You’ve Been Waiting For Your Soulmate: 21 Positive Signs They Are About To Enter Your Life

Are there signs you're about to meet your soulmate?

Thankfully, there are.

And when it's about to happen, life can feel like a carnival.

Do you suspect you're currently experiencing “the change”?

Does it feel like the Universe is gearing up to deliver something spectacular?

It may mean that one of your soulmates is about to show up.

But what are the exact signs?

There are 21.

And below, we break each one down.

So get comfy, and let's unpack it all.

What Happens When You Meet Your Soulmate?

Where is my soulmate right now!? 

If that thought crosses your mind regularly, it may mean that your soulmate is on their way if you've addressed hurdles in your life.

So what happens when you meet your soulmate? A few things, including:

  • A rush of Dopamine
  • The realization that someone may be worth the extra effort
  • Immediate Attraction
  • A sense of deep respect upon meeting them

21 Positive Signs Your Soulmate is about to Enter Your Life 

What, exactly, are the signs the Universe is gearing you up to meet your soulmate? Keep reading.

1. You Dream About Them

Are you having recurring dreams about a person? It may be someone you know or a stranger. Either way, you feel connected to the person in your dreams. 

If you're curious about why this person keeps popping up in your night vision, keep a dream journal.

Write down what you remember about your dreams as soon as you wake up. Try not to wait too long because your recollections will decrease exponentially as each minute passes. 

Take note of patterns that pop up and how you feel in the dream. It could reveal interesting nuggets that will be useful to ponder in greater detail.

2. Your Wounds Are More Manageable

Every person over ten has things that haunt them — traumas and missteps. These things often block us emotionally and energetically and keep us from living our best lives.

If you find you have the energy to work on your blindspots, baggage, and obstacles, it could be a sign that the Universe is preparing you to meet a soulmate.

During these times, make every effort to do the work. Take advantage of the Universe's energetic helping hand.

Leaving past pains behind is a sensational gift to give yourself. It's also a sign that one of your soulmates is on the way. But it's conditional. You must navigate your baggage rapids before moving on to the next chapter. 

3. You're at Peace and Inspired

Did you wake up one morning and realize that you like your life? It's a miraculous feeling. For those who had tough beginnings, it can almost feel uncomfortable. After all, they're accustomed to tension, stress, and anxiety. 

But try not to sabotage yourself. If good energy is swarming around you, ride the wave. You deserve it! Worrying less and enjoying more is a tremendous win.  

Moreover, reaching this point can help you recognize the soulmates that come into your life.

4. Gifted Psychic or Intuitive Person Confirms It

Yes, there are leagues of spiritual charlatans running around the planet. They're skilled at cold readings and may even use digital spying tactics to get their information.

But some people have genuine psychic and intuitive skills. They're few and far between, but they exist.

Pay attention if you're lucky enough to have someone like this in your life. And if you're curious about meeting your soulmate, ask them if it's not an imposition. 

5. You're a Self-Love Maestro

We talk a lot about self-love around these parts because it's a critical component of a happy life. 

Truly loving yourself and disempowering your inner critic isn't an easy task. It takes hard emotional work, a thorough examination of your shadow self, and the ability to set healthy boundaries for yourself.

Learning to trust your intuition is another self-love hurdle.

But once you go in for battle and come out the other side, things usually start falling into place in other areas of your life — including the romance department.

People are regularly amazed at how their dating and love lives transform once they conquer their self-love issues.

(But Remember: Self-love and arrogance are two very different things. Do your best not to cross the line.)

6. Deja Vu

Deja vu is the feeling that you've been somewhere or done something before. Depending on your mood and the situation, it can either be a pleasant or disorienting experience.

If you do experience deja vu, take it as a good sign. It's the Universe's way of letting you know you're on the right path. And on the other end, a soulmate could be waiting.

7. Achieve Clarity

Have you achieved a state of clarity? Has your brain fog lifted? Is your life beginning to hum like a finely tuned engine? 

First of all, congrats! It's not easily done, and it's a sensational feeling. After all, you're significantly less anxious and enjoy a better work-life balance. 

If you've reached this blissful state, there's a better-than-average chance that the right lover will walk through the door soon. We attract what's right for us when we're clear-headed.

8. Clear About Goals, Desires, and Beliefs

You've defined your goals, reigned in your desire, and finally have a set of beliefs that come from you, not your parents. Ultimately, you're comfortable with yourself and less passive-aggressive.

Being in control of your thoughts and actions is terrific. And when it happens, start making room for a soulmate to enter your life.

9. Over Past Lovers

Did past lovers have too much control over your life for too long? Are you over it now? Did you take the lessons and bury the corpses of past relationships?

That's a good thing; you probably feel lighter and more secure.

When you've processed the lessons from broken relationships, you're probably ready for someone right for you.

