18 Of The Most Fun Games For Couples

Are you getting tired of spending night after night watching television after dinner with your partner?

Flipping through television shows isn't doing much to strengthen your relationship or allow you to interact with each other.

If you want to get to know your spouse on a deeper level while reaping some great health benefits, you might want to start playing games with your partner.

Not head games — but the old-fashioned kind where you sit down together or with another couple and have fun.

  • ​Playing games together can help you learn new things about one another, interact in different ways, and create lasting memories together.
  • ​Laughing together while keeping your mind engaged not only increases your feelings of happiness but also decreases your risk of cognitive decline.
  • ​The friendly competition involved can help you practice restraint and compassion, which are both important characteristics to have in a healthy marriage.

Pay attention to your reaction if you lose a game to see if you act like a sore loser. If so, you might consider if that attitude ever drifts over to your everyday life if you get into a disagreement with your partner.

If you decide to expand the game to include another married couple, you will also be practicing your teamwork as you strategize with your partner to make sure you both come out on top.

These games for couples to play allows both partners to put aside their day-to-day troubles and focus only on the game at hand, which will reduce overall stress, lower your blood pressure, and help you relax.

Because playing couples games require you to really live in the moment, it has some of the same benefits as mindfulness/mindfulness-exercises”>mindfulness on your body and your mind.

While you may think you and your partner know everything about each other, play a few games and you'll be surprised at what you discover. It is never too late to learn something new about your partner by breaking up the boredom and engaging with them in these couples activities

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18 ideas of fun games for couples that you and spouse or partner may enjoy.

1. Talk Flirt Dare Game For Couples

This is a simple and versatile game that is perfect for people of all comfort levels.

It offers you and your partner three games in one, so you can choose how risque you want to get for the evening.

dare games for couples

It is great to play the “talk” game if you are playing with other couples, and move on to the “dare” portion if you want some spicy action alone with your partner.

One thing that makes this game unique from others is that there are no questions about former relationships or sexual experiences. This ensures that the evening won't end up taking a wrong turn.

2. Routine Breaker

This creative adult card game will have you and your partner keeping secrets from each other as you plan activities to do together.

The element of surprise will help put the spark back into your relationship as you each are carrying out secret missions to connect with each other.

This isn't a game you play in just one night. It's an ongoing challenge that will help spice up your life a bit.

If you have been with your partner for a long time and your spark needs to be reignited, this might be the right game for you.

3. Joking Hazard 

This is one of the great married couples games for those love to  laugh so hard they can't breathe.

You will work with your partner to create stories to finish comics, which allows you to have a ton of room for creativity and enjoy couples competition.

The cards include the profane and ridiculous that you put together in hilarious combinations.

4. That's What She Said

This fast-paced game for couples to play can turn as naughty as your mind allows.

It is a perfect game for you to bring to a party with your partner to enjoy some adult humor along with your closest friends.

That's What She Said is light-hearted and easy to catch onto, so you can take it out after having a few cocktails and laugh the night away.

5. Pick Your Poison NSFW Edition

If your group of friends loves a good “Would you rather…” question, this adult card game is perfect for you.

Everyone is constantly engaged while playing this fun game for couples, and it gets especially interesting for groups with a wide range of personalities.

The questions will not only spark a conversation with your friends, it will also send you home with a lot to talk about with your partner.

6. The Discovery Game: for a Married Couple

One of the best things about this board game for couples is that it gives you the option to take the questions to a deeper level or answer in a light-hearted way.

Maybe one night you are both tired and don't feel like using too much energy — play the light-hearted version. It will beat watching television because you are still relaxing but able to interact face to face with your partner.

No one really wins or loses because you are enhancing your intimacy and enjoying new conversation starters. You can change the tone of this couples game depending on your mood and reconnect with your partner whenever you pull this game out.

7. Better Me Game: Self Improvement, Personal Development, Relationships, Positive Thinking, Therapy

If you are looking for a more serious game to spark deeper conversations, this may be the right game for you.

While this isn't necessarily a party game, it can still be played with a larger group of people. However, it is more serious in nature than some of the other games mentioned.

This unique tool will help you connect with your partner through prompts to share lessons you have learned throughout life and consider each other's perspectives on topics that are rarely discussed.

Playing this game will help encourage a dialogue with your partner and enhance your communication.

It can also lead to long-lasting benefits in your life, as the game asks you to follow up with fellow players to make sure they are practicing their self-improvement promises after the game is over.

