201 Most Essential How Well Do You Know Me Questions For Couples

From first dates to 50th wedding anniversaries, partners can always learn something new about each other.

Couples trivia questions will unearth the answer to “Who knows me best?”

Even people who know each other well could encounter surprising or entertaining information by quizzing each other.

You could learn more about your partner's tastes, talents, and childhood. It's genuinely fun to imagine what the person you're with was like as a child.

Your assumptions about what someone likes or dislikes might be proven wrong after you take the time to explore each other's beliefs and life experiences.

How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

Asking your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, “How much do you know about me?” can draw you closer. The exercise invites both of you to stay curious about each other.

You might gain new admiration for your sweetheart, have a good laugh, or gain insights valuable for your relationship.

Conversations inspired by couples' trivia questions have the power to build stronger bonds. Someone's insecurity might make more sense after you learn that he or she grew up with tiger parents.

This insight could help you act with more sensitivity and stop criticizing behavior that seems unreasonable.

Many questions frequently come up at the beginning of romantic relationships. People naturally want to learn more about each other because they are testing each other for compatibility.

Get to know me questions work well as ice breakers too. They help you push past nervousness.

Working off a script of questions gives you a chance to relax and hopefully spark interesting conversations.

You won't have to stress over what to say.

For people in established relationships, how much do you know about me questions are a way to find out if a partner has been paying attention.

If you know me well, you'll know my favorite foods, dislikes, and personal background.

201 How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Couples

The questions that you choose for your how well do you know me quiz might vary based on how long you've been together.

Spouses presumably already know each other's birthdays and have met each other's parents. Married people might ask more probing questions or take the time to get to know more about their childhoods.

The section on funny questions could help people in long-term relationships overcome conversational doldrums.

Instead of complaining about work and discussing the kids, you can have fun with discussions about UFOs or reincarnation.

People just starting out in relationships will benefit from discussions about some of the basics.

You could get to know more about your date's family dynamics and lifestyle. You might want to touch upon subjects related to having or not having children.

If you're hoping for a long-term relationship, knowing where each of you stands regarding raising a family could be very relevant.

How Well Do You Know Your Spouse Questions

1. Have I ever been in a car accident?

2. Did I like or hate eating vegetables as a child?

3. What was my first job?

4. What's my favorite food?

5. Did I have to share a bedroom with a sibling growing up?

6. What was my favorite TV show during childhood?

7. What was your first impression of me?

8. What do you think my dream vacation is?

9. Do I have a fun or serious personality?

10. What is my favorite color?

11. Have I ever ridden a horse?

12. How many nieces and nephews do I have?

13. Do your parents like me?

14. What's the worst thing that ever happened to me?

15. What achievement am I most proud of?

16. What are my spiritual beliefs?

17. Where do I fall on the political spectrum?

18. What do I think should be illegal that's currently legal?

19. What is my biggest fear?

20. Would I want to be kept on life support if brain dead?

21. What do I spend too much money on?

22. Am I organized or sloppy?

23. What are my grandparents' names?

24. What household chore do I avoid doing?

25. What do I like about you most?

26. Am I like my mother or father?

How Well Do You Know Your Boyfriend Questions

27. What's my middle name?

28. What year did I finish school?

29. What do you think my political views are?

30. How often do I exercise?

31. Where's my favorite takeout restaurant?

32. What's my favorite movie?

33. What do I like about my job?

34. What are my parents' names?

35. Do I have any brothers or sisters?

36. How many countries have I visited?

37. When I was a kid, what did I want to be when I grew up?

38. Do I want to have children?

39. Where do you think I want to go on vacation?

40. Do I sort lights from darks in the laundry?

41. What do I hope for in my career?

42. What scared me the most when I was a little kid?

43. Who is my best friend?

44. Who do I get along with best in my family?

45. Who is my role model or hero?

46. Did I have any girlfriends in high school?

47. Do I like to dance?

48. Have I ever been in a natural disaster?

49. Have I ever been in a physical confrontation?

50. What is my favorite hobby?

51. What is my blood type?

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How Well Do You Know Your Girlfriend Questions

