95 Sweet And Endearing Nicknames To Call Your Girlfriend

Gone are the days when “bae” dominated the lips of lovebirds.

That outdated term is far more likely to bring on an eye roll and a sigh than a sweet smile and a warm hug. 

The following 95 nicknames for your girlfriend give you fun, loving, and unique options so you can say bye to the word bae.

What Nickname Should I Call My Girlfriend?

You can't randomly choose what to call your girlfriend from this list without some thought.

Use discretion when picking a nickname she will love.

Some of the essential things you should consider include:

  • What you love about her personality
  • Traits that are unique to her
  • A special memory the two of you have
  • Your favorite thing about her appearance
  • A sweet connection between you both

You should also consider what not to call your girlfriend.

Do not choose a nickname that would make her feel self-conscious.

If you choose a very private and personal nickname, don't use it in public.

If you pick a nickname that she's uncomfortable with, respect her wishes and choose a different one.

95 Sweet and Endearing Nicknames to Call Your Girlfriend

The best nicknames for your girlfriend feel personal to the two of you while also showing her exactly how much you love her.

We carefully chose the following 95 nicknames to ensure you have a variety that are sweet, kind, unique, and fun.

Pet Names for Your Girlfriend

Pet names are nicknames that show the love and fondness that you feel for your girlfriend.

These are typically more traditional girlfriend nicknames.

1. Angel – The perfect nickname if you think of your girlfriend as beautiful and ethereal.

2. Babe – A classic nickname for the woman you love.

3. Beautiful – Remind her every day that you think she is beautiful.

4. Darling – A timeless classic.

5. Dear – For someone you hold close to your heart.

6. Doll – A good nickname for a gorgeous woman.

7. Goddess – For the one you worship.

8. Gorgeous – For a stunning lady.

9. Hon – A classic, short version of “honey.”

10. Honey – One of the all-time great nicknames.

11. Honey Bunny – A more loving version of “honey.”

12. Lovey – Show you love her every time you say this name.

13. My Dear – A variation on “dear”

14. Precious – Because she is precious to you.

15. Pretty – A reminder that you find her attractive.

16. Princess – She deserves to be treated like royalty. See also: Queen.

17. Pudding – A classic, sweet nickname.

18. Queen – She deserves to be treated like royalty. See also: Princess.

19. Sugar – Because you find her sweet.

20. Sweetheart – A standard nickname that is always welcome.

21. Sweetie – A shortened version of “sweetheart.”

22. Sweetie Pie – She's the sweetest thing you can imagine.

23. Wifey – You're so devoted to her you already think of her as a wife.

Unique Names to Call Your Girlfriend

You may want to choose from this list of unique names to call your girlfriend.

These nicknames could make her feel special, as she may have never heard them before.

24. Amorcito – Spanish for “my little love.”

25. Apple – For the apple of your eye.

26. Bella – Italian for “beautiful.”

27. Bonita – Spanish for “beautiful.”

28. Butterfly – For delicate beauties.

29. Cinnamon – Is she sweet and spicy? Call her “cinnamon.”

30. Cricket – A sweet and fun name.

31. Dove – Being with her makes you feel at peace.

32. Firefly – Because she lights up your life.

33. Ginger – Good for spicy or red-headed girlfriends.

34. Hummingbird – She's delicate and beautiful.

35. Lady Bug – She's pretty, dainty, and fun.

36. Lemon Drop – For someone who can be sweet and sour.

37. Liebling – German for “darling.”

38. Mi Amor – Spanish for “my love.”

39. Mi Cielo – Spanish for “my heaven” or “my sky.”

40. Mon Ange – French for “my angel.”

41. Mon Cheri – French for “sweetheart.”

42. Mon Chou – French for “my cabbage.”

43. Muffin – Ideal for the lady who is both soft and warm.

44. Poppy – A pretty floral nickname for your pretty girlfriend.

45. Sunflower – Another floral nickname that invokes feelings of happiness.

46. Sunshine – Perfect for your warm and bright girlfriend.

Flirty Nicknames To Call Your Girlfriend

Flirty nicknames are great girlfriend nicknames that remind her that you will always love her and find her irresistible. The names in this list are amorous without crossing any lines that might be NSFW.

47. Angel Face – This nickname reminds her that she has the face of an angel.

48. Baby Doll – Great for a bubby, fun girlfriend.

49. Baby Cakes – A lovely, flirty choice.

50. Candy – Because she's sweet.

51. Cupcake – A nickname for a sweet woman.

52. Cutie – For a cute lady.

53. Cutie Patootie – For a lady with a sexy behind.

54. Cutie Pie – An attractive lady who is also sweet.

55. Doll Face – Great for a beautiful woman.

56. Foxy – This name shows you find her sexy.

57. Hot Lips – Her lips drive you wild.

58. Hot Stuff – For the woman who is hot all the time.

59. Kitten – Both playful and sexy.

60. Nibbles – A good choice for the woman who adores love bites.

61. Sassy – Do you have a sassy girlfriend? Don't let her forget it.

62. Smoochy – Shows that you love her kisses.

63. Sparky – For the one who causes sparks in your life.

63. Sugar Lips – Her lips are sweet as sugar.

64. Sugar Mama – A hot nickname for your hot girlfriend.

65. Sweets – For girlfriends who are both sweet and sexy.

66. Tulip – A floral nickname that focuses on her lips.

67. Vixen – Reserved only for the sultriest of women.

68. Yummy – Because you find her delectable.

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Funny Names to Call Your Girlfriend

Does your girlfriend love to laugh? If so, a funny nickname may be a perfect choice.

69. Birdie – Perfect for a playful girlfriend.

70. Blondie/Brownie/Red – A nickname based on her hair color is always fun.

71. Boo – A silly, fun nickname that is always a favorite.

72. Bunny – A adorable animal nickname always works.

73. Candy Cane – Sweet and sassy.

74. Coco – Good for someone with dark hair.

75. Coo-coo – Is your girlfriend silly? Pick this nickname for her.

76. Cookie – Because she's a sweet treat.

77. Goo Goo – Silly words that show your fun side.

78. Gumdrop – Another sweet for your sweet.

79. Lolli – Short for lollipop.

80. Love Bug – Isn't that what she is?

81. Peachy – An old-fashioned nickname that is still fun.

82. Pickle – A sweet nickname for any fun-loving girlfriend.

83. Pumpkin – A traditional but lighthearted choice.

84. Roo – A lively nickname, short for kangaroo.

85. Shortcake – Good for a diminutive girlfriend who isn't sensitive about her height.

86. Shmoopy – Any fan of “Seinfeld” will laugh at this nickname.

87. Smiley – Great for the girlfriend who always has a grin.

88. Smoochy – For the girlfriend who loves to kiss.

89. Snookie – Another beloved nonsense name.

90. Sugar Sauce – A take on the more traditional “sugar.”

91. Sweet Potato – Especially effective for southern girlfriends.

92. Tater Tot – Who doesn't love tater tots?

93. Thumbelina – A good nickname for a smaller woman.

94. Tootsie Roll – Short, sweet, and loved by all.

95. Turtle – A comical nickname that works for anyone.

Giving your girlfriend a nickname is a simple but effective way to remind her that you love her. Nicknames show closeness, care, and consideration.

Choose one from this list, and you will have a very happy and grateful girlfriend.