Friday Night With Nothing To Do? 39 Fun Activities To Make You Say TGIF

Friday night rarely lives up to its reputation as a night of wild parties or hitting the clubs. 

Especially as you get older, those types of activities lose their appeal. 

That leaves you with time on your hands if you don’t plan ahead.

If you don't want to spend another Friday night binging a mediocre TV series, consider one of the following Friday night activities that do far more than just take up time.

What Do You Do on a Boring Friday Night?

Are you having trouble figuring out where to go and what to do on a Friday night?

Try one of the following resources to find happenings in your area:

  • Turn to your tourism board for ideas
  • Look at local sports venues
  • Try a community magazine
  • Search social media for upcoming events
  • Check the calendar for local music venues
  • Search the community theatre for any upcoming shows

39 Fun and Interesting Things to Do on a Friday Night

Friday night is so much more than drinking through happy hour or watching Netflix.

Friday night activities can vary from learning new skills to enjoying pure entertainment.

Pick a few of the options in this list, or try them all!

1. Go to an Escape Room

You can go to an escape room by yourself, with a friend, on a date, or with a group. It can be a fun way to meet people while solving problems together. Get drinks together afterward to celebrate your success or drown your sorrows.

2. Attend a Sporting Event

Sports isn't just about Friday night football. There are many sporting events in practically every area throughout the year.

Attend a basketball, baseball, or volleyball game. Go to a wrestling match at your local high school. Watch a roller derby. Go to the rodeo!

3. Go Bowling

A bowling alley is always a great place to spend a few hours. Grab your friends and knock over a few pins. It's the perfect place to meet because bowling works for large and small groups. You can even bowl solo to improve your game.

friends hanging out in sport studio things to do on a Friday night

4. Laugh at a Comedy Club

A comedy club is a fun place to spend a Friday night. You might be able to see a comic you've long admired, or you could discover new talent. You could even try your hand at stand-up comedy on open mic night.

5. Try Out a Specialty Cafe

Trendy cafes are popping up all over. A cat cafe is a fun place where you can snuggle with furry friends while having a cup of coffee. A jazz cafe lets you listen to music as you eat. Check out a unique cafe experience and enjoy!

6. See a Play

One of the most culturally enriching Friday night things to do is to see a play. City dwellers might have access to a professional theatre every weekend, but why not branch out?

Check out your local community theatre, a university production, or even a high school play. They all want your support.

7. Go to a Wine Tasting

Many bars, specialty wine shops, and high-end liquor stores offer regular wine tastings. This event is perfect if you have a Friday night with nothing to do but want to be around other people.

Host an impromptu wine tasting yourself if you can't find a tasting to go to.

8. Volunteer at a Senior Citizens' Center

Senior citizen rest homes often seek volunteers to spend time with their residents.

Playing board games, reading books, watching television, or just talking with them can be rewarding for you and meaningful for them. Giving to others is an invaluable way to spend your free time – even on a Friday night.

9. Volunteer as a Big Brother or Sister

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a program that is always in dire need of bigs to spend time with their littles. Commit to this program, and you will make a huge difference in the life of a child that needs you.

10. Attend a Community Festival

Festivals take place throughout the year in most areas. You might not even know about all of them.

man camping during Friday night things to do on a Friday night

Look for a list of festivals in your region to see what you have been missing. Some festivals are cultural, while others focus on art or music.

11. Create an Outdoor Drive-In

Drive-in theatres are no longer as prolific as they once were. That's okay. You can make your own! Hang a white sheet up with a clothesline, or use a white garage door as your setting.

Grab an inexpensive projector, some outdoor cushions, blankets, a bowl of popcorn, and your favorite movie. It will be a fun, new experience to watch a film under the stars.

12. Travel for An Overnight

Start your weekend getaway on Friday night! Go for a road trip to a new destination, hit the beach, or just rent a room in a secluded area. Getting away from home for a night or two can be just what you need to refresh from a busy week.

13. Go Camping

A campout is a fun yet inexpensive way to spend the evening. Stay close to home, explore a national park, or travel to a location you've never experienced before.

Remember, safety first. Make sure your campsite in a safe area with the proper equipment.

14. Visit an Arcade

Revisit the joys of youth by heading to a local arcade. Before you know it, you will have spent the entire evening on a pinball machine. For a more adult version of the arcade, hit the slots, but do so with a strict dollar limit in mind.

15. Play Mini-Golf

Check with any local putt-putt golf courses to find out if they stay open late. Many offer later hours on weekends.

They also sometimes have theme nights, like glow golf or tropical night. Best of all, you don't have to be a great golfer to have a lot of fun.

16. Go Dancing

Dancing is a favorite way to spend a Friday night. A modern dance club is great but look for places to dance that you might not have previously considered. Some places focus on country line dancing, ballroom, swing, or even disco.

17. Participate in a Trivia Night

Trivia nights are popular fundraisers, and many bars offer trivia contests. Singles and couples can be part of a team.

Groups can form their own. You can go to a trivia contest with the intent to win or just have fun. Either way, it's a good idea to buy a mulligan.

18. Head to an Observatory

What’s a better way to have some Friday night fun than to appreciate the night sky? An observatory gives you a glimpse into the final frontier. It's a beautiful, educational way to start your weekend.

19. Try Geocaching

Geocaching is a treasure hunt that you share with people worldwide. Friday night is the ideal night to find or leave another cache. If you want to make new friends, join a geocaching group in your area.

