Girls Only Want Bad Boys? 19 Reasons They Go For The Scoundrels

We all know about the bad boy. 

He's in the movies, books, and even our real lives. 

Depending on how you look at it, he can be trouble or an adventure. 

But one thing is certain: he's alluring, mysterious, and often misunderstood.

So why do women like bad boys? 

Do they really like them, or do they hope to save them? 

Let's look deeper into why women are attracted to bad boys.

What Does It Mean to Be a Bad Boy?

That handsome bad boy style that girls find attractive is rooted in rebellion and risk.

Bad boys do their own thing; they don’t follow the status quo or do what society expects of them. Women find this attractive because it shows confidence.

Here are some other characteristics of bad boys:

  • Risk takers: Bad boys are principle-based, which means that if there's something they want to do, they do it, regardless of the steep consequences.
  • Sexy: Bad boys are often seen as sexy because of their confidence and unpredictability.
  • Unconventional: Bad boys don't feel pressured to fall in line or match the status quo. Instead, they are secure in their own skin and do things their way.
  • Charming: Despite their bad behavior, bad boys can be charming and know what to do or say to sweep a lady off her feet. They do, after all, know how to go out and get what they want, so they don't usually struggle when it comes to wooing a woman.

While this isn't a complete list of characteristics a bad boy may have, these are the most notable traits that appeal to women.

Other characteristics will vary from person to person.

Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys? 19 Possible Reasons

To understand why good girls like bad guys, we will need to get into the head of the woman who is attracted to this type of man.

How is he making her feel? What do the bad boys do differently? Here are 19 possible reasons why women fall for this kind of man.

1. They Take Action

Bad boys do what they want and don’t think twice about it. They act first and ask questions later, which can be an exciting way to live life. Wreckless? Possibly. Impressive? Absolutely. 

Many women fantasize about a man who can do it all and do it easily, and bad boys do just that.

2. They Offer an Escape

A bad boy offers a break from the expected, mundane everyday life. A relationship with a bad boy can offer adventure, glamour, and excitement that many women crave. 

couple cuddling in the car why do girls like bad boys

It's something different that can make her feel alive or mix up the banality of each day. A bad boy might do the trick if you haven't had a roller coaster ride lately.

3. He's Hard to Get

Many women know what it's like to be desired and pursued by various men. It can be incredibly alluring when a woman finds someone who doesn't give her the time of day. 

Bad boys do just that—they don't play by the rules, and they're hard to pin down.

4. They Offer an Adrenaline Rush

Bad boys live life on the edge, offering some women an adrenaline rush. They do things that other people wouldn't do and are always looking for new ways to push the boundaries.

5. They're Passionate

Bad boys do what they do with passion, which can be contagious. They seem to always have a burning reason for their actions or the way they live life. 

There's always an interesting story behind the man, which makes him even more desirable to some.

6. They Challenge Women

It's unlikely that a bad boy will baby his partner. Not only will he expect her to stand on her own two feet, but he probably won't be shy when it comes to challenging her. 

So do girls like mean guys if they choose a man who isn't afraid to do this? Not necessarily. There's a fine line between a bad boy sharing criticism versus disempowering his partner.

7. Bad Boys Need Less Maintenance

Bad boys often do their own thing, and they don't really need people to do things for them.

For many women, this is a relief from the pressure of having to do everything in a relationship—especially women used to being in control of a partnership.

8. They'll Stand Up For You

Bad boys do not shy away from a challenge or confrontation, and they will stand up for their partners if the situation warrants it. 

couple in the rooftop of a building why do girls like bad boys

They may do this in a way that isn't necessarily polite or appropriate, but many women find this reassuring.

9. You'll Get Bad Girl Status

When a woman is with a bad boy, she knows people will look at her differently and perceive her as someone who takes risks. People may see her as daring or even dangerous, and many women find this attractive.

This may also make a woman's friends envious because being a bad girl can be seen as a dominant and powerful thing. It may not be the best way to get status in your social group, but it can help draw attention.

10. They Make Casual Dating Easy

Bad boys do not do commitment, so if a woman is looking for someone to just have fun with and go out on dates, then a bad boy might be her ideal type. 

She won't need to worry about him wanting something serious. Many women also date bad boys to rebound or move on from a previous relationship since it's less likely to turn into something serious.

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11. They Can Be Very Charismatic

Despite the bad boy image, many do tend to be romantic. Bad boys know they're attractive and use it to their advantage. 

