65 Of The Hardest Questions To Answer

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When was the last time someone’s question left you speechless or fumbling for words?

Difficult questions have a way of throwing you off balance.

The best way to prepare for them is to consider some of the hardest questions and answer them for yourself.

To that end, welcome to our collection of 65 hard questions to answer. Start with one you’ve had trouble answering in the past.

The next time you hear it, you’ll have an answer ready.

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101 Powerful Affirmations To Boost Your Self-Esteem

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Do positive self-affirmations work? If you’re used to feeling negative about yourself, you’re probably also used to talking negatively to yourself. 

Your self-talk has a significant impact on your self-esteem. That’s why it’s essential to repeat self-worth affirmations daily.

As you start, it doesn’t matter whether you believe them right away. When you get used to talking about yourself in a positive way, your confidence and self-worth will improve. 

But how does that work exactly?

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31 Spot-On Quotes About Life With A Narcissist

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If you’re in a relationship with a narcissist (or you have been), you know it can be difficult to break free. 

It’s even more difficult to heal from the effects of their behavior toward you. 

But it’s not impossible. And it begins with recognizing narcissism for what it is. What better way to illustrate it than with quotes that describe narcissism or are inspired by it. 

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25 Tender And Romantic Love Of My Life Quotes

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You've finally found the one. Your one true love. Your soulmate. The love of your life.

You never thought it would happen, but the way you feel about your beloved is far beyond the feelings you've had for other partners in the past. It's the real thing. You've found the person with whom you want to spend your life.

With this deluge of intense feelings, you may not be able to express the depth of your love and commitment. You want your lover to know how much you adore them and that they are the one you've been waiting for all your life.

If the words aren't flowing easily, we've come to the rescue with these thoughtfully-curated love of my life quotes.

Use the ideas and words in these quotes about the love of your life to tell him or her that you intend to keep them around forever!

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99 Validating Self-Love Affirmations

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According to an article on Psych Central, positive self-love is about accepting yourself fully, treating yourself with kindness and respect, and nurturing your growth and well-being. 

Self-love affirmations are all about cultivating self-love and making it a priority in your daily life. 

By loving yourself, you increase your capacity for loving others. As you build a habit of self-compassion, you become more compassionate toward others. 

And by repeating positive affirmations for self-love, you begin a new adventure in healing

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147 Badass Quotes For Your Inner Rebel

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Some people think being a badass means being tough, rebellious, and uncompromising.

It may require those qualities at times, but most often, being a badass means living true to yourself, finding your inner strength, and holding your head up high.

Does that sound like you? If not, maybe your inner badass is begging to be released.

Through the ups and downs of life, we sometimes need a little push to remind ourselves of our own badassery — and nothing does the job as well as some words of wisdom from experts and thought leaders.

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57 Uplifting Compassion Quotes

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You don’t understand the importance of compassion until someone treats you with the opposite — when someone sees you only as someone deserving of judgment and contempt.

We all fail. We all need to receive compassion — at least from the people we trust. And we all need to practice compassion in order to grow and to help others do the same.

The 57 compassion quotes in this post can help you to both give and receive compassion with grace and gratitude

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29 Beautiful Quotes About Sacrifice

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Making sacrifices is essential to growth. That much is true whether you’re looking to grow financially or as a person (or both). And those who contributed the sacrifice for success quotes in this list knew that better than most. 

Maybe you have some sacrifice quotes of your own — insights you’ve gained since you started taking action to improve your financial situation. 

If so, you’ll find some good company here. And if you’re looking for motivation to make some necessary but difficult sacrifices, read on to find your inspiration.

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