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46 Inspirational Stephen King Quotes

What would bestselling author Stephen King say — about talent, coincidences, risk-taking, etc.? If you’re at least a little curious, welcome to this article. King has written over 90 books plunging the depths of human emotions and behaviors. He understands human nature and what drives our fears and longings. If you’re alive and have an […]

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67 Encouraging Never Give Up Quotes

It’s easy to be motivated when you’re just getting started with something new. The challenge comes when the newness wears off and you become more aware of the exertion and less aware of its potential rewards. This is why creating good habits is essential to never giving up on your most worthwhile goals. But the […]

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71 Of The Best Missing You Quotes

Someone you love is far away, and your world feels poorer and less colorful without them. But when you get ready to send them a heartfelt message, you struggle to think of the right words. How do you communicate just how much you miss them? The pain of missing someone you love defies language. But […]

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