51 Things To Talk About With A Guy To Keep The Conversation Going

Your mind goes blank every time you try thinking of things to talk about with a guy — and one guy in particular. 

You don’t want to rely on stereotypical “guy talk” go-to’s.

But you’re not sure exactly what will hold his attention and get a real conversation going.

Good thing the list in this post gives you plenty of ideas on what to talk about with a guy whose company and conversation you enjoy. 

What Do Men Like to Talk About? 

Being human and all — and having interests as varied as any other gender — men can find plenty of things to talk about.

The more you know about his interests, the longer the conversation can go (depending on your short-term goals). 

The list of questions below can help you get helpful intel on what matters most to him, which will probably fall into the following categories: 

  • His family and friends
  • Love, romance, and what he hopes from both
  • His work and what it means to him 
  • His hobbies and passions
  • His beliefs — religious, moral, and/or political

51 Things to Talk about with a Guy 

Now you know how to identify the best topics to talk about with a guy, enjoy the following list of ideas. Keep track of the ones that stand out for you. 

1. Start with a genuine compliment. Probably best not to get all gushy over his eyes or his muscles. Focus on qualities you notice that you honestly admire. 

2. Ask about his hobbies. What does he love to do on his own time, and why? Has he created anything he’s proud of?

3. Talk about your hobbies or passions. If he asks, don’t worry about whether your favorite activities match his. Be honest about what you love.

4 Play a game of 20 questions. Make the list of questions beforehand using what you know about him so far. And be prepared to answer his.

5. Ask about his favorite films or TV series. What was the last thing he binge-watched? What’s the best movie he’s seen in the past year or so?

6. Ask him for his idea of the perfect date. What would ruin it for him? Or what would be his backup plan? 

7. Ask about his long-term plans. What does he want to do, and what are his plans for getting closer to that? 

8. Talk about your own plans. If he asks, tell him what you’re working on and where you want to be five or ten years from now. 

9. Talk about his career. Is he doing the work he wants to do? What has he tried so far that hasn’t worked? What has?

10. Talk about your career. If he asks, be honest about where you are and where you want to be with your career goals. 

11. Talk about accomplishments or successes. What has he done that he’s most proud of? Which of your own achievements are most important to you?

12. Ask him about essential life lessons he’s learned. How has his outlook changed over the years as he’s grown and lived? What lessons stand out for him?

13. Talk about his past crushes — how they began and what they led to. Be prepared to answer this question for yourself if he asks. 

14. Talk about celebrity crushes, if he’s ever had any. This works better if you have a celebrity crush of your own to share. 

15. Talk about his favorite foods. This is a good time to learn about strong dislikes, allergies, and dietary restrictions. Also, is cooking together in your future?

16. Ask him where he’d love to travel. If he could go anywhere in the world (and money was no object), where would he go, and why?

17. What qualities does he notice first in a woman? What does he find most attractive? What makes him want to learn more?

18. What has he been reading lately? What books have you both enjoyed? Do you find yourself wanting to ask him for recommendations?

19. Suggest an activity for you to try together — whether it’s something one (or both) of you have done before or not. See what sparks his interest. 

20. Talk about music. What does he listen to most often? What are his favorite singers or groups? What concert would he love to attend?

21. Does he like animals? Does he have a pet, or does he have allergies? Being kind to animals is more important than being a pet person. 

22. Ask about his friends and family. Who are the most important people in his life? Does he see them often? 

23. Ask if he has any favorite sports or games. What sports does he enjoy playing or watching (or both)? Does he like board or card games?

24. How was his childhood? What was it like for him growing up? What are his happiest memories? What would he change if he could? 

25. Ask how he typically spends his weekends? Does he attend a religious service? Does he go climbing, scuba diving, surfing, etc.? What does he do to relax?

26. Is he on social media — and, if so, where? What are his favorite channels, and what does he like about them?

27. What does he see ahead for the two of you? Does he see you together? Or does he see you both thriving separately as amiable acquaintances?

28. What has he learned over the years about romantic relationships? What have past relationships taught him that he considers worth remembering?

29. Talk about your current relationship status. How would he describe your relationship and where it’s going? What hopes does he have for it?

30. Talk about religion. What role (if any) does religion play in his life? How important is it to his parents? What beliefs do you have in common?

31. What are his biggest fears? And what are yours? What keeps either of you up at night? And how do you deal with those fears? 

32. Discuss current events. What’s going on in the world that is most impactful for him? Does he like to discuss politics, or would he rather avoid it?

33. Ask him to describe a perfect day. How does it begin? What does he do to make the day meaningful and enjoyable? How does it end?

34. Share a joke. Tread lightly with wordplay until you know what he likes and dislikes. Avoid anything potentially offensive. Ask him to share a joke he enjoys. 

35. Ask about his biggest dealbreakers in relationships. This can be fun or serious. What line does he expect friends and lovers never to cross? 

