Show Your Girlfriend The Best Time Ever With These 33 Fun Things To Do Together

Deciding what to do with your girlfriend can be a challenge.

You’re probably sick of doing the same things and want to switch it up, but how do you find something you’ll both enjoy without breaking the bank?

Luckily, coming up with something is easier than you think. 

All you need to find fun, romantic things to do with her is an open mind, a little imagination, and the ability to do some research.

Oh, and a willing girlfriend, of course.

How Can I Entertain My Girlfriend?

First, know that while the date-planning responsibility often falls on the guy’s shoulders, it’s not solely up to you to find special things to do with your girlfriend.

Sure, you want to impress her and surprise her with things and experiences she’ll like and appreciate.

You want to show her a fantastic time, better than any other guy has shown her, but there’s no reason she can’t be part of the planning process if you’re stuck or want her input.

Next, when thinking of meaningful ways to entertain your girlfriend, consider things that:

  • Are memorable
  • Keep your relationship fresh and exciting
  • Show her how you feel
  • Are fun for both of you
  • Strengthen your bond
  • Neither of you has done before

33 Fun Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

If you’re looking for fun, romantic, or cute things to do with your girlfriend, look no further. 

couple walking in wine vineyard fun things to do with your girlfriend

Browse this list of fun things to do together. You can use the ideas as they are or put your unique spin on them to create a more personalized experience. 

Either way, you’re sure to find something to break the dull, typical-date routine and introduce a little excitement into your lives. 

1. Go to the park.

When was the last time you pumped your legs on the swings or felt the thrill of a merry-go-round? Spend the day talking, playing at the playground, and feeling carefree. 

Pack a picnic of your favorite finger foods along with a bottle of wine. Go on a romantic carriage ride. Fly kites on a windy day. Read a book together. Watch the sunset. 

Who said the park was just for kids?! 

2. Go camping.

Sleeping under the stars can be a very romantic and fun experience, especially if there’s no phone service. 

Find a local campground and spend the evening sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories, roasting hot dogs, making smores, and gazing at the sky.

If pitching a tent isn’t your style, you can always book a cabin or rent an RV.

Just don’t forget to bring the bug spray!

3. Spark conversation.

Communication is the foundation for any healthy relationship. Whether you’ve been together for years or you just started dating, there’s always more to learn about each other.

As long as you’re both willing, take turns asking each other deep, intimate, or fun questions. Learn more about your girlfriend’s past as well as her strengths, values, and beliefs. Of course, you should be willing to open up to her as well. 

4. Go to a drive-in movie.

Skip the traditional movie-going experience in favor of a more relaxed environment. 

Drive-in movies aren’t as restrictive as regular movie theaters. They aren’t as loud, and you don’t have to worry about disturbing those around you with your conversation. 

Grab dinner there or take your own food and drinks. Take lawn chairs and set up camp next to your vehicle or curl up in the backseat to watch– or not watch– the movie in comfort. 

5. Get astronomical.

Few things are more romantic –or cooler– than staring at the night sky.

You don’t have to know anything about astronomy or astrology to enjoy it, either. 

couple playing video games fun things to do with your girlfriend

Search the internet for the next visible eclipse or meteor shower in your area and plan to observe it together. 

Set up a telescope and look for shooting stars. Use an app like SkyView or Google Sky to help you spot planets, stars, and constellations. 

6. Find an escape room.

What better way to impress your girlfriend than showcasing your problem-solving skills, teamwork mentality, and ability to thrive under pressure? 

Find an escape room and do your best to uncover the clues and solve the puzzle to escape before your time is up. 

This one can be a group activity, or you can keep it just the two of you, although some escape rooms have requirements for a minimum number of participants. 

7. Go wine or beer tasting.

Local wineries and craft breweries are popping up everywhere. 

Spend an afternoon taste-testing your way through your local wine or brewery trail, rating the drinks along the way. 

Make it more fun by visiting places with live music or events like bingo, paint nights, or food pairings. Some places even offer tours of their facilities and explain their craft. 

Be sure to take plenty of pictures to document your excellent time. 

8. Pick some fruit.

Depending on where you live and what your local climate produces, picking fruit together can be a fun experience. 

Apples, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, peaches, pears– do your research to know when fruits are in season and where you can get them locally. Some farms host events, which can make the process more fun.

Prepare a meal or dessert with your pickings and enjoy it together. 

9. Embrace your animal side.

Animals aren’t for everyone, but if you and your girlfriend enjoy them,  find a way to incorporate them into your date. 

