15 Fun Talking Games To Play With Friends

Technology has significantly changed how we used to interact with each other.

It has become rarer to see the smile of a loved one through games or face-to-face conversations.

We should seek authentic connections with real people when playing games instead of relying on shallow games.

Conversation games prove ideal for gaining real-life intimacy and help create a meaningful connection.

Here are some fun talking games you should consider playing with your friends and family.

What To Look For in The Best Conversation Games

There are dozens of conversation games out there you can consider playing.

However, not every game guarantees a satisfactory experience, and you might need to look closer to find one perfect for your scenario.

Aspects to consider when deciding which conversation starter game to pick are many, and you may feel overwhelmed.

These aspects include:

  • Number of players
  • Age of players
  • The end goal of the activity
  • The relationship between the players

Here is how you can find the best discussion games to play with your friends:

Agree on Something

You can find the perfect conversational game to play by narrowing down your options depending on the audience. For example, you cannot play talking games for adults when there are children.

Be Considerate

If you know your relationship with those playing is not that deep, avoid games that might get too personal.

Be considerate and understand that some topics are more likely to stir up mixed emotions, especially in the wrong audience.

Have Fun

The goal of participating in any game is to have fun. If you are sure a specific game will guarantee you maximum fun, go for it.

15 Talking Games to Play With Friends

Conversation starter games involve talking and wordplay, while others rely on equipment to make them more interesting.

Here are 15 of the best talking games to play with friends.

1. TableTopics Best Things Ever: Questions to Start Great Conversations

Talking Games To Play With Friends

Questions to Start Great Conversations is an adult game that guarantees you engaging interaction with all game players.

It is among the best-selling conversation starter games, with over 2 million copies sold globally. The questions asked are thought-provoking and will inspire the best conversations regardless of the event.

It has 135 questions and is appropriate for ages 12 +.


  • There is a sports version
  • The cards have a clear varnish coating
  • It guarantees a fun and laughter-filled experience


  • Some of the featured questions are plain and boring

2. Rememory Game

Talking Games To Play With Friends

Rememory is among the few card games allowing you to revisit life-defining moments with those close to you. The questions asked will take you down memory lane and awaken the long-forgotten and silly experiences of our personal lives.

The game is perfect for anyone willing to create new moments with their family or friends by exploring the depth of their most treasured memories.

It is perfect for reunions, family game nights, and dinner parties and features two 25-card decks with 180 memory cards.


  • It is a family-inclusive game
  • It helps build stronger connections
  • It proves an effective way to connect


  • Anybody can win

3. Conversation Starters for Friends

Talking Games To Play With Friends

If you want an opportunity to know your friends, acquaintances, and coworkers better, you should consider the Conversation Starters for Friends game.

It features over 400 questions ranging from light to more profound ones, creating open-ended conversations to learn new things about each other.

The game has questions that can fuel a conversation for hours while guaranteeing you maximum fun and creating an opportunity to know each other better.


  • It allows you to connect more with friends
  • It creates a relaxed way to spend more time together
  • It includes a variety of conversation-starting questions
  • It is a great game to gift others


  • The cards are small

4. Deep Dilemmas- ‘Would You Rather' Conversation Cards

Talking Games To Play With Friends

Another conversation starter game to consider playing with your friends and family is the Deep Dilemmas Would You Rather game.

The game allows you to spark hilarious debates and controversial conversations among yourselves, guaranteeing fun and engaging sessions.

With questions like this, you will find yourself deep in laughter, arguing, and analyzing everyone's answers before you know it.


  • It is designed for 2+
  • There are no limits or rules to playing the game
  • The questions asked are funny and thought-provoking


  • Some of the questions might be intrusive to younger players

5. TOPIX – 424 Conversation Starters, Family Dinner Conversation Cards, and Date Night Ice Breaker Topics

Talking Games To Play With Friends

The 424 Great Conversations game is the only deck you will need to break the ice and spark engaging interactions.

These high-quality thought-provoking questions are guaranteed to inspire fun and meaningful conversations, creating a practical approach to moving past boring small talk.

Playing this game is easy. You first pick a random question and answer, then nominate other players to answer the same question.


  • It is appropriate for all ages
  • The cards come in varying colors
  • The questions asked are ideal for all audiences, from coworkers to family
  • It is excellent for bonding


  • Low-quality shipping packaging

6. Debatable Party Game

Talking Games To Play With Friends

The Debatable Party Game is another conversation starter game you should consider for your game nights.

It focuses on the serious discussions most talking games for adults avoid, like politics and religion.

The game can include anywhere between two to five players and has over 200 topics for discussion. It includes paper-made cards and is recommended for ages 18 +.


