57 Of The Best Quotes About Living In The Moment

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You’ve heard about “living in the moment,” and it sounds great.

You’re ready to give it a go. But it would be great to have someone there to guide you along.

And if no one can be there with you in the flesh, it would help to read the words of those who’ve learned how to live in the moment and who have experienced the difference between that and being stuck in the past or obsessed with the future.

It turns out, there are plenty to choose from. Enough people over the centuries have learned how to be present, what that has done for them (and those they love), and how to help others to do the same.

So, enjoy this thoughtfully curated list of living in the moment quotes.

Prepare to find at least a few you’ll want to keep handy.

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Positive Affirmations: 151 Life-Changing Thoughts To Practice Daily

Positive Affirmations

Do you ever wish you felt happier and more positive in general? 

Do your thoughts often revolve around things that make you anxious or upset? 

Well here's some good news: You can take control of your thoughts and improve your emotions when you practice positive affirmations. 

Affirmations are basically a form of auto-suggestion, and when practiced deliberately and repeatedly, they reinforce chemical pathways in the brain, strengthening neural connections.

With regular practice, affirmations alter your brain so that you think differently, feel better, and reach goals more easily. 

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45 Of The Best Introvert Quotes You’ll Ever Read

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How often do you hear anyone talking about the virtues of introversion?

Not often, right?

Sure, there was that time someone remarked on how they didn’t know you had the courage to say what you did.

But now that you think of it, what impressed them was seeing you act more like an extravert. 

Where do they think all your great ideas come from? 

While they were out socializing, you were at home writing, reading, or maybe creating something while processing your day.

Your mind is a playground of ideas.

So, why not celebrate that with some heartwarming quotes about introversion?

And maybe use them as part of your next creative endeavor. 

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61 Of The Best Zen Quotes For Mindful Living

Zen Quotes FI

How can a bunch of zen quotes on life help you with your mindfulness practice? And what does zen mean, anyway? 

Though we could dive into the Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism and the value of intuition and meditation, the short answer is that zen means feeling peaceful and calm. 

Nice, right? We could all use more of that.

And one way to bring more peace and calm into your life is to meditate on zen proverbs like the ones in this post.  

Get ready to write down or copy your favorites and check out our ideas at the end of the post on ways to use them in daily life. 

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Top 25 Calming And Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

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You’re emotionally fried. Your nervous system is officially on strike, and you feel awful. You’re taking deep breaths, hoping it will calm the storm.

But it’s not quite enough. 

Because those thoughts are still there, and until you address those, you’re not likely to feel better anytime soon.

Ask yourself, “What is good for calming anxiety?” and it’s too easy to think of solutions that have nothing to do with the thoughts in your head. 

Then, in your search for real help, you find this post on anxiety affirmations, which are potent phrases that help reduce anxiety. Read on to learn how.

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27 Of The Greatest Grandchildren Quotes Ever

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Oh those lovely little beings . . . grandchildren.

When you had your own children, you wondered if your heart could ever be any fuller with love.

But now your children have kids of their own, and you know a new kind of love that you never anticipated.

You get all of the benefits of parenting (hugs, sloppy kisses, sweet smiles, fun outings) without many of the drawbacks (dirty diapers, anyone?).

It's hard to put into words how wonderful it is to be a grandparent.

What do you say about grandchildren that captures the magic of your special relationship?

Fortunately, we've got you covered with some of the best grandkids quotes you'll ever read.

Here are 37 quotes that reinforce how grandchildren are a blessing that make your life so much richer.

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65 Of The Hardest Questions To Answer

hardest questions to answer FI

When was the last time someone’s question left you speechless or fumbling for words?

Difficult questions have a way of throwing you off balance.

The best way to prepare for them is to consider some of the hardest questions and answer them for yourself.

To that end, welcome to our collection of 65 hard questions to answer. Start with one you’ve had trouble answering in the past.

The next time you hear it, you’ll have an answer ready.

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101 Powerful Affirmations To Boost Your Self-Esteem And Confidence

woman thinking, positive affirmations for self-esteem

Do positive self-affirmations work? If you’re used to feeling negative about yourself, you’re probably also used to talking negatively to yourself. 

Your self-talk has a significant impact on your self-esteem. That’s why it’s essential to repeat self-worth affirmations daily.

As you start, it doesn’t matter whether you believe them right away. When you get used to talking about yourself in a positive way, your confidence and self-worth will improve. 

But how does that work exactly?

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