36. Talk about pet peeves. What drives him batty? Does he have a colleague or roommate who's constantly pushing his buttons? 

37. Ask specifically about his grandparents. This conversation could be over quickly if he doesn't have a solid relationship with his family. But it's also a bit different and unique than asking about parents and siblings. Be sensitive. If they don't want to talk about them, don't push.

38. Ask about his best vacation. How old was he? Why did he like it so much? If you have a similar experience, share it to spark a back-and-forth. 

39. Ask about his cooking skills. Is he good with a skillet, or is boiling water a stretch? 

40. Talk about surgeries. Has he ever had major surgery? How old was he? Was it planned or an emergency? 

41. Ask about his favorite reality shows. It's hard to find someone who doesn't watch at least one guilty pleasure reality show. Try to tease out his favorite.

42. Play a one-on-one match of “Never Have I Ever.” It's a great way to break the ice.

43. Ask about his vices. Is he straight-edge, “California sober,” or does he freely indulge? (For readers over 21, clearly)

44. Ask where he stands on the great Coke vs. Pepsi debate. What about Sprite vs. 7-Up vs. Mountain Dew?

45. Talk about phone habits. Does he turn it off at night? How about when on a date?

46. Weekend wardrobe: Comfort or style first? 

47. If you could only have one streaming service, what would it be and why? 

48. Burger King vs. McDonald's vs. Wendy's: Discuss.

49. What's his favorite junk food? Does he associate certain foods with certain things?

50. Where does he see himself on a social hierarchy scale? Alpha, beta, gamma, sigma? If he doesn't believe in that stuff, talk about why.

51. Ask him how he knows the hosts (if at a party).

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Broad Topics To Talk About With a Guy

Sometimes it's easier to think about broader topics instead of specific questions. After all, conversations take their own paths. So let's explore a few topics to talk about with a guy.  

Entertainment and Media

Television shows and media are fun, safe topics. Very few people get offended when you don't like the same shows or have different opinions about characters. Usually, it's fun to debate with others about a show you both love.

Sports and Teams

If you're a sports fan, broach that topic. Ask about his favorite games, teams, and all-time greats. Chitchat about memorable games, matches, or races. 

But here's a bit of advice: If you don't enjoy sports, don't pretend as you do. Too many women fake it; in the end, it will just make you bored and miserable. It's okay not to enjoy sports. Heck, a lot of men don't, either!

Music, Artists, and Other Creatives

Music and art have the power to move people, and people who are passionate about them love to talk shop.

Chatting about music, art, and other creative topics can reveal a lot about a person's heart and soul. It's also a good barometer for whether you'll be a good fit (if romance is on the menu). 

Politics and Worldview

Discussing politics, worldviews, and philosophies can be exhilarating or maddening, depending on whether the person you're conversing with has similar views or both of you can debate without letting things escalate.

That said, sussing out another person's views is an excellent way to get to know them as it reveals a lot about how they see the world and the people around them.  

If you don't want to dive into politics, stick to philosophy. Is he more of a Kant or Hegel type of guy?

Work and Professional Aspirations

Are you career-minded? Chat about work and professional goals. Ask him about his and espouse yours.

Do your respective vocations complement each other? Are there any synergies? Or perhaps you're in the same field and know some of the same people.

Relationships and Gossip

Believe it or not, a LOT of men love to gossip with their significant others. (Many also love face masks, so long as “the boys” never find out!) But don't talk about people you know in real life.

That's very off-putting. But “celebrity gossip” is perfectly fine. 

Wholesome Topics

If you and your “gentleman caller” walk on the traditional side of the street, sticking to wholesome topics may be the way to go.

Chat about the weather, outdoor activities, and nature. If you have things in common, you'll gravitate toward them naturally. 


If it hasn't happened already, one day, you'll find yourself stuck in a conversation with a bombastic, self-centered man. It can be fun if you treat it like a game.

In these situations, all you need to do is focus on him. Ask him questions about himself. But you probably won't do much talking — he's got that covered.

Common Questions: What to Talk about with a Guy 

Now that you’ve looked through the list of things to talk about with a guy, let’s tackle some questions that might still be lingering in your mind. 

How do I keep a conversation going with a guy?

Keep the conversation focused on something that interests him, and be ready to answer questions he has about you.

Don’t dwell on negative topics like the trouble you had with your ex, your worst experience on the job, or what you hate about life and other people. 

What should I talk about with a guy over text?

Ask him how his day is going and what you can do to make it better. Or thank him for something he’s said or done that has stayed with you or made a positive change in your life.

How do I talk to a guy I don't know?

If you don’t know anything about him, it doesn’t hurt to ask what he likes about the place where you’re meeting. Or start off with a question about what he’s drinking and move on to questions about where he’s from, what he does, or what’s on his mind. 

Final Thoughts

These questions have given you ideas on what to talk about with a guy you like. So which of the topics listed in this post stood out for you?

And what will you do with them today to connect more deeply with your special guy?