Why ENFP And INFJ Personalities Make A Good Match

Dating isn’t easy. You might think you’ve found the one, only to discover your personalities just don’t quite match up.

Often finding the right person begins with understanding more about yourself. The Myers Briggs personality test was created to do just that.

If you’ve ended up here, you may know already that you are either an ENFP or an INFJ personality type. So what does that mean exactly? 

ENFP (the Champion) represents extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving functions of personality.

ENFP’s are creative, outgoing, and highly perceptive. When looking for a partner, the dynamic ENFP often needs someone who can play on the same emotional field. 

INFJ (the Counselor), stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging.

He or she might be the perfect person to keep up with the vivacious energy of an ENFP. INFJ’s are the quiet counterpart to the more excitable ENFP. 

Why ENFP and INFJ Work Well Together

Opposites attract, or so they say. Perhaps a more accurate phrase would be, opposites attract, but their similarities glue them together. This is especially true with an ENFP and INFJ in dating.

ENFP and INFJ compatibility can be magic, with each person adding their own special ingredients and perceptions into the relationship.

Both personalities are guided by their intuition and a strong sense of feeling. ENFPs and INFJs understand each other in many ways, but that doesn’t mean they are exactly the same. 

You may wonder how these two types can be so compatible when key aspects of both seem so fundamentally different from the other. 

  • While one is more outgoing and the other is more reserved, both are incredibly deep feelers.
  • Their emotions run deep; however, their feet aren’t so planted. Both types of people can find themselves lost in the abstract, heads drifting high above the clouds.

In short, they are both the perfect sort of weird for each other. While others may find it hard to ground them, they find their home base in each other and can often bring each other back down to earth. 

When an ENFP has found their INFJ match, they often find an instant connection, whether as friends or lovers. It may feel to them as if they knew each other in a past life.

couple biking, enfp and infj

Their connection feels intrinsic and inevitable, as they both process the world in similar ways, while their differences create a harmonious balance. 

ENFP and INFJ Personality Types

INFJ personality types are the rarest type of all of the 16 Myers Briggs types, making up a mere one percent of the population. They possess a gift of wisdom and insightfulness early in their lives.

Their dominant function is introverted intuition, meaning they are constantly absorbing the outer world and processing it internally. INFJs are curious creatures, always wanting to know more about the mysteries of life.

They are highly perceptive to human behavior and emotions, especially with their partners, and they can see far past the superficial masks we adopt.

INFJs are also quite intelligent and require a partner who can keep up. They may discover that they are more compatible with extroverted personalities with similar levels of intuition. (Yes, you guessed it, like an ENFP). 

ENFPs, like their introverted counterparts, have a strong sense of intuition. However, their talents lie in seeing the bigger picture, in seeing the world for what it is and what it could be.

They don’t want to get lost in the details, but would rather discuss the big ideas. They have an enormous capacity for empathy and are often incredibly inclusive and welcoming.

While an INFJ may find lots of pleasure in staying in and staying still, ENFPs need exhilaration. Never let an ENFP get bored or stuck in a rut, or they may find themselves struggling with restlessness. 

Similarities Between ENFP and INFJ Personalities

Both of these personalities could be found in the same corner of a party chatting away endlessly about life's big questions, their favorite new album, or their inner feelings. They are constantly absorbing and filing away new information about each other.

However, you may find that the INFJ slips out before midnight, with only a few quick goodbyes before heading to bed, while the ENFP is still partying the night away.

As the INFJ tucks in for a good night’s rest, he or she may be thinking about how much they had in common with the person in the corner, never knowing they have different personality types. That’s because these types are not all too different. 

Let’s look into what draws together an ENFP and INFJ in dating. Here are a few similarities between the two:

Free Spirits

Neither of these two types of people can keep their feet on the ground for too long.

To them, the world is a playground of new discoveries, and they want nothing to get in the way of their lifelong quest for knowledge and adventure. They would rather not be tied down by the practicalities of life.

Both INFJs and ENFPs thrive when they can test the limits of their imagination. As long as they are secure and comfortable in their sense of home, there are no limits to what these two can do together.

Data Gatherers

Both of these personality types are like researchers who were never given an assignment. They constantly ask questions and love learning about the people who surround them.

They love to dig deep and find out what makes a person tick. In a relationship, they might find that they understand each other’s depths quite quickly. 

Religious or Spiritual

Both appreciate a connection to something greater than themselves. While neither is completely inclined towards organized religion, they may understand a deeper cosmic connection in the world.

Whether they become fascinated with astrology or theology, they become obsessed with uncovering the great truths. 


Spontaneity might not seem aligned with an INFJ personality, but these curious learners will jump at the chance to explore with the right person by their side. Once an INFJ feels safe, they might just be up for any new adventure! 

Class Clowns

Both INFJs and ENFPs view the world with a keen sense of humor and can crack each other up for hours on end. Comedy relies on observation and these are two of the most observant in the bunch. 


These two love to give and be there for someone in need of a helping hand or listening ear. Their generosity is boundless, but they have to be careful, as they can often sacrifice their own needs for the sake of others. 

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Compatibility of the ENFP and INFJ in Relationships

So how exactly does compatibility work? It seems to fall somewhere between pure magic and formulaic science. Sometimes, everything can be right on paper, but the spark isn’t there.

Compatibility requires a connection between the mind and the soul but also a shared openness. Two people can enjoy similar interests but find they are unable to be authentic and vulnerable with each other.

ENFPs and INFJs work so well because of their curious natures and desires to give. Being a giving spirit goes beyond just helping someone — it also means giving more of yourself to your partner.

It means allowing them to prime their curiosity not just about the world but also with you. Both of these personalities relish the openness of their partners and the mutual desire to learn more about each other. 

However, this can look very different depending on the sex of the personality type. INFJ men can be quite different from INFJ women, and the same goes for ENFPs.

Women and men have been socialized differently and struggle with very different expectations from society and from their partners. 

Compatibility of an INFJ Man and an ENFP Woman

This relationship can be very fruitful. An INFJ man is often more sensitive and perceptive to the feelings of his partner.

He may be more attuned to his girlfriend or wife’s needs and emotions, which is highly important in a relationship with an ENFP woman.

It is important to her that her voice is heard, even if she hasn’t spoken. These two often have a powerful unsaid ability to communicate due to their similarities. 

Compatibility of an ENFP Man and an INFJ Woman

It is important in this type of pairing that both voices are heard. An ENFP man could easily fall into the trap of believing himself the smartest in the room. An INFJ woman will not let that slide easily, as she is his intellectual match.

However, when both partners give the other room to speak their minds, this can become a powerful duo. An INFJ woman can unearth deep love from an ENFP man who may tend to stuff down his overwhelming emotions.

The two may get into a few heated debates when their natures get the best of them, but they are also highly capable of working out any issues through open communication. 

Difficulties in ENFP and INFJ Relationships

With any relationship, there are going to be difficulties. A compatible match on paper doesn’t always account for the tricky complications that life can throw your way.

However, don’t let complications discourage you, as they are the spice of life — something that both ENFPs and INFJs crave. Every difficulty comes with an opportunity to understand one another better, a new puzzle for these curious creatures to solve.

Here are a few potential problems to keep in mind as you move forward in your relationship:

  • ENFPs can be overpowering. These extroverted people can often get overly excited as their brain fires off new ideas at a million miles a minute. This can be frustrating for their more quiet and thoughtful partners who would rather have a conversation than a fired-up debate. Some ENFPs can speak over people, and this can really rub INFJs the wrong way, even if they aren’t the recipient. 
  • INFJs can be perceived as controlling. INFJs have it all figured out, or they think they do. Once they have a plan set in motion, they are hard-pressed to take advice. ENFPs can find this frustrating, while an INFJ may find an ENFPs nature too indecisive
  • Their mutual need for harmony can result in chaos.  Communication between ENFP and INFJ partners can sometimes get tricky. When both partners desire balance, they may end up doing anything to prevent disruption and negative confrontation. This can lead to ineffective communication and arguments that camouflage deep-seated resentment.  It’s important that both parties utilize their communication skills to be open and honest with each other, even if that means temporarily upsetting the balance.
  • ENFPs could get bored. An ENFP may be searching for a new adventure while the INFJ just wants to stay put. The ENFP longs to go to the party while the INFJ wants to start the new season of Westworld. Learning how to compromise is crucial, and sometimes that means a solo adventure for the ENFP.

Make the most of your ENFP and INFJ relationship.

Are you an INFJ in a burgeoning relationship with an ENFP or the other way around? This is an exciting time for you both, as a whole world of possibilities has opened up with a partner by your side.

Take the time to understand how your different personalities function, together and apart. Understanding yourself will only help to elevate your relationship with your significant other.

You both have the potential for a beautiful, loving partnership, full of laughter and new discoveries — since you have found your mirror in each other.

May your compatibility and deep souls nourish and inspire you both as you build a unique relationship together.