Is Your Girlfriend Feeling Low? 51 Loving And Sweet Ways To Cheer Her Up

Is your girlfriend feeling down?

It's not always easy knowing things to cheer up your girlfriend that she'll recognize as loving and sweet. 

If you want to know how to cheer up a girl when she's feeling low, you may need to think of ideas in advance.

Or better yet, ask your girlfriend what lifts her spirits and remember what she says when the time comes.

Your special lady will appreciate that you put thought and effort into giving her a boost.

If you’re sincere about knowing how to make a girl happy when she is sad, take a moment right now to review these ideas with your girlfriend.

She’ll give you lots of points for caring enough to ask.

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How to Cheer Up Your Girlfriend: 51 of the Best Ideas

If you're looking for some of the most touching things to say to cheer up your girlfriend or other loving and sweet things to say to her, you're in luck. 

1. Talk to her.

Asking your sweetheart if anything is bothering her is your chance to lend a sympathetic ear. If she doesn't decide to tell you right then, she could later, because she remembers you were interested in knowing. Be ready by actively listening.

2. Do something fun together.

A classic tactic for cheering up a girlfriend is trying something new or even resorting to an old favorite hobby you both enjoy. Doing so will discourage her from dwelling on negative thoughts about whatever is troubling her.

3. Show her your gratitude.

Each day, take the time to tell her you're grateful for what she does, whether you're commenting on something big or small. Make it focused on her by changing from a “thank you” to a compliment about her acts or skills.

4. Give her a thoughtful gift.

Most everyone loves gifts, and if your girl loves gifts, a special one is even better. Let her know you got the present with her in mind and customize it with a note or some kind of personalization.

5. Help her relax.

Upset causes stress, so helping your girl relax will allow her to unwind. There are so many possibilities, including a bubble bath or a massage. You might suggest a meditation together or taking a walk.

6. Do physical activity together

Getting your girl to have an endorphin rush is a great way to help her relieve stress and lighten her mood.

Cardio exercise or hiking are good examples that accomplish this. If she’s up for it, sex is a lovely distraction that can change her attitude.

7. Cuddle her.

Did you know that adults need human touch to thrive? Even if you hug and kiss every day, your girlfriend will appreciate a long cuddle session.

8. Help her out with chores.

When your girl is sad, she will have less energy for chores and quickly feel overwhelmed. Even helping her with the regular daily tasks like vacuuming will show her it's okay to take a break for herself.

9. Spend time with animals together.

If your honey loves animals, there are few better ways to cheer her up than taking her to a cat cafe, animal shelter, or petting zoo.

An activity where she's petting animals will automatically relax her with the feel-good chemicals oxytocin, serotonin, and prolactin.

10. Surprise her.

Giving your special woman a surprise when she's upset can help break up a gloomy day or just the everyday monotony.

Taking her out to lunch, getting her tickets to a band's concert, or planning a weekend getaway are all great examples.

11. Cook her a meal.

If your woman is the one who does most or all of the cooking, she'll appreciate you letting her put her legs up around dinnertime. If you already do some cooking, make her favorite meal or something new and interesting.

12. Try something unusual.

Does your girlfriend love to go out dancing, but you can't dance or are embarrassed to dance in public? Is there anything she enjoys doing but you don't like as much? Consider doing it just for her. 

13. Be lighthearted.

While some people may interpret being lighthearted as being superficial or making jokes about everything, it means being upbeat. Show your girl the upside to things and get her thinking on a positive note.

14. Support her during stressful events.

Whether she's dreading a family gathering, a big exam, an operation, or some other stressful event, you can be there for her.

She'll appreciate you accompanying her and making it less stressful for her. Your presence will be supportive and calming for her.

15. Empathize with her.

You don't have to be having a discussion or having her talk to you to let her know you understand. Just matching her pace and responding without words is enough.

16. Take her upsets seriously.

Women hate nothing more in a relationship than being dismissed. Even if you don't dismiss her, she could be sensitive when upset and needs some encouragement. Make the extra effort to validate her emotions.

17. Don't interrupt her.

When she's upset and the two of you are talking, you must make every effort to show her you're listening. Let her finish her sentences and thoughts. Try to reflect to her what you heard her say.

18. Be unselfish when she's talking.

The scenario is common where someone mentions an upsetting experience, and the listener immediately chimes in with similar experiences of their own – but it's selfish. When she tells you about her upset, respond to her unique situation and feelings.

19. Help her make a strategy.

If she's especially depressed or feels sad often, it's time for strategic action. Join forces by helping her plan a course of action to change things. Help her find a doctor or therapist and take her to the first appointment if possible.

20. Let her know you notice her.

Everyone knows the popular question, “Notice anything different about me?” Make it so she won't even have to ask by commenting on her appearance in a positive way.

Pay attention to a new haircut, a different outfit, or intentional weight loss. 

21. Support her with small acts.

The little things can matter, and you can make them count for your girl. She'll notice whether you refill her favorite snack, put gas in her car, or provide some other small act of kindness. 

22. Support her in secret ways.

You don't always need to have her notice your behavior right away for her to know you care. Doing small things on the sly will be a delightful surprise for her.

23. Figure out what upsets her.

Maybe you don't need her to tell you what's wrong. Of course, you don't need to be a mind-reader, but just observing whether a particular person or situation upsets her and letting her know that you've noticed can go a long way.

24. Help her be happier.

The way to make something less stressful is to find a better way of doing it. If she's having a complicated work commute or a frustrating friendship, you can suggest an alternative that will make her happy.

25. Show her a new way of thinking.

Sometimes, all your girl needs is a fresh perspective on things. Other people serve as sounding boards and sources of new information, so take the opportunity to give her a different view on the situation.

