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57 Bob Marley Quotes To Spread Love And Peace

Born in St. Ann, Jamaica on February 6th, 1945, Robert Nesta Marley became the global face of reggae music and Rastifarian beliefs. More than his reputation as an entertainer, though, Bob Marley inspired a worldwide following with his philosophy of life and his commitment to spreading love and peace. When he died in 1981 of […]

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110 Of The Best Buddha Quotes To Enlighten You

As with other famous historical icons, Buddha’s teachings were not largely recognized until after his death. In fact, little is known about the life of Buddha. The accounts of his life, conversations, and monastic rules are believed to have been put together after his death and then memorized and passed on by his followers. Various […]

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54 Happy Mother’s Day Quotes To Honor Mom

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be a challenge. How can you choose a gift that communicates the love and appreciation you have for your mother? Many moms have all the material things they need, so you may want to offer something more meaningful than another scarf or “World’s Best Mom” mug. That’s when […]

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43 Inspirational Quotes For Work

If you’re feeling discouraged at your job, as many of us often do, it may be worthwhile to read positive and motivational quotes about work to help you feel encouraged and empowered. You don’t necessarily have to love your job every day, but you do need to feel inspired to do your best so you […]

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46 Of The Best Motivation Monday Quotes

It’s Monday morning and your alarm is going off– are you excited for the fresh start and the possibilities that the upcoming week holds for you? Or…do you want to rewind back to the weekend to enjoy a little more bit time off from your Monday through Friday reality? If you struggle to conquer the […]

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