25 Of The Best Board Games for Couples

One of the things couples should never lose is their playfulness.

The ability to bring fun into the relationship not only spices up your union, but it also creates room for bonding.

In relationships and marriage, life can often be pretty serious, but games allow you to unwind and engage with your partner in a lighthearted way.

That’s why we’ve curated the best games for couples to play together.

Do Couples Play Board Games?

If they don’t, they should. There are so many good reasons to add board game play to your connection time together as a couple.

During a date night or while relaxing at home, a fun board game with just the two of you or other couples is a great way to spend the evening.

Many couples view playfulness and fun as purely leisure activities. This perception limits play and fun to a reward that must be earned.

The Value of Play for Couples

This perception ignores the benefits of play to a relationship.

Play brings joy and healing to the relationship. According to relationship research psychologist, Howard Markman, “The correlation between fun and marital happiness is high, and significant.”

Spending time playing games allows a couple to refocus on their relationship and the close connection they have.

Play not only builds a bond, but also it improves your optimism and even your health.

Hive: A Ga​​​​me Crawling With Possibilities
Pandemic Le​​​​gacy Blue Board Game
Sherlock Holm​​​​es Consulting Detective
Carcassonn​​​​e Board Game
Patchwork Game
The Castles Of Burgundy
Wit’s End
Conspiracy Theory Trivia
Ticket to Ride
Castles of Mad King Ludwig
Off Topic Adult Party Game
Splendor by Asmodee
DRINK-A-PALOOZA: Party Drinking Games for Adults
Photosynthesis Board Game: Award-Winning Family or Adult Strategy Board Game
Scythe Board Game
Terraforming Mars(Indie Boards and Cards)
Charades Party Game: Speed Charades Game
CoolCats & AssHats: The Funnest Adult Party/Card Game

Why Board Games Are Good For Couples

When you’re spending time together, one of these romantic games for adult couples can help you both enjoy that time while you learn more about each other. 

Here are some reasons why board games are good for couples:

  • They provide a fun outlet on date nights, late nights, and parties with friends.
  • They give you something to argue over (for fun).
  • They also give you something to do instead of arguing (the not-fun kind).
  • They remind you of how much fun it can be to play together.
  • They provide a fun way to get to know each other better.

If you and your partner have gotten into a rut, couples games help you discover and explore something new together. Learning a game can be challenging, but as a couple, you can support each other in solving confusing instructions and overcoming obstacles.

As you challenge yourselves with the new hobby of playing cooperative games for couples, you and your partner will discover more about each other and build a stronger, healthier relationship.

Benefits of Fun Board Games for Couples

Not only do good these games for couples improve your relationship and make life more fun, but also they provide personal benefits for both of you. Playing board games can:

  • Increase brain function by stimulating areas of the brain that improve memory and complex thought.
  • Improve decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic thinking.
  • Enhance creativity and self-confidence.
  • Teach cooperation and teamwork with other people.

With the variety of games to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find something you and your partner will enjoy — either alone or with friends and family.

What Are the Best Board Games for Couples?

The best games are those that help you and your partner achieve the benefits listed above. You want your time together playing games to be fun and relaxing — even when there’s some competition or challenge involved.

If you find a particular game brings out the fierce competitor or sore loser in you, it’s time to find another game. The goal is to bring you closer — not pull you apart.

What Are the Best 2 Player Board Games For Couples?

The best two-person games for couples are those that are the most fun for the two of you. But it does help to have a few recommendations before you try something new.

Most of the games on our list can be played with two or more people.

Read each of the descriptions to see which ones appeal to your personalities and the type of games you’re looking for.

That said, some of the funnest board games for couples that many of our readers seem to enjoy include Loopy, Wit’s End, and Hive. Check them out to see if they work for you and your partner.

25 Great Board Games for Couples

1. Hive: A Ga​​​​me Crawling With Possibilities

Reviewer quote: “A truly excellent game and one highly recommend for fans of abstract strategy games, or two-player games in general. The rules are simple to learn, yet the strategic options available make the game fun and challenging.”

This is a bug-themed game whose main emphasis is strategy. The game, strictly speaking, is not a board game as no actual board is included. All it requires is a flat surface.

