Does It Seem Your Guy Friend Has Feelings For You? 19 Signs You’re Probably Right

Hmm…have you ever had the feeling that maybe your guy friend likes you more than a friend? 

No, that can't be right…can it? 

What if it is?

What do you do if your guy friend has feelings for you? 

How Can You Tell If a Guy Likes You More Than a Friend?

Being able to tell if a guy likes you more than a friend is not always straightforward, especially if you have been friends for years or have never viewed him in a romantic light. 

While men have many ways of indicating that they are interested in a woman romantically, it is not always obvious to those who spend a lot of time with them through the years. 

friendly date between man and woman signs your male friend has feelings for you

Some ways that a guy may begin to shift his actions or his behavior if he begins to develop feelings for you might include: 

  • Trying to spend more time with you: While you may be familiar with spending time together, you might notice an uptick in his urgency in making plans with you if he is beginning to develop feelings for you.
  • Inviting you to meet relatives: Does your guy friend want you to meet his family and his close relatives? If he seems in a rush to do so suddenly and out of nowhere, he may have more romantic feelings for you than you realize.
  • Asking about you in-depth: A guy friend understands your work, hobbies, and boundaries. However, someone who may feel for you romantically will likely be interested in everything you do non-stop, even tasks that you consider boring or mundane. If he is becoming increasingly persistent about getting to know more about you, you may need to ask, “Does my guy friend have feelings for me?”

19 Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings for You

If you are unsure whether or not your guy friend likes you, there are a few signs your guy friend is falling for you to look out for, regardless of your feelings. 

When you know how to know if your guy friend likes you, you can better navigate the situation without breaking his heart or ruining the friendship bond you have built with one another. 

1. He can't stop communicating with you.

A telltale sign that any man is interested in a female as more than just friends is his inability to stop communicating with you

You may notice an uptick in text messages, and even receiving silly chats or jokes from your friend. 

A guy who is romantically interested in a woman will want to know what she is up to throughout her day, hence the increase in communication. 

2. He always tries to make plans.

He may also ask more about your schedule and want to know when you will be available and when you have plans. 

A guy interested in a woman will want to know who she is spending time with and what she is up to when he is not around, especially when it does not involve him or have anything to do with him personally. 

A male friend who has a crush on a female friend may also try to make more plans than usual. Solidifying plans with his crush will help him feel more reassured, knowing she is not out spending time with another. 

3. He extends an invitation to his family celebrations and holiday gatherings.

Men who extend invitations to female friends for holiday gatherings and special family celebrations do not typically do so unless they have romantic feelings or underlying intentions.

If you notice that your guy friend wants you around more and more whenever he spends time with his loved ones, he may feel something deeper for you.

4. Actively likely and engaging with your social media. 

A noticeable uptick in engagements and interactions on your social media from your guy friend can also indicate that he is spending more time on you and wondering what you are doing each day. 

If your guy friend is now engaging with more of your social media posts, there is likely a reason why he is more invested and interested. 

5. Attempts to extend the conversation when it is about to end.

Any time you try to end a conversation or move on from it, you might begin to notice that your guy friend is attempting to extend it. 

When a guy is extremely interested in a woman, he may find it challenging to stop communicating with her or leave her alone for an extended period. 

6. He seems nervous and blushes when you speak to him.

If you notice that your guy friend is becoming increasingly nervous around you or if he blushes whenever you speak to him or touch him, he may be developing feelings for you.

7. He seems more jealous than usual.

Have you recently noticed that your guy friend is becoming a bit jealous whenever you spend time with other men or even other guy friends of yours? 

If so, this can be a telltale sign that he has more than platonic feelings for you. 

8. Lives to make you laugh and smile.

A friend who is always there for you to make you laugh and smile is priceless. 

When a guy has feelings for a girl and does not want to show them or is too scared to do so, he may do everything in his power to make her laugh, cheer her up, and let her know he is always there for her in every way.  

9. You receive an increasing number of compliments from him.

You may notice an increase in the number of compliments you receive from a guy friend who is developing feelings for you. 

He may also begin ribbing you or making jokes at your expense to gauge your reaction(s) before making any additional moves.  

10. He is curious about your dating life.

If your guy friend is suddenly curious about your dating life when he has never shown an interest in it, he may feel jealous or insecure about his position in your life. 

He may also be beginning to develop romantic feelings of his own.  

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11. He seems jealous about any plans you have when dating others.

While it is natural for anyone to become jealous whenever they feel left out by their friends, you are more likely to notice your guy friend becoming jealous if he has romantic feelings for you. 

