37 Of The Most Romantic Things To Do For Your Wife To Make Her Heart Melt

There’s no denying it – your wife is incredible. 

She’s the most important person in your life, and you love her with all your heart. 

Why not show her how much you care by doing something special for her?

It doesn’t need to be a special occasion to go above and beyond to make your wife feel loved – just because you love her is reason enough.

We’ve gathered caring, loving, and romantic ideas you can do for her to make your wife feel loved and appreciated.

Don’t be surprised if your wife responds with some heartfelt gestures of her own! 

You’re creating good karma when you perform acts of kindness.

We can all use a little more love in our lives.

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What Kind of Romantic Surprises Do Women Like?

To plan the perfect romantic surprise for your special someone, you must understand women’s values, hopes, and dreams.

Although the ideal surprise isn’t universal for every woman, these are some of the things that most women crave:

  • Compassion and empathy: Make sure your surprise is thoughtful and considers her feelings, needs, and wants.
  • Quality time: She doesn’t just want quantity time, but quality time. Make sure you’re present when you’re with her and fully engaged when providing her with a beautiful surprise.
  • Words of affirmation: Don’t just show your wife that you love her – say it, and say it often! Women love to feel appreciated and loved through both verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Physical touch: Whether it’s a gentle kiss, a warm hug, or holding hands, don’t forget the power of physical touch. It can communicate so much more than words or gifts ever could.
  • Surprises that are personal and unique: Women love it when you put thought into a present, especially if it’s tailored just for her. If it’s not genuine, she will likely know. Make sure to make sure your surprise caters specifically to your wife.

With these considerations in mind, you are well on your way to putting a big smile on your wife’s face with the perfect surprise.

37 Of The Most Romantic Things To Do For Your Wife To Make Her Heart Melt

Now that we have established what kind of surprises women like let’s get into some nice things to do for your wife that are sure to make her heart melt.

1. Make Her Breakfast in Bed

Start her day off with a bang by making her favorite breakfast and bringing it to her in bed. For bonus points, including one of her favorite foods, she doesn’t indulge in often will make the breakfast extra special.

2. Give Her a Massage

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Show your wife how much you care by giving her a relaxing and rejuvenating massage. Add some scented candles or soothing music to really set the mood.

3. Plan a Day at the Spa

Treat your wife to a day of pampering at her favorite spa. She can relax and unwind while getting massages, facials, and other treatments. A decadent day at the spa will surely be a day she will never forget.

4. Craft a Hand-Written Love Letter for Her

We rarely receive handwritten letters in the digital age, so your wife is sure to be touched by a heartfelt letter expressing your love for her.

Be sure to include some of your favorite memories together and how much she means to you.

5. Take Her on a Surprise Vacation

If you have the time and resources, whisking your wife away on a surprise vacation will make her feel loved and appreciated. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant trip – sometimes, the best memories are made closer to home.

6. Set Up a Luxury Bath for Her

Baths can be a hassle for busy wives. They have to clean the tub, clear out a spot for all of their bath products, and then actually take the time to relax.

couple sitting by ocean drinking wine date romantic thing to do for your wife

You can make it much easier (and more luxurious) for her by setting up a candle-lit bath complete with her favorite bath salts, bubbles, music, and other bathtime accessories.

7. Get Her Flowers “Just Because”

If you’re wondering how to surprise your wife when she’s at work or the two of you are separate, a classic option is to send flowers. It works best if they’re entirely unexpected instead of being sent on a holiday or anniversary.

You can leave a thoughtful note with the flowers to let her know how much you’re thinking of her. If you want to take it a step further, include a small gift like her favorite candy.

8. Watch the Kids for the Night

Being the babysitter may not sound like the most romantic thing in the world, but it will give your wife a much-needed break. You can let your wife know that you’re going to take care of everything while she plans a day out for herself, a girls’ night, or time with family.

And who knows, you can plan some romantic ideas for your wife in the bedroom for when she returns!

