Write A Love Letter To Your Long-Distance Boyfriend Using These 23 Examples

They say that in love, the smallest distance is too great, and words can easily bridge the greatest distance.

If you've been in a long-distance relationship, then you know exactly how true that is. 

Not only can words bridge the distance between you two and help your love stay alive, but they can also add more meaning to your relationship.

Writing a romantic and meaningful love letter to your long-distance boyfriend is one of the best ways to show him how much he means to you, despite the distance between you.

But if you're unsure what to write in that love letter, don't worry – we've got you covered. 

If this post, we're offering a compilation of 23 examples of love letters to help you write a sweet and meaningful letter to your long-distance boyfriend. 

How to Write a Long-Distance Love Letter for Your Boyfriend

If you're not a writer, crafting the perfect long-distance love letter can be daunting, especially if you don't know where to start.

It's not as easy as putting pen to paper and just layering on the lovey-dovey words. You want your letter to be unique, creative, romantic, and meaningful — something that will capture his heart for a long time.

So here are some tips on how you can write the perfect love letter for your long-distance boyfriend:

  • Explain why you wanted to write the letter: Let your boyfriend know what inspired you to pick up a pen! Whether you miss him or want to let him know how you feel, make sure he knows why he’s on your mind.
  • Tell your story: Tell your boyfriend what you've been up to lately, from the mundane to the exciting. Write him about the little details of your life, whether it's a funny story at work or where you went to dinner with a friend. Show him that you want him to be part of your life, even when he’s away.
  • Share something special: Insert a special memory or experience you’ve shared. You can also discuss your future plans and dreams, making the letter more meaningful.
  • Be creative: Don’t be afraid to get creative when writing the love letter. Include some funny anecdotes and stories, draw doodles, or include a picture of you two together. This will make your letter even more memorable for him.
  • Talk about your long-distance relationship: Pour it all in the letter and be as honest as possible. From the loneliness and longing to the joy of good memories, let your boyfriend feel it through your written words. But remember to express your hopes for finally being together again.
  • End on a high note: Sign off with some words of endearment like “I love you” or “With all my heart” before sealing the envelope.

23 Love Letters for a Long-Distance Boyfriend

Are you ready to write a love letter to your long-distance boyfriend? Read these examples to spark ideas for your incredible guy.

1. Love, I Can't Wait To See You

Hi Babe,

I can't wait to see you again. I dream of us cuddling on the sofa, watching a movie under blankets, and twinkling fairy lights. We could take a walk together in the park afterward when it's dark, hand-in-hand, and gaze up at the stars. 

man opening a brown envelope love letter for long distance boyfriend

I’d love to end the night with dinner at our favorite restaurant, surrounded by soft lighting and sweet music. I can't wait to kiss you again and feel your warmth against me. Until then, know that my love for you is always strong and true.

Missing you,

Your girlfriend xoxo

2. I Miss You, Bae

Dear love,

Every day, I'm reminded that we are miles apart, which makes me very sad. But I hold onto our love, knowing it will eventually pull us through this phase.

I know the distance can be hard sometimes, but I also know that our love is stronger than any distance between us. An unbreakable bond connects us, and I know in my heart that we will overcome any obstacle and be stronger for it.

You mean the world to me, and I can't wait until we are reunited again. I'm counting the days until I can finally be in your arms.

Yours always,

(Your name)

3. Writing Just Because

Hey (His Nickname)

How are you able to be so far away without me? I can barely manage the days, let alone weeks. Every night I think of you, and I can't help but imagine what it would be like if we were together.

I miss your voice, your laugh, your sense of humor, and how you look at me when we talk.

But most of all, I miss us sitting around for hours just talking about random things with no particular point or purpose but just to be together.

I love you to the moon and back, and every moment I spend apart from you feels like an eternity.

Until we can be together again, love always,

(Your Name)

4. Let's Meet Halfway for a Date Night!

My love,

I miss you so much every day. Even though we are miles apart, I am still yours, and you are still mine.

