Is Your Twin Flame Trying To Communicate With You? Look For These 17 Signs

Also known as a “mirror soul,” twin flames are two people who share the same quintessence. 

There are two primary types of twin flames: splitters and reflectors.

The former is when a pair of individuals split a soul.

The latter is when two people’s souls mirror each other exactly.

Not everyone has a twin flame in a given lifetime, but those that do may experience strong sensations when their twin soul tries to communicate.

To that end, let’s explore twin flame signs and symptoms.

What Is Twin Flame Energy? 

Twin flame energy is intense because the two people share the same weaknesses, strengths, and pains.

Resultantly, when they meet, they’re immediately drawn to each other.

Moreover, when mirror souls start a platonic or romantic relationship, it usually moves at a swift pace.

It’s not unusual for twin flames to move in together quickly or elope. 

But fair warning: unlike soul mate partnerships, twin flames’ journeys aren’t serene and smooth.

While the experience can be healing, it’s often very challenging.

Since the connection between twin flames is incredibly intense, it can lead to:

  • Exceptional growth
  • Polarization rooted in stubbornness
  • Jealousy
  • Co-dependence
  • Overwhelming momentum
  • A peaceful yin and yang synergy

In other words, it’s a mixed bag.

It’s important to remember that twin flames don’t complete each other.

Psychotherapist Babita Spinelli cautions people that completion thinking is a misnomer, explaining that “in reality, relationships are meant to encourage you to be more complete in your own right.”

Since twin flames are connected through chakras and wavelengths, pairs may feel like they need the other person, but the true goal is to learn from one another.

Additionally, twin flames often help one another notice personal flaws they don’t necessarily want to see but need to acknowledge to grow in the right direction.

People who’ve found their twin flame also report that their energies vibrate faster when nearer each other.

Can Twin Flames Sense Each Other?

Yes, in most cases, twin flames can sense when the other is around. Beyond that, time tends to disappear when you spend time together.


It’s fascinating being around someone with the same likes, dislikes, and triggers — someone who truly “gets” you.

Spending time with your twin flame can feel like a shot of self-awareness that helps you learn and grow.

man smiling sitting on the sidewalk signs your twin flame is communicating with you

But again, it’s not always easy and calm. Things can rise to the level of excitability, which causes a “quantum entanglement.”  

Being in the same time and place with a twin flame can over-occupy the mind, constantly causing you to think about the other person.

It’s like having your hands on the same drum and simultaneously feeling the same vibrations and forces.

But understand that outside factors — like past experiences, karmic contracts, and cultural differences — can affect a twin flame bond.

Getting the most out of the relationship requires both parties to surrender, a bit, to the Universe. Otherwise, emotions may grow too intense and explode.

However, when a twin flame relationship works, it has the power to transform you into the best possible you. Overall, twin flame communication can be life-changing.

17 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Communicating with You 

What are the signs your twin flame is communicating with you? There are many, so let’s review 17 of them.

1. Drawn Into Aura

If you have yet to meet your twin flame, you may feel like you’re being pulled toward something or someone. It’s not a passing breeze; it’s an intense tugging.

Sometimes, twin flames can be on different schedules and, as such, end up chasing each other at different times.

Whether or not to explore the pull is up to you. Sometimes, it’s the right time; other times, it’s not. Follow your gut. In twin flame situations, your instincts are the Universe’s way of shining a light on a particular path. And remember, it’s not always the right time to meet your mirror soul.

2. You Feel Like You Recognize Them

You’ve probably been with your twin soul for several lifetimes. So when you first meet, it may feel like you recognize them and vice versa. In fact, you may rack your brain trying to figure out how you know each other.

Remember, however, that your conscious mind probably didn’t unite you. Instead, it was your superconscious doing the work.

3. Feel Intense Energy

Twin flame body sensations can be overwhelming and addictive. You want to spend every minute in their presence, and your connection may have all the hallmarks of divine intervention. 

If you have yet to meet your twin flame, you may feel a magnetic pull out of nowhere. An intense feeling may wash over you; it could feel like someone is watching or following you.

6. You Keep Dreaming About Them

Dreams reveal loads. They help us make sense of situations and serve as a problem-solving support system. Dreams also give us a glimpse at our higher selves and other spiritual occurrences.

If you see the same stranger repeatedly in your night vision, it may be your twin flame. 

Mirror souls may enter dreams in two ways: astrally or consciously. The first method is when their soul separates from their body and visits your subconscious.

Conscious influences are when they emit strong vibes that resonate with your superconscious.

7. You Become More Courageous

Have you ever woken up and felt more powerful and courageous than usual? It may be your twin flame reaching out.

In many ways, mirror souls are supportive entities. So if they’re close and are trying to connect, you may experience a boost of self-confidence and inspiration.

8. Your Values Are Changing

Life is about growth and change. According to most spiritual schools of thought, impermanence, as contradictory as it may sound, is the foundation and guiding principle of existence. 

Subsequently, your values may shift when you meet or are close to meeting your twin flame. Most people begin to feel less status-conscious, and their desire for material gain diminishes.