There are twenty-two pieces,  eleven white and eleven black. Each partner gets a set of eleven. On each piece, a creature is drawn. Each creature represents a unique way of moving.

The idea is to use your pieces to surround your partner’s queen while at the same time protecting yours.

With no board or assembly required, the game simply begins by placing a piece on the floor. It takes on average 20 minutes to play the game as the couple pit their smarts against one another.

You’ll find hundreds of five-star reviews for this game.


  • Builds strategy skills
  • Simple rules for a game with challenging depth
  • Comes with a decorative bag for holding the tiles


  • Some commenters recommended the pocket version as higher quality
  • Some commenters found it dull or too easy

2. Pandemic Le​​​​gacy Blue

Reviewer quote:Great game that I enjoy playing with my spouse. Doesn’t take too long to get into and I really enjoy the “us vs. game” mentality.”

While most board games are geared toward getting the partners to compete, Pandemic legacy provides for the possibility of a partnership.

However, given its highly competitive nature, the advice is for the couple to collaborate.

As the name suggest, Pandemic Legacy is a version of the original Pandemic Board Game but with an ongoing narrative.

The focus remains on the prevention of a disease outbreak from consuming the world. It takes up to one and half-hours to play and allows the couple to build their team and collaborative skills.


  • Ever-changing elements mean every game is different.
  • Ideal for two to four players
  • Great game for teaching cooperation and strategy


  • The rules are made for those who’ve played the original Pandemic game
  • The board is easily damaged when removing stickers used in the game

3. Sherlock Holm​​​​es Consulting Detective

Reviewer quote: “This game is phenomenal. My wife and I have played it both together and with six others and no matter which, we all got extremely involved in solving the case.”

This is a game for couples target at bookworms with a penchant for solving crime puzzles.

The game has a set of ten crimes that you and your partner are expected to solve. Each crime/game takes up to two hours to solve with the later ones taking longer.

To help you unravel the clues and gather the evidence is the world’s greatest consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes.

To uncover clues, you and your partner will have to read stories, newspaper articles and visit crime scenes on a map of London. You and your partner can play as a duo or in competition.


  • Great game for Sherlock Holmes fans and mystery buffs
  • Good for building players’ problem-solving and deductive reasoning skills
  • Straightforward rules


  • Some reviewers thought the game involved too much reading. 
  • May be confusing for players unfamiliar with British culture/way of doing things

4. Carcassonn​​​​e

Reviewer quote:Amazing game for two people. My wife and I have played this together ever since we first bought it and this is one of our favorite activities at the end of a long day. The games don’t take long and we can sit and chat while playing something relaxing yet competitive.”

Although Carcassonne supports up to five players, it works best with just two players, as it takes between 30-45 minutes to complete a turn.

Carcassonne is based on the southern France city of the same name. The city is famous for its historic fortifications from Roman and Medieval past.

The idea of the game is to develop the city by laying tiles and deploying followers around the city. The winner is the one who skillfully develops the city.

Although slow to get started, it is one game you and your spouse will enjoy. Given the success of the original game, one should consider any of its variants, as they will not disappoint.

If you enjoy the game The Settlers of Catan, you will love this game.


  • Easy to learn rules and endless strategy
  • High replayability with different setups and scenarios
  • Straightforward rules, which can also be learned in a 3 minute YouTube video


  • Reviewers reported certain details (roads, rivers) on tiles do not line up
  • Multiple reviewers found the outcomes of multiple games too similar

5. Patchwork

Reviewer quote:“After a few plays with my wife, this has quickly become one of our favorite two-player games. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a solid two-player game.”

In this game, the couple competes to weave the most beautiful and high scoring quilt possible.

Each player has a 9 x 9 board on which to work. A more challenging 12 x 12 board is also available for the advanced player.

To play, the patches are randomly laid out in a circle. Each player is then given five buttons that serve as the currency before one of the partners is chosen to start the game.

The idea is to purchase and place the patches on the board, earning more buttons and points. Points are lost for any spaces or gaps in the patchwork. The game takes on average fifteen to thirty minutes to play.

Check out the rave reviews for this game. Couples love it.