I can't bear this loneliness. It's too heavy on my heart. So, I've come up with a crazy but brilliant idea: Let's meet halfway between us for a date night!

Let's pack some snacks and drinks, hit the road until we meet in the middle, and just hang out together for one night. We can pick out some places to explore, grab dinner together and make the most of our evening.

I can't wait to see your face, feel your warmth, and share some unforgettable moments with you – even for just one night. Until then, I will continue to carry you in my heart wherever I go.

Your forever love,

(Your name)

5. I Miss Your Quirks

My dearest,

Every night before I go to bed, I write a love letter to you and place it in a sealed envelope. It's my way of saying goodnight and expressing my love for you. Sadly, the words on paper can never truly express how deeply I feel for you.

I miss having our late-night conversations, watching movies together, and cuddling on the couch. I miss how you always make me laugh with your silly dad jokes and how you still manage to surprise me with your thoughtful gestures.

woman sitting on the floor writing in a notebook love letter for long distance boyfriend

Most of all, I miss all the quirks that make you unique and special in my eyes.

Until we can be together again, know that I'm thinking of you always and missing everything about you!

The Love Of Your Life,

(Your Name)

6. Happy Birthday Baby

My dearest love,

Happiest Birthday!!! I am so glad you were born.

Today is your special day, and I can’t help but feel so incredibly blessed to have you in my life. As you celebrate your (20th, 30th, or 35th) birthday, I want you to know how much I love and cherish you.

If you were here, I would give you the biggest kiss and take you out for a day of fun and laughter. But since we are miles away, I am sending all my love in this letter. May your day be filled with wonder, joy, and a little bit of missing me.

When you return, I'll be waiting by the kitchen counter with a giant chocolate cake and the perfect gift for your birthday.

I miss you, and I can't wait to celebrate with you.

With all my love and adoration,

Your Sweetheart Forever❤️

7. Happy Anniversary, My Love,

Hi Handsome,

Happy Anniversary! Today marks a very special day in our lives. We have been together for 1,2,3… years now, and I'm still just as much in love with you as when we first met.

Throughout the years, we've fought off a bear, jumped out of a plane, and even braved the toughest of storms together – all while never forgetting that we are in it together.

Thank you for all your love, patience, understanding, and support throughout this journey. You have been my rock during hard times and partner-in-crime during fun times.

I can't imagine life without you and am so grateful to have chosen you as my partner in life

Forever yours,

(Your Name)

8. Happy New Year, My Love

I miss you so much, babe. I wish we could be together to usher in the new year with a kiss. I long to be there with you, cuddling up on the couch and enjoying each other's company while watching fireworks and counting down to midnight.

Although we can't be together tonight, I'll be thinking of you and sending all my love. I can't wait to see you soon, and I'll be counting down the days until then. Wishing you a wonderful new year full of joy and happiness! May this year bring us back together.

Love always,  

Your forever girl

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9. I Love How You Make Me Feel Alive!

My dearest love,

Every day, I wake up with a smile, knowing I am close to reuniting with you.

The thought of your hands caressing me fills my soul with bliss and joy. You make me feel alive in so many ways – just being in your presence is enough for me to feel content.

Your touch, kisses, and caresses always leave a wake of love and happiness in my heart, and I never want to forget how you make me feel. I long for the day when we can be together again and make up for all the time we have lost being apart.

Until then, know that my love for you is endless, and my desire for us to be together is unwavering.

I love you forever and always,

Your one and only, 

[Your name]

10. The Reassurance Letter

My dearest [boyfriend's name],

I know that the distance between us can be hard to bear, but I want you to know that my love for you burns just as intensely as ever.

I think of you constantly, and my heart yearns to be by your side. Even though we may be miles apart, I will never forget how you make me feel when we are together.

When life gets tough and things don't go my way, all I need is one thought of you, and all my worries disappear.