There’s a decent chance there’s a zoo within driving distance of where you live– even a petting zoo or aquarium counts. Or you can spend time together at a cat cafe, in a dog park, or volunteering at a local animal shelter.

10. Go sight-seeing.

You may be missing out on some pretty incredible experiences in and around your community. Research local events and attractions as though you’re visiting the area, and spend a day or weekend only doing local things you haven’t done before.

Search for restaurants you didn’t know about, attend events you wouldn’t usually attend, book a room at the bed and breakfast across town. 

Experience your town as a tourist would, together. 

11. Have a game night.

If you’re looking for fun things to do with your girlfriend at home, consider staying in and playing board games.

Whether you invite some friends over or keep it just the two of you, prepare your favorite appetizers, put on some music, and spend the evening playing Trivial Pursuit, Yahtzee, and Cards Against Humanity.

Or make it a poker night– or strip poker night if you’re feeling frisky. 

12. Host a food and drink pairing.

Research wine or beer and food pairings and create a tasting event for you and your girlfriend

Prepare (or order) an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert, and choose a different wine or beer for each course, considering typical food pairing factors like spice, acidity, sweetness, etc. Or keep it on the simpler side with a wine and cheese pairing. 

If that’s too much, attend a hosted event at a local brewery or vineyard. 

13. Get sporty.

The driving range, batting cage, or gun club might not be typical places to go with your girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. 

Spend a few hours hitting balls or target shooting. 

Other more active ideas include horseback riding, miniature golfing, playing laser tag, or playing paintball. Just make sure you have the proper equipment and take safety precautions. 

14. Go skating.

For a sweet, romantic date, pretend you’re kids again, and go roller skating, rollerblading, or ice skating at your local skating rink.

Hold her hand or put your arm around her waist as you chat and skate. Hopefully, at least one of you is decent at skating, but it’s still fun if you aren’t. You can keep each other steady–or at least try to. 

15. Get outdoors.

Whatever season it happens to be, there are always things you can do outdoors.

Bundle up and go skiing or have a snowball fight after a winter snowstorm, and then snuggle up with hot chocolate to warm up afterward. 

Toss the umbrella, splash in the puddles, and kiss in the rain during a summer rainstorm. 

Go for an after-dinner walk to watch the sunset regardless of the season. 

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16. Enjoy a couple’s massage.

Who doesn’t love a relaxing massage?

Get a couples massage at a day spa.

Or take turns giving each other massages at home. Set the mood with candles, soft music, and aromatic massage oil. Set a timer and take turns rubbing each other’s shoulders, neck, back, or feet.

All that touching in such an intimate setting just may lead to even more sensual moments together

17. Make dinner together.

Instead of going out to dinner or ordering in again, find something you can prepare together.

It doesn’t matter if you cook a three-course meal or spread jarred sauce and toppings on a premade pizza crust; the point is to work together to create something both of you can enjoy.

You can make it as simple or as complex as you like. 

For added effect, close the blinds and do it naked.

18. Get fit together.

In a world where many of us don’t make enough time to take care of ourselves, engaging in physical activity together is a great habit to build.

It’s easy to find activities that involve eating, drinking, and sitting, but why not move your bodies with a bike ride, hike, or game of basketball? 

It doesn’t have to be overly strenuous to benefit you. 

19. Do something competitive.

Is there something you’re both passionate about? Like cooking? Painting? Running?

Have a little fun and invite friends and family to judge a contest to see who makes the best chili, burgers, or chocolate chip cookies. Or track who can run the furthest over a week-long period. 

A little healthy competition can be a good thing. Of course, you could always keep the competition between you and do it for fun.

20. Celebrate the season.

Celebrate whatever holiday it happens to be, however big or small the holiday or the celebration.

  • Go out for St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Participate in an adult Easter egg hunt. 
  • Celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
  • Attend a fireworks display. 
  • Go on a haunted hayride. 
  • Work your way through a corn maze, or carve pumpkins. 
  • Pick out and decorate a Christmas tree together. 

You can create fun memories at any time of the year. 

21. Have a lazy day.

It seems like there’s always something that needs to be done– a chore to complete, errands to run, a responsibility to follow through on.

But sometimes the best thing to do together is nothing.

Put your phones away and refrain from checking email or social media, and spend the day on the couch or in bed talking and watching each other’s favorite movies. 

Remove outside distractions and don’t leave the house for any reason.

22. Take advantage of local entertainment.

There are often things going on in your community that you and your girlfriend would love if only you knew about them. 

