Is Your Husband Squeezably Lovable? 105 Things To Love About Him

Just like a vintage bottle of wine, marriages have the potential to get better with age. 

Over time and through shared experiences, couples can build powerful connections that last a lifetime.

So, instead of stagnating in the same routine year after year, why not make an effort to appreciate your husband more?

Whether it’s been five years or fifty, remembering why you love your husband will only help your marriage grow stronger.

The things you love about your husband can range from simple and silly to profound and touching. 

Need some ideas?

We have you covered with things to love about your special man that will set your heart aflutter.

What Are Some Reasons to Love Your Husband?

Marriages have good times, bad times, and everything in between. Ultimately, love is the essential glue that binds you to your loved one through thick and thin.

It's hard to. This is why keeping your heart and eyes open is so important to why you love your husband even more.

Here are some reasons why it's a good idea to keep the love in your marriage alive:

  • A loving marriage helps communication: A marriage founded on love makes it easier for a couple to talk through disagreements and understand each other’s feelings.
  • A loving marriage provides security: When your husband loves you, you can feel safe and secure in the relationship and trust him implicitly.
  • A loving marriage offers companionship: You have someone to share life with. Instead of saying, “I wish someone were here to enjoy this beautiful sunset,” your special someone can join you and soak up the moment in tandem.

These are just a few reasons why it’s crucial to maintain that spark of love in your marriage.

But in truth, the benefits of maintaining a loving union are countless as the relationship unfolds.

105 Things I Love About My Husband

Whether you're journaling in response to the prompt of “why I love my husband” or want some kind words to affirm him in the relationship, find inspiration below with 105 reasons for the deep love you feel:

1. His warm, firm embrace makes you feel like the only woman in the world.

2. His goofy sense of humor can make you crack a smile even in the worst of moods.

3. His unwavering loyalty.

4. His kind-heartedness and gentleness.

5. How he loves nature and all its creatures, great and small.

6. His positive attitude and optimism, even in the face of adversity.

7. His ability to make jokes about himself and not take things so seriously.

8. His intelligence and keen insights.

9. How patient he is with you and others, even when they don’t deserve it.

10. The way he looks at you when you enter the room, with a twinkle in his eye.

11. His faithfulness and ability to commit to a relationship for the long haul.

12. How he respects your opinions and always listens closely.

13. His supportive nature that can pull you out of mindset ruts.

14. The way he shows off your accomplishments and brags about you to others.

15. His willingness to compromise, even if it means not getting his way.

16. His thoughtful gestures of love, in the form of words, gifts, or surprises.

17. How he takes care of you when you are sick or hurt.

18. His selflessness in caring for others.

19. His ability to think of the bright side of any situation.

20. The way he strives to make the world a better place.

21. His generosity when it comes to giving back to the community.

22. How he makes you feel special every day, even if it's a normal day.

23. His beautiful eyes when he smiles or laughs.

24. How he displays his affection through hugs, kisses, & touches.

25. His strength in standing up for what is right.

26. His enthusiasm when he’s passionate about something.

27. The way he cooks and cleans up afterward, taking great care of the home and family.

28. The way he makes an effort to stay connected with family & friends over time.

29. How he never fails to make you feel adored and regularly compliments what you're wearing and how you look.

30. His willingness to try new things with you.

31. His kindness to strangers.

32. The way he takes the lead in tough situations.

33. His commitment to growing and learning together in the relationship.

34. How he always puts your needs before his own.

35. His understanding of how important quality time is, no matter how busy he is with work or personal challenges.

36. His consistency and reliability.

37. His passion for life ah belief in a better tomorrow.

38. His willingness to make sacrifices for the children.

39. The way he knows what you're thinking or feeling before you've said a word.

40. How he never hesitates to lend a helping hand around the house and is a great handyman.

41. His amazing body language, with eye contact and emphatic nodding when listening.

42. His positive outlook on any situation and ability to see a silver lining.

43. His incredible self-discipline.

44. The way he loves unconditionally.

45. His ability to find joy in the simple things.

46. The way he shows his vulnerability without fear.

47. How he is always your champion, no matter what obstacles you face.

48. His great fashion sense.

49. His passion for culture and the arts.

50. His commitment to staying healthy and active.

51. The way he helps you to achieve your goals by putting in sweat equity.

52. His ambitious spirit, daring and free.

53. How he holds you accountable to your goals even when you're feeling down.

54. His courage when it comes to taking risks for love.

55. His love of travel and new experiences.

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56. The way he inspires you to want more for your life.

