Show Her Your Love With These 35 Stealable Goodnight Poems For Her

Flirting over text is a lot of fun.

So why not send your crush, girlfriend, or wife a bedtime poem?

It can be mushy or funny, profound or playful — just make sure it’s your style and you mean what you type.

Not confident in your ability to pen prose? 

Don’t worry.

We’ve got your back.

Below are 35 original bedtime poems for her.

Use one as is or recreate it to make your own.

35 Goodnight Poems for Her To Show Your Love 

Want to let your lady love know you’re thinking of her before bedtime?

Why not text a short, original poem.

Don’t worry, we won’t tell her where you got it.

The plagiarism cops are off duty.

So feel free to copy and paste one of our goodnight poems for women. 

Short Goodnight Love Poems

1. With Every Breath

With every breath, I ache for you,
Wishing I could hold you all night.
Breathing together in the rhythm of two,
And waking entwined at morning’s first light.

2. As You Fall Asleep

As you fall asleep, please know
That I have you in my heart.
I see your face and love your soul,
And know your body like a chart.

3. This Night

I will never forget this night, my love
And the things that we said and did.
They’re imprinted upon my soul, my love,
For as long as we both shall live. 

4. Don’t Fall Asleep

Please don’t fall asleep my dear.
Stay awake and whisper in my ear.|
Tell me the secrets of your heart, 
And how we will never be apart.

5. Who Am I?

Who am I to love you so much?
Who am I to ask for that love in return?
Tonight you have made me the happiest man on Earth,
By offering your love so freely and with such tender joy.
Goodnight my dearest love. I hold you in my heart.

6. Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye tonight was hard,
And harder even still 
Is knowing you’re there alone in bed
And I’m not sharing that thrill.
To be beside you and holding you close
Is where I long to be instead.

7. You Are My Everything

Goodnight my darling girl.
You are my everything —
My sun, my stars, the air I breathe, 
The woman I’ve dreamed of,
My place of reprieve.

8. Someone So Right

I’ve never known someone so right
Who makes me feel this way. 
I can’t stop smiling through the day
Or fall asleep all night.

9. My Mind’s Eye

I picture you in my mind’s eye
As you go about your day. 
I see you as you’re working, 
And when you stop at that cafe.
Now as you climp into your bed,
I’m thinking of you still. 
Goodnight my lovely angel,
All my dreams you do fulfill.

10. Don’t Stop Loving Me

Don’t stop loving me 
When you say goodbye tonight.
Send me a little signal by
Turning on your light,
So I know that you still  love me
When it’s time to say goodnight.

11. Isn’t It Funny

Isn’t it funny how all day long
We can be together and still 
Go strong.
And now tonight as we 
Go to bed,
I could stay up talking
All night instead. 

12. Why Should We Part?

I am here and you are there
And this separation is simply not fair.
It doesn’t make sense that you’re in my heart,
But we still must spend the whole night apart.
Sweet Dream Goodnight Poems

13. Dream Of Me

Close your eyes and dream of me,
And I will dream of you.
Remember my eyes, my laugh, my sighs,
And I’ll remember too.
Keep my name upon your lips 
As you gently fall asleep.
And when you awaken, be sure you know
I’m here and in love with you.

14. What’s The Purpose?

What is the purpose of sleep and dreams
When my dreams are all about you?
I’d rather be with you day and night
And conscious of all you do.
I’d rather be laughing and loving beside you
Than missing you in my sleep. But then
Seeing your sleepy face beside me
Is a memory I’ll always keep. 

15. You’ve Marked Me

I miss you more than words express.
You’ve marked me and claimed my heart.
I think of you night and day and wish
I could see your sweet face and eyes.
As you fall asleep tonight, my dear, please
Hold me tight in your dreams and when you
Awaken in morning’s light my love, just know
You’re my treasured queen. 

16. The Turning Point

There’s no use hiding or pretending
That tonight was a turning point.
Your kiss sealed the deal and your
Eyes spoke the truth of the love we
Both feel in our hearts. So goodnight
My new love and sleep the deep sleep
Of lovers whose time has come, and
Dream of the wonderful day ahead
When we are together at last. 

17. Sinking In

All I need is for these words to sink 
Into your dreams where they 
Put a smile on your lips and 
A soft sigh in your soul.
I love you, I love you 
You make me whole.

18. It Doesn’t Seem Right

Why do I lose you to the dark, cold night and
The call of your bed’s dreamy depths?
It doesn’t seem right I’m not there with you
Keeping you warm by myself.
I’ll be your blanket and pull you in close
And feel the sweet beat of your heart. 
But for now, it seems that all I can do
Is wish you a tender goodnight.

19. The Beacon of My Dreams

Goodnight, goodnight my shining light,
The beacon of my dreams.
You’ve reached inside my heart and sewn
The broken pieces together again. 
With you, I feel whole and happy and free —
A love I have never known.
Goodnight, goodnight my shining light.
I’m lucky to call you my own.

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Goodnight Poems for Your Girlfriend

20. My Heart Is With You

Why do we have to sleep apart, with you 
So far away? 
Why must our distance break my heart, knowing 
You cannot stay?
Sleep well my beautiful, darling girl, and know
That my love is true.
And even though separated by miles, my dear,
My heart is there with you.