  • Fun for textile artists and other creatives
  • Created by renowned game designer Uwe Rosenberg
  • Clear and simple rules


  • Available on Amazon only through third-party sellers
  • Some reviewers compared it unfavorably to Tetris

6. Dominion

Reviewer quote:“If you are into any sort of card or board games at all (and even if you are not), this is a game to add to the collection! This game is simply addicting!”

Each player begins with ten cards and accumulates more as the game progresses. The game begins by setting up the kingdom. This kingdom has seven sets of cards.

First are the treasure cards, gold, silver and copper. Then you have the victory cards, estates, duchies and provinces and lastly, the curses.

The estates are worth one point, the duchies three points, while the provinces are worth six points. The goal is to purchase as many points as possible before all the provinces are bought or three other card piles run out.


  • Great for those who love deck-building games
  • Updated cards, artwork, and streamlined rules
  • Expansions available to add complexity and depth
  • Each game lasts around 30 minutes


  • Steep learning curve
  • Needs a better quality tray for game materials 

7. Jaipur

Reviewer quote:A truly wonderful game, especially for couples. Simple rules, fast gameplay, and colorful artwork do their best to distract from the strategic depth of Jaipur.”

This simple but competitive game deals with trading in the market of Jaipur, Rajasthan’s capital city.

Two dealers buy, hold, and exchange against each other to determine the winner.

Jaipur is a fast-paced game with strategy and risk at the heart. The winner among the couple is the one with the nerve to develop and execute the best buy, hold and sell strategy. Every game takes thirty minutes to play.


  • Fast-paced games last from 10 to 30 minutes
  • Classic, award-winning game by Sebastian Pauchon
  • Easy to learn the game with strategy and depth
  • Works with multiple languages (cards have pictures only)


  • Not actually a board game but needs space for counters, cards, etc.
  • Needs a thorough shuffling of the cards between rounds

8. The Castles Of Burgundy

Reviewer quote:“Wow. I did not expect so much fun at such a small price. Many decisions. Many ways to win. Decisions that matter. Only downside is that this game is definitely a table hog… but the best table hog you’ll ever find. This is an absolutel MUST HAVE.”

This is another of the French-themed board games on our list. Here, the players are cast as estate owners in Burgundy, in medieval France.

The purpose of the game is for players to build the most successful estate by taking hexes off the main board and placing them on their own board.

This is a fun game that combines both luck and strategy and takes between 30 to 90 minutes to play. The game is non-offensive, as the players focus on their own boards with little interference on the others.


  • Fun for the whole family (2 to 4 players)
  • Each game lasts 30-90 minutes. 
  • Light on strategy but highly replayable and addictive
  • More affordable options available (Card and Dice games)


  • Expensive at $49.99 (Classic version available via third-party sellers at $39.95+)
  • Several reviewers remarked on low-quality game materials

9. Guillotine

Reviewer quote:A fun and easy game to learn. We played with 3-4 adults in our thirties and it was enjoyable with tons of replay value.”

Fancy chopping off a politician’s head? Then this is the game for you — although you may have to compromise on the politician part and settle for the aristocrats and nobility of 17th century France.

With you and your partner as executioners at the guillotine, you score by pleasing the multitudes each time a head drops into the basket.

Make sure you continually chop off the head of the least popular noble to win over the masses.


  • Fast-paced and fun, with 30 minute playing time
  • Easy to learn and highly replayable
  • Illustrations and rules put a lighter spin on the French Revolution
  • Might appeal to fans of Monty Python


  • Too dark for younger players (heads will roll)
  • Some reviewers commented on the difficulty of scoring

10. Azul

Reviewer Quote: “My wife and I really enjoy the game. We tried it out for the first time this weekend, just the two of us. After playing a few rounds, thinking we would call it a night, we kept deciding to play ‘just one more game.’”

Winner of the most prestigious award for board games — the 2018 Spiel des Jahres — Azul will challenge your artistic skill as well as your flair for strategy.

Azul gets its name from the “azulejos,” or blue and white mosaic tiles used to decorate the walls of the Alhambra in southern Spain. King Manuel I of Portugal was so mesmerized by the Moorish designs, he ordered that his own palace be decorated in a similar fashion. 