You've been there through thick and thin, always understanding and providing unconditional support during difficult times in my life. That's why even though we may not see each other often, I will never take for granted the connection we share and how much strength it gives me each day.

You are the greatest gift in my life, and I will always be here for you.

Forever yours,

[Your Name]

11. An Apology After a Nasty Fight

My love,

I am so sorry for the way we argued last night. My words were harsh, and I was wrong for placing all the blame on you. We have both been under a lot of stress lately, and it's easy to get caught up in our emotions.

Please know that I still love and care for you deeply, and I hope we can make up and move past this fight. I miss your presence more than ever right now, but at least we have our love to keep us connected even when apart.

I believe this distance is only temporary; soon enough, we will be back together in each other's arms. Until then, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

With all my love,

Your sweetheart,

[Your Name]

12. Remember That Time When…

Hi Sunshine,

I hope this letter finds you in great spirits because I'm writing it with my heart full of love. I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I miss you! I can't wait for the day we can be together again.

In the meantime, I wanted to remind you of something. Remember that night when we went out for a romantic dinner? And then you decided it would be fun to do a karaoke duet while waiting for our meal to arrive. Then we fell out laughing because you didn't like my rendition of “Total Eclipse of the Heart?”

I thought it was hilarious, but I know I embarrassed you a little. That night taught me one thing: we always have fun together no matter what we do!

I love you and can't wait to see you soon. Until then, keep warm and stay out of trouble.

Your most loving girlfriend,

[Your Name]

13. Three Reasons Why I Adore You

Hi Honey,

I'm here to tell you just how much I adore you. From the way you make me laugh to how you never forget to call, no matter how busy life gets – it's easy to see why we were meant for each other.

woman with her laptop open writing in notebook love letter for long distance boyfriend

Here are three reasons I love and adore you to the moon and back:

  1. Your unending patience – no matter how badly I mess up, you just take it in stride and forgive me like nothing ever happened.
  2. Your passion for adventure – your zest for life is contagious and makes me want to start living more freely.
  3. Your romantic side – the thoughtful gestures you make, from love letters to surprise gifts- always makes my heart skip a beat.

There will never be enough words to express how much I adore you! I'm sending you all my love until we can be together again.


Your #1 Girl

14. I Know You're on Tour, But I Miss You

My Handsome Hunk,

As you are away on tour, my heart longs for your embrace. I miss all of the little things that make us, us – from our silly laughter to jokes we share when no one else is around.

I think about you daily, and it brings a smile to my face. I can't wait to hear all about your adventures, the places you've been to, and the people you've met. Please bring me back something special, anything that makes you think of me!

I hope your tour is going great and you're making the most of this fantastic opportunity. Until we can be reunited again, know that my heart is with you each step of the way.

I love you!

[Your nickname]

15. Catching UP

My dearest love,

I hope you're doing well! I miss you so much. This week has been pretty wild in the office. We had some drama that shook up the whole team, and things were a bit chaotic.

Do you remember Susan? Well, she's been getting on my nerves a lot lately, and when I finally confronted her about it, things got a little heated. We had a big argument but eventually worked it out after a trip to the HR office.

Apart from that, work has been going well, and everyone on the team is still getting along. Plus, I'm close to submitting that project I told you about. But it has been giving me a lot of headaches.

So, all in all, it's been a busy and productive week here. I can't wait for the day when you'll finally be back home so I can tell you about everything in person. Write back soon and let me know what’s happening in your world.

With Love,

[Your Name]

16. Take Care of Yourself for Me

My dearest love, I can't believe it's been two months since we had to part ways. Everywhere I go and everything I do, I see reminders of you and the wonderful times we spent together.

It seems like a lifetime ago when you were here with me in our little bubble of bliss. Now that you're away on your new project, I'm cheering for you every step of the way from here, counting down the days until we can be together again. Until then, I'll keep sending you my love across the ocean.

Remember that my heart will always be right by your side, no matter the distance.

PS. Remember to take care of yourself while you're away! You are my most special person in the world, so be safe and stay away from the crazy!