52. What do I do at my job?

53. What is my birthday?

54. How often do I wash my hair?

55. Have I ever had surgery?

56. Where did I grow up?

57. Name something that makes me happy?

58. Who is my celebrity crush?

59. Who is my favorite author?

60. Have I won any awards?

61. How tall am I?

62. Did I ever perform in a school play?

63. What do I believe happens after a person dies?

64. Do I play a musical instrument?

65. Do I volunteer for any charitable causes?

66. Am I planner or do I act spontaneously?

67. What is my favorite ice cream flavor?

68. Where would I live if I won the Lotto?

69. Do I prefer dogs or cats?

70. Do I enjoy camping?

71. What social problem upsets me the most?

72. Do I like pineapple on pizza?

73. Do I want to be a mother?

74. What is my favorite holiday?

75. Have I ever had a paranormal experience?

76. What is my automatic deal breaker in a relationship?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions Funny

77. Do I insist that the toilet paper roll be over or under?

78. What food makes me want to gag?

79. How many pairs of underwear do I have?

80. What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me?

81. When did I have to admit to being wrong?

82. How many times do I wear pants before washing them?

83. What is something that I'm in denial about?

84. Do I talk too much when drinking alcohol?

85. What's your opinion about my driving skills?

86. What is something silly that triggers my anger?

87. If I could be anyone, who would I want to be?

88. Have I ever seen a UFO?

89. If I stepped in dog poop, would I clean the shoes or throw them out?

90. How healthy or unhealthy is my diet?

91. Have I ever lied for somebody?

92. What modern convenience could I live without?

93. If I only had a week to live, what would I do?

94. Have I ever peed my pants as an adult?

95. What one thing would make survival on an island bearable for me?

96. What animal would you want to be reincarnated as?

97. Would the world be OK if I stopped drinking coffee?

98. If I could be a fictional character, who would I be?

99. What words do I mispronounce?

100. What should my nickname be?

101. If I had to dress in costume everyday, what would I wear?

How Well Do You Know Your Partner’s Interests

102. If I could have any job at my current company, what would it be?

103. Would I prefer to go to an ethical zoo or a famous museum?

104. What was my favorite hobby as a kid?

105. What is my favorite video game?

106. What is my favorite book?

107. What was the first film I saw in a movie theater?

108. How do I feel about musicals: yay or nay?

109. What is my favorite reality television show?

110. What is something I love that I would never admit in “mixed company?”

111. Netflix and chill or a fancy night out and chill?

112. If someone made my life into a movie, would it be a rom-com, action flick, or drama?

113. Name the main thing I wish I was good at but am not.

114. How do I feel about bowling?

115. Do I want to be a parent? If so, how many kids do I want?

116. Would I start a garden if we moved into a house with a yard?

117. At-home movie theater or indoor swimming pool?

118. What is the quirkiest thing I enjoy doing?

119. Haute couture or hardcore comfort?

120. If I were given a million dollars to make a documentary, what or who would it be about?

121. Would I rather cook a meal or bake a pie?

122. What’s my favorite memory of our relationship?

123. Would I rather go water or downhill skiing?

124. Stoics vs. hedonists: With whom do I caucus?

125. Would I rather climb Mount Everest or dive the Mariana Trench?

126. Would I rather attend a silent yoga retreat or a three-day music festival?

How Well Do You Know Your Spouse’s Fears and Insecurities

127. Do I have an updated resume — just in case?

128. Will I apply for a job even if I don’t have every listed qualification?

129. What is my biggest fear for the world, not just myself?

130. Did I suffer a deeply embarrassing event growing up? What was it?

131. Do I find dolls creepy? How about clowns?

132. What insults make me cry when nobody is around?

133. How well do I handle criticism?

134. What do I dislike most about myself?

135. What about our relationship makes me the most uneasy?

136. What do I fear most about our relationship?

137. Where do I want to retire?

138. Have I ever had a recurring nightmare?

139. When was the last time I watched a horror movie?

140. Have I ever had a near-death experience?

141. Gambling: Do I love it or loathe it?

142. How much do I care about other people’s opinions of me?

143. What food am I still most afraid to try?

144. Do I believe in ghosts and otherworldly spirits?

145. What’s my reaction upon discovering a mouse in my house?

146. Do I have any life-altering phobias?

147. Which do I fear more: failure or success?

148. What was the worst period of my life?

149. What is my worst habit?

150. What do I believe about myself that isn’t true?

151. What is my love language?

How Well Do You Know Your Partner’s Goals and Dreams

152. Have I reached any of my life goals to date?

153. What is more important to me: professional or personal goals?

154. Would I rather have a large house near the beach or a cute cottage on a lake?

155. If I could live in any country in the world, which would it be?

156. How much would I need to win in the lottery to stop working?

157. What is the best job I have ever had?

158. What was the most lucrative job I’ve ever had?

159. How do I feel about procrastination?

160. If I was given a billion dollars to start a non-profit, what would it focus on?

161. [For Writers] Would I rather pen a best-selling or highly acclaimed book?

