Want To Stop Worrying And Start Achieving? Read These 35 One Day At A Time Quotes

one day at a time quotes

A personal crisis.

Terrifying world events.

Uncertainty about your health, finances, or relationships. 

Life is full of scary things that could happen – or unsettling things happening right now that could worsen.

It’s hard not to fret about the future.

Knowing you can’t predict future outcomes makes it even more tormenting.

If only our worrying and ruminating could control the result.

But as you’re aware, they don’t.

You might have goals for success and feel impatient to achieve them or overwhelmed by all of the hard work it will take.

The only healthy alternative when you’re anxious, impatient, or overwhelmed is to take it day by day. 

“But that’s so hard,” you say.

Yes, it is – but not impossible – especially when you have the inspiration to retrain your thoughts.

Reading our list of living one day at a time quotes will put you in the right mindset to ease your anxieties and achieve your goals.

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125 Words Of Encouragement and Quotes For Women

Words Of Encouragement Quotes For Women

Juggling roles as professionals, students, partners, moms, and everything in between is no small feat for women like you.

It's a lot, with work, family, and all those expectations weighing you down.

The tightrope walk of managing work-life balance, caregiving responsibilities, navigating relationship dynamics, confronting gender expectations, and handling everyday duties can be overwhelming.

We're here to offer some encouraging words for women to help you navigate these challenges with grace and calm.

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47 Toxic Family Quotes To Remind You That Blood Isn’t Always Thicker Than Water

family having meal toxic family quotes

Welcome to our collection of 47 quotes about toxic family, each written by a soul with a unique insider’s perspective.

If you’re here, you can probably add to this list with insights of your own. 

If you’re looking specifically for leaving toxic family quotes because you’re ready to go after a life of your choosing — or you’ve done precisely that — we’re confident you’ll find some new favorites here.   

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113 Of The Best Motivation Monday Quotes

pouring coffee, motivation Monday quotes

It's Monday morning and your alarm is going off — are you excited for the fresh start and the possibilities that the upcoming week holds for you?

Or do you want to rewind back to the weekend to enjoy a little more bit time off from your Monday through Friday reality?

If you struggle to conquer the Monday blues each week, and you aren't jumping energetically out of your bed to start your week, it’s time to make a change.

One way to overcome the blues is to have some inspiring quotes for Monday on hand that allow you to push your first workday of the week sluggishness aside.

There is a reason that most heart attacks occur on a Monday.

The truth is, the stress of returning to your normal routine or going back to work after the weekend with only the vision of the long week ahead of you actually poses a threat to your health.

Research has shown that deaths from heart attacks occur in a pattern during the week, with the rarest occurrences being on Saturdays and Sundays.

But on Mondays, adult men have heart attacks 20% more often than any other day of the week, and adult women have them 15% more often than other days.

Monday is a stressful day and oftentimes, we want to turn the other way and make a run for it.

However, with the right motivation, you can turn that attitude around and get excited for Monday to begin so you can feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in your life.

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31 Loving Valentine’s Day Quotes For Her

man with flowers, Valentine’s Day Quotes For Her

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner. But maybe you're dreading it because you're not exactly sure how to express your feelings to that amazing woman you love.

Valentine’s Day is the one day dedicated solely to romantic dinners, flowers, gifts and other beautiful displays of affection and love.

This is also the time when you sincerely want to go that extra mile to leave sweet romantic messages for her so she knows just how special she is to you.

Though some men are true romantics at heart, others struggle, not only to come up with

Valentine quotes but also to know where to strategically place them to surprise that special woman. Here are a few ideas for you.

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131 Of The Best Inspirational I Love You Quotes For Him Or Her

couple hugging, I love you quotes

Are you looking for the perfect “I love you” quotes to describe that indescribable feeling?

When you're in love, you're eager to express to your partner the depth of your emotions.

You want your partner to know how much you love him or her, but it can be hard to come up with the right words.

Fortunately, many writers, mystics, and thought leaders have given us the gift of good love quotes and cute sayings that you can share with your partner or craft into your own words.

Communicating some of these romantic love sayings can make your partner's day and show your beloved how much you care.

We've curated some of the most beautiful quotes about love and romantic sayings to guarantee your partner will know exactly how you feel.

Here are some of the best quotes on love that are inspiring, romantic, and passionate.

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59 Unrequited Love Quotes To Ease Your Pain

unrequited love quotes

Few experiences hurt more than loving someone who doesn’t love you back.

You know you can’t force someone to feel what they don’t, but knowing this doesn’t lessen the pain of unfulfilled love.

Sometimes, though, it helps to know you’re not alone.

And you’re definitely not. Most of us will experience this pain at some point in our lives — many of us more than once.

So, we’ve collected the following unrequited love quotes from others who have been where you are.

Think of them as verbal hugs from us to you.

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67 Most Inspirational Positive Energy Quotes Of All Time

Positive Energy Quotes

Many of us have seen our positive energy wane like the glimmer of a dying light during these trying times.

Now more than ever, it’s critical to have tools are your disposal, like positive energy quotes, to help you keep that light burning. 

It’s hard to stay upbeat or have any energy at all when you’re quarantined and lonely.

Couple this loneliness with ongoing anxiety, constant negative news, and uncertainty about the future, and you have the recipe for a mental health meltdown.

That’s why it’s so essential to work on maintaining optimism and hope.

Sustaining a positive mindset gives you the emotional energy to make sound decisions, follow through on obligations, and use coping skills when times are tough. 

We’ve collected the quotes about energy and optimism below as a useful resource for you to help keep negative thoughts at bay. 

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