Instead of going out to party, staying home and reading may feel more appropriate. In almost all cases, the entrance of a twin flame will make you more staid and responsible.

9. You Feel Bodily Pressure

Since twin flames share a chakra system, you may feel bodily pressures when you’re around yours. It doesn’t necessarily hurt, but you’ll notice more activity in your seven main energetic centers.

The third eye (ajna) and solar plexus (manipura) are typically the most affected.

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10. A Genuine Psychic Confirms It

Charlatans are a dime a dozen. They use cold reading schools to trick people and gouge vulnerable and unsuspecting folks of their hard-earned money.

But there are people with the gift of vision. They have an avenue into the oversoul and can see past, present, and future more clearly than the average person.

How can you decipher a mountebank from a genuinely gifted psychic? In most cases, fakers will tell you what you WANT to hear, whereas practiced seers will patiently and supportively explain what you need to hear.

If a genuine psychic confirms that your twin soul is trying to find you, believe them.

11. You Experience Déjà Vu

Déjà vu is the sensation that you're re-experiencing a moment. It can feel odd, but rest assured that déjà vu is a great sign that lets you know you're on the right path. 

It also indicates that your twin flame is near and may soon enter your orbit. The sensational experience may be because your mirror soul recently did something similar to what you're doing now. 

If the feeling is intense, buckle up — because your life may be about to change for the better.

12. You Feel Dizzy

Have you ever been walking around or sitting at your desk and suddenly felt dizzy? If you're not dehydrated or dealing with a drop in blood pressure due to a medical occurrence, the disorientation may be caused by your twin flame trying to connect.

Since mirror souls have an intense bond, you may feel temporarily bowled over when they send out a “homing beacon.” 

12. You Endure Rapid Temperature Changes

Sickness and menopause may cause you to experience hot and cold flashes. However, if you're well and not going through “the change,” rapid temperature shifts could be a twin flame reaching out. 

Most individuals in this situation go from warm to cold and back again. 

13. You Experience Heart Palpitations

If you've just finished exercising, taking medication, or ingesting illegal drugs, your heart may pound harder than expected. But if you're healthy and experience elevated heartbeats out of the blue, it may be your twin flame sending out communication signals

You may feel it in your chest area because the twin flame connection is seeded in the heart chakra. 

14. You're Eager To Try New Things

Are you eager to try something else? Go in a different direction? Is your soul telling you it's time to close this chapter and start anew? 

It may be because you've been stuck in a rut — or it could be your twin flame trying to communicate. They're calling out for companionship, and since you share a soul, you feel their intense want. The closer the souls, the stronger the sensation hits.    

15. You Become Unexpectedly Tired

Most folks close to finding their twin flame will feel energetic and ready for change. But everyone is different, and some people feel lethargic and unmotivated when on the verge of meeting their other, soulful half.

The intense sensation drains them of energy.

Please don't interpret getting tired as a bad thing. It's no worse than becoming more energetic. Our bodies and souls have unique characteristics; the difference is no more profound than that.

16. You Seemingly Cry Over Nothing

Crying is a biological reaction to being emotionally overwhelmed, evidenced by the number of stress hormones and natural painkillers contained within tears.

It follows that people connecting with their twin flame may unexpectedly or spontaneously cry. The bond is intense and can trigger a host of biological responses.

17. Things Land In Your Lap

We've discussed how change may be on tap after you've just met or are about to meet your twin flame. People in a luck cycle may even get a boost from the Universe in the form of opportunities.

A new job in a new place may come your way. Or perhaps you're presented with an opportunity to travel — something you've always longed to do. 

Or it could be something as small as being asked to join a local board or community project. Who knows, your twin flame may have moved into your town recently, and you'll meet at a gathering or event. 

When things land in your lap, it's a gift. Be grateful and make a point to be observant. If the Universe changes your direction, it wants you to examine your life from a different angle.   

19. Constantly Brought Up in Conversation

Do people keep mentioning a specific person around you? Or perhaps your friends and family keep bumping into the same person they know through you. Sometimes, it's a coincidence. Other times, it could signify that the person they keep mentioning may be your mirror soul. 

If you've yet to meet your twin flame, friends and family may encourage you to try something. For example, your sister urges you to try a new yoga class on Monday.

On Wednesday, your Aunt Sally calls to say hi and tell you about a new movement class she's taking. Then on Friday, your best friend begs you to go to a new stretch class at her gym.

If you want to connect with a twin flame, accompanying your friend is probably not a bad idea in this scenario. The person could be in the same class! 

Parting Thoughts

Twin flame feelings are exciting, and meeting your other half may go a long way in helping you grow, learn, and thrive. But be prepared for intense emotions. Twin flame relationships can be tumultuous.

And remember, not all twin flames are romantic partners. They may appear in the form of a friend.

Moreover, don't feel bad if you don't have a twin flame. Not everyone has one every lifetime. It doesn't mean the Universe is less concerned about you; instead, it's simply a sign that the lessons you're meant to learn this time around don't involve a twin flame pairing.