85. What are sex practices you can't do without?

86. Have you ever had a crush on someone of the same sex?

87. What’s the craziest thing that made you really horny?

88. What is a secret sexual fantasy you have?

89. Do you sexually fantasize about any celebrities?

90. Which celebrities do you think are hot and would have sex with?

91. What was the most embarrassing moment in bed you've ever had?

92. Do you think people are wired to be monogamous or polyamorous?

93. Have you ever faked an orgasm?

94. Do you think cheating should be a dealbreaker in a relationship?

95. Do you think there are ever circumstances that justify cheating?

96. Have you ever cheated on a partner?

97. What is something about me that's not sexual but you think is hot anyway?

98. What is something I do to you that you think is sexy?

99. What is something, sexual or not, that turns you off?

100. What do you think about sexting?

101. What places do you like to kiss in public?

102. What is the most unexpected place you've ever made out in public?

103. Do you think sexual orientation is inherent or a choice?

104. Do you plan on being just as sexually active when you're older?

Many people enjoy playing games while drinking, and couples are no exception. Couples drinking game questions can add spice to your relationship and a unique way for you to be playful together.