They know how to make a woman feel special with their words, attention, and gestures. Women love this confidence and feel special when a bad boy directs his attention toward them.

12. They're Fun Between the Sheets

No, there's no exact correlation between being a bad boy and being good in bed, but many women will tell you that their bad boys have given them some of the steamiest nights of their life

It could be because of their sexual prowess, but it may also be about the anticipation and seduction surrounding the passionate moment.

13. They Remind Us Of Early Childhood Fantasies

Many women remember their early crushes and the boys they saw as bad or untouchable. A romantic memory can be potent when it comes to attraction and may explain why some find themselves drawn to men who embody those same qualities.

Even if this memory was of a character in a movie or book, it still has a deep impression on our psyche and can be a factor in the attraction. The way he talks, the style of his hair, or his dramatic story may remind you of those crushes from long ago.

14. We're Resolving Parental Issues

As an extension of the above, some women find themselves attracted to bad boys because of unresolved issues with their parents. Women who felt they didn't have a strong father figure or had a problematic relationship with their dad may seek out a man like him to resolve the issues.

couple on motorcycle why do girls like bad boys

Dating a bad boy can help to release these patterns and “daddy issues” or reaffirm and deepen them. It all depends on the level of awareness you have going into the relationship and the support systems you have for keeping yourself accountable to healthier patterns.

15. We Want to Change Them

Many women love a good project, and few projects are more interesting than turning a bad boy into a good one. Women tend to think they can tame him and fill the start of a relationship with optimism as they try to do just that.

The bad boy may be waiting for the right woman to tame him, but the truth is, this is rarely the case. So while you may enjoy chasing him and standing up to the challenge, don't get too carried away or expect too much.

16. They Help Women Leave their Comfort Zones

We all know that occasionally going against the grain and stretching into new territory is an integral part of growth.

Our relationships help us to do this the most, and a bad boy can pull a woman out of her comfort zone in a matter of minutes with his energy and confidence.

Sometimes women like to do things that are downright bad or in conflict with their values just to feel what it's like. Trying out different personalities and approaches could be an enlightening experience for short periods.

17. They May Seem the Epitomy of Masculinity

Of course, a “real man” isn't defined by any shallow measure of toughness or following cultural expectations. But that doesn't stop many women from feeling like their bad boys epitomize masculinity and strength.

Their confidence, high-risk attitude, and ability to do whatever it takes can seem incredibly attractive and manly to certain women.

18. They're Honest

Even if you don't like everything a bad boy says, you can at least trust that he's likely being honest with you. Bad boys pride themselves on meaning what they say and saying what they mean. 

It may be tough, but it makes women feel more secure knowing their partners aren't buttering up their statements, providing half-truths, or straight-up lying.

19. They're Dangerous

We may work to create stability and safety in life, but the truth is, as a society, we are attracted to dangerous things. Adrenaline junkies know this well and understand there is something rare and special about being in a dangerous place. 

Is it the best idea in the long term? Probably not. But a few moments of feeling like you're outside of the shackles of safety can make you feel alive.

Is It Bad to Like a Bad Boy?

The answer to that ultimately depends on the person. While there is nothing inherently wrong with liking a bad boy, it can become an issue if one doesn't consider their feelings and actions.

It can be dangerous when:

  • You do something illegal or immoral just because you think your bad boy would do it.
  • You make excuses for your bad boy's actions or do not hold them accountable.
  • Your bad boy is toxic and disrespectful, but you stay with him anyway out of fear or misguided loyalty.
  • You're repeating unhealthy relationship patterns to avoid growing into a healthy energy-giving relationship.
  • You're using him for status and don't genuinely feel anything for him beyond the image.

Ultimately, if the relationship (or flirtationship) isn't healthy and you do not feel good about it, then it's time to move on. If there are red flags and warning signs, do your best to recognize them and make the right decision.

But bad boys are people too, and there are usually many dimensions of them that make them wonderful, loving partners.

It's important to use discernment when deciding if the relationship is healthy and has the potential for a long-term future.

Final Thoughts

Can you relate to these 19 reasons why good girls like bad guys? It's likely that you can because we have been socialized to do so.

But it's important to remember that no one fits perfectly into a stereotype. When you're dating a man who shows a rebel's characteristics, take a deeper look, ask questions, and learn about him.

You both may be surprised at what you discover.