26. Help her create a new routine.

Your girlfriend may feel bored and depressed because of the same old routine. Encourage her to break the monotony by making a change. Encourage that by suggesting new things the two of you can do together. 

27. Validate her.

No man is an island, and no girlfriend lives in an ivory castle. Tell your lady she matters by peppering her day with supportive and loving comments.

28. Respect her decisions.

“He drinks ‘respect women juice'” isn't just a meme; it's a lifestyle, especially when it's about your sweetheart. Make an effort to let her know you value her choices, even if you don't always agree with them.

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29. Try to click with her friends.

It's easy to forget about her friends when you get caught up in creating a special little world for the two of you. Make an effort to get along with them, and she'll feel even more comfortable with you.

30. Encourage her to be optimistic.

Your girlfriend feels pessimistic about the future, so the natural thing to do is be optimistic within the realm of reality. Encourage her to think positively about the possibilities ahead, and she'll get into the habit. Your own positive attitude will be a good influence.

31. Introduce her to meditation.

It's such a simple practice, but meditation can really help people find inner peace and see the bigger picture.

Helping your girlfriend learn meditation by simply sitting and listening to the sound of her breath for one minute for each year of her age is incredibly beneficial.

32. Encourage her to make changes.

Perhaps your woman's whole routine needs tweaking. Two heads are better than one, so say something about it if you see something that she could improve.

33. Encourage her to make realistic goals.

We all like to set goals, especially New Year's goals that never seem to work out. But there's no point unless they're achievable, so help her set realistic, doable ones.

34. Spice up your time together.

Has your relationship gotten a bit stale? If so, this lack of luster may cause her sadness, even without her realizing it. It could be the spark she needs to get her head out of the clouds if you make it more exciting with spontaneous acts.

35. Think about the seriousness of the relationship

Women can be complicated. If you think your woman is down about the relationship staying where it is, and you're ready to move forward, maybe it's time to take it to the next level.

If you’re not ready, just letting her know how much you value her and your relationship can make a difference.

36. Be fully present with her.

People enjoy feeling like others listen to them, but are you really present with your girl? Make sure you are giving her your focus and attention when you are together in conversation.

37. Be better at communicating.

When your sweetheart is upset is a good time to get better at honest talk. Ramp up your communication skills, and she will have an easier time sharing her inner world with you. And you’ll have an easier time knowing the right things to say and do.

38. Give her a handmade gift.

It's one thing to give a thoughtful gift, but a handmade gift takes it one step further. If you're crafty, giving her a gift you created is something she'll cherish, even if you don't think it's very good.

Writing her a poem or song, painting something for her, or even making a flower bracelet will touch her heart and cheer her up.

39. Set up a double date.

Going on a double date is a great way to reignite the chemistry in your relationship, and it can be just the thing she needs to get out of her funk. It's especially good if you have mutual friends who are fun and lighthearted.

40. Be patient with her.

Understandably, your girl may need to mope for a while. She just needs to work through it. Let her be, and try to find a balance between stepping back and being there for her. You might ask her specifically what she needs from you.

41. Give her a change of scenery.

A temporary escape from the same place is a good thing. When you're with her in a different environment, you'll be able to experience each other without whatever was bothering her. A day trip or weekend getaway could be the change she needs.

How to Cheer Up Your Girlfriend Over Text

42. Share a heartfelt and loving message.

Let her know how much she means to you by sending a heartfelt message expressing your love and support. A few genuine, loving words can work wonders in lifting her spirits and reassuring her that she's not alone in whatever she's facing.

43. Share a funny meme or GIF.

Laughter is a powerful mood booster. Brighten her day by sending her a hilarious meme or GIF you know will make her laugh. This lighthearted gesture will remind her that it's okay to smile, even during challenging times.

44. Send her a virtual hug.

Sometimes, a warm embrace is all we need to feel better. Text her a virtual hug by sending a cute emoji or a message that says you're hugging her tight. It's a simple but sweet way to let her know you're there for her, even from a distance.

45. Surprise her with a compliment.

A genuine compliment can make her day instantly better. Point out something she may not even realize, like how her kindness inspires you or how her smile lights up a room. Knowing that you appreciate and notice these things can truly warm her heart.

46. Remind her of a happy memory.

Sharing a cherished moment from your past together can instantly make her feel better. Remind her of that time you both couldn't stop laughing, or the unforgettable adventure you had. Nostalgia can help her forget her worries, even if just for a moment.

47. Offer words of encouragement.

Everyone needs a pep talk from time to time. Show her that you believe in her abilities and that you know she can overcome any obstacle. Your faith in her will empower her and make her feel stronger.

48. Suggest a fun activity to do later.

Sometimes, having something to look forward to can improve our mood. Plan a fun activity or date for the two of you to enjoy later, like watching a movie or cooking dinner together. The anticipation of shared joy can help lift her spirits.

49. Share an uplifting quote or song.

Words of wisdom from a favorite author or lyrics from an inspiring song can offer comfort and motivation. Share a quote or a song that you think will resonate with her, and explain why it made you think of her.

50. Text her a good morning or goodnight message.

Starting or ending her day with a sweet message from you can make all the difference. Let her know you're thinking of her and wish her a great day or a restful night. It's a small gesture that can have a big impact on her mood.

51. Ask about her day and listen.

Sometimes, all we need is someone who's willing to listen. Ask her how her day went and encourage her to share her thoughts and feelings. Offer your support and understanding, and remind her that she can lean on you whenever she needs to.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make a girl happy when she is sad. Since you know her better than anyone else, you can choose the best things to cheer up your girlfriend with inspiration from the above list.