162. What is my ultimate professional goal?

163. Who did I want to marry when I was a child?

164. When did I decide I wanted to be an [insert profession]?

165. What kind of degree would I pursue if I could return to school?

166. What is the best piece of life advice I was ever given?

167. Have I ever had a boss I liked? If so, who was it, and why did I like them?

168. Do I have a bucket list? If so, name one thing on it.

169. What is the biggest obstacle currently standing between me and my dreams?

170. If I could learn to speak another language fluidly, what would it be?

171. What do I most want to change about my behavior or outlook?

172. How upset will I be if I don’t reach my goals?

173. Where do I stand on self-help: yay or nay?

174. Good looks or intelligence: Which do I care about more?

175. Would I move far away for the dream career opportunity or turn it down to stay close to family?

176. Who would I love to see hit with some colloquial “karma?”

How Well Do You Know Your Partner’s Favorites

177. What is my favorite cartoon?

178. With which superhero do I most relate?

179. What is my ideal breakfast?

180. Would I rather vacation in Norway or Italy?

181. What is one kitchen product that I never go cheap on?

182. What is my favorite dessert?

183. McDonald’s or Burger King: No other options are available, and I’m starving. Where do I eat?

184. If it were up to me, how would I spend every Sunday?

185. What are my favorite types of sneakers?

186. Warm weather or cold weather clothes?

187. Camping or glamping?

188. How many good friends do I have? 

189. What is my favorite season?

190. What was my best Halloween costume of all time?

191. Christmas or birthday: Which do I prefer?

192. Do I have a favorite artist? If so, who is it?

193. What is my favorite sport and team?

194. Android or Apple: On which side of the fence do I sit?

195. What do I love most about our relationship?

196. If I could only listen to one musician for the rest of my life, who would it be?

197. Dog or cat: Which do I choose?

198. What is my favorite thing to do after work?

199. Do I prefer red or white wine?

200. Who is your favorite fictional villain? Real-life one?

201. What is my favorite candy?

Questions Not To Ask Each Other 

We’ve reviewed dozens of “how well do you know me questions” for couples. Now let’s flip the coin and consider what questions you should never ask. Because not every curiosity needs to be satisfied. Things that serve no supportive purpose in the present should perish alongside the past.

With that in mind, let’s look at ten forbidden queries.

1. Who did you sleep with before me?

Knowing your partner's sexual health history is smart. Do they have an STI or STD? Heck, ask for proof of a clean bill of health if you must. But do you really need to know about every person they slept with before you? Leave it in the past.

2. What's wrong with you?

Open-ended questions like this are hurtful — whether coming from a colleague, friend, or romantic partner. Nobody is all wrong or right. Simply put: Flicking insensitive and dismissive questions at your partner isn't kind.

3. What does your dream partner look like?

They'll describe you to a “T” if they're smart. But are they being truthful? The doubt will inevitably set in, leading to hours of insecurity and stress-inducing rumination. Besides, being put on the spot like that is about as pleasant as a third-degree burn.

4. Which one of my friends are you most attracted to?

Do not pass go! Restrain yourself! You never need to know the answer to this question. Be confident in your relationship and put it out of your mind.  

5. Do you love me? (On Repeat)

Repeatedly asking someone if they love you is the linguistic equivalent of someone incessantly tapping you on the shoulder while meekly whispering your name with each intrusive touch. It's crazy-making and reeks of insecurity — both of which are major turn-offs. 

6. How do I look in this outfit? / Do I look fat in this outfit?

Can we be brutally honest with each other for a second and admit this question really translates to, Please tell me I'm sensational looking. So when someone answers honestly, the blow feels especially brutal. Avoid compliment fishing by tossing this question from your lexicon.

7. What do you say about me in therapy?

If you want to know what your partner says about you in therapy, book a couple's therapy appointment. Otherwise, what happens on the couch stays on the couch. 

8. Can I join your [insert activity]?

Clinginess is unattractive. Moreover, having hobbies outside of your significant other is healthy. So don't elbow your way into your partner's teams, groups, and extracurricular activities. If they want you to join, they'll ask.

9. What's your password?

Everyone deserves privacy. And no, refusing to turn over your password is not an admission of infidelity. Demanding a partner give you their password is the same as a parent forcing their kid to turn over a diary.

10. What do you think of [insert person]? / Why don't you like [insert person]?

Do you have a friend or family member who's non-negotiable? No matter what, they'll be in your life — but your partner isn't a huge fan.

In these cases, if your SO is willing to keep their mouth shut, respect it, and don't pester them with questions about why they feel this way or that. Enjoy your friend without your partner's approval.

How to Use These How Well Do You Know Me Questions

Want some ideas on how to use these questions with your spouse or significant other? We have you covered with the ideas below.

  • Agree ahead of time that each of you may decline to answer one question.
  • Send questions back and forth in chats at online dating sites.
  • Suggest before you meet for a first date, that each of you select 10 questions to ask each other.
  • On subsequent dates, pick a theme for question asking, like childhood, career, or travel.
  • If you're taking a trip together, ask each other questions to pass time while in a car, train, or plane.
  • Ask each other some of these questions at your wedding rehearsal dinner.
  • Every anniversary, use questions to learn something new about your partner.

When delving into each other's inner worlds and personal histories, it's important to stay lighthearted. These questions are not meant to create tension or resentment.

Their purpose is to nurture your relationship. Knowing more about a person increases your ability to appreciate your partner and anticipate his or her needs.