9. Create a Romantic Photo Album

We have thousands of digital images these days, but curating them together can make them special. Consider making a physical album or framed collage of your favorite moments together. Including notes, ticket stubs, and other items will help transport her back to those memories.

10. Clean the House from Top to Bottom

No one likes cleaning, but it’s especially tough for wives who already have a lot on their plate. Show your appreciation by taking care of all the cleaning for a day (or even better, a week!).

11. Treat Your Wife to a Dance Class

Dancing is a great way to get active and have fun together. And what’s more romantic than learning how to dance with your partner? You can find classes for all different types of dancing, from ballroom to salsa to swing.

12. Enjoy a Walk and Sunset Together

We rarely stop and take the time to appreciate the sun. If your wife is usually busy during the sunset (or sunrise), try to clear her schedule by helping her get a few things done early. Then select the perfect spot and surprise her with the breathtaking view and fresh air.

13. Take Professional Photos Together

Hire a professional photographer to capture some stunning photos of the two of you together. You can ask her to wear an outfit or hairstyle you’re crazy about and let her know you want to capture her beauty forever.

14. Go Wine Tasting

For most married couples, the days of bar and club-hopping are long gone.

But you can still go out and enjoy a few drinks together. Wine tastings are a great way to learn about different types of wines and sample some that you may want to purchase in the future.

They’re also usually set in beautiful locations, giving a dreamy element to the date.

15. Play Hookie Together

Let’s face it, sometimes the best way to surprise your wife is by taking a day off from work together.

man services breakfast in bed romantic thing to do for your wife

You can sleep in, make love, order room service, and enjoy each other’s company without any interruptions. It’s less about what you do here and more about having the option to do whatever you want!

16. Arrange for a Couples Massage

A couples massage is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate with your wife. Many spas offer package deals that include other services like champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, and a private sauna.

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17. Plan an Outdoor Picnic

Picnicking is a great summer date idea. Make sure to pack all of your wife’s favorite picnic foods, drinks, and snacks. If you want to go above and beyond, you can pack a blanket and pillows for her to lounge on.

18. Get Season Tickets to Her Favorite Team

If your wife is a sports fan, this is a no-brainer! Getting season tickets to her favorite team will score you some major points. You can also get her some team gear to show your support.

19. Find an Outdoor or Drive-In Movie

A theater night is a lot of fun, but why not take the romance and nostalgia to the next level and find an outdoor or drive-in movie?

Movie-going is an excellent summertime date, especially if you pack some snacks and drinks to enjoy during the show.

20. Make Her Laugh

Doing something romantic doesn’t always have to be a formal event. Just putting a smile on your loved one’s face is one of the most loving things you can do. So crack a few jokes, reminisce about funny memories, or simply enjoy each other’s company and let the laughter flow.

21. Share a Spiritual Experience Together

Depending on your religion or spiritual beliefs, spending time together in prayer, meditation, or worship can be a very intimate and bonding experience. It can also be a great way to learn more about each other’s beliefs and values.

22. Volunteer Together

Giving back is one of the most rewarding things you can do individually and as a couple. Volunteering your time and energy to a cause you both care about is a great way to make a difference and feel good about yourselves.

23. Make an Activity Jar

Do you and your wife love spontaneity and adventure? If so, this is the perfect date idea for you! Fill a jar with slips of paper with different activities written on them. Then take turns picking an activity and doing it together. It’s a great way to try new things and bond with your wife simultaneously.

24. Have a Game Night

Whether you love board games, video games, or card games, spending time together playing your favorite games is a great way to have fun and relax. If you want to make it extra special, you can even turn it into a themed night with matching food, music, or decorations.

25. Send Her Sweet Nothings Through Text

Women love partners who can boldly and frequently communicate their love. So, send your wife some sweet text messages throughout the day.

Compliment her, tell her how much you love her, or send her a funny meme to make her laugh. Whatever you do, just let her know that she’s always on your mind.

