Has Your Self-Worth Plummeted? Use These 165 Positive Affirmations For Confidence And Self-Esteem

What do you think about when you look in the mirror? 

Do you have pleasant thoughts and believe you are capable and worthy of love and success?

Or do you pick out everything that’s wrong with you and your life?

The things you think and tell yourself repeatedly become true for you and can significantly impact your mental health.

If your negative self-talk brings you down and makes you feel insecure, positive affirmations for confidence could help. 

Can Affirmations Boost Confidence? 

Self-confidence is your belief in yourself and your ability to meet challenges and succeed. 

Low confidence can prevent you from setting or achieving goals and cause you to avoid opportunities because of fear of failure or embarrassment. 

Luckily, you can improve it over time with some effort and persistence. 

Self-confidence affirmations can help you:

  • Avoid self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors
  • Improve self-control
  • Manage stress more effectively
  • Perform better in the moment
  • Feel more self-empowered
  • Improve cognitive functioning
  • Increase motivation

Do Affirmations Help with Self-Esteem? 

Self-esteem, also referred to as self-worth or self-respect, refers to your beliefs and opinions about yourself and your value.

If you have a healthy level of self-esteem, you generally feel liked and accepted and believe you are worthy regardless of your past or present circumstances. You know you matter irrespective of what others think of you.  

On the other hand, low self-esteem can cause you to feel bad about yourself and believe you are less valuable or less important than others.

You might set unrealistic expectations and then be hard on yourself when you don’t measure up.  

woman writing in bed self-confidence positive affirmations

If you want to believe in and feel better about yourself, try affirmations for self-worth to:

  • Broaden your perspective 
  • Deal with rejection and failure better
  • Experience less anxiety and stress
  • Handle criticism and negative feedback better
  • Experience healthier, more satisfying relationships
  • Reduce the effects of negative emotions
  • Forgive yourself for past mistakes

165 Affirmations To Build Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Choose affirmations that resonate with you.

Then find a way to practice them daily, whether you write them down, recite them aloud while looking in the mirror, repeat them silently, record yourself and play them back, post them around your home or office, or whatever other method works best for you.

The important thing is that you use them. 

Powerful Self-Confidence Affirmations

1. I am becoming stronger and more resilient every day.

2. I am capable of overcoming stressful situations.

3. I am equipped to handle any situation I encounter.

4. I choose positive and nurturing thoughts.

5. I am worthy of love and happiness.

6. I release all negative thoughts and feelings about myself.

7. I am brave and strong.

8. I am worthy of good things, even if I don’t always feel it.

9. I am happy, and I love myself unconditionally.

10. I control how I feel, and today I choose to feel confident.

11. I believe in myself and my abilities and am doing a great job.

12. I inhale confidence and exhale fear.

13. I believe I can reach any goal I have in mind.

14. When I speak, I speak with confidence.

15. I stay confident in every situation.

16. I am a worthy, confident person.

woman smiling outside self-confidence positive affirmations

17. I am now free of all self-doubt and limitations that have been holding me back.

18. I am overflowing with confidence today.

19. I am smart enough, strong enough, and good enough as I am.

20. I am growing more confident and capable every day.

21. I feel great about who I am.

22. I accept and embrace myself as I am.

23. I am intelligent, curious, and naturally confident.

24. I love myself more every day.

25. I am full of optimism and positivity.

26. I treat myself like a worthy human being.

27. I am loved and appreciated, even when it seems unreal.

28. I am an incredible person.

29. I have the confidence to talk to anyone.

30. I love myself unconditionally.

31. I forgive myself for my mistakes and choose to learn from them.

32. I feel good about myself and accept myself for who I am.

33. Loving myself comes easily and naturally.

34. I embrace my uniqueness and feel valued as a human being.

35. I love and accept all of me, flaws and all.

36. I am a fantastic person, and I stand up for my values and beliefs.

37. I am doing my best, and that is good enough.

38. I don’t have to be perfect to be perfectly worthy of love.

39. I choose to treat myself with love and respect.

40. I am treating myself with the kindness of a friend.

41. I release all self-judgment and criticism.

42. I love the person I am and the person I am becoming.

43. I believe in myself more every day.

44. I release all fear and allow myself to feel empowered.

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45. I am worthy the way I am.