Check social media and ask friends to recommend local bands to see, and pay attention to flyers at the grocery store and laundromat for things to do.

From comedy or open mic night at a pub you aren’t familiar with to concerts in the park, take advantage of entertainment right in your neighborhood. 

23. Review local restaurants.

Have fun pretending to be food critics for a day.

Choose a dish you both enjoy, such as loaded nachos, wings, cheesesteaks, or a dessert, and spend the day sampling it at a few different local restaurants. Judge each location and decide who has the best of your chosen dish. 

It’ll be interesting to see if you both vote for the same place. 

24. Attend a carnival.

Going to a carnival or fair together can be an enjoyable, romantic experience– especially at night with everything lit up.

There are so many sights to see, foods to eat, and things to do that it’s nearly impossible not to find something you both like.

Kiss her at the top of the Ferris wheel. Win a prize for her. Share a sweet treat. Hold hands as you walk, talk, and people watch.

25. Take a class together.

Learning new things is always a good idea, so why not find something you can learn together?

It can be educational, physical, practical, or just fun – you’re only as limited as your thoughts. 

Find something you can enjoy learning together and do it. Sign up for first aid, cooking, basket weaving, ballroom dancing, or any other kind of class that floats your boat. 

26. Plan surprise dates.

One way to show your love for each other is to plan surprise dates.

Come up with general guidelines together– such as a budget or any off-limits activities– and take turns planning ideal dates you each think the other will love.

It can be a fun and creative way to make each other feel special and show how much you care. 

27. Personalize your relationship. 

Whether you’re newly attached, or your relationship status is old news, you can find several meaningful things you can do together to honor your bond and your commitment to each other.

You could start your own tradition, create a relationship scrapbook or music playlist, or recreate a significant moment in your relationship, such as your first date, the first time you made love, or the first time you said I love you. 

28. Try a ghost tour or visit a haunted location.

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to take your girlfriend on a spooky adventure. Research local haunted houses or hotels, or go on a ghost tour. You might learn the history and folklore behind the site and maybe even encounter some paranormal activity. 

If there isn’t a mysterious venue nearby, find a scary (but not terrifying) ghost story to read aloud while cuddling up to her. Add some hot chocolate or an adult beverage, and make it a frightfully fun evening.

29. Plan a photoshoot together and capture memories. 

You can bring your own camera, ask a friend to take photos, or hire a pro for some seriously gorgeous shots. Choose a location that holds special meaning to both of you, like a first-date spot, an outdoor setting, or a cool and artsy location in the city. 

Don’t surprise your girl with this one; she’ll want to choose her outfit and look her best. Or you can tell her to get dressed up in advance but surprise her with the event. 

30. Visit a theme park or amusement park. 

There’s nothing like an amusement park to jettison you back to your teenage years and remind you how much fun it is to hang out with your girl. Ride the roller coaster, get soaked on the log flume water ride, and give her a kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel. 

You’ll spend the day laughing, screaming, and having the kind of fun you enjoyed as kids. What’s not to love

31. Go on a hot air balloon ride. 

If the Ferris wheel doesn’t take you high enough, enjoy breathtaking views and plenty of thrills by taking your sweetie on a hot air balloon ride. You’ll both love ​​the feeling of soaring through the sky and savoring the perfect peace and majestic beauty.

Hot air balloons don’t have engine sounds, jerky movements, or mechanics to distract from the stillness and scenery. This awe-inspiring experience will be an adventure you’ll both remember forever.

32. Take a day trip to the beach. 

Get up early, pack some road-trip goodies and your swimsuits, and head to the beach. Relax in the sun, play in the waves, and take a long beach walk.

If you can stay through the end of the day, enjoy the sunset and dine al fresco before heading back home.

If you aren’t close to the beach, try a local lake for a fun water-centered outing. Rent a boat, pack a lunch, and park yourselves in the middle of the lake for swimming and “chillin.”

33. Plan a DIY project day together. 

Spend a day being creative and crafting something new with your girlfriend. Be sure it’s a project you know she’ll enjoy, like refinishing an old piece of furniture or creating a unique art piece. 

If you live together, plan a fun project around the house, like redecorating a room, setting up a cool outdoor space, or organizing the kitchen.

The things you do with your girlfriend will depend on your budget, where you live, the season, and your interests. 

Be open-minded and willing to try new things, but be honest about the kinds of things you will truly enjoy. Memorable date ideas are endless, and there’s no reason to settle on something one of you hates. 

Give your girl a treat and maintain the excitement in the relationship with these fun things to do with your girlfriend.