10. Love Is All Around

Have you ever seen the movie “Love, Actually”? (If not, you should; it qualifies as one of the best Christmas movies of the early 21st century.)

The film is capped on either end with montages of loved ones meeting each other in airports. It's touching and endearing, and you feel ensconced in a love bubble while watching. 

Is your everyday life starting to feel this way? 

Some people take it as a taunt. But in reality, it's a sign that you're about to meet a soulmate. So soak it all in, and see it as a good sign!

11. The Timing is Right

You've spent years, maybe even decades, figuring you out — and you finally succeeded. 

Now that you're settled, comfortable, and confident, it's probably time to settle down.

And when the Universe recognizes that you've found your sweet spot, they give rewards. When people are looking for a romantic relationship, that often means sending you a soulmate.

But remember: you must be willing to put yourself out there!

12. Truly Believe All Is Well

Genuinely believing everything will work out OK is a sign from the Universe. You're calmer and genuinely believe everything, including the bad stuff, is for a reason.

When you reach this stage, it's a form of cosmic grace, courtesy of the Universe. 

When you meet your soulmate, you'll probably have reached this state. Enjoy it!

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13. Clear Sense of Purpose

Why are you here on Earth?

It's a question that plagues many people — and figuring it out is a gift. It's glorious to live a life about which you're passionate. Working toward your destiny is highly satisfying.

When you enter this stage of life, you know what you want. You no longer let other people's opinions about your passions slow you down. Instead, you spend your days doing things that support your goals and interests. 

And as you probably already guessed, living your life this way aligns you with your soulmate. It happens constantly: people throw themselves into their passions and meet someone through their efforts.

After all, your soulmate probably has a few similar interests as you.

14. Successful Squashed Unwanted Habits

Have you successfully quit smoking? Or maybe you finally have your drinking under control or stopped biting your nails.  

Whatever the case, if you've conquered your bad habits, take a bow and know that good things are around the corner.

Ridding yourself of harmful habits and patterns is a huge accomplishment, and it often means your soulmate is on the way.

15. You've Genuinely Changed

Have you ever declared that “you've changed” when you haven't? Don't feel bad; we all have.

But when you genuinely turn a leaf and make a change for the better, your soulmate may be days away from meeting your soulmate.

And it makes sense. You're more responsible, secure, and confident. When you slip into this skin, things start to go better in your life. Plus, your energy is more open to a person that's genuinely right for you.

After all, there's nothing more attractive than compassionate confidence. So pat yourself on the back, and start preparing for a soulmate to waltz into your life. 

16. You're Eager To Try New Things

Humans stick to what we know, which isn't always the best. But sometimes, we have an urge to break the mold and branch out. 

All of a sudden, people who suggest trying new things pop into your life, and you're game! New energy rushes into your life.

In addition to new experiences, you're bound to bump into new people — and one of them may be your soulmate.

17. Let Go of False Expectations

Movies, books, and societal norms fill us with unreasonable expectations that may not serve our lifestyles, values, and goals. 

We strive for things we were taught to value — but often, those things don't align with our actual values and opinions. You're no longer in search of popularity but authentic connections.

When you let go of those false expectations and standards, magic happens. You're more open to new types of people and may discover that your soulmate doesn't come in the package you thought it would. 

18. More Open-Minded and Independent

Have you broken the chains? Are you no longer beholden to staid standards? Superficial benchmark? Congrats, you've done the work! And now you're more open-minded and independent. 

Moreover, you're perfectly fine being alone.

And just when you start to love your single life…the perfect person enters your life. 

What can we say? That's how the Universe works.

19. Your Intuition Is Soaring

When you're not operating from your shadow self, your instincts are often correct. (When you're working from your shadow, fears, implicit biases, and heightened anxiety masquerade as instincts.)

Is your gut proving to be a faultless guide lately? Have you learned how to trust yourself?

If so, get ready to meet your soulmate

20. New Professional Opportunity Pops Up

Has a new professional opportunity you've been working toward landed in your lap? 

It may keep you where you are or require a big move. 

If you have nothing tying you down, think favorably about making a move. It could be the Universe's way of putting you where you need to be to meet your mate.

21. Surrounded by Synchronicities 

Are synchronicities popping up all over the place? Do you keep seeing the same repeating numbers? Or maybe your birthdate is showing up everywhere. 

When things repeat in your life, they're known as synchronicities, and they may be a sign from the Universe that something big is around the corner — like meeting a soulmate.

Other examples of synchronicities include: 

  • Seeing the same symbol
  • Having recurring dreams
  • Hearing the same song everywhere you go
  • Seeing the same animal whenever you're outside (it may be a scout assessing your progress or readiness)

Final Thoughts

Waiting for a soulmate is worth every second. When you find someone with whom you connect on a spiritual level — and the time is right — the experience can be magical.