26. See Live Music Together

Seeing a live show is the perfect date night if you and your wife love music. You may choose a band that you both enjoy, or you can explore different genres and find new music to love together.

27. Netflix and Chill

The trendy “Netflix and chill” doesn’t have to be just for Netflix. You can use this time to watch your wife’s old favorite movies or binge a show you both meant to catch up on. Get comfortable with plenty of blankets, pillows, and food.

28. Take a Cooking Class Together

It can be easy to slip into the routine of the same family dinners every night. Instead of stressing over trying to find new options, you and your wife can make the process fun by taking a cooking class together.

young couple happily dancing in the kitchen romantic thing to do for your wife

Choose a type of food you both love so you can learn how to cook it yourselves. And since you’re both learning, you can both help each other when making this dish at home.

29. Slow Dance in the Living Room

Who says you need a special occasion to slow dance? Grab your wife and sway to your favorite song right in your living room. It’s a simple way to show your affection and romance without even saying a word.

30. Enjoy a Paint and Sip Date

Getting creative with your partner is a great way to relieve stress and make a romantic connection. There are plenty of painting classes in most cities, and you can also try an online class if you’re not near a studio.

31. Gaze Lovingly at Your Wife Regularly

Women love to be adorned. Make your special someone feel seen by gazing at her with love and admiration. Look into her eyes, smile at her, and turn your body towards her.

When she notices, let her know that she is the most beautiful woman in the world to you. The key here is to be consistent. If you regularly make an effort to look at her with love, she will feel appreciated and cherished.

32. Hold Hands Wherever You Go

Whether you’re out on a date or just running errands together, take every opportunity to hold your wife’s hand. It’s a simple way to show affection and make her feel loved.

And don’t forget to hold her hand, or embrace her in other ways, when you’re at home together. When you’re watching television or settling into bed for the night, take the time to show her some physical affection.

33. Buy Her a Stunning New Outfit

Sometimes, the best way to show your wife how much you love her is to give her a gift that she can enjoy for years. If your wife loves fashion, buy her a stunning new outfit that makes her feel confident and beautiful.

You can surprise her with an outfit or take her shopping. Both options will show her how much you care about her and want her to look and feel her best.

34. Dedicate a Song to Her on the Radio

Is there a song that always makes you think of your wife? Dedicate it to her on the radio. She’ll be so touched that you took the time to make this gesture.

And if you’re feeling extra romantic, you can sing the song to her yourself. Singing the song yourself is an excellent idea if you’re going out to karaoke or just having fun at home. Whether or not you have a great singing voice, she’ll appreciate the effort.

35. Find a Nearby Hike or Go Camping

If you’re an outdoorsy couple, there are plenty of romantic things to do that involve nature. You can find a nearby hike to explore together or go camping for a weekend. Getting into nature is a perfect idea because it limits distractions and allows you to focus on each other.

36. Learn How to Braid Her Hair

When women have their hair combed, braided, or done, it’s not just about the style. It’s also about the relaxation and pampering that comes with it. So if you want to show your wife how much you care, learn how to braid her hair.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just the effort you put in will mean a lot to her. You can give her a quick scalp massage to help melt her tension.

37. Act As Flirty As the Day You Met Her

Do you remember how you acted when you first met your wife? You were probably pretty flirty, and you made her feel very desired. So why not bring that same energy back into your relationship?

Flirting is a great way to show your affection and keep the spark alive. You can do it through physical touch, compliments, or playful banter.

Final Thoughts

Romance is fundamental for a healthy and happy marriage. It’s so important to keep the flame alive and show your wife how much you love her. 

With these 37 romantic things to do for your wife, you’re sure to make her heart melt. Try to practice them with regularity.

Using one suggestion on this list each week may add up to be the best year of your relationship!

Go the extra mile and make your wife feel the depth of your love by doing these romantic things to do for your wife.