The game accommodates two to four players who play as tile laying artists, each working to collect and arrange the right number and style of tiles to create a particular design.


  • Best Game of 2018 (winner of the 2018 Spiel de Jahres)
  • Designed by world-famous, award-winning game author, Michael Riesling
  • Captures the aesthetics of Moorish art (using tiles to create mosaics)
  • Can accommodate up to five players, and kids enjoy it, too. 


  • Some reviewers commented on difficult or complicated scoring
  • Somewhat pricey at $28.99 

11. Loopy

Reviewer Quote: “Fun, Fun, Fun! This game really helps you get to know your partner and uncover some unexpected surprises along the way! If you want to intimately connect and have a special moment get this game!”

This is (definitely) a couple’s game with cards that have a nice balance of activity and questions. It also comes with a satin blindfold. Use this one to add some extra spice to your relationship and to get to know each other better. 

Read the reviews to get a sense of whether some of the suggested actions would appeal to you or draw you too far outside your comfort zones.

Loopy starts with questions and moves quickly to physical challenges. It’s not for every couple, but if you’re looking for a game that will dial up the kink factor, this is one to try.


  • Works for couples of any combination of gender identities and orientations
  • Intimate game is ideal for date nights or just spicing up game night
  • Versatile with different levels of intensity
  • Fun way to improve couples’ communication


  • Some reviewers suggested it might be better for older couples 
  • No warm-up. The spinner dictates the pace. 

12. Wit’s End

Reviewer Quote: “Our family loves trivia and this is by far our favorite trivia game! The questions range in difficulty and provide a challenge without being frustrating and obscure. I can’t count how many game nights we’ve had with Wit’s End and we still haven’t run into the same questions. We enjoy it way more than Trivial Pursuit and other such games. We absolutely recommend it!”

With 1200 questions, Wit’s End is a game of brain teasers and riddles about popular culture, history, geography, art, science, and more. More than just a trivia game, it exercises different mental skills to keep the players sharp and the competition lively.

Made for players aged 16 to adult, Wit’s End divides its questions into categories like “Odd 1 Out,” “Sequence,” and “Teaser.” Or if you’re feeling lucky, try the “Wild Card” category. As you answer questions correctly, you move along the board. 

Give this award-winning game a try if you’re looking for a board game that will put your knowledge and mental agility to the test.


  • Ideal for those who love trivia and brain teasers
  • Works well for 2 to 6 players (1-3 couples), aged 16 to adult
  • Easy to learn with challenging questions 


  • Pricey at $37.95
  • Reviewers suggested the game is best for players aged 40+ 

13. Taboo

Reviewer Quote: “This is a great game for a group game night. It is sophisticated enough for the adults and teens but even the younger players were able to join in and have fun. We play in teams of 3 persons and made sure the groups had a mix of ages. It was hilarious! When the game was over everyone wanted to play again….”

Fun and fast-paced, this board game has 450 cards, a minute-glass timer, and an electronic buzzer. As a player, you’ll try to get your teammates to say the “guess” word on the card you draw without saying any of the “taboo” words on the card. 

If you blurt out a taboo word, you get buzzed and lose a turn. You keep all the cards guessed correctly, and the team with the most cards wins.

Play with four or more people (aged 13 and up) and expect crazy fast-talking and plenty of laughs. You can’t do much better for a fun game night with couples


  • 450 game cards with new food and drink category
  • Electronic buzzer when a forbidden word is spoken
  • Fast-paced and entertaining, for up to 4 players


  • Reviewers commented on the lack of the cardholder from earlier editions
  • The timer in this Edition gives less time than previous timers

14. Conspiracy Theory Trivia

Reviewer Quote: “Entertaining for conspiracy theorists and absolutely hilarious for everyone else. Highly recommend this game.” 

Test your knowledge of both common and obscure conspiracy theories with this trivia game that is both entertaining and hilarious. 

The goal is to collect conspiracy cards to win the game, but watch out for government cover-ups that can throw you off track. For each conspiracy card, you’ll find a QR code printed on the card that gives you more details about the conspiracy. 