  • You are not restricted to following the rules of the game
  • It is a fun game
  • It is the perfect gift for argumentative individuals


  • It is recommended for ages 18+

7. Adult Loaded Questions – A Rousing Adult Party Game

Talking Games To Play With Friends

If you are looking for an adult-content conversational starter game, look no further. The Adult Loaded Questions game has everything you might require from talking games for adults.

It includes several items to allow an involving gaming experience.

Note that not all questions are linked to sex or drinking. However, it is recommended for adults not less than age 17.


  • It can accommodate many players
  • Successful answers earn you a VIP card
  • It is a super fun adult game


  • It is only for adults

8. Small Talk – Digital Version

Talking Games To Play With Friends

The Small Talk digital version of a conversation game gained popularity during the lockdown period. It is a card game that is ideal for those who love reflection, connection, and introspection.

You should consider playing in two-player mode for more intimate chats, hardcore getting to know someone, and perfect ice-breakers.

The game includes 64 cards, accommodates more than two players, and can take as much time as you like.


  • The digital version allows you to print the cards
  • Downloads are instant
  • The questions featured are thought-provoking


  • Some characters are missing on the cards

9. Let's Get Deep: Friends Edition

Talking Games To Play With Friends

The Let's Get Deep teen game is another popular conversational game that guarantees lively conversations.

The game is ideal for teens and includes three levels; ice breaker, deep and deeper. Inside the packaging, you will find 400 card questions and instructions on how to play.

The game is recommended for players above 17 years and can be played by more than two players. The game's goal is to know each other better.


  • It is ideal for friendship building
  • The questions cover varying topics
  • It guarantees an entertaining experience


  • It is relatively expensive

10. Never Have I Ever Party Card Game

Talking Games To Play With Friends

Never Have I Ever is a fun card game you can enjoy with all your friends. The game involves revealing some of the worst decisions you have ever made in your life, and after sharing, you get rewarded.

You are guaranteed loads of laughter by simply following the game's rules. Each box includes hundreds of cards designed to create a memorable and fun night.

You will perform better in the game if you have done most of the things included in the questions, but you will have to admit it to your friends.


  • It is easy to play
  • You can customize the playing rules
  • It is ideal for both genders


  • The question favors the younger generation

11. Human Rights Conversation Cards

Talking Games To Play With Friends

The Human Rights Conversation Cards game focuses on helping people understand more about empathy and equality. The game allows you to understand more by creating a dialogue around human rights.

The 52 cards deck covers a wide range of topics designed to spark conversations nonjudgmentally.

Topics covered include LGBTQIA+, women's rights, mental health, and more. It is essential for educators, allies, facilitators, and diverse leaders.


  • It covers a wide range of topics
  • It creates a fun way to learn
  • It covers diversity and inclusion


  • It is more suitable for an educated audience

12. Ladies Night Conversation Starters Bachelorette

Talking Games To Play With Friends

The Ladies' Night Conversation Starters game is the perfect card game for your girls' night sleepover party.

This game is recommended for adults, and the playing cards cannot be edited further.

The digital format of the game can be downloaded from several providers, and you will have to print the cards after download.


  • It is perfect for a girl's sleepover
  • It is easy to play
  • There are no restrictions on playing


  • The questions are only ideal for female audiences

13. The Skin-Deep Card Game

Talking Games To Play With Friends

The Skin-Deep Card Game is perfect for knowing and interacting with your friends. The friend's edition helps guide you into more meaningful discussions with connective conversations.

In the game are 199 questions focused on helping you understand your friends at a more meaningful level.

You are guaranteed to discover new ways to connect with your friends and create a safe space for interactions.


  • It helps grow your friendships more
  • It is easy and fun to play
  • You get to connect on a deeper level


  • The shipping packaging was weak

14. The Best Friend Game

Talking Games To Play With Friends

How well do you think you know your friends? The Best Friend Game helps you see how well you know your friends through 250 questions.

It also includes six markers, six dry-erase boards, and six clean-up cloths.

Playing the game is also simple. You answer your questions privately on the dry-erase boards and later reveal your answers to see if they match. The game is recommended for 4+ players and ages 14+.


  • It is perfect for friends to bond
  • It provides you with more ways to play
  • Most of the questions are appropriate for kids


  • Some of the questions are irrelevant

15. Pub Quiz at Home Kit

Talking Games To Play With Friends

The Pub Quiz at home kit helps you test your trivia and general knowledge with 1000 questions from 10 categories.

You can play with friends and family and learn about each other effortlessly regardless of the occasion.

There are 100 quiz cards in the box, an answer pad, and the playing rules. The game is recommended for ages 14+.


  • The cards are premium quality
  • It is ideal for all occasions
  • It is easy to play


  • It is very competitive

You should consider talking games in every gathering for a more involving experience. These games create an opportunity to learn more about your friends and family, helping you build stronger relationships. 

The options mentioned in this article are ideal games to consider when looking for fun games to play with friends.