This is also much more common among men and women who begin dating others, as it is often difficult for someone who has romantic feelings to hold back their emotions.    

12. You feel he is becoming more comfortable in your home or space.

When you notice that your guy friend is becoming more comfortable in your home and spending more time in your space, it may be time to step back and reevaluate the current dynamic of your relationship. 

two friends having coffee signs your male friend has feelings for you

If your guy friend does not want to leave your house and loves spending time with you, he may also want something more from the relationship. 

13. He has become more physical when it comes to touching you.

If you spend time with your guy friend and notice that he is becoming more physical and intimate with you, this can also indicate that he is developing romantic feelings for you. 

From hand-holding to simply brushing up against you, a guy friend who has feelings for you will likely try to get as physically close to you as he can whenever the opportunity arises. 

14. He is seemingly eager to tell you more about himself.

When a guy friend seems extremely eager to tell you more about himself, his job, accomplishments, and future plans, he may search for more than just a platonic connection with you. 

Men eager to share details about themselves may also search for a connection that leans towards the romantic side.  

15. You notice he is asking for more personal details about your life and preferences.

A man who is genuinely interested in a woman will want to know more about her personal life and preferences. 

You may notice your guy friend asking about your favorite foods, colors, and even your favorite actors or artists, especially if he has not done so in the past. 

16. He begins bringing you gifts and items you may need.

If you notice that your guy friend is presenting you with gifts and niceties more often than not, he may develop feelings for you. 

While it can be platonic to give gifts to friends of the opposite sex, it usually has a deeper meaning when spending time in a one-on-one scenario with a friend of the opposite sex over time. 

17. Asks questions about your future and life plans.

Is your guy friend beginning to ask questions about your future and the life plans you envision for yourself? 

While this can be extremely common in any platonic relationship, it is not common if this is not typical of your guy friend, especially if you have been friends for years, if not decades.

If you notice that your guy friend is asking about the future you see for yourself, and how you envision your life, it may be time to take a step back to reevaluate the deeper meaning behind his questions.  

18. He comments on all of the time you spend together.

Has your guy friend begun commenting on all the time you spend together, especially if the amount of time has recently increased? 

If so, he may be trying to gauge your own reaction to the time you spend together and whether or not it is significant to you.

He may also be trying to test whether or not you have noticed that you are spending more time than usual with one another. 

19. You have a gut feeling he is interested in you romantically.  

Sometimes, all we need to do is tune in to our inner feelings to decide life. If your gut instinct tells you that your guy friend has feelings for you, you may be onto something. 

sweet friends in a coffee shop signs your male friend has feelings for you

Never ignore or avoid your gut feelings, especially when it comes to love and spending time with another. 

What to Do When Your Guy Friend Likes You

When a guy friend likes you, it can feel overwhelming, especially if you are not sure of how you feel in return. 

Whether you want to pursue a romantic relationship or prefer to keep the relationship platonic, review these tips to keep in mind.

When you discover that your guy friend is looking for more from your current relationship, you want to prepare yourself. 

  • Take a step back: First, take a step back to evaluate your relationship with your guy friend and what type of relationship you want with him in the future. You may also need to step back if your guy friend has just informed you that he has romantic feelings for you and you need some time to process it. Stepping back from the relationship can also help you to prevent making rash decisions or mistakes if you are caught off-guard about your friend's feelings. 
  • Consider the catalyst: Do you know what caused your friend to inform you of his romantic feelings for you? Have you spent more time together on activities that are more for romantic partners? Has anything changed recently in your life? Always consider the catalyst that triggered your friend to come forward with his romantic feelings towards you to help navigate the situation. 
  • Consider your own feelings: Consider your own feelings when it comes to the guy friend who has confessed he feels for you romantically. Do you feel similarly, or have you ever? Do you think it is possible, or are you unwilling to take the risk to avoid losing your friend for good if your romance tanks? Connecting with your internal feelings is extremely important whenever a platonic friend confesses that they have romantic feelings for you. 
  • Be honest: Never string along a friend whom you care about, even if you find it difficult to tell them that you are not interested in a romantic relationship with them. Once a platonic friend confronts you, being honest, upfront, and direct as quickly as possible can help you move on quickly. 

Any time it seems like a guy friend has feelings for you, it can complicate a smooth-sailing relationship dynamic, especially if you are unprepared. 

Knowing if your guy friend likes you can go a long way in preparing yourself while carefully navigating the scenario to help preserve and protect the relationship you have built together as best as possible.