There are 250 conspiracy cards in five categories including Mythos (mythical places and creatures), Aliens (ancient and modern), Technologies, Schemes (governments and secret organizations), and Random (everything else). There are also 25 cover-up cards. When you correctly answer questions to collect a matching set of cards, you win the game. 


  • Each conspiracy theory card has a QR code to access more information
  • Fun and entertaining for 2 to 6 players (1-3 couples)
  • 250 conspiracy cards, 25 cover-up cards, and “sheeple” pawns 


  • Best for those well-versed (or at least interested) in conspiracy theories
  • Pricey at $34.95

15. Mysterium

Reviewer Quote: “You get exactly what you’re paying for with this one, a beautiful and detailed game with amazing artwork over all the cards, and tons of fun to go along with it.”

Mysterious is a fun mystery game that’s a more challenging version of the game Clue. It has an immersive story line that keeps you engaged. 

A crime has been committed at Warwick Manor and the psychic investigators (the players) must get to the bottom of it. One player takes the role of a ghost and attempts to lead the investigators to the villain by sending the team visions. 

The psychics must determine the weapon, location and killer. They have to decipher the images to help the ghost of the victim remember how he was murdered.


  • Good for 2 to7 players (up to 3 couples)
  • Cooperative, so everyone either wins or loses
  • Ideal for those who love ghost stories and solving mysteries
  • Each player investigates a case assigned to them. 


  • Pricey at $43.97
  • Set-up is time-consuming

16. Ticket to Ride

Reviewer Quote: “Essential board game for anyone who plays board games. To the last generation that had Monopoly, and we now have Ticket to Ride.” 

Ticket to Ride is a card collection game in which you try to draw matching colors in order to trade them in and build trains between iconic cities on a map of the US. 

Each train line needs a specific color and number of cards. Players also must complete specific routes or “tickets” between key cities that are often at different ends of the map. 

There are other tasks players can tackle such as building Destination Tickets for the longest singular train path to give an end-game score-boost. The player with the highest number of total points wins the game. 

This award-winning game is beautifully-designed and comes with 240 Colored Train Cars, 110 Train Car cards, 30 Destination Tickets, 5 Wooden Scoring Markers, 1 Days of Wonder Online access number, and a Rules booklet. Or instead of a rule book, use a compatible Echo device, and say “Alexa, launch Ticket to Ride” to be taken on a guided tour from the beginning to end of the game.


  • Fast-paced, award-winning game for 2-5 players
  • This U.S. edition teaches familiarity with U.S. cities and geography
  • You can launch the game with Alexa and compete with the AI to win. 
  • Each round lasts 60-90 minutes for involved gameplay.


  • Pricey at $39.99
  • Reviewers recommended buying from Asmodee’s authorized retailers, rather than Amazon, to avoid counterfeit versions of the game

17. Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Reviewer Quote: “I really enjoy this game; each play-through is quite different so it has kept my interest for over 18 months so far. The expansion adds even more variability, too.”

With this game, players are castle architects trying to please Mad King Ludwig. He always changes the types of castles he’ll bestow the most points for so each game is different.

He might want a castle with as many round rooms as possible or high square footage  downstairs rooms.

Players take turns to be the master builder, setting the prices of all the available rooms for that turn. The other players pay the Master Builder to build rooms in their castles, trying to get the most points by spending the least amount of money. Each player is given secret objectives in addition to the common objectives. 

Every castle you build is unique as there are different shaped and themed rooms that can be placed throughout the game. Most are based on actual rooms in the castles that the real King Ludwig II of Bavaria built over 150 years ago.


  • Each player builds their own castle according to the mad king’s dictates.
  • Based on real 19-century castles of “Mad” King Ludwig of Bavaria
  • Engaging game concept, mechanics, and artwork


  • Pricey at $44.50 with many reviewers remarking on the poor quality of materials
  • Steep learning curve but ultimately not as challenging as some reviewers hoped 

18. Off Topic Adult Party Game

Reviewer quote: My husband and I tried it out, just the two of us, and we still had fun, though I can imagine with more answers it would be an even better time! It reminded us of Scattergories, though this one is a more adult version and a bit more flexible.”

Draw a card to choose a topic and roll the 20-sided dice to see what letter your answers have to start with. Then race against the sand timer to jot down as many answers starting with the letter rolled.

