79 Soulmate Matching Couple Tattoos That Are Decidedly Dope

You’re looking for the perfect soulmate matching couple tattoos – because you’re doing this.

You’ve seen tattoos on other people that make you jealous, and you’re thinking, “I’m ready!”  

Even better, your partner is all in.

They want to do this with you. 

Once you find the perfect tattoo designs and the perfect tattoo artist, you’re setting an appointment and researching tattoo after-care.

It’s time to stock up on Aquafor.

You’re going to love the couples' tattoo ideas we picked out for you.  

What to Consider When Choosing Couple Tattoos 

So, you and your partner have decided to get identical tattoos — or a set of complementary tattoo designs.

You want the kind of tattoo you’d happily pay hundreds of dollars for – while completely sober. Because even if your relationship doesn’t last for decades, this tattoo sure will. 

Whatever your reasons for getting a couples tattoo, here are a few things to consider:

  • Tattoos are very difficult and expensive to remove;
  • No tattoo artist, however talented, is a mind-reader. Bring a picture;
  • Spend time researching tattoos and artists before setting an appointment;
  • Finger tattoos are the quickest to fade (with all the washing hands get);
  • Tattoos over bony or sensitive areas hurt more;
  • Wing eyeliner tattoos do not age well (according to tattoo artists)
  • The skin around your tattoo will look red and inflamed for a bit; this is normal. 

79 Soulmate Matching Couple Tattoos 

Now that we’ve laid out the caveats let’s dive right into the list of some of the best couples tattoos out there. 

We’ve divided them into categories to help you find what you’re looking for. 

Simple Ideas For Couple Tattoos

1. Sun & Moon 

These are a bit more visually interesting than basic sun and moon shapes. For something even more detailed and elaborate, look further down the list. 

2. Constellations

These can get larger and more detailed, too. This one is more subtle and can easily be added to later. 

3. Paper Airplanes

Paper airplanes signify freedom and fun, along with unpredictability. If you like, you can add a meaningful date or word.

4. Match-up Arm Tattoos

From floating dandelion seeds to a flock of birds, the overall feeling is of freedom and exploration. 

5. Birds

6. Leaf Tattoos (Maple, etc.)

Maybe you met in the fall. Or perhaps you both have an enduring love of maple trees or maple syrup — or long walks together under the trees. 

7. Swallows

Swallows represent hope for those who’ve lost loved ones. This one adds gently shaded colors for visual interest or to represent something shared. 

8. Fern Leaf Tattoos

9. “I Am Yours, You Are Mine” Scripted Heart Tattoos with Date

The wrists or forearms are the best places for these coordinating tattoos. The date can be your wedding date or another meaningful date. 

Cute Matching Couple Tattoos

10. “I am Groot”

This is for all the devoted Guardians of the Galaxy fans out there waiting patiently for the third movie in the series. 

11. Robot Love Tattoos

12. Toothless and Light Fury Tattoos

Fans of the How to Train Your Dragon movies and spin-off series would recognize these two characters. It’s also perfectly okay if you both want Toothless tattoos. 

13. Birds on a Swing

14. Tiny Penguins

15. Owl Couple

16. Lovebirds

17. Sully and Mike (Monsters, Inc.)

Sully and Mike (of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.) make a great team, mainly because their differences work to their advantage.

18. Bird on Branch (mirrored)

This tat would work well for fellow bird-lovers. If you have a different bird in mind, bring a picture. 

19. Umbreon Tattoos

This is a great option for Pokemon fans who love the Umbreon character. You could look up other stylized Pokemon characters. 

20. Honeybee Tattoos (for bee lovers)

This tattoo is a natural choice for bee-lovers. Make it as large or as small as you like, depending on your chosen location. 

Deep Meaningful Matching Couple Tattoos 

You and your partner will know what symbols and images have the most meaning for you both.

Some might represent your first meeting; others might tell a story about why you’re so good for each other or what you want to accomplish together. 

21. No Matter What

Day and night, you want to be there for each other, no matter what happens and where you both might be. 

22. Fingerprint Hearts

The heart uses two fingerprints and is finished with a ribbon infinity symbol. 

23. Stylized Infinity Symbols

The image offers two different stylized versions of the infinity symbol, though you can also choose to both get one or the other. 

24. Yin-Yang Balance

The yin and yang represent balance, and the reversal of day over night to night over day suggests sexual polarity, which is essential to passion.  

25. Compass Finger Tattoos

Maybe you both rely on each other for your sense of direction — or some aspect of it. Or perhaps you share a passion for travel. 

26. Day and Night Tattoos (Polarity)

27. Matching Wolf Tattoos

28. Camping 

Couples who love camping together may find this tattoo both fitting and meaningful, especially if they already have good memories attached to the image. 

29. Olive Branch Tattoos

30. Origami Birds Tattoos 

31. Turtle Love Tattoos

Turtles symbolize patience, love, and courage, all of which are essential to a long-term relationship. 

32. Viking Symbol Tattoo

This is a meaningful option for couples proud of their Viking heritage. This particular symbol is called Aegishjalmr, or the “helm of awe and terror.” 

33. Chrysanthemum Tattoos

Though chrysanthemums originate from China, their name comes from a Greek word Chrysos, which means “gold” and anthemon, which means “flowers.” 

