Treat Your Girlfriend Like A Queen: 19 Essential Ways To Show Her Love And Respect

Do you want your relationship with your new girlfriend to last?

Or, is your long-term relationship starting to feel tense? 

Part of the problem could be that you don't know how to treat a woman in a loving way.

Too many men make the mistake of putting in the bare minimum and then wondering why she's dissatisfied. 

You need to pay attention to your behavior and the words you use to learn how to treat a woman like a queen.

How Should A Man Treat His Girlfriend?

Vocalist Aretha Franklin is most famous for her song “Respect.” Why? Because it resonated with every woman on the planet.

Showing respect does not mean that you are a doormat.

It means that you recognize that her thoughts, feelings, and actions have value.

Deep historical forces across cultures that labeled women as second-class citizens still have a lingering impact today.

They created the perception that women are irrationally emotional or just always wrong.

This could be influencing your behavior toward her.

To treat her with respect:

  • Do not regard her with contempt: This means you do not dismiss her thoughts or needs.
  • Speak to her in a loving way:  Watch out for a nasty tone creeping into your voice.
  • Be happy for her successes: Don't be indifferent to her accomplishments.
  • Be honest: There's nothing worse than lying.
  • Encourage her: Be supportive of her endeavors.

How Do I Make My Girlfriend Feel Loved?

Sweet words and thoughtful actions will go a long way toward making her feel loved.

Learn to add small acts of kindness and consideration to your daily interactions. 

sweet young couple in public how to treat your girlfriend right

In a successful relationship, people enjoy a good balance between taking care of themselves and looking out for their partners.

Simple things you can do today to show your love:

  • Kiss her forehead or cheek because contact does not always have to be passionate.
  • Send “thinking of you” texts for no reason.
  • Ask her how her day is going, and listen to the answer.
  • Surprise her with a takeout lunch at work.
  • Give her a foot or shoulder rub.

How to Treat Your Girlfriend Right: 19 Essential Ways to Show Her Love and Respect

To make your girlfriend feel like a queen, you need to master how to treat a woman with respect.

There are happy men who succeed in their relationships by employing these love tactics.

1. Monitor How Often You Ask Her to Do Things

Self-awareness is the key to success in most things. Once you notice what you do, you can make strategic improvements. Start by keeping track of how many times you ask her to do things.

Do most of the sentences you direct toward her start with:

  • I need…?
  • Could you…?
  • Can you…?

It's fine for partners to ask each other to do things, but are you excessively asking her to take care of you? Are you treating her like a servant or a queen?

2. Do Chores Without Being Asked

Whether you live together or not, you're spending time at each other's homes. Chances are she picks up after herself at your place. Are you doing the same at her place?

Don't be the guy who says, “I didn't know she wanted me to do that.” When you take responsibility for keeping your environment tidy, she WILL notice and like what she sees.

3. Remember Your Anniversary or Other Important Dates

You don't have to be married to recognize relationship milestones. You should celebrate the fact that you've been together a year or mark the occasion of your first date. But an anniversary is not the only important date. You need to remember her birthday too.

Keep in mind that not all important dates are happy.

People get blue around the anniversary of a loved one's death, especially when the loss is still fresh. Don't be insensitive and forget that she's probably having a hard time around such a date.

4. Compliment Her

Everyone likes hearing that they look good today. Speak up if she's having a good hair day or wearing a flattering outfit.

Your compliments can go beyond basic things about her appearance. If she handled a tough situation, let her know you admire how she can think on her feet.

5. Fulfill Her Requests

If she asks for something specific and it's reasonable for you to do it, go ahead and do it. You don't have to understand why she needs a text from you on your lunch break.

You just need to know that it's important to her. If a request strikes you as weird, it's OK to ask her why. She probably will have an explanation, and you should accept it. Would you like every single thing you ask for to be a big debate?

6. Be Reliable

giving your girlfriend some gifts how to treat your girlfriend right

People have relationships so that they can help each other through life. If you're saying “Oh, I forgot.” more than once a month, you're not making her needs a priority.

You're too focused on yourself and not thinking about what she's relying on you to do. To improve your ability to be reliable, put reminders on your phone calendar or make a to-do list.

7. Learn to be Empathetic

Empathy is thinking about how someone else is experiencing a situation. This skill comes automatically to a minority of individuals, but most people need to make a conscious effort to see things from the other person's point of view.