8. CoolCats & AssHats

This party game is hilarious and inappropriate no matter who you are playing with.

Everyone is fully engaged in every round as you are asked to actually get up and do things throughout the game.

One of the best things about this game is that the “inappropriate” cards are labeled, so if you are playing with your family or in a group with some children around, you can take out those cards for some more clean fun.

Don't expect to stay one seat during this game as you will all be getting up and moving soon!

9. Couple’s Kindle Cards

If you are looking to strengthen your relationship in a variety of ways, Couple's Kindle Cards may be your answer.

This game gives you and your partner a 52-week long action plan to strengthen your physical, emotional, financial, social, and sexual connection.

Following the unique action steps presented in this game, you will be able to open your communication with each other and experience more positive and sincere interactions within one year.

As long as you follow through with the weekly activities, you are bound to create a deeper bond with your partner.

10. Utter Nonsense Naughty Edition

In this game, you will be laughing with your partner and your friends as you combine ridiculous accents with funny phrases to make sayings that are hysterical.

This is a great game to play in large groups and can easily be played with people who don't know each other very well.

Be prepared for some raunchy comedy with this game and make sure the kids are asleep.

11. The Voting Game

This game will help you get to know your friends by uncovering hilarious things about them that have never been exposed.

It is best played with at least six people, so gather your couple friends together to have some laughs and get to know each other even better.

People often share personal stories after a surprising “vote” so you may learn a lot more about people than you even wanted to know!

You will want to play this game over and over because the experience drastically changes depending on who is playing.

12. Exploding Kittens Card Game

This game got a huge start on Kickstarter and has grown in popularity ever since hitting the market.

It is easy to get used to the gameplay and has the same humor in the illustrations as the popular blog, The Oatmeal, has.

This game is appropriate for both children and adults, so if often enjoyed as an entire family. There is certainly a bit of strategy to this game, so the more you play it, the better you will become.

13. Clue Game of Thrones Board Game

This game is a mixture between the popular game Clue and television show Game of Thrones. It allows you and your partner to work together to solve mysteries.

With two game boards included, you can pick which game you want to play each time.

You don't need to have watched Game of Thrones to enjoy this thought-provoking game. This is a fun take on a classic game that can keep you busy for hours.

14. Cards Against Humanity

Most people know that there are some parts of this game that are best suited for adults.

That said, this popular game will have you and your friends laughing all night long while you're playing around with the darker side of life, pop culture, and art.

This game will have the people at your next party staying all night to keep the laughs rolling.

15. Adult Loaded Questions

With this game in hand, adult game night can start now! Get excited to ask each other fun questions, come up with ridiculous answers, and laugh nonstop.

This game offers you and your friends 308 silly, suggestive, and stimulating questions to answer, and you will learn more about each other as you take turns guessing which one of your friends wrote each answer.

The more fun your friends are willing to have, the more fun this game will be for you!

16. GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower

Do you remember playing Jenga as a kid? This is a life-sized version of the game to play with your friends and family.

The set is made out of pinewood blocks with sanded edges and starts at 2.5 ft tall. As an added bonus, this game has printed numbers on some of the blocks that correspond to a custom rule.

The special set of rules make the game even more challenging and competitive. You can even create your own rules on the rule board.

This might be the right game for you if you are looking for some clean family fun that the kids can get into as well.

It is sure to make everyone laugh as you all stand on edge, waiting for the tower to fall.

17. Hasbro Scrabble Crossword Game

Scrabble is a longtime favorite game that will certainly engage your mind and the minds of other players.

While this game has a slower gameplay than some of the others mentioned, it requires a lot of thought and can still make time seem to fly by.

This is a perfect game for the whole family or if you just want to spend some time alone with your partner.

There are a lot of different ways to play Scrabble, and you can play with the rules that suit you best.

This classic game has been around for so long that multiple generations of people within your family will want to join in.

18. Dare Duel – A Romantic Game for Couples

Looking for a romantic game just for the two of you? Dare Duel is a card game in which you and your lover take turns drawing cards.

You select words or phrases to create fun and romantic dares to perform while battling over who performs the dare.

Since there are so many words and phrases to choose from, the opportunities for unique dares are endless.You can create funny, intimate, crazy, and loving dares depending on your moods.

Time to play!

If you're looking for something new to do with your partner that will not only improve the health of your relationship but also improve your own personal health, try out some of these games.

Start with one or two and see which type of game you prefer and then buy more that are based on the preferences you discover.

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