34. Tree with Heart in Roots

35. Matching Dragon Tattoos

If you’re both dragon fans, you have hundreds of tattoo designs to choose from, varying in size, color, and detail. This is just one possibility. 

36. Music Symbol Couples Tattoos

Sweet, simple, and symbolic, this is an excellent option for couples who share a love of music. 

37. Lighthouse and Sailing Ship Tattoos

Unique Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

38. Anchor and Ship Wheel

39. Koi Fish Yin and Yang

The koi fish are positioned and colored to suggest the yin and yang symbols. 

40. Tree and Owl tattoos

One is the owl, and the other is the owl’s home. One of you may be exactly what the other has been looking for their whole life. 

41. Skulls & Crowns

This design brings together the King and Queen of Hearts and two artfully drawn skulls with crowns askew on their heads.  

42. Lion and Lioness Half Tattoos

43. Mandala Two Halves

Mandalas and other geometric patterns are popular options for couples' tattoo designs. 

44. Geometric Pattern

45. Flower of Life Geometric Pattern

46. Pixel Character Tattoos

This could work for a couple who share a love of retro video games, online gaming or game development.  

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47. Butterfly DNA with Ant or Mantis

48. Gemstone Heart with Detailed Rose Tattoo

49. Cranes Tattoos

The crane symbolizes beauty, harmony, and grace. And these gorgeous tattoos are the perfect way to honor the presence of all three in your relationship. 

50. Bow and Arrow Tattoos

A stylized bow and arrow like this one bring attention to your complementarity as a couple. 

51. Owls on Branches with Symbols

52. House with Balloons (inspired by Pixar movie Up)

Fans of the Pixar movie Up may want matching tattoos like this one or something similar. 

53. Herbal Tattoos (Lavender, etc.)

Choose a couple of herbs that work well together — like rosemary and thyme. 

Minimalist Couple Tattoo Ideas

54. Always

55. XOXO

56. Script Initials

57. “Her One” and “His Only” with Mismatched Fonts

58. Soul Mate Script Tattoos

59. Roman Numeral Date Tattoos

60. Crescent Moon and Musical Note Tattoos

61. Song Track Tattoos

62. Black Line Couples Tattoos

These work well at or near the wrists as permanent wristbands. If the relationship changes, you could always modify your band somehow to reflect that. 

63. Skulls and Flowers

Long-Distance Relationship Tattoo Ideas

64. Sunset or Sunrise

65. Sun and Moon

This tribal-inspired design is a more stylized take on the sun and moon tattoos. 

66. World and Compass Tattoos

67. Split Earth Tattoos

68. Small World Tattoos (with tiny planes)

69. Crowns

Wedding Band Couple Tattoo Ideas

70. Wedding Band Tattoos

71. Name Script Ring Tattoos

72. Simple Black Line Wedding Bands

Gay Couple Tattoo Ideas

While many of the above tattoos would work equally well for couples of all orientations, we’re including a few designed specifically for gay and lesbian couples. 

73. Four Leaf Clover 

The four-leaf clover is a symbol of gay rights in Uruguay. 

74. For the Women

75. Rainbow Heart with Heartbeat

Christian Couple Tattoo Ideas

Christian couples want to express their mutual commitment to their faith with symbols and Bible verses that are meaningful to them.

76. What God Has Joined

Via: nexttattoos.com

77. Cross Tattoos

Via: flickr.com

78. Bible Verse Tattoos

Via: christianpost.com

79. Where You Go, I Will Go Tattoo

Via: Pinterest.com

FAQs About Getting Soulmate Couple Tattoos

Should couples get matching tattoos?

When it comes to couples getting matching tattoos, it's really all about personal preference. Some folks find it super romantic, while others might think it's a bit risky.

One thing's for sure, though: it's a decision that requires a good deal of thought. Communication is key – make sure both partners are on board and choose a design that's meaningful to them. At the end of the day, what matters most is that the couple feels happy and confident in their decision.

What does it mean when a couple gets matching tattoos?

When couples get matching ink, it typically symbolizes their strong bond and shared commitment. These tattoos can represent a special moment, shared interest, or just their love for each other. It's a creative way to express their connection and make a lasting statement.

Of course, every couple has their own story, so the meaning behind their tattoos can vary greatly. But ultimately, it's a unique and personal expression of their love journey.

Where do you put matching couple tattoos?

The placement really depends on personal preferences and how visible the couple wants their tattoos to be. Some popular spots include wrists, forearms, and ankles, which are easy to show off or cover up.

Others might opt for more intimate locations like ribs, hips, or even behind the ear. The key is to find a spot that feels special and comfortable for both partners, so they can proudly wear their matching symbols of love.

Do couples with matching tattoos last?

It's tough to say for sure whether couples with matching tattoos last longer than others. Relationships are complex, and success depends on factors like communication, trust, and compatibility. While matching tattoos might reflect a strong bond, they're not a guarantee of longevity.

Some couples with tattoos may stand the test of time, while others might not. Ultimately, the key to a lasting relationship goes beyond matching ink and lies in the hard work, commitment, and love both partners put in.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve looked through all 79 designs for couples' tattoos, we hope you found at least a few worth considering. Getting a couple's tattoo is a risky commitment, so make sure you both really want the tattoos long-term. 

Whatever happens, you want this to hold good memories for you both.