37 Of The Best Ways To Tell Someone How Much You Miss Them

Telling someone you miss them does not have to be hard, but you don't want to come across as weirdly obsessive either. 

These days, people often send texts to their love interests and significant others as a way to build emotional connections.

So how can you make a text seem authentic and appropriate?

A basic “I miss you” will get the job done, but maybe you don't want to be that blunt or have concerns about sounding needy. 

Here are some other ways to express your desire to see someone again that are casual yet thoughtful.

How Do You Tell Someone You Miss Them?

Your excitement for a new relationship is normal. You know that your feelings are turning serious when his absence leaves you wanting to see him. You find yourself constantly thinking “I miss him so much.”

The early stages of a relationship are delicate. Both people might harbor some hesitation due to worries about overwhelming the other person with messages of love. You really want to reach out but want to avoid making him feel like he's under pressure to fall in love immediately.

Sending him a text is an appropriate way to nurture your budding relationship. This gives him an opportunity to reply. His response could help you know how much he shares your feelings.

If you're wondering what to text your boyfriend when you miss him, you're not alone. Many people fret about appearing clingy or unreasonably enthusiastic with a new romantic partner.

However, just because you want to avoid rushing things does not mean that you should avoid making him feel special.

woman talking on phone how to tell someone you miss them

People generally appreciate feeling wanted, which is a little different than needed. He might recoil from your communication if you send too many messages or express emotions too intensely.

A good “I miss you” text could:

  • Let him know that he's on your mind
  • Invite him to do something with you in the near future
  • Share an inside joke
  • Reminisce about a good time that you had together
  • Ask him how his day is going

Even if you're a dramatic person, you should make sure that your text messages don't go overboard. Texts strip away nuances. He can't hear a tone of voice that makes it clear that you're goofing around.

“My life is torture while you're away” is a text that could alarm him. He might feel too pressured upon learning that he is responsible for your day-to-day happiness.

How To Tell Someone You Miss Them: 37 Phrases You Can Use

When that “I miss my man” feeling strikes, you can send him a quick text or straight up tell him next time you see him in person. Keeping it simple and sweet is a good strategy.

Sometimes people overthink communications, especially when trying to judge where the romance is headed, especially at the start of a relationship.

How To Tell Someone You Miss Them Without Saying It

You can express your longing to reconnect by showing that you care for him or mentioning something about your relationship. You could invite him to share something about his day or mention that he is a positive presence in your life.

Overall, you can try framing him as the subject instead of just talking about your feelings. In this way, you can refrain from saying “I miss you” while still letting him know that you care.

1. I thought of you today when I heard your favorite song.

2. I was lonely walking the dog without you.

3. Had a craving today for our favorite take-out food but am waiting till you get home.

4. Didn't have anyone today to get something off the top shelf for me.

5. Everything is reminding me of you today.

6. Really wished I could've kissed you before I went to work today.

7. I know you're stuck at a boring job, but I envy the people with you.

8. I've kept my schedule open for the day you get back.

woman laying on sofa how to tell someone you miss them

9. Hope your day is going great.

10. Every little sound today makes me think you're at the door.

11. Tell me what's on your mind right now.

12. Life is looking good now that I know you.

How To Tell Someone You Miss Them Without Sounding Needy

People feel threatened by overly needy partners because of the implied responsibility for someone else's happiness.

Although you should want to be a source of happiness for someone, no one can entirely supply all the happiness that you need. You have to find that mostly within yourself.

To avoid coming across as needy, keep your messages positive and encouraging.

13. What would you like to do when I see you again?

14. My day has been dull without you to talk to.

15. It feels like a rainy day when you go away even if it's sunny.

16. I'm looking forward to some cuddle time with you.

17. I was daydreaming about a cute guy and thought of you.

18. Missing you has really let me know how much you mean to me.

19. I miss you as much as old people miss the good old days.

20. I'm not lost without you but not going anywhere either.

21. There's no one to answer my stupid questions when you're not here.

22. Do you know where my heart is? It's with you!

23. Been thinking of you all day.

24. Last time we were together was a blast. Hoping to see you soon.

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How To Tell Someone You Miss Them Over Text

Text messages let you sneak a few words into his day without demanding too much of his time. He might be busy, but a short text gives him a chance to think about you.

Your interest and concern could make his day because it's easy to feel like no one cares.

25. Wish you were here.

26. I just did some math, and it only takes 1 minute for me to start missing you.

27. I'm imagining that your arms are around me right now.

28. Want you to know that seeing you makes me happy.

29. Is there something special I can do for you next time we get together?

30. Jokes aren't as funny when you're not here to laugh with me.

31. Life has been more fun since we met.

32. Whenever something happens, I think about what you'd have to say about it.

33. Would you be shocked to know I miss you?

34. I like the feeling of being close to you.

35. Sorry I was distracted last time I saw you. I miss you now.

36. If you miss me as much as I miss you, you're a mess.

37. Going into debt to buy a plane ticket and visit you is feeling like a good choice right now.

Communication will be the foundation of a relationship. Of course chemistry matters, but it can't override feelings of being ignored or the distractions that cause people to stop paying attention to each other. 

Romantic partners are supposed to miss each other when separated, and saying it aloud or in a text message is completely fine.

The suggestions above will give you a resource to draw upon when you want to maintain a connection and make him feel wanted.             

When you start missing your friends, you don't know what to say. Discover some great ways to tell someone you miss them.