65 Words Of Encouragement Quotes For Women

As professionals, students, wives, moms, homemakers, daughters, or some combination of these roles, women have a myriad of stressors in their lives.

That’s why we want to offer words of encouragement for women who might need some inspirational reinforcement to cope with these stressors.

According to studies, working women are 50% more stressed than men, as women are managing careers as well as performing traditional roles in the home.

Women may have more choices than in years past, but sometimes these choices can foster anxiety and overwhelm.

Juggling the demands of work-life balance, caregiving (for children or elderly parents), relationship issues, gender expectations, and general life responsibilities can be daunting.

It leaves us feeling unsure of ourselves and our abilities to do anything well and robs us of our confidence and self-esteem.

But women, we do have the power to turn this around with a little inspiration and self-reflection.

Read through the women’s quotes below and think about how each one might apply to your life.

Then brainstorm some mind shifts or action steps you can take to improve your life.

65 Words of Encouragement for Women

1. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

2. “Love yourself first and everything else falls into place.” — Lucille Ball

3. “Don’t let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity. It’s your place in the world; it’s your life.” — Dr. Mae Jemison

4. “People respond well to those that are sure of what they want.” — Anna Wintour

a quote by Melissa Etheridge words of encouragement for women
5. “You are more powerful than you know; you are beautiful just as you are.” — Melissa Etheridge

6. “Everyone is a complicated human being, and everyone is strong and weak and funny and scared.” — Laverne Cox

7. “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh

8. “By being yourself you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.” — Edwin Elliot

9. “Whenever you see a successful woman, look out for three men who are going out of their way to try to block her.” — Yulia Tymoshenko

10. “Developing resilience isn’t something you do overnight – it’s the work of a lifetime.” — Connie Matthiessen

11. “Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it.” — Brene Brown

12. “If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” — Dolly Parton

13. “You learn something out of everything, and you come to realize more than ever that we’re all here for a certain space of time, and, and then it’s going to be over, and you better make this count.” — Nancy Reagan

14. “We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.” — Malala Yousafzai

a quote by Grandma Moses words of encouragement for women
15. “Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.” — Grandma Moses

16. “Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, it’s all the same day.” — Janis Joplin

17. “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” — Brian Littrell

18. “Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself. Keep fighting for your dreams!” — Gabby Douglas

19. “Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” — Martha Graham

20. “Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.” — Henri J.M. Nouwen

21. “It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.” ― Lucille Ball

22. “The power you have is to be the best version of yourself you can be, so you can create a better world.” — Ashley Rickards

23. “The best protection any woman can have … is courage.” — Elizabeth Cady Stanton

24. “I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.” — Arianna Huffington

25. “Dreams are lovely. But they are just dreams. Fleeting, ephemeral, pretty. But dreams do not come true just because you dream them. It’s hard work that makes things happen. It’s hard work that creates change.” ― Shonda Rhimes

26. “A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.”— Melinda Gates

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27. “And to all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.” — Hillary Clinton

28. “If I stop to kick every barking dog I am not going to get where I’m going.” — Jackie Joyner-Kersee

29. “I believe that as women, it is time to show love towards our fellow sisters, and to encourage and build up one another and not tear each other down.” — Stephanie Williams

30. “Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.” — Dodinsky

31. “I have stood on a mountain of no’s for one yes.” — B. Smith

32. “It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.” — Madeleine Albright

33. “A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not be done.” — Marge Piercy

34. “Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” — Golda Meir

35. “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” — Anais Nin

36. “I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.” — Emma Stone

37. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi

a quote by  Jessie J words of encouragement for women
38. “I think the best way to have confidence is not to allow everyone else’s insecurities to be your own.” — Jessie J

39. “You must get your thoughts in line because they determine what comes out of your mouth. Our words are powerful and have the ability to change not only our mood but the direction of our lives.” — Yvonne Haughton

40. “You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens.” — Mandy Hale

41. “If you think taking care of yourself is selfish, change your mind. If you don’t, you’re simply ducking your responsibilities.” — Ann Richards

42. “I want to be like a sunflower; so that even on the darkest days I will stand tall and find the sunlight.” — M.K.

43. “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” — Steve Martin

44. “I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took an excuse.” — Florence Nightingale

45. “I learned compassion from being discriminated against. Everything bad that’s ever happened to me has taught me compassion.” — Ellen DeGeneres

46. “I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.” — Rosa Parks

47. “If you don’t get out of the box you’ve been raised in, you won’t understand how much bigger the world is.” — Angelina Jolie

48. “No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.” — Maya Angelou

49. “Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from.” — Jodie Foster

50. “You can never leave footprints that last if you are always walking on tiptoe.” — Leymah Gbowee

51. “She was powerful not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly, despite the fear.” — Atticus

52. “Each of us has unsuspected power to accomplish what we demand of ourselves, if we care to search for it. You are no exception.” — Claire Weekes

53. “Encourage yourself, believe in yourself, and love yourself. Never doubt who you are.” — Stephanie Lahart

54. “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” — Coco Chanel

a quote by Susan Fales Hill words of encouragement for women
55. “If you’re too comfortable, it’s time to move on. Terrified of what’s next? You’re on the right track.” — Susan Fales Hill

56. “When you notice that you’re having negative thoughts about how all of this is going to pan out, you need to remind yourself that you are not a very good fortune teller.” — Donna W. Hill

57. “A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. A woman must do what he can’t.” — Rhonda Hansome

58. “Tell your own story, and you will be interesting.” ― Louise Bourgeois⁠

59. “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” — Mother Teresa

60. “Kindness is always fashionable, and always welcome.” — Amelia Barr

61. “You have to speak words of continuous encouragement in order to achieve whatever goals you’ve set for yourself.” — Anquanette Gaspard

62. “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” — Amelia Earhart

63. “Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” — Anne Sweeney

64. “If you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.” — Margaret Thatcher

65. “Instead of letting your hardships and failures discourage or exhaust you, let them inspire you.” — Michelle Obama

Did you find strength in these motivational quotes?

Words alone may not remove the stressors from your life, but they can go a long way in fostering a mental turnaround.

These motivational quotes are from some of the most admired women in history — women who have faced many of the same difficulties and insecurities as you.

Use their words to help you reframe your thinking and energize you to define your life just as YOU want it to be.

And may your strength, creativity, and self-compassion infuse everything you do today and every day.

For women, juggling so many roles and demands can be overwhelming and stressful. These words of encouragement for women will validate and inspire you.