21. Three Little Words

The three little words you spoke tonight
Have magically turned me around
And made me understand at last 
The depth of the love I have found.
Goodnight my darling, I hope you know
That I send the words back to you,
And as you sleep remember these words: 
I’ll never stop loving you.

22. Heartbeat

Goodnight, goodnight
But I cannot sleep. 
My heart is beating too fast. 
It’s pounding so hard with
Longing for you, and I know for sure,
I’ve fallen in love at last.

23. Night Visions

It’s two in the morning and I can’t sleep.
I see your face in the visions of the night.
Your beauty is a soft and gentle memory 
Imprinted on my brain.
Your love fills me with a peaceful refrain:
Sleep well, my love, and know
That as you sleep, you are loved so deeply,
So deeply like the deep blue sea, the deep
Blue of your eyes. The deep blue
Of my heart when I’m without you 
By my side.

24. A Thousand Tomorrows

If I could wake up beside you
And watch you as you sleep. 
Your grateful midnight soldier,
A watchman on his keep.
Your lovely face in quiet repose
Your hair spread out
In waves and rows.
If I could wake beside you
And watch you as you sleep.
If I could reach out and touch your face
And give myself to you,
I’d wrap myself around you and 
And hold you in my arms.
I’d kiss you deep and tenderly and
Delight in all your charms.
But tonight I’m here without you,
As you peacefully sleep alone.
I’m here by myself in the midnight hour
My longing goes unknown.
But tomorrow, tomorrow, and for a thousand
Tomorrows to come, when we shall meet again,
I’ll hold you in my arms once more and 
Claim you as my own.

25. The Close of Day

Goodnight my darling
At the close of this day,
There’s something on my heart
I am longing to say…
You are my love, my life, and my world.
You are my beautiful, perfect sweet girl.
As you turn off the lights and close your eyes,
Remember you've made me the happiest guy.

26. The Memory of Your Lips

I have just left you,
But I can never leave you for long.
We just kissed,
But the memory of your lips
On mine still burns. 
I can never leave you, but even so
You are there alone 
In your bed with your
Book, the one you just 
Told me about and
We laughed.
And now, I am here.
Thinking of you.
So I’m not alone.

27. This Night

This is the night when I meant
To tell you how much
You mean to me.
This is the night I wanted to 
Say that my soul is filled with
Love and desire for you.
This is the night when my heart
Is full with all the tenderness and
Joy it can hold. 
All of these things are firmly true,
But since you’re not here, and I’m
Not there, I’ll just
Hold my words except to say
Goodnight to you.

28. Reflections

If you want to know me,
Look at yourself in the mirror,
Before you fall asleep.
You reflect the person I want to be,
The person inside this body and mind.
With your kiss tonight, you’ve unlocked me.
You’ve shown me who I am and who I can become.
The door has been flung open, and I stand before
You as the man I need to be, and 
The man I intend to become.
Goodnight my soul, my heart, my deepest love. 
You have unlocked me, and I am yours.

Funny Goodnight Poems

29. Every Part of You

Why should I have to say goodnight
When all I want to do,
Is hold you in my arms and kiss
Every part of you.
Why must we sleep apart and feel
This loneliness and pain. 
I think I’ll sneak over to your house now,
And rap on your window pane.

30. Unbearable

I cannot bear to say goodnight,
So I’ll simply leave you with this:
Being with you is more than joy,
It’s simply perfect bliss.
Tomorrow I know I’ll see you again,
But while we wait just know,
That as I sleep and dream of you, 
I’m kissing your big toe.

31. Goodnight Wishes

Will you say goodnight to me
And tell me something sweet?
Will you wish me happy dreams
And promise when we’ll meet?
It’s hard to be away from you 
And hard to know you’re there,
Tucked so cozy in your bed,
While I’m just sitting here

32. Bewitched

Please don’t say goodnight to me
And leave me here alone.
Please don’t close your eyes and sleep
When I am left at home.
I cannot sleep, I cannot think
You’ve bewitched me through and through,
So please don’t say goodnight to me,
But I’ll say goodnight to you.

33. Words of You

Happy, funny, friendly, fun.
Lovely, gracious, shining sun.
Curious, clever, loving, kind,
Gorgeous face and sharper mind.
You are all these things to me,
You are my lover and my light.
So, now before you fall asleep,
I wish you a tender, warm goodnight.

34. Door Slam

Walk out of your house and slam the door.
Get into your car, and please make it roar.
Drive as fast as you can – you can’t stop to pee.
You must come here now and fall asleep with me.

35. Breaking All Rules

This night is not ending,
You must be mistaken.
There’s no way you would leave me
Alone and forsaken.
The sky may be dark and 
The sun has gone down. 
But you and I cannot part
Just because it’s not sound. 
Expectations and rules don’t
Apply in our case. 
And it’s  not that you have
You father to face.
So let’s not say goodnight,
Let’s not waste the hours
Come and dance with me
In the bright moonlight showers. 

We hope you found a few bedtime poems on our list. Feel free to tweak them or use them as is. Good luck on your romantic path!