21 Signs From The Universe That Are Trying To Tell You Something

Sometimes, the strangest things happen and make you think, “This can’t be a coincidence.”

Well, technically, it is.

But this particular coincidence feels like a message.

It feels personal, and you refuse to dismiss it as a meaningless accident

You’re not sure what it means to listen to the universe, but you do notice things.

And lucky for you, the universe knows plenty of ways to get your attention. 

That said, if you’re open to receiving messages from the universe — and you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t — it helps to know what to look for. 

What is the Universe Trying to Tell Me?

When you pick up signs the universe is talking to you, you might brush them off at first, thinking, “Well, that’s nothing.” Then it happens again. Or something weirder happens that you can’t ignore. 

I mean, you could. But you’re curious enough to wonder, “What could it mean?”

I wish we could simply tell you, but that would spoil the fun. Plus, we don’t know. The meaning of each sign depends on your unique circumstances.

The following possible interpretations are just a sampling:  

  • Focus on the present. You’re missing it! 
  • Reconsider your (travel) plans.
  • Reconsider (or tend to) your relationship. 
  • Check on [the person you’re thinking of].
  • Don’t send that. Seriously… don’t do it.
  • There’s something you need to see. 
  • Psst. I got you.

There are other possibilities, of course.

And you may already have some idea of what the universe may be trying to tell you.

young woman smiling and looking to sky signs from the universe

Your intuition is your best helper here and will probably throw a few hints. 

21 Compelling Signs from the Universe

Interpreting signs from the universe isn’t something you have to be proficient at right at the get-go.

One thing at a time; first, you need to build the habit of noticing them, and a big part of that is mindful awareness of the present moment. 

1. Synchronistic Meetings

Out of the blue, you start thinking of someone, and then, suddenly, you see them. Or you get a phone call or text from them, and you had no reason to expect one. 

Or maybe you put out a request for guidance on an important question, and someone shows up and gives you just the help you need. 

Meaningful coincidences like this are usually signs you’re on the right path or that the universe is happy to guide you in your decisions if you’re willing to take notice. 

2. Dreams 

Not all dreams are signs from the universe that you need to decipher. But when it comes to the subconscious, it’s best to keep an open mind. 

If you’re open to receiving messages from the universe through your dreams, keep a dream journal close to your bed. You can even repeat a mantra like the following before going to sleep: “Tonight, I will remember any dreams with important messages for me.”

Remember, too, that you are the person best qualified to interpret your dreams. 

3. Numbers or Patterns

When you keep seeing specific numbers or patterns wherever you go or throughout the day, you might start taking an interest in the meanings behind those numbers. 

Say you keep seeing the time 11:11 or 12:34, and you want to know, “What does that mean?” You can look up numerology articles online or find an ebook that helps you understand their significance.

Numbers may be man-made, but the universe can use them anyway — and often does. 

4. Animals

Repeated sightings of specific animals can be a message, too. If you identify with a particular animal (as your “spirit animal”), you’re more likely to take notice when you see it. 

When you recall how you often see this animal at the strangest or most needful times, you might see that as a sign that the universe is looking out for you. 

person standing on rock in lake signs from the universe

Seeing a particular animal might also remind you of a lost loved one and bring you comfort. 

5. Losing/Finding Objects 

Because of the connection we have with our most treasured belongings, the universe may use these objects to send a message. 

When you find something that had gone missing, you’ll often remember meaningful associations with that object. Think of it as the universe jogging your memory for a reason.

When you lose or break something, the universe may be telling you to let go of the past. Ask yourself whether this object or its associations have been holding you back. 

6. Breaking or Malfunctioning Objects 

You click on “Start” to reheat your coffee or tea or to heat up leftovers for dinner, and the microwave suddenly makes a strange popping noise and stops working. Now, since life without a microwave is too grim to contemplate, you have to go get a new one.

During this errand, you run into someone, and a chance encounter leads to something you would’ve missed if your microwave had worked. Coincidence? Maybe. But who knew a broken microwave could change your life for the better? 

7. Repetitive Experiences or Encounters (“Deja Vu”)

You keep meeting the same person or having the same experience — at least three times now. It feels like “deja vu,” and you wonder why. 

man laughing outside looking upward signs from the universe

The universe may be trying to tell you to pay closer attention to this person or experience to learn something important. Maybe this person will help you through a significant change. Or perhaps the experience will teach you something that will serve you well.

8. Fast and Furious Manifestation

You encounter one blessing after another — a perfect parking spot (in an otherwise crowded lot), a massive discount on an item you’ve wanted to buy, a surprise gift in the mail, etc.

These occurrences could be signs from the universe that you’re right where you need to be and on the right track. Don’t forget to express gratitude for each and every blessing. 

9. Sudden, Unexplained Emotions 

In the middle of the day, you suddenly feel overwhelmed by a sense of sadness or dread. You can’t explain it, but when a name or face comes to mind, you rush to check on them. Maybe it’s your friend living in another state. Or maybe it’s your toddler in the next room.

Sometimes, you avert a disaster. Other times, you might learn heartbreaking news about someone close to your heart. The universe can use your emotions to alert you when a loved one is in danger or has passed. It can’t hurt to check, just in case.

10. Recurring Pain with a Meaningful Location

You keep feeling strange pains in a particular area of your body, and no doctor has been able to explain why. Or maybe, every time you catch a cold, you experience unusual symptoms, and the only explanation so far is you “must be allergic to the common cold.”

