77 Fun Yes Or No Questions To Break The Ice And Get To Know Someone

What are some good yes or no questions to ask when you’re getting to know someone

You can probably think of some off the top of your head, but how handy would it be to have a ready-made list of yes or no questions that are good for any occasion? 

That’s what we thought.

And in making this list, we steered clear of questions likely to put your questionee on the defensive.

That’s so not our goal here. 

There’s a reason we put the word “fun” in the title. 

What Are Some Good Yes or No Questions? 

So, what makes for a good yes or no question?

First of all, the questionee should be able to give a simple yes or no answer.

Whether they elaborate is entirely up to them. 

Here are some general ground rules to follow when deciding whether or not to ask a specific yes or no question: 

  • It should respect the privacy of the one being asked.  
  • It should be a question you could safely ask anyone else.
  • It shouldn’t satisfy your curiosity at the other’s expense.

It goes without saying that yes or no questions in a group context should never be used to out anyone or expose them to hostile attention.

Put yourself in their place before you ask.

group of friends smiling and having fun yes or no questions

77 Fun and Funny Yes or No Questions to Ask 

Now that you know what to avoid, we hope you enjoy the following yes or no questions.

Since some questions might hit too close to home for some, always consider their background and comfort level before you ask away. 

Do you have a secret talent? 

Have you ever been arrested? 

Have you ever pranked someone and had it go horribly wrong?

Did you have pets growing up?

Do you believe in life on other planets?

Have you ever had a bad break-up?

Have you ever created and buried a time capsule?

Do you believe in the theory of evolution?

friends drinking coffee and laughing fun yes or no questions

Do you have a favorite Doctor (Doctor Who)? 

Do you believe in the existence of heaven or hell?

Was there a food you hated growing up that your parents kept making anyway?

Have you ever overheard something you wish you hadn’t?

Have you ever had an experience that made you question everything?

Are you afraid of the dark?

In your opinion, are giant spiders worse than giant chickens?

Have you ever been lost in the woods?

Have you ever been lost in a large shopping center?

Have you ever narrowly escaped death? 

Have you ever had a job you loved more than you expected to?

Have you ever met a celebrity?

Have you ever successfully pulled off a DIY project?

Have you ever followed a fashion trend you now regret?

Have you ever been stalked by an animal that later became your pet?

Have you ever wanted to kiss someone on the first date? 

Would you ever date someone whose political beliefs were the opposite of yours?

Have you ever tried a new food and found you were allergic to it?

Have you ever dated someone who tried to change you?

Do you kiss in front of other people?

Did you ever shoplift anything as a child?

two women with facial masks fun yes or no questions

Did you ever sneak an animal into the house because you wanted a pet?

Do you consider yourself an adventurous person?

Have you ever won a trophy or award for something?

Have you ever fallen for your best friend?

Have you ever turned a hobby into a side business?

Have you ever told a crush you had feelings for them?

Have you ever traveled outside your native country? Do you want to?

If you had the option of becoming part robot, would you?

Have you ever gone camping and forgotten something important?

Have you ever gotten drunk during the day?

Do you keep a journal or diary? Do you write in it every day?

Have you ever lost a depressing amount of money?

Have you ever (or do you ever) cut your own hair? 

Have you ever lied to your parents and known they didn’t believe you?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Has it ever happened to you?

Have you ever gotten fired from a job? (And do you regret it?)

Have you ever been in a physical altercation (a fight)? (And did you win?)

Did you have an alcohol stash in your college dorm room?

Have you ever said the words, “You sunk my battleship!”? 

Have you ever flunked a personality test

Would you ever want to be president of the United States?

Would you ever want to be an Olympic athlete? 

Have you ever sung karaoke? (And did you enjoy it?)

Have you ever been involved in a car accident that was totally your fault?

Have you ever skipped school to do something more fun?

Have you ever run away from home (or from school)? 

Have you ever jumped out of a swing only to regret it seconds later?

Have you ever tried a new recipe and hated the results? 

Have you ever passed for someone older or younger than your real age?

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? (And are they here, now?)

Have you ever broken something accidentally and then lied about it?

Have you ever done something outrageous on a dare? (And was it worth it?)

Have you ever lost a bet and had to do something you really didn’t want to do?

Do you believe in miracles? Have you ever experienced or witnessed one?

Have you ever tried marijuana? If it were legal in your state, would you try it?

Have you ever been involved in a prank on a schoolteacher or other authority figure? 

Have you ever been the target of a prank? 

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Have you ever gone to school only to realize your shirt was on inside out?

Have you ever not been able to work your pants zipper when you really had to go?

Have you ever spilled something on an item you were planning to return?

Have you ever serenaded someone? Did they respond as you’d hoped?

Have you ever gone skydiving, bungee jumping, or parasailing? Did you enjoy it?

Do you enjoy roller coasters? Do you like having company when you’re riding one?

Have you ever found an unexpected and unwanted surprise in a dressing room?

Do you have a tattoo? And are you still glad you got it?

Have you ever secretly returned a gift you pretended to love?

Have you ever received a gift from a secret admirer? Did you learn their identity?

Have you ever tried something someone else gushed over and thought it was awful?

How will you use these yes or no questions? 

Now that you’ve looked through our list of 77 fun yes or no questions, which ones are you most likely to use in the near future? 

Use them at your next gathering with friends, your next date, or your next hang-out with coworkers.

You can also use any of these to send random texts to the people in your life most likely to enjoy them. 

Some of these questions are practically begging for context. So, be prepared to listen if your questionee is in a sharing mood.