Love you forever,


17. Another Birthday Letter

Hi Hon!

I wish I could give you a big hug today and celebrate your birthday with you – even though we’re apart. You have made this past year so special for me, and I can’t wait to continue our journey together in the years ahead. 

Wishing you a beautiful day full of joy, laughter, and love. I hope you get to celebrate with some friends, but please think of me for a minute while you celebrate. I sure will be thinking of you. 

Sending lots of love, hugs, and kisses from home. I hope to be with you soon!

Love always,

Your Girlfriend 🙂

18. Merry Christmas

Hi Sweet Stuff!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, but I can't help but feel lonely without you here. I wish I could be wrapped in your arms while singing carols around the Christmas tree and sipping spiked eggnog with you by the fire. This holiday would be so much more special if we were together. 

It started snowing here today. It’s beautiful, but it reminds me of how much I miss you and how desperately I wish you were here. Until then, our love will get me through the season. I can't wait until you're home!

Love Always,

Your Sweetheart

19. I Had to Tell You

Dear Love,

I had the most hilarious experience today that I just have to share with you. I was walking in the park when I noticed a large duck waddling around on its webbed feet, and it seemed almost as if it was wearing a pair of enormous yellow earmuffs. It was so funny that I almost burst out laughing! 

Then, to make it even funnier, the duck suddenly stopped and made a loud honking noise. Everyone around me started to chuckle, and I couldn't help but join in myself. I miss your laughter and wish you were here so we could share this hilarious moment together. Love you!  

20. To My Knight in Shining Armour

Dear Mr. Wonderful, 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for me with such thoughtfulness and love. You are my knight in shining armor, always ready to go the extra mile to make sure I'm feeling loved and taken care of even when we are miles apart. 

It means the world to me, and I am so grateful to have such a caring boyfriend. You make this long-distance relationship work, even when we don't see each other as often as we'd like. Your love is my strength, and I am so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you, baby!


Your Best Babe

21. The First Winter Apart

Hey Sweet Pie,

Winter has finally arrived here. The first day of winter was filled with snow flurries and temps in the 20s. I can't help but think about all the fun times we had last year when it was cold outside. Do you remember when we went ice skating with our friends and Susan fell on her butt in front of everyone? 

That was so hilarious! And you laughed so hard that you lost control and ended up on your butt too. That was such a fun and memorable day – especially later that night, if you remember (and I know you do).  I wish we could do it all over again together.

I love you, and I miss you!

All my love,

[Your name]

22. You Make Me So Happy 

Hey Sweetheart,

I can't express how much joy it brings me when I hear your voice or we can have a conversation over video chat. Your tenderness and care made me fall in love with you, and your sweetness melts my heart every single time.

I am constantly reminded of how grateful I am for all we share, even though we are far apart. I can't help but think about how wonderful it would be to have you here with me, where I can give you all the love and affection you deserve.

Until then, I will continue to cherish every moment we share and look forward to our next reunion with longing and excitement.

I love you beyond the stars, and I can't wait to show you how deeply I care when we see each other again.

Love always,

[Your name]

23. Thank You for the Flowers

Hi, Sweet Pea,

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers you sent me. It was so sweet and unexpected. It put a smile on my face right away! I know how hard it is to stay connected while we are apart, but you always find ways to make me feel special and loved. 

I appreciate all the effort you put into surprising me like this. You are amazing! I can’t wait to thank you in person 🙂


Your Flower Girl

Put Pen to Paper and Start Writing

Writing a love letter to your long-distance boyfriend is one of the best ways to express your feelings and stay connected. 

Letters like these can help strengthen your bond, keep the spark alive, and make you feel closer than ever, even when you’re miles apart.

Grab a pen and paper and get creative with your words. These letters will become keepsakes that you can cherish for years to come.

Happy writing!

Long-distance relationships might be hard. Here are examples of love letters for long-distance boyfriend you can use to make your guy feel loved.