Your Relationship May Be Beyond Repair: 15 Signs It’s Permanently Broken

You’re wildly in love, and you know it’s forever this time. Or is it?

Though love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, not every relationship will be a “til death do you part” type of connection. 

In fact, the average person falls in love about four times during a lifetime.

Studies have shown that the average romantic relationship lasts between 2-5 years. 

A more casual romantic relationship can last between one week and six months.

While long-distance or primarily online relationships generally last less than two years. 

The success of relationships is often social media dependent, and the younger the couple, the shorter the relationship.

According to a recent study, lack of commitment is one of the leading causes of breakups.

There are many different types of love.

And not all are meant to last.

It can be painful if we try to hold onto a relationship without a solid foundation of communication and commitment. 

At What Point Is a Relationship Beyond Repair? 

Our world is busy and stressful; everyone goes through periods of selfishness and fixating on their needs. And that is OK.

But can relationships be too broken to fix?

Well, consider the red flags you shouldn’t ignore.

man is packing woman is crying Signs Your Relationship Is Beyond Repair

They can tell you your relationship is over – or perhaps not even worth starting. 

If these things aren't working, the little things will never work. 

  • You feel emotionally overwhelmed.
  • You feel obligated to be with a person.
  • Your life's goals are different, such as handling money or having kids.
  • The relationship feels one-sided.
  • There’s no chemistry.

But how do you walk away from a relationship that is going nowhere?

Once you have decided it’s over, have that conversation face-to-face. Don't ghost them or leave an email or text. And don't try to hang on by ‘being friends.' 

Parting ways is going to hurt, and you will grieve. That's natural.

Then there are a few ways to ease the end of a relationship beyond repair. 

  • Accept that pain is part of breaking up and personal growth. 
  • Disconnect and be done without dragging it out. 
  • Stop all contact, even on social media.
  • Have a stay-strong mantra and friends you can call.
  • Seek therapy if necessary.

15 Signs Your Relationship Is Beyond Repair 

A relationship may be beyond repair if there is significant damage or a lack of respect.

The easiest way to determine if this is so is to look for signs and patterns – changes in behavior that indicate that your relationship may be beyond repair.

1. The feelings are gone.

Once the spark or crazy feel-good feelings that started the relationship – love, desire, trust, intimacy, safety – are gone, it is over. And no amount of communication, couples therapy or sexy lingerie will bring them back. 

Also referred to as a Fantasy Bond, this is a state where two people stop showing love but relate to each other out of habit. They are going through the motions.

Yes, it is our choice to be with someone, but it is not our choice who we love. And a relationship without feelings, even respect, is not a relationship.

2. Your partner avoids family and friends.

When two people join together, they join their lives and their social circles. 

While there are any situations of in-law tolerance, they must respect your friends and family — attending social gatherings and creating memories. 

If this is impossible, consider that the relationship may not be as perfect a fit as you think.

If your partner is constantly complaining or avoiding your family and friends, this is a huge red flag that there are unresolvable issues in the relationship.  

3. Apathy prevents compliments.

There may be irreparable damage to a relationship if you cannot think of anything nice to say when you see your partner. 

You have a hard time offering genuine compliments about their appearance, personality, accomplishments, or just the fact that they are there. 

It may be because you have been self-absorbed at work or with family. If so, that is easily fixable.

But it may be that subconsciously, you no longer consider them friends – much less a romantic partner. It is time to walk away.

4. You are codependent.

Individuality stimulates and encourages growth in a relationship. Each partner should have personal interests or even lifelong pursuits. 

A healthy individual can enjoy solitude and their own company. 

Happiness should never depend solely on the relationship, whether a romantic relationship, friendship, and even a relationship with a child.

Once your happiness depends on your relationship's success, you become codependent on your partner, –developing feelings of jealousy and insecurity.

5. All communication has stopped.

Communication is an essential factor in all relationships -platonic and romantic. But if a couple does not communicate, this could be a sign that there are significant issues in the relationship. 

Not all communication needs to solve the world's problems. Discussion of the present, the future, or even what's for dinner is a natural part of any relationship. 

But it will be impossible to resolve issues if you don't or do not want to talk with your partner. 

Ultimately, this is how you know when the relationship is broken beyond repair. 