20. Attend or Host a Murder Mystery Party

Murder mystery parties are fun to attend and easy to host. You will live out your own real-life Sherlock Holmes case by acting out the details of a murder in action.

21. Host a Poker Night

Poker night isn't about high-stakes poker. It's about getting together with your friends.

Try different types of poker, like Texas Hold ‘Em and Five-Card Stud. You'll soon create a fun Friday night staple that everyone will look forward to each week.

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22. Join a Book Club

Look for a book club where you can meet other like-minded bibliophiles. Many libraries, churches, and community centers have book clubs anyone can join. If you can't find a book club, create your own.

Decide how often you want to meet, how books are chosen, and a good location. Make an event on social media or post flyers for your new club. You'll soon have something to do and lots of new friends.

23. Visit a Museum

Museums may be filled with art or antiques, but they never get old. Visit a museum on a Friday night to have an eye-opening experience. You will get a glimpse into a different time or a different culture. 

24. Check Out Local Landmarks

You probably live within driving distance of a national monument. Why not check it out?

If that's not your cup of tea, popular websites like Atlas Obscura offer lists of unique places near you. Head to one of these spots to find something that you've never seen before.

25. Go Thrifting and Antiquing

Antique malls and thrift stores always have a lot to offer. Take it easy on Friday night by discovering hidden treasures at one of these shops.

You can redecorate your home or update your wardrobe by taking something old and making it new again.

26. Explore a Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens offer the beauty of nature in the middle of the city. It is far too often that they go unnoticed and unvisited. Spend some time getting to know this area. It may become your favorite place in the city.

27. Play Pool

Pool halls are made to kill time. You can easily have some fun at a pool hall on a Friday night. You can even make some new friends while you're there.

It's easy to meet people at a pool hall because nearly everyone is laid back and simply there to have a good time.

28. Take a Guided Painting Class

Painting studios are often later on weekends to provide a fun place where you can have a creative outlet. Many painting studios even offer wine tastings and happy hours along with their classes.

29. Watch a Documentary

If you feel like staying in but still want to be productive, watching a documentary might be the right choice.

There are plenty of documentaries available on streaming platforms. You can learn something new without leaving your sofa!

30. Read a Book

No, it's not the most exciting choice, but reading never goes out of style. Try that book that you were always curious about, read an old favorite or step outside of your comfort zone and find a new style.

You could end up having a great Friday night without ever leaving your home.

31. Take a Cooking Class

A cooking class offers an excellent way to learn new skills while making friends and eating delicious food.

Cooking classes are catered to all tastes, so you can try your hand at Chinese fusion, vegetarian, pastries, or whatever your palate desires.

32. Follow a Ghost Tour

Haunted happenings are fun for all ages. An evening ghost tour will show you all of the scariest places right in your town.

Can't find a ghost tour? Read about haunted places in your area and take a self-guided tour of the scariest spots around.

33. Let Loose with Karaoke

Karaoke isn't for everyone, but it definitely is for you if you don't mind singing at the top of your lungs in front of a group of strangers.

Karaoke is a lot of fun, especially when you have a group of friends who are equally unafraid of showing off their singing skills (or lack thereof).

34. Enjoy Some Retail Therapy

Shopping can be its own adventure. Look for new shops you haven't patronized before. Seek out pop-up shops with quirky items. You can also hit the mall and enjoy a series of stores before calling it a night.

35. Check Out the Library

Everyone knows the library is the perfect place to find books, but that's not all. Libraries also let you check out movies and audiobooks. Many libraries have clubs and classes for the community.

36. Late-Night Hiking

Hiking at night can be a lot of fun, but you should do it with care. One misstep might mean a trip to the emergency room. Only hike in areas you know are safe and never go on a nighttime hike without a partner, cellphone, or flashlight.

37. Practice Meditation

Meditation and yoga provide balance and calm in a life full of chaos. Use your Friday night to unwind from the stress of the week.

You may wish to join a yoga or meditation class to get started, but you can also meditate on your own at home.

38. Make a Spa Appointment

Another way to relax at the end of the week is to go to the spa. Schedule a body wrap, a massage, a facial, or just spend some time in a halotherapy room. Try something new each week until you find the perfect treatment that uplifts you.

39. Host a Party

If you can't find a party to go to, have one of your own. Host a barbecue for all of your friends. Or meet your neighbors by throwing a get-to-know-you-event.

A costume party is always fun, even when it isn’t Halloween. Being the host is a great way to meet new people and have a good time.

What to Do on a Friday Night When You Don't Have Friends

We've all been there. Not everyone's life is a sitcom full of happy faces eager to spend every spare moment at the local hangout.

If you don't have anyone to spend Friday night with, there are some great options for meeting new people when you go out.

  • Take an evening class
  • Go to a singles event
  • Attend a concert
  • Spend time at a festival
  • Reach out to a hobbyist group

The important thing is to put yourself out there, even if it’s uncomfortable. The discomfort may be less challenging than being by yourself on the first night of the weekend. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many fun things to do on a Friday night that you will soon find yourself aching to try them all.

Whether you're a fan of vibrant nightlife or exciting adventures with friends and family, there's an abundance of fun activities waiting to be explored. Choose from our list of enticing options, allowing spontaneity to rule your Friday nights, creating unforgettable memories, and establishing beautiful traditions that keep the spirit of fun alive.