Many people always frame things in terms of how it affects them or how they would react to something. By cultivating empathy, you can begin to understand her motivations and needs.

8. Be Emotionally Available

She wants to know what you're feeling. You are probably inclined to hide your emotions so that you can appear strong, but, when she asks you how you're feeling, give her an honest answer.

It's not weakness to express your feelings, even if they're uncomfortable. You don't have to go on and on about it, but the point is to be open.

When you close her off, she has to guess how you feel or assume you don't value her enough to confide in.

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9. Notice When She's Struggling

Does your girlfriend seem too busy for you? It might not be that she's avoiding you. She likely has many responsibilities that demand her time and exhaust her.

You'll show your love when you look for ways to reduce her burdens. Does her car need fixing, but she can't get a day off to go to the repair shop? Offer to take care of that for her.

10. Plan a Special Date

Some men are great at planning outings with their partners while others let the girlfriends do all of the work.

Even a question as simple as “What would you like to do?” could stress her out when she's already had to make a 100 decisions that day.

You're her boyfriend. You know what she likes. Make arrangements to take her out and treat her to a good time.

11. Leave Her Love Notes

Our digital world of texts and snaps has made handwritten messages more precious than ever. Slip a note with kind or encouraging words into her purse and tape it to her mirror.

Writing a note takes almost no effort but delivers a big reward. When she gets it, she'll feel love and appreciation for you.

12. Don't Be Lazy

As a relationship progresses, both men and women can slow down on how much effort they put into the relationship. Ask yourself if she seems to be very active, but you spend a lot of time on the couch.

Why is that? Don't you have anything you should be doing? Don't you want to do something with her? You could run errands and do chores together.

It may not be the stuff of memories, but being by her side communicates the value you place on her. You can't do that from the couch.

13. Treat Arguments as Opportunities to Solve Problems

Her complaints will feel like an attack, and you may react defensively. You reject her observations and then attack her back in an attempt to shift blame. Instead of trying to “win” an argument, recognize that something went wrong and fix it.

Do you really want to win the argument and keep doing whatever upset her? Instead of getting caught up in your emotions, you could work toward a compromise that increases your mutual happiness.

14. If She Needs Alone Time, Let Her Have It

About half of the population leans toward the introverted side of the personality spectrum. If your girlfriend needs some space, do not feel rejected.

She just needs some alone time so that she can relax and renew her energy. An extroverted woman might want your constant attention, but respect it if your girlfriend expresses a desire for alone time.

15. Use Protective Body Language

A queen needs a bodyguard, right? A man's body language can express love. You should stay close and put your body between her and crowds or traffic. Hold the door for her. Put your arm around her.

Of course, you could take this too far and act overly possessive, but you should aim to make her feel safe in your presence.

16. Be on Her Team

To treat her like a queen means that you value her perspective and want to help her succeed. This does not translate into losing yourself entirely in her needs.

The goal is to create a partnership where both of you work together. Ask her about her goals and provide supportive feedback. Do not be overly critical of her ideas or her mistakes. Teammates have wins and losses but still they encourage each other.

17. Don't Belittle Her

As you learn to pay attention to how you speak to your girlfriend, you might notice that you minimize what she says. It’s called belittling because you don't place any importance on what she says or does.

You're belittling her if you say things like:

  • “Your problem is no big deal.”
  • “Don't let your little job upset you.”
  • “You should think about things that matter.”

Strip out statements that cast her as small and unimportant, and you'll make progress toward winning her love.

18. Tell Her About Your Dreams

She should want to know about your hopes and aspirations. You don't have to hide your ideas from her.

In fact, sharing your inner world and goals will make her feel valued because you've taken her into your confidence. The more that she knows about you, the more that she can care about you.

19. Accept Her For Who She Is

Nobody is perfect. We all have room for improvement, but you're setting yourself up for failure if you think that you're going to change her. Women make this mistake with men as well, but they don't have any luck with it either.

You don't have to like her shortcomings, but you can accept them as part of the package. You might be able to shape your relationship into a positive one, but you can't reshape a person into your version of perfect.

At this point, you should have a much better idea of how should a man treat a woman? 

The answers are simple for the most part. Essentially, you need to treat her the way you would like to be treated. And perhaps a bit better.