6. There’s an ongoing cycle of breakups.

A cycle of breakups and reconciliations is one major red flag indicating your relationship has failed. 

This emotional roller coaster could signal insurmountable problems, insecurity, or codependency.

Research shows that 40% to 50% of couples reconcile after a breakup. Unfortunately, many factors determine a successful reunion.

Many times, this type of cycle indicates that feelings have changed or at least one partner has outgrown the other and that the relationship is better off defunct.

7. One of you has been unfaithful.

No one can force romantic feelings. And when one or both are unfaithful, the current relationship is done. 

The infidelity could have happened because of existing issues, or it could be the initial betrayal of trust. And depending on the relationship as a whole, partners may choose to compromise or maintain a facade.

But regardless, once trust is gone, relationships deteriorate quickly.

8. The relationship is toxic or abusive.

Every couple fights. Sometimes they are huge rows. But you will instinctively know when the anger, abuse, and manipulation have created a toxic relationship.

Toxic relationships make you feel unsupported, demeaned, or attacked. Unhealthy relationships can exist in school, at home, or at work. 

Red flags of toxic relationships are being controlled, isolated from family and friends, and made to feel worthless or in fear. Listen to that little inner voice.

If you feel used or unsafe, stop making excuses and leave. The relationship is beyond broken.

9. The intimacy is gone.

Intimacy is not just about sex. Lack of intimacy can include the last time you kissed, held hands, embraced, or even cuddled on the couch.

Then there is sex. While not everything in a romantic relationship, it is an essential component.

If the desire to physically engage with someone is gone, and there are no significant reasons, it may explain how to know when your relationship is beyond repair.

10. There is no happiness.

Personal interaction and relationships are fundamental human needs. Friends provide the highest happiness levels, followed by their romantic partners and children. 

Studies also revealed that happiness depends on the time and effort invested. However, it is essential to note that it is not someone else's responsibility to make you happy.

But, all things considered, it may be time to walk away if you are not happy in a relationship.

Just be sure it’s the relationship and not some underlying issue that is the cause of your unhappiness before you end things.

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11. You are not in the present.

Assuming you can change a person once you are together is a bit arrogant and a recipe for disaster. 

Relationships should look to the future but be grounded in the present – the hear and now. 

If you are always whispering “someday” or muttering to yourself if he would just stop drinking, gambling, and traveling, everything will be OK. You will be frustrated and betrayed. 

12. They cancel plans.

Life happens, and plans change. But if you are in a relationship where your partner consistently comes up with flimsy excuses that just don't track, there may be an issue. 

Check the pattern. If a partner suggested missing the Super Bowl to be with you six months ago and now can't be five minutes late to the grocery store, your relationship is on its last breath.

13. You are interested in someone else.

Throughout life, we are constantly growing and expanding our perspectives. And, we may meet someone who draws our attention – or is more suited to our life's goals. 

Developing feelings outside of your relationship or marriage creates a problematic situation, especially if you have been with your current partner for a long time. 

In this situation, it seems the romantic relationship is beyond repair, but give it some time and therapy before you jump ship just to be sure. 

However, if you can’t stay away from a new love interest, end the existing relationship rather than create a complicated nightmare.

14. You are constantly fighting.

Not everyone agrees 100% of the time. However, if arguments spring up out of nowhere over infinitesimally small things, it may indicate that your relationship is nearing an end. 

Individuals in love tend to overlook most of the more annoying habits. That is the meaning behind the phrase “rose-colored glasses.”

But a pattern of little fights signals a more extensive conversation is warranted. 

If the arguments escalate, and your partner's actions or words trigger your fear response, it signifies that a relationship is beyond saving. End the relationship before it turns into emotional, verbal, financial, or psychological abuse.

15. The relationship lacks reciprocity.

Relationships are all about communication and partnerships, whether it is a marriage or a first crush. 

Maybe it’s not always 50/50, but a joint effort is essential. 

Are you always the one who initiates conversations, plans trips, or ensures financial security for your life's goals? It may be miscommunication, but it also could suggest a lack of reciprocity and respect for you as an equal partner.

You may need to move on if you are always carrying the heavier load. 

Not every romantic relationship will withstand the test of time.

Some relationships are just stepping stones on the path to new perspectives and deeper connections. The right person will come along.