The fun conversations happen when you have to defend your answers when one of the players contests it (like in Scrabble). Some of the topics do include adult subject matter, so it’s best for two to eight adult players.

The dry erase boards and markers make it easy to get your ideas down quickly without the hassle of broken pencil leads or piles of waste paper. The game box comes with all you need for hours of fast-paced fun.


  • Great for starting conversations
  • Ideal for those who love debating to defend their answers
  • Fast-paced games lasting from 30 to 90 minutes for 2 to 8 players
  • Questions on the cards keep it “clean” but still cater to adult players


  • Reviewers compared it (unfavorably) to Scattergories
  • Pricey at $30

19. Splendor by Asmodee

Reviewer quote: This is a truly elegant game. So simple, so accessible and yet so many strategies and potential outcomes. Additionally, the coins have weight and heft, like decent poker chips and are a pleasure to use.”

With nearly 3,500 reviews, averaging 4.9, this game puts players in the role of a Renaissance merchant. Your goal is to acquire mines and transportation and to collect jewels, gold, and development cards to build elaborate jewelry.

The endgame? Impress the nobility with your jeweled creations to gain the prestige you need to win. Kids as well as adults will enjoy this game, so it works well for date nights as well as game nights with friends or family. The game takes about 30 minutes each time — with two to four players —  and the materials (including the structured box) are made to last.


  • Based in the European Renaissance with players acting as merchants
  • Fast, elegant, and intuitive game for 2 to 4 players
  • Streamlined rules and game components rich in historical detail


  • Pricey at $35.97
  • Once someone gets ahead, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to catch up. 


Reviewer quote: Beer pong, quarters and flip cup ended up becoming a full blown workout with how fast we were all trying to win a bottle to add to our six packs! Lots of fun drinking games all in one.”

Who’s ready for a drinking game? This ultimate party game set combines old-school and new-school fun into a board game that incorporates the best adult drinking games.

The set comes with ping pong balls, a deck of cards, dice, six game pieces, and mini bottles that you collect in order to win. No ping pong table required, either. Play this in anyone’s kitchen (or any room that isn’t carpeted). You’ll need two to twelve players.

While you can use alcohol, this game is not designed exclusively for alcoholic beverages. Use seltzer, juice, soda, or whatever you like. No other board game has all the best party games in one.


  • Combines old-school and new drinking games for couples and groups
  • No ping-pong table required 
  • Accommodates 2 to 12 players 
  • Alcohol not required; works with non-alcoholic beverages


  • Pricey at $34.99 
  • Reviewers commented on the poor quality of materials (not designed for repeated use)

21. Photosynthesis

Reviewer quote: :I absolutely adore this game. It has lots of great decision making, and requires forward planning, due to the rotating sun mechanic. Brilliantly thought out, excellent gameplay, and good quality components.”

In this strategy game, you take your trees through their life cycles and earn light points as their leaves collect energy from the sun. Carefully choose where and when you sow your new trees to maximize sun exposure (and light points).

Create a visually stunning table display with an ever-changing forest. The high-quality cardboard pieces are made with recycled material out of respect for the environment.

Two to four players — ages 8 and up — can enjoy this game while learning more about the life cycle of trees and honing their strategical thinking skills. The only catch is you might not want to take down the display you’ve created and put it away when you’re done.


  • Environmental board game illustrates the life cycle of trees
  • Great for science and biology enthusiasts 
  • Award-winning game for both adults and kids aged 8 and up (up to 4 players)
  • Eco-friendly construction with recycled materials


  • Pricey at $35.48
  • Multiple reviewers commented on limited replayability and poor quality

22. Scythe

Reviewer quote: : Prepare yourself to be immersed in a glorious steam-punk reality of endless wonder!… I’ve currently played well over 100 games of Scythe…. I can honestly say it is THE most fun board game I’ve played, and I’m still not tired of it.”

The Scythe board game is set in an alternate history in the 1920s, adding steampunk elements to an age of farming, innovation, and war. One to five players can spend well over an hour immersed in this game, without getting bored.