57. His creativity and imagination provide you with a more artful life.

58. His wonderful singing voice.

59. How well he expresses his feelings verbally.

60. His sparkling personality when around friends and family.

61. His strong faith in a higher power.

62. His profound respect for yourself and others.

63. His ability to be a calming force in chaotic situations.

64. The way he always supports your family and friends, embracing them as his own.

65. His reliability when it comes to making plans and sticking to them.

66. How he never lies and always tries his best.

67. His ability to push through and put in extra effort when needed.

68. His strong leadership skills.

69. The way he treats and takes care of your pets.

70. His commitment to building a bright future together.

71. His willingness to forgive and forget.

72. How he doesn’t give up when things get tough.

73. The way he always puts your happiness first.

74. His compassion and empathy for others who are in lesser positions.

75. The way he loves you the same now as he did when you first met.

76. How his smile still makes your heart skip a beat, just like it did back then

77. His never-ending love for you and all its simple yet powerful beauty.

78. How he makes sure to say “I love you” many times each and every day.

79. His ability to keep you and your family safe.

80. The way he knows just what words to say when you need comfort or reassurance.

81. How he makes time for both of you despite all his daily commitments.

82. His unwavering devotion and commitment to your relationship.

83. His deep understanding of you, your past, and your triggers.

84. The way he gently says goodnight to you and makes you feel completely relaxed before bed.

85. How he prioritizes you every morning before heading off to his tasks.

86. How he makes every moment count and is present in everything you do together.

87. His respect and adherence to the values that matter most to you.

88. The way he has a solution for everything.

89. His ability to admit that he is wrong.

90. The way he always looks at the bigger picture.

91. His strong commitment to staying true to himself and the values that define him.

92. How he continues to be your best friend in addition to your husband.

93. His ability to stay calm even in stressful situations.

94. His willingness to apologize and make things right.

95. His commitment to creating a safe space for you to be open and honest.

96. The way he follows through on his promises.

97. How he always manages to light up your day with just one hug or kiss.

98. His enthusiasm for your shared plans and hopes for the future.

99. His unwavering curiosity.

100. The way he loves, no matter what life throws your way.

101. His unique perspective and willingness to stand up for his beliefs, even if it goes against the grain.

102. How he always reminds you why it’s worth fighting for what really matters in life.

103. His strength and courage to keep going no matter how hard times get.

104. The way he considers your feelings and wishes before making any major decisions.

105. His wisdom and insights that allow him to make the best decisions for both of you.

What to Do With These Reasons to Love Your Husband

We're sure that several of the above reasons why one would love their husband pulled at your heartstrings and have filled you with gratitude for this special man. But what should you do with these 105 reasons why you love him?

We have some great ideas for how to use this list of 105 things to express your love and appreciation for him:

  • Create a personalized card or text message with several of these reasons why you adore him.
  • Write down these reasons why you appreciate him, fold them into little paper hearts, and put them into a decorative bowl for him to choose from when he needs a pick-me-up.
  • Post on social media your favorite reasons why you love him. Why not share with the world how you feel about your partner?
  • Put together a special photo album with these reasons why you cherish him written on the pages.
  • Send him a text message every day with a new reason why you love him. He'll appreciate this gesture as a surprise in the middle of his workday.
  • Write a poem incorporating several of the above sentiments.
  • Prepare a speech listing many of these reasons that you share when renewing your vows or at another important speaking engagement.
  • Read them to yourself when things get tough in the relationship to remind yourself why you're fighting for the marriage.

You can use one, two, or all of the above suggestions to express why you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Test different ways to express your love to your husband to find authentic, romantic, and meaningful ones.

Whether it's through a card, text, or social media post, reminding him why he holds such a special place in your heart will strengthen your bond and bring you closer together.

Final Thoughts

It's easy to take loved ones for granted when we don't regularly remind ourselves why we chose to settle down with this person. Make sure you're expressing your love and appreciation by utilizing some of the above ideas for why you love your husband.

Why and how you love your husband is up to you, but it's always worth taking the time to reflect on why he is so special in your eyes.

Hopefully, this list has reminded you why you fell in love with him all those years ago!

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