7 Of The Best Card Games For Couples

With the growing number of couples card games out there, how do you know which ones to try first?

You know exactly how much spice you’re looking for, which is a good start.

And maybe you want a game that will make you both laugh a lot.

When it comes to fun card games for couples, though, it’s good to know what other couples have to say about the most popular options out there. 

After all, your partner and your relationship deserve the best. 

7 of the Best Card Games for Couples 

Look through the following card games for couples to play. Depending on the kind of date night you have in mind, some games will appeal to you more than others.

Click on the links to learn more about them. 

1. The Ultimate Game for Couples: Great Conversation and Fun Challenges for Date Night 

This game works as well for game nights with other couples as it does for one-on-one relationship-building. Easy, straightforward rules make it a cinch to get started getting to know each other better. 

The funny challenges up the ante to draw you and your partner deeper into the game and closer to each other. And with 200 playing cards, you can look forward to hours of bonding and laughing together. 


  • Fun challenges as well as conversation starters for couples
  • Gives the option of one-on-one or competing with other couples
  • Inclusive of all relationship types


  • Considered pricey (at $25) by some for what you’re getting
  • Some thought the questions better-suited to newer couples
  • Some thought the questions were too tame (i.e., zero spice)

2. TELL ME for Couples: 100+ Conversation Starters 

Learn more about each other and deepen your connection with the 100+ conversation starters in this deck. Get each other talking about things you’ve each kept to yourselves or haven’t thought to mention yet. 

Schedule a time each day or a few times a week to work through the deck together (e.g., at breakfast or before going to bed). This could be the start of a beautiful new daily ritual.  


  • Works as well for a new daily ritual or for date nights
  • Perfect gift for a couple or for your partner on Valentine’s Day, etc. 
  • Thought-provoking but not too difficult to answer


  • Some credited this deck for starting fights (rather than bonding)
  • Some considered the questions too intense for newer couples. 
  • Priced relatively high ($17) for the number of cards/questions

3. OUR MOMENTS Couples: 100 Thoughtful Conversation Starters for Great Relationships 

Put aside the daily to-dos to spend some time focusing on each other. The OUR MOMENTS deck gets you talking about your relationship in ways you probably haven’t for a long time (if ever). 

Use this card game to hit “refresh” on your connection and make time for daily “you and me” conversations. No matter how long you’ve been together, there’s always something new to learn about each other. 


  • 100 question cards on 300gsm card stock
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Other OUR MOMENTS card decks to choose from


  • Some considered it overpriced (at $18) for the number of cards 
  • Some found a number of the questions more likely to start fights
  • Noticeable spelling and grammatical errors on some cards

4. Intimacy Deck by BestSelf: A Tool for Deeper Connection & Conversation.… 

If you’re looking to both increase and improve your quality time together, the 150+ questions in the Intimacy Deck can help reignite the spark in your relationship. 

Use the prompts to learn to speak each other’s love languages and discover new things about each other. Each card will get you talking about pet peeves, mutual interests, experiences from your past, and plans for your shared future. 


  • No sexual content (G-rated questions)
  • Great for problem-solving conversations
  • Like a couple’s counseling session at home (or anywhere)


  • Some considered the questions “ill-mannered” or negative. 
  • Might be better for new relationships than longstanding ones

5. Truth or Drink: Fun Drinking Card Game for Adults (400+ Questions) 

Shuffle the deck, draw a card, and ask the questions. Questionees can choose to either answer the question put to them or take a stiff drink. By the end of the night, you’ll all know each other better than before (if you remember anything). 

This game works as well for a private date night or a game night with other couples. It comes with multiple decks — from “Happy Hour” to “Extra Dirty (NSFW).”


  • Over 400 questions in five different decks (if you’d rather avoid the XXX content)
  • Perfect for adult parties (with alcohol) just for you two or with other couples
  • Based on the hit YouTube series, Truth or Drink 


  • Relies on alcohol for most of the fun (obviously not ideal for dry couples)
  • Some considered the rules unnecessarily complicated 
  • Some considered the game more fun after a few drinks 

6. Poker for Couples: A Game Like No Other

This game comes in two different versions — the Quick Version and the Advanced Version. With the Quick Version, which is easy to learn and to play anywhere, all reward cards have three or four activities to choose from. The player with the best poker hand gets to pick. 

Both games are designed for grown-ups (of any gender) in committed relationships looking to have some fun together while getting to know each other on a deeper level.


  • Uses a standard 52-card deck with activities designed to spice things up
  • The maker, Tingletouch, makes other risque couple games, as well as some interesting Advent calendars.
  • The Quick Version lasts around 30 minutes. 


  • Probably not ideal for a first date or for couples not interested in physical intimacy
  • The “sexy dares” will sound familiar to players of other TingleTouch games.
  • Might be a bit too risque for couples’ game nights

7. The Couple’s Bucket List: 100 Date-Night Cards

Give your partner the gift of regular date nights this year with the 100 fresh and varied conversation-starters in this deck. Choose from three categories and keep your questions organized with dividers for “Things to Do,” “Doing,” and “Done.” 

The beautifully-designed box makes this a thoughtful and game-changing gift for your partner (or a favorite couple). Just make sure the recipient doesn’t mind explicit sexual references, which you’re likely to find in this deck. 


  • 100 thoughtfully curated question cards
  • Dividers to keep track of your progress through the deck
  • Beautiful, display-worthy box to encourage keeping it visible


  • Some considered it overpriced (at $49), even with the pretty box.
  • May be better-suited to newer couples 
  • Some of the cards more explicitly sexual than expected.

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What card games for couples will you choose?

Now that you’ve looked through these top seven card games for couples, which ones appealed to you most? If one or more have already landed in your shopping cart, how do you picture your first game night together? 

Just think about it. Then write about what you hope this game will bring to your relationship and to your daily shared routines, as well as your date nights. 

May your chosen games draw you closer together by deepening your connection and trust. The more time you make for having fun together, the happier you’ll be.