The expansion features a modular board (double-sided), four double-sided tiles (7 hexes per tile), eight home-base tiles, 8 structure bonus tiles, and one rulebook, and is great for one to seven players.

History buffs, steampunk lovers, and world builders alike will enjoy this game. The beautifully-designed game board alone makes it worth a closer look.


  • World-building game based in 1920’s Europe (after WWI) 
  • Plays in 90-120 minutes for 1 to 5 players (1 to 2 couples)
  • Best for players who like immersive games with strategy and complexity


  • Very pricey at $60.99 
  • Takes a while to learn; YouTube tutorials more helpful than a rulebook

23. Terraforming Mars

Reviewer quote: This is a collaboratively competitive game, which means all players are working towards a common goal, the terraforming of Mars. However, only one winner will prevail at the end of it.”

One to five players (ages 12 and up) can happily immerse themselves in this game to terraform Mars. With more than one player, your competitive streak gets a chance to play, too. The game has over 200 projects to complete, and each player competes for different milestones and awards worth many VPS.

In the 2400s, giant corporations are competing for the transformation of Mars into a habitable planet.

Each player represents a corporation and must undertake projects to raise the oxygen level, establish a livable atmosphere, and create oceans. Compete with other players and overcome the challenges of terraforming a planet to earn the most victory points and win the game.


  • High replayability with over 200 different projects to complete
  • Includes an accurate map of the Tharsis region of Mars
  • Ideal for science and space exploration enthusiasts


  • Very pricey at $69.95 (might cost less elsewhere, depending on supply)
  • Confusing instructions and time-consuming setup

24. Charades Party Game

Reviewer quote: Because both teams are acting at the same time, it removes the attention that some people don’t like about charades. As teams got closer to guessing their 4 words, the louder and more frantic both teams became which made for a fun time.”

In this fun twist on Charades, players compete head to head to act out words for their teams to guess. The first team to guess 4 of the 5 words on their card wins the round. The team with the most points after ten rounds wins the game.

You’ll need at least four people to play, so invite another couple or play with your kids on family game night. Speed Charades takes two minutes to learn and about 25-30 minutes to play.

The set includes 280 cards (1400 words), a score pad, and a rulebook in a colorful, structured box. And because the words are clean enough for kids, this game is ideal for a variety of social events.


  • Fun couples game for groups of any size (kids and adults)
  • Each game takes 25-30 minutes, with players competing head to head.
  • The first team to guess 4 out of the 5 words on the card wins the round. 


  • Might be too stressful for players wanting a more laid-back pace 
  • Lacks a timer, which some reviewers felt was necessary

25. CoolCats & AssHats

Reviewer quote: “This game is sooo much fun! The cards are quirky, random and hilarious. We loved the tiebreaker cards, quick games to see who the coolcats and a$$hats were in any given round.”

Each fast-paced round of this game ends with a CoolCat (winner) and AssHat (loser) drawing an action card that is essentially a dare. The game can be as dirty or as clean as you like, depending on who’s playing.

To play, vote on what the other players think about a variety of topics (e.g., getting tickled, abstract art, spray deodorant, etc.).

Tiebreaker cards are great for short games or teasers. The set includes 425 cards: 250 subject cards, 75 Tiebreaker cards, 50 CoolCat cards, and 50 AssHat cards. To make the game more kid-friendly, take out the cards with the cat’s paw symbol.


  • Fast-paced, entertaining game for adults 
  • Each game is as clean or as dirty as players want it to be. 
  • Description recommends but doesn’t require alcohol
  • You can remove all the paw print cards to make the game family-friendly


  • Not really a board game (card-based), though it can take up space. 
  • Reviewers suggested this game is better for 20-something players (with alcohol)

Time to play!

Take your time to choose board games that you both will enjoy with the right balance of strategy and luck.

For those ultra-competitive individuals, go for games that have a strong element of luck so you and your spouse don’t end up in separate corners!

For couples, the fun should be in enjoying each other’s company in a relaxed environment, rather than playing just to win.

Celebrate the friendship in your love relationship by playing games together regularly — a home, on vacation, or with other couples. An investment in these games is a positive investment for your relationship.

Want to have some fun with your romantic partner? Here are our top 25 choices of the best board games for couples that we recommend for game night.