57 Powerful One-Word Compliments That Make People Feel Appreciated

If you’re struggling to come up with the best compliment words to use with the people in your life, we’re glad you’re here. 

Compliments should mean something—to both of you.

If you’ve been overusing a compliment because you can’t think of anything new that says what you feel, we’ve got a whole list of one-word compliments for you to try. 

We bet you’ll find some new favorites that describe your special person to a T.

57 Of The Best One-Word Compliments 

The best one-word compliments are those that say what you want to say in a way that reaches the heart of the one you’re complimenting.

It’s not always easy to find the right words for a particular person. See if you can find some worth trying in the list below.  

Attentive — Generous with their attention; considerate when listening; fully present; mindful; intent; diligent; earnest; committed; all ears.

Authentic / Genuine — Not putting up a false front or pretending to be something they’re not; honest; true to themselves; unalloyed; original.

Beautiful / Stunning / Lovely — Pleasing to the senses or the mind; exceptionally attractive or pretty; impressive; mind-blowing; radiant.

Bold / Brave / Courageous — Unapologetically themselves; acting despite fear; confident; not afraid to take risks; daring.

Breathtaking / Awe-Inspiring — So awesome and amazing, they take your breath away; astonishing; thrillingly beautiful.

Brilliant / Intelligent / Genius — Well above average in the smarts department; gifted; whip-smart; witty; masterly; profound; adept; first-rate.

Calm / Peaceful / Unshakeable —  Not easily ruffled or upset; grounded; serene; relaxed or easygoing; untroubled; even-tempered; coolheaded.

women hugging smiling One-Word Compliments

Captivating — Arresting your attention; stimulating to the imagination; more than capable of attracting and holding your interest.

Creative — Driven to create things or imagine innovative solutions; inventive; resourceful; ingenious; original; clever.

Energizing / Restorative — Filling you with renewed energy and motivation; inspiring; invigorating; refreshing; renewing.

Funny or Hilarious — Making you laugh (often) with apparently minimal effort; having a natural aptitude for humor; having a keen sense of comedic timing.

Generous / Self-Giving — Quick to give without expecting repayment; giving in a spirit of kindness and fellow-feeling; ready to share their resources with those who need them.

Graceful / Poised  — Refined or elegant in movement or bearing; sophisticated; dignified. 

Handsome / Gorgeous / Striking — Extremely good-looking; jaw-dropping.

Honorable — worthy of honor, admiration, and respect; setting the standard for proper behavior. 

Hot / Sexy / Sensuous —  Sexually attractive; exciting; desirable; alluring; sultry; seductive; the kind of attractive that does things to you whenever you see them.

Humble / Nonegotistical  — Having healthy self-esteem, neither insecure nor arrogant; having a healthy distrust of the ego and its demands.

Incredible / Phenomenal — Amazing beyond belief; unprecedented or without equal; defying beliefs and expectations.

Interesting / Intriguing / Fascinating — Effortlessly capturing your attention and interest; claiming your undivided attention.

Irresistible  — Impossible to resist or to do without; someone who is your weakness—the part of your life you never want to lose or to give up. 

Kind / CompassionateShowing thoughtfulness, concern, and solicitude toward others; being there and going above and beyond for you or someone else.

Knowledgeable / Erudite  — Educated and driven to continue learning; studious; hungry for knowledge.

Lovable / Adorable — Charming and easy to love or fall in love with; endearing; the kind of attractiveness that makes you smile and feel warm when you think of them.

Mischievous / Playful — Having a mischievous streak; fun-loving and adventurous; uninhibited (or less inhibited than most).

Nonjudgmental  — Slow to judge others or to make assumptions; broad-minded and forgiving; wise. 

Perceptive / Intuitive — Having a strong sense about people and situations; insightful; tending to follow their gut/instincts.

Persuasive / Compelling — Having a way with words; convincing; able to win people over; influential; reasonable; logically sound. 

Remarkable / Extraordinary  — Notably or conspicuously unusual or rare; standing out in a positive way. 

Resilient / Strong / Unsinkable — Impossible to keep down (for long); enduring; persevering; undeterrable.

Unforgettable / Memorable  — Impossible to forget or to push far from your mind; ever-present in your memory or imagination (or both).

Unique / Special / Irreplaceable — Impossible to replace or replicate; one of a kind; set apart from everyone else. 

One-Word Compliments for Coworkers

Ace — highly skilled or proficient at something

Admirable — deserving respect or high regard 

All-star — outstanding performer or team player

Amiable — friendly, good-natured, and easy to get along with

Astute — having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one's advantage

Bravo — used to express praise or applause for someone's accomplishments

Capable — having the ability or qualities necessary to do something 

Competent — having the necessary skill, knowledge, or ability to do something successfully

Conscientious — wishing to do one's work or duty well and thoroughly 

Dedicated — devoted to a task or purpose

Diligent — having or showing care and effort in one's work or duties

Exceptional — unusually good; outstanding

Exemplary — deserving imitation; commendably good

Fabulous — extremely good or impressive

First-rate — of the highest quality or level

Gifted — having exceptional talent or natural ability 

Greatest — of the highest quality, extent, or intensity

Heroic — having or displaying qualities appropriate for a hero, such as determination, courageousness, etc.

Impressive — evoking admiration through size, quality, or skill; grand, imposing, or awesome

Marvelous — causing wonder, astonishment, or admiration; extremely good; superb 

Masterful — having or showing great skill or proficiency 

Miraculous — of the nature of a miracle; amazing or incredible

Phenomenal — remarkable or extraordinary 

Professional — worthy of or appropriate to a professional person; competent, skillful, or assured

Stellar — exceptionally good of its kind  

Superstar — an outstandingly skilled or popular performer or participant in a sport or other activity

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Now that you’ve looked through our list of one-word compliments, which ones stood out for you? And who comes to mind?