The meaning or message behind those strange symptoms may be outside the scope of modern medicine. What connection might the location of your pain (or the type of symptoms you’re experiencing) have to something else? 

infographic Signs From The Universe

11. Gut Feelings

You can’t explain it, but when you’re around a certain someone, you feel a sense of dread or foreboding — which is strange because they’ve done so many nice things for you lately. 

Those feelings are not you being paranoid. They’re signals from your intuition, which is far quicker at picking up extrasensory clues than your conscious mind is. The universe will use your gut to warn you about danger to you or someone else. Your best bet is to listen.

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12. Songs / Lyrics

You’re driving down the road with the radio on, and you hear a song with lyrics that tell you precisely what you need to hear in that moment — or that address your current thoughts.  

Songs and their lyrics can be synchronistic, too. If you’ve asked the universe (or God, Spirit, the angels, etc.) for guidance with a difficult decision, they have plenty of songs in each musical genre to work with. And they have a way with timing.

13. Smells / Scents

Ever been struck by a familiar smell — particularly one that reminded you of a person or of an experience — when it made no sense for you to smell it? No one around you was wearing perfume or burning a candle. 

For the life of you, you can’t explain it, but you know that smell and what it means for you. The universe may be trying to remind you of a person or experience relevant to a situation you’re facing in the present.

14. Weather 

While it’s possible the universe is using the weather itself to tell you something, it often uses just what you happen to notice. And sometimes, the message isn’t so much in the weather itself as in the reason why you want a particular kind. 

If you’re hoping for rain, maybe you’re feeling a need to feel cleansed and free of something that’s weighing you down. Take time out for a therapeutic shower, or listen to some ambient noise that includes rain. Make self-care a priority.

15. Recurring Words/Phrases

You keep seeing or hearing the same word or phrase wherever you go. Maybe you hear a particular name, but each situation in which you hear it is different. 

If you’ve asked for a simple answer to a question, the universe may be using other people to provide it. Or it may be trying to tell you to look into something or to check on someone. 

If it’s a word, chances are there’s a meaning behind it that only you (and the universe) can tell. Take note of the word, and when you heard it, as well as any other memorable details. 

16. Unusual or Unfamiliar Words

You keep hearing a word that stands out to you, mainly because you don’t know (or are uncertain of) its meaning. Still… something about the word and the context in which you hear it makes you stop and take notice. 

The universe may be using that word to draw you toward a path that would benefit you or someone you care about. 

17. Sudden Chill / Upset Stomach (Physical Warning Symptoms)

Sometimes, the sign will come as a physical sensation — like a prickle of gooseflesh at the back of your neck, an attack of nausea, or a sudden thickness in your throat. 

Something literally does not feel right. 

The universe is probably warning you about someone, about something you’re about to do, or about the place you’re currently headed. If you’re tempted to chalk up your physical symptoms to anxiety, you can always ask the universe for a stronger sign. 

18. Unexpected Delays or Complications 

When the universe wants you to reconsider your plans — or it knows you want to — it can create delays and other complications, even going so far as to cause a cancelation. 

Many years ago, a friend signed up for a mission opportunity before the health of someone in her family came into question.

She was reconsidering the assignment and asking for guidance when a letter arrived telling her the mission had run out of money. 

Other delays may not be as welcome. But if you’re at a loss to explain why your plans are falling apart, it never hurts to ask the universe to shed some light. 

19. Unexpected Solutions or Gifts

Out of the blue, a letter arrives with a check for just the amount of money you need. Or someone shows up and gives you something you need because they had more than one. 

Ask the universe to help you find something you need, and don’t be surprised when it shows up, even if it’s not quite the way you’d imagined. The universe is far more intelligent and connected than any of us humans; it doesn’t run out of stuff. So, ask. 

20. Health Issues 

Frequent illness or particular health issues can be a sign from the universe that something in your life needs attention. 

Problems with the throat or thyroid, for example, might be related to your throat chakra and could be a sign you feel unable to express or assert yourself. 

Pay close attention to the areas of the body you have the most trouble with. The universe can use your chakra system to help you identify and address the root problem.

21. Technology Malfunctions 

Some of the most common tech-related signs are when you’re unable to send a message you’ve just composed, when you’re unable to buy something online, or when you’re unable to use a particular app. Another is when your car won’t start. That’s fun. 

It could be a tech issue. Or it could be a sign from the universe to cut it out and take a breath. Either way, a few minutes’ self-check can’t hurt.

Does The Universe Really Guide Us?

There are two schools of thought here. The first is that there is a universal consciousness or force operating around us, and we can tap into that force through meditation or prayer. The idea is that there are energies at play outside of us that we are all a part of. By focusing our awareness on those energies, we can receive understanding and guidance.

The second school of thought is more science-based. Any “guidance” we receive is produced through our conscious minds. It may result as the outcome of years of experiences and wisdom that we draw on when we need an answer or a sign. It is simply a function of our brains developed to help us adapt and protect ourselves.

What signs from the universe are you getting?

So, now you’re feeling more settled. You’ve been getting strong signs from the universe, and you have at least some idea of what they might mean. 

When it comes to mindful awareness of the universe and your place in it, you’re already in better shape than most. If you don’t give yourself a round of applause, picture us happily volunteering. Every step in that direction matters. 

However much you believe about whether the universe has got your back, you’re here because your mind is open enough to learn. 

May the universe help you make the most of that.