46. I am worthy of love and belonging.

47. I love who I am, regardless of what others think.

48. I matter. My opinions matter. My goals matter. My voice matters.

49. I am special and worthy of making my dreams come true.

50. I am a good person and worthy of happiness and good health.

51. I respect myself and treat myself lovingly and kindly.

52. I am a gift to the world.

53. I believe in my own worth, and that is enough.

54. I am capable of making a difference in the world.

55. I love, respect, and appreciate myself and my talents.

56. I am worthy of following my heart.

57. I am a source of joy, love, and inspiration to myself and others.

man smiling in mirror self-confidence positive affirmations

58. I am fully capable of overcoming fear and discomfort.

59. I am powerful, fearless, and limitless.

60. I am worthy of being treated like the magnificent person I am.

61. I allow myself to learn and grow every day from life’s lessons.

62. I am powerful and unstoppable.

63. Today and every day, I am capable of living my best life.

64. I am strong, determined, consistent, and I make smart decisions.

65. I allow myself to feel whole, empowered, and alive.

Affirmations for Self-Love and Confidence

1. I have no fear of moving forward — only of holding myself back. 

2. I know my strengths and challenges better than anyone. 

3. I can turn any problem into an opportunity. 

4. I am confident in my abilities and in the decisions I make. 

5. I learn from my mistakes and keep improving as I go. 

6. I’m proud of how my knowledge, talent, and skills are developing. 

7. I am always learning and growing. I am not the same person I was a year ago. 

8. I am not limited by my past or by any of my mistakes. 

9. I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned and how my entire universe has changed. 

10. As I learn, my place and power in the universe change with me. 

11. I use my power to make the world better than before. I bring the magic. 

12. I am doing the best I can with what I have, and it’s enough. 

13. My best keeps getting better as I learn and keep going. 

14. Every day, I’m looking for ways to make real progress toward my goals. 

15. I set challenging goals and take the necessary steps to reach them. 

16. I’m confident I have what it takes to reach every goal I set for myself. 

17. I attract confident people who support and encourage others. 

18. I can listen to criticism without taking it personally or reacting with anger. 

19. I am independent, creative, and persistent in everything I do. 

20. Confidence is second-nature to me. I know I can do whatever I set out to do. 

21. I am a good listener, and I attract people with big hearts and great ideas. 

22. I thrive on self-confidence. Challenges bring out the best in me. 

23. I always see the good in others, and I attract other positive, supportive people. 

24. I can overcome every barrier in my path. I always find a way forward. 

25. I’m capable of doing anything I put my mind to. 

26. I am the builder of my own revolution. 

27. I am relentless in pursuit of my goals. 

28. My physical or mental abilities do not limit me. I will change the world. 

29. Every challenge I meet is an opportunity to learn and become better than before. 

30. I take every step with courage, positive energy, and determination. 

31. Authentic self-expression is one of my core values, and I honor it every day. 

32. I know when to say “no” to something, and I don’t hesitate. 

33. I have more than enough energy to reach all my goals for today. 

34. I am making the world better day by day by being in it and taking purposeful action.

35. My mind, body, and spirit work together in harmony. 

36. I trust myself to make good decisions. 

37. I respond to adversity with courage, patience, and the readiness to get to work. 

38. The value of my work is independent of what others are willing or able to pay for it.

39. My confidence is based on how I see myself, not on what others think of me. 

40. The more I know myself, the more I believe in my ability to thrive and succeed. 

41. When I make up my mind to do something, I’m relentless and unstoppable. 

42. In any situation I encounter, I believe in my ability to make the most of it. 

43. My confidence is up to me and no one else. It’s my responsibility. 

44. I trust in my intuition and resourcefulness as I face each new challenge. 

45. I am growing in knowledge and wisdom as I explore new perspectives. 

46. I’m tough and can endure anything. I always get back up. 

47. I know when to punch back and when to walk it off. I trust my gut. 

48. I’ve learned not to take things personally when they’re not about me

49. I am everything I need to be in this moment. And I keep learning. 

50. I am a powerful force of nature and supernature combined. 

51. I can stand my ground when I need to, even when no one agrees with me.

52. I have learned I’m stronger and more powerful than I know. 

53. I am good at what I do, and I keep improving. 

54. I have all the confidence I need to step outside my comfort zone every day. 

55. I am in control of my reality, and I choose to make good things happen. 

56. I choose how I relate to others, and I choose authenticity and forgiveness. 

57. I have everything I need to overcome every challenge and live in gratitude. 

58. I share my talents and gifts with the world to make others feel seen and valued.

59. My unique talents, skillset, and perspective are a gift to the universe. 

60. I know how to take my small, solitary light and warm the universe with it. 

61. Whatever my social challenges, I know I’m surrounded by love. 

62. The more I know myself, the higher my expectations, and the less alone I feel.

63. I explore what interests me without worrying aboutwhat other people think. 

64. I forge ahead toward my goals without waiting for permission or approval. 

65. I’m learning my place in the universe and growing into it. 

66. I forge connections between humanity and the natural world to benefit both.

67. I am an excellent (writer, driver, teacher, doctor, nurse, etc.)

68. I walk through life with confidence and courage, doing the next right thing. 

