81 Positive Affirmations For Men

Over the years, you’ve come to appreciate the good you see in yourself.

But some days it’s harder to see the beauty through the fog of disappointment and self-doubt. 

That’s where positive affirmations for adults come in. 

Affirmations are positive statements you tell yourself every day to remind you of how far you’ve come, what you value most, and what you’re capable of achieving.

They can also help you create a mindset for future goals and success.

This post focuses on positive affirmations for men.

Because grown men also can forget that, being human, they’re just as likely to lose sight of what’s important. 

Give the world a chance, and it will beat you down with messages contrary to the ones on this list. 

Those negative messages can stick if you don't proactively work to change them.

You deserve better. And you’re not alone. 

81 Positive Affirmations for Men

Look through the following positive affirmations list and write down (or copy and paste) the ones that resonate with you the most.

If you’re looking on behalf of an important man in your life, use this list to collect the best words of affirmation for him. 

list of daily affirmations for men

Daily Affirmations for Men

This first set of affirmations are ideal for daily inspiration and meditation. 

1. I always fight for myself and for what I believe in. 

2. I accomplish my objectives every day. 

3. I boldly face every challenge that comes. 

positive affirmations for men
4. I know when to meet a challenge head-on and when to walk away. 

5. I am confident in social situations.

6. I look forward to making new connections.

7. I won’t be used or taken advantage of. I’m no one’s doormat. 

8. I don’t give up when things get difficult. I expect to work for what I want.

9. I have gifts and, with that, the responsibility to make good use of them.

10. I’m not here to impress people. I’m here to make good things happen.

11. I’m ready to do something that scares me today. 

12. I’m ready to learn something new about myself today. 

13. I’m willing to risk failure — or to fail better — with something worth doing today. 

14. I’m willing to risk embarrassment to have someone’s back today. 

15. I’m resilient. I learn from my mistakes and keep moving forward. 

16. I define who I am. I decide what I do. I control how I live my life. 

17. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. No games.

18. My purpose comes from within — not from someone else. 

19. No one will break me down on the inside unless I let them. 

20. Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt. 

21. I am assertive and strong. 

22. I am smart, generous, and good at what I do. 

23. My confidence grows stronger every day. 

24. I have great ideas, and I’m not afraid to share them. 

25. I will continue to learn and to grow. 

Masculine Affirmations For The Alpha Male

26. Being masculine isn’t about dominating others for the sake of being recognized as the “alpha male.”

27. The true alpha male won’t hesitate to sacrifice his ego to do the right thing.

28. That’s the man you aspire to be. And these affirmations can help you grow in that direction.

29. I’m not content to be a beta if being an alpha male is possible for me, which it is.

30. I know that being an alpha isn’t about dominating others; it’s about character.

31. I’m a proud feminist and not ashamed to speak up for what I believe.

32. I have the courage to say what I mean and to take necessary risks. 

masculine affirmations for men (alpha male)

33. I attract new opportunities to learn, to help others, and to grow as a person. 

34. No one defines my sexuality but me. And I live my truth with honesty and pride. 

35. I have a healthy and positive body image

36. I love the way I look. What others think doesn’t concern me. 

37. I am worthy of opportunities to excel in my work and to develop my gifts. 

38. I’m looking and feeling healthier and stronger every day. 

39. I will not stress about things I cannot control. 

40. I am proud of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned. I’ll never stop. 

41. I don’t have to change myself to impress anyone. 

42. Respect is earned, and I work to earn it every day. 

43. No one who won’t risk their ego to have my back deserves a place in my life. 

44. In building up others, I build up myself. Pettiness is self-destructive. 

45. I don’t need someone to speak for me; I can speak for myself. 

46. I can’t control what others think of me, but I do control what I think of myself.

47. Self-love isn’t selfishness. I have to love myself before I can love others

48. I cannot stop bad things from happening, but I can make the best of a bad situation.

49. I am the architect of my life. I build its foundation and choose its contents. 

50. Today, I abandon the habits that hold me back and embrace those that lift me up.

51. I don’t let negative thoughts stop me from being kind or from getting things done. 

52. If I’m hurt or grieving, it’s okay to feel it. True alphas aren’t ashamed of emotions.

53. I can face every challenge with confidence and courage. Fear doesn’t hold me back.

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Positive Affirmations for Men with Low Self-Esteem

54. It’s impossible to have low self-esteem if you accept yourself as you are. A man with real humility will stoop to help a friend but isn’t anyone’s doormat.

55. And he doesn’t stand idly by when others are treated as such. Know your worth and help others to know theirs.

affirmations for men to boost self-esteem

56. I’m a work in progress. I don’t expect myself to be perfect all the time.

57. I am not perfect, but every day I try to be the best version of myself

58. I’m good with who I am, and I’m proud of who I’m becoming. 

59. My self-worth doesn’t depend on what other people think of me. 

60. I am not defined by my age. Every decade is better than the last. 

61. I am capable of achieving whatever I set out to do. 

62. I am in control of my everyday life. 

63. I respect my body and appreciate all it can do.

64. I am mentally and physically ready to do what I need to do today.

65. Nobody can make me feel worthless. 

66. I am a unique and important person in the world. 

67. I can tackle social situations like a boss. 

68. I should and I will fight for my rights. 

69. I set goals worthy of the person I am and the person I want to be. 

70. I don’t need someone else to tell me I’m intelligent, capable, and attractive.

71. I am more than capable of achieving greatness. 

72. Creative energy surges through me and leads me to brilliant new ideas. 

73. There is no room in my life for false humility. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished.

74. My confidence and well-being do not depend on what others think of me.

75. I walk with dignity, radiating power and confidence. 

76. I am a man of integrity. I value character over wealth or the world’s respect.

77. I am a resourceful man. I make the best use of the resources at my disposal.

78. I am calm and untroubled. I made decisions in a composed state of mind. 

79. I am abundantly blessed and mindfully aware of all I am grateful for. 

80. I share with those who have less. I am my brothers’ and sisters’ keeper.

81. I am a man of justice and will fight injustice wherever I see it. 

Final Thoughts

Which of these positive affirmations for men spoke to you?

Now that you’ve read these positive affirmations for men, which ones stood out for you the most? Which did you particularly need to read today?

And how will you keep them visible to inspire and challenge you in the days ahead? 

You could have a mug created with a favorite affirmation from this list. Or you could write a new affirmation for each week on a whiteboard visible from your workstation. 

However you choose to help yourself remember the best affirmations for yourself, I hope you make them part of your internal dialogue. I hope more and more of your own spontaneous thoughts echo the same messages. 

Choose an affirmation for each day or each week. Say the words you need to hear. Say them out loud to yourself every morning. 

And believe every word.