69. I make a positive difference in other people’s lives. 

70. I have all the energy I need to thrive as I connect with others and get stuff done.

71. Those who know me trust my competence, integrity, and commitment to excellence.

72. As a confident person, I live in total agreement with my core values.  

73. I greet each day as a gift to be welcomed with gratitude and enjoyed fully. 

74. Just as I am now, I’m more than capable of excelling at everything I do.

75. I release the negative self-talk holding me back; I’m ready for anything. 

76. I give myself full permission to be amazing and to contribute as only I can.

77. I believe in my courage, resilience, and capacity for greatness. 

78. I am taking bold, confident steps forward to get closer to my goals. 

79. I begin each day with excitement about what I will accomplish. 

80. I am capable, strong, and always up to the task. I’m an asset to every team. 

81. My strength and tenacity are greater than any struggle. 

82. I bring my best to every task I take on, and I learn from my mistakes. 

83. I am my own superhero. 

84. I leave self-doubt behind and take bold steps forward. 

85. With confidence, I can see more clearly how others’ gifts complement my own. 

86. I let go of self-doubt and find it easier to forgive and to thrive. 

87. As a confident person, I take time for myself and encourage others to do

the same. 

88. I am free of self-doubt and taking charge of my life with confidence.

89. I let go of negative thoughts and am now free to discover and share my true self. 

90. I share my thoughts without fear and listen to others with genuine openness.

91. My confidence allows me to connect more easily with a variety of people. 

92. As a confident person, I save my time and energy for the things that matter most.

93. I wake up feeling calm and confident, and I feel the same throughout the day. 

94. I am everything I want to be. 

95. I forgive myself and everyone else. How other people see me is irrelevant.

96. My flaws are just challenges I chose for myself. They’re mine to confront. 

97. I live my life the way I choose. I’m the one responsible for its outcome. 

98. I am ready to change my life for the better with confidence, gratitude, and grace.

99. I, as much as anyone else, deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. 

100. With confidence, I let people know they matter to me, despite our disagreements.

How to Make The Most of These Affirmations for Confidence

Confidence affirmations are a powerful method to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem. But to avoid feeling worse, choose affirmations that are believable over those that are too contrary to your existing beliefs. 

For example, instead of telling yourself, “I am confident” when you’re far from it, try modifying the statement to, “I am becoming more confident” or “I am capable of becoming more confident.”

Here are a few more tips to make the most positive affirmations:

1. Identify your core beliefs, values, and competencies. 

There’s no sense in trying to improve something you don’t care about. To build self-esteem, focus on abilities and achievements in your life that matter to you most. Think about when something good happened and when it might happen again. Or visualize it happening for the first time.

If you love to cook, for example, do it more to hone your skills in the kitchen. Or maybe you’re a creative writer, talented painter, or Pilates extraordinaire.

Determine the strengths that are important to you and find opportunities to develop them rather than dwelling on insignificant things.

2. Be open to compliments. 

Ironically, needing to hear nice things about yourself increases your resistance to them. When you have a low opinion of yourself, it can feel uncomfortable when someone says something that contradicts your beliefs. But allowing yourself to receive compliments can go a long way in improving that opinion.

Have prepared responses to avoid a tendency to deny or counter compliments when someone gives you one automatically. Something as simple as “thank you,” “that’s nice of you to say,” or “that’s nice to hear” will work just fine.

3. Replace self-criticism with self-compassion. 

Having low self-esteem often tends to make it even worse with critical thoughts about yourself, your abilities, and your self-worth. Practicing self-compassion in its place can help.

Notice how you talk to yourself and the things you think. When you catch negative self-talk, stop and consider what you would say to a friend who thought or said those things about themselves. Then direct those compassionate responses at yourself.

Countering critical thoughts can build you up and increase your self-confidence and self-esteem. 

4. Reflect on your true worth. 

It can be hard to overcome negative experiences, but thinking about your positive qualities can help. Make a list of your good qualities in an area of struggle (such as loyalty despite a failed relationship or a strong work ethic despite a missed promotion.)

Consider why those positive attributes are important, how they are helpful, and why others would find them valuable. 

Journaling this exercise is ideal for the best results, but you can simply take a few moments to think it through instead. Regardless of how you do it, be sure you make time to do it. 

You can enjoy life and feel good again when you take action to challenge limiting thoughts and change your beliefs. 

Depending on your personal beliefs and where you are in your confidence journey, some of these affirmations will resonate more than others.

To get the most benefit from your favorites, though, consider these tips: 

  • Have a mug created with one of your favorite affirmations. 
  • Design a piece of wall art with a favorite affirmation using calligraphy (or Canva).
  • Write a weekly affirmation on a whiteboard you’ll see. 
  • Use an affirmation app that allows you to add your own favorites.

Use positive affirmations every morning when you get up, every night before you go to sleep, and as needed throughout the day when you catch unhelpful thoughts creeping in. Stay consistent and be patient